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  • 01Channagiri Day Trek, Karnataka

    Channagiri Day Trek, Karnataka
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    About the Destination:

    Conquer one of the highest peaks in Karnataka, Channagiri, on an adventurous one day trip. Located at a distance of 50 kms from Bangalore city, this majestic hill is set among the famed Nandi hills and overlooks the Muddenahalli Kanivenarayanapura region, which is a hub for upcoming projects like the Sri VS University, Sri Satya Sai Baba University and IIT Mudanahalli.

    About the Activity with Details: 

    Channagiri trek promises a stimulating and revitalizing adventure, 1400 m above sea level. Trek through diverse beautiful terrains and enjoy the panoramic view that the nature has to offer. Spend your day in a soothing environment, away from the hustle bustle of the city and return back as fresh as ever.

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    Channagiri Trek

    Whether it is for an exhilarating climb to the top of a hill which is almost 1400 meters above sea level, or just to see the panoramic views from the top by taking the easier route, Channagiri hill offers you both the delights. With a diverse terrain and varying levels of difficulty, you would enjoy conquering this one any time of the day.

    Channagiri is one of the five hills which are a part of the Nandi range, the other four being Nandi Giri, Skanda Giri, Deva giri and Dibba giri. Situated at a distance of about 56 km from the city of Bangalore, the towns of Chikbalapur and Doddabalapur are the closest to it. And unlike the hot treks of some of the other peaks of Karnataka, this one offers you a cooler experience.

    In fact, temperatures here drop significantly at night, resulting in the formation of thick mist early morning. That gives way to some of the amazing sunrises that stay with you as everlasting memories.

    Trekking in Channagiri

    There are a couple of options you have when it comes to trekking in Channagiri. For those looking for an easier route, the Southern side of the hill is what would suit you best. However, for experienced trekkers who are looking for a more challenging trek, the Western side is what you want to go for.

    The western side of the peak is covered with thick shrubs which might leave more than a bruise or two on your hands or legs. Certain parts of the trek see a steep climb, with an inclination of more than 70 degrees. And as you go higher, you can expect the temperatures to drop and the place to get windier. Thus, it is always better to carry a light jacket with you to protect yourself from cold.

    The length of the trek is about 3 km one way and it takes about two and a half to three hours to complete the trek. But dont make the mistake of aiming for the destination itself, for there are quite a few wonders to be captured along the way. The dense forests on the hill are ideal for several species of birds, some of the most notable ones being the Peregrine Falcon, the Nilgiri Woodpigeon and the Shaheen Falcon.

    Best time to visit: Most times of the year are suitable for trekking in Channagiri. However, the months of November and December are the best for trekking here

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