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    Chidiya Tapu Trek

    Chidiya Tapu Trek is a perfect place for nature lovers. The place is also famous for its 46 varieties of endemic birds, white spotted deer and seasonal orchids. This village has earned the name, Bird Island.

    A forest guesthouse, situated on the top of a hillock, provides a wonderful view of remote islands and flooded corals. Boat trips are arranged from Chidiya Tapu to Cinque Island.

    How to reach

    Reach by Air from Chennai to Port Blair and then from Port Blair to Islands by Sea and road. Regular ships are available.

    Exact Location: Located on the islands of Andaman, North Bay Island.

    Nearest Location: Port Blair, which is 25 km away.

    Distance from Chennai to Port Blair: 1190 km.

    Best time to visit: The main best season to visit- July-Aug and the tourist season Sept-Dec.

    Trek length: Around 5 km, through natures flora and fauna.


    • All Foreign nationals need to obtain prior permission before entering into Chidiya Tapu.
    • There are few internet cafes and ATMs in Port Blair.

    Things to Carry

    • Walking stick
    • Hiking shoes
    • Woolen clothes
    • Water, juices, snacks
    • Electric torch
    • Medical kit
    • A good compass

    Other Information

    Chidiya Tapu Biological Park, Chidiya Tapu Beach, and the Munda Pahar beaches are the prime attractions. The beaches are a paradise for collectors of sea shells because different varieties of colorful shells lie strewn all around.

    Andaman Cuckoo-shrike the only forest bird, then go inside to see the Crake.

    Image Source: WangsbarBikash01

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