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    Overview A fascinating and true to life excursion trip into Indias northern “ eastern rivers. The waterways like like Tsang Po, after streaming carefully eastwards through Tibet, minimizes the Higher Himalayan Hikes and the most significant unclimbed hill on the globe, Namche Barwa before it goes into Arunachal Pradesh, where it is known as the Chiang, Siang, and the Dihang as it slopes into the ultimate 200 km to the flatlands of India. Our undertaking starts a few miles inside the arenas of China. In this convoluted action, we will experience the 'Roaring Rikor" as well as the "Zebra Rock" until the conceivable run on "Tooth fairy" fast at Cherring. We can get an occasion to set up our camping on perfect seashores in the evening, thereafter we will do stream rafting down to "Moing Madness" and bestowed of an amazing day of relax, pleasure, studying or studying how to canoe. We will invest a amazing day by sailing down the vastness of this stream, previous cultural agreements, and seaside at Pasighat, where the level of our trip will lastly keep near us. Our journey will commence with a ferryboat ride at Dibrugarh on the almighty Brahmaputra, and up the densely forested river valley from the plains of Pasighat to our starting point. We will travel through isolated hillsides dotted with ethnic settlements in clearings bounded by dense rainforest with many species of ferns, palms and orchids. We will observe bamboo and cane bridges built by the local ethnic groups; and village visits will add to the exciting experience. Itinerary Day 1: Delhi to Dibrugarh. We will get started from Delhi to be at Dibrugarh during the late mid-day, by air. Look at the spots there and rest for the day, in evening hours take a look at out the places of the place. Have a look at an an ethnic weaving centre e as well as a tea orchard. Adhere to the night at the resort. Day 2: Dibrugarh to Pasighat On this day we will check out from Dibrugarh to arrive at Pasighat through water, by the indicates of a boat . It is a trip of 80 km and will take almost 8 hours. Let our vision engage the splendid sight of Ganges Stream Dolphin & a tremendous variety of people & migrant birdlife from Siberia & Main Europe. We will have a evening remain in Pasighat in a hotel. Day 3 - 4: Pasighat to Tuting. From here we will have a long trip for 2 days through Siang flow, over Adi and luxurious and unique rainforest. Expect to get into Tuting by mid-day. We will remain in camping camp tents, rest and appreciate and relish the vision moments of the position during night. It is a good time and has fun with the exuberance and relaxing environment. Day 5: Tuting- Jedu village. This is a day of extreme pleasure and to take out device like digicam as we need simply strolling around to accept the miracle of ethnicity at Jedu city. In situation, there is additional time, it is great for rafting during afternoon. We will invest the night in a resort. Day 6: Tuting- Pango The days jerk of a 5 hours rafting. We will get into the big Category IV of Ninguing rapid and continue above another Category 3 rapid at Palsi to get into Pango, and there will be a set up of camping for the night, steel we look another vast rapid next morning. Campfire feast will be another beguiling experience. Day 7: Raft Pango “ Cherring. Camp. Today, we will have the engrossment into scouting as well as rafting in the water of Pango and we will get into the Ningguing and Marmong gorges, that is identified for the outlandish and widespread wilderness and steep basins. It is also famed for impenetrable jungles cumulative into insignificance .Rikor as well as Zebra Rock rapid is selected to set up Camp above a Category 6 quality raft at Cherring and overnight halt at the place in camps. Day 8: Raft Cherring “ Yinkeong / Alubadi. This day we are preparing to camp at Yinkeong. After a portage by the Classification 6 raft, there will be a rafting out of the steep of Marmong, settling rapids of third variety, followed by a flow till the arrival of Yinkeong or Alubadi, where we will rest for the night. Day 9: Raft to Geku Twins Camp. We will start with a big rapid just below Alubadi beach, which is recognized as ˜Moing Madness followed by minimal ones all the way until we get the revocation link at Nubo. From here, we will raft down the Karko Killer and relish the trip. Halt in the camps. Day 10: Rest day at Geku Twins. Camp At Geku Twins, It is the repose day.. The night will be good for rest. Day 11: Raft Geku Twins Next morning hours, we will raft still we get into Sangam. After Geku, we will harbour a long travel, looking forward to the 65 Link at Ditte Cent. Its a tranquil day with prolonged streaming. We would finish several Adi ethnicity agreements on the way and get sailed still the convergence of the Siang Stream with the Siyom Stream after we reach the suspension bridge at Boling. We will camp in the guest house of Yembung, moving for camps near Rotung city, to get lunchtime. Day 12: Raft Rotung- Pasighat. We will start the last finishing run to the areas at Pasighat by discussing the last biggie on the trip at Ponging. The Siang tends to have a great flow of water into Pasighat, where we can coast the rafts for the single last time on this trip. We will stay back in the guest house of Pasighat. Its essential to drive up to Boghiwheel, then have to take a boat in returning to Dibrugarh. Now its the turn to be back to New Delhi. Activities Package Includes: - Pick up from the Airport / Railway Station - Breakfasts, lunches and dinners - Airport transfers - Group medical kit - Good quality accommodation - Trek pack including sleeping bag, down or fiber filled jacket and insulated mat - Private transportation - All park entrance fees and trekking permits - Porters to carry all personal and group equipment.

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