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    Overview In this challenging activity, we aim to fulfil our target of rafting our way through ˜Roaring Rikor and ˜Zebra Rock to our anticipated and desirable run on Toothferry accelerated at Cherring. We can get a chance to set up our camp during dusk to enjoy the magnificent beauty of immaculate beaches. We also intend to raft down to Moving Madness, so that we can enjoy a wonderful day full of fulfilling afternoon siestas, an engaging reading session and complete relaxation. I also hope to finally fulfill my cherished dream of learning how to kayak. I look forward to spend another wonderful day with a fitting dissidence to our supposedly happening trip by sailing down the greatness of this river, and immerse ourselves in the beauty of beaches along with the nearing settlements. I presume I shall love to compare our journey with a kaleidoscope whose different and arresting images seem to bewitch us with every passing moment. I would love to begin our journey with a ferryboat ride at Dibrugarh that shall help me measure the length and enjoy the beauty of splendid waters in the almighty river Brahmaputra. The curvy and fresh ride across the beautiful, yet ferocious river shall span the length of the densely forested river valley, all the way from the plains of Pasighat to our starting point. The invigorating ride shall take us through the secluded and mysterious hillsides, perfectly dotted with ethnic settlements in clearings. These shall be fittingly bounded by dense rainforests, comprising of all kinds of flora. I am personally awed by the innumerable species of ferns, palms and orchids contained by these rainforests. We will observe bamboo and cane bridges built by the local ethnic groups; and village visits will add to the exciting experience. Itinerary Day 1: Delhi to Dibrugarh. Journey by air commences from Delhi and expected arrival time in Dilbrugarhis expected to be by late afternoon. Check into the hotel there and take restto energize us for a pre-planned evening visit to an ethnic weaving centre. We shall also be visiting a heritage garden soon after that,only to come back for an overnight stay at the Dilrubagh hotel. Day 2: Dibrugarh to Pasighat On this day we will begin from Dibrugarh and span a distance of almost 80 km to Pasighat in 8 hours by boat. We shall allow the beauty of the fascinating River Ganges unfold before our eyes, along with a bewitching sight of Dolphins and migratory birdlife from Siberia and Central Europe. The sweet weariness of our journey shall drown with an overnight stay at Pasighat in a hotel. Day 3 - 4: Pasighat to Tuting From here we shall set out for another 2 days long journey along river Siang. We believe that our journey shall be quite an interesting one, despite its length. The two day drive through Adi villages that pass the nearing settlements and lush tropical rainforest shall definitely be a treat to our ecstatic souls. We shall retire for the night in tents, which we intend to check into soon after we reach Tuting by teatime. Day 5: Tuting to Jedu village. Though we intend to waste no time in lazing about while in the mystic Tuting-Jedu village we presume that the long 2-day journey shall leave us all weary. We shall work on sorting out gear and prepare ourselves for rafts in the afternoon by utilizing daytime to walk around and interact with the local villagers. After a nice rafting session, we shall be back to fall in deep sleep during our overnight stay at Tuting in a hotel. Day 6: Tuting to Pango On this day, we will raft for 5 hrs. Tuting “ Pango. We shall be camping here. Our rafting expedition shall begin with a big Class IV Ninguing Rapid in the morning. The journey shall go on to another Class 3 rapid at Palsi, only to reach Pango. Pango shall be our campsite for this night and we look forward to cooking delicious camp food for ourselves to enjoy a hearty campfire dinner. We shall soon go off to sleep, as we would have another Herculean task of encountering another big rapid for the next morning. Day 7: Raft Pango- Camp at Cherring We hope to be completely immersed in the holiday mood, with some challenging expeditions awaiting us for this day. We are all excited for a raft down the Pango rapid, which will enable us to enjoy the captivating sights of the Ningguing and Marmong gorges. We are irresistibly drawn to this rafting expedition, owing to the beautiful, remote wild jungle steep valleys we shall pass during this raft. Weve heard that these steep and impenetrable forests rise into oblivion on each side past the big rapid at Rikor and Zebra Rock rapid. The best part that we are looking to cherish is the overnight stay at a camp that we shall set up above a Class 6 rapid in Cherring. Day 8: Raft cherring at Yinkeong ot Alubadi This day shall commence with spectacular plans to camp at Yinkeong. The excitement of reaching Yinkeong is surely going to keep increasing as we raft out of the Marmong steep valley, after a portage around the Class 6 rapid. After negotiating with several Class 3+ rapids, we intend to float tillYinyeong only to camp and reture for the night. Day 9: Float to Geku Twins Camp After a comfortable camping experience, we shall begin another adventurous day with a big rapid below the Alubadi beach. The big rapid below the Alubadi beach, often called the ˜Moing Madness shall soon be followed by milder ones until the suspension bridge at Nubo. We shall soon raft down the Karko Killer from this end and end up camping overnight at a striking site neat Geku. Day 10: Complete Rest at Geku Twins This is the rest day for us at Geku Twins. Set up the camps here stay at night in camps. Day 11: Rafting across Geku Twins We aim to begin another adventure escapade with a raft below Sangam. We aim to float long till the 65 Bridge at Ditte Dime after Geku. With some long float sessions, it sure appears as an easy day ahead. We shall pass several Adi dwellings in the meanwhile, while we float past the confluence of the Siang River with the Siyom River after the suspension bridge at Boling. We shall soon go on to explore the flood-rutted guesthouse of Yembung, before floating onto camp near Rotung village. I hope our food-rutted guesthouse findings help us enjoy a sumptuous hot lunch in the Rotung village. After feeding our famished selves, we shall set up camps to spend an engaging camping night there. Day 12: Raft Rotung to Pasighat We shall soon set out to mark an end to our eventful and comfortable journey by our concluding run to the plains of Pasighat. We shall be negotiating the last major raft on our last float to Pasighat. Were quite sure that the voluminous river shall keep us all upbeat and in high spirits as we beach our rafts for the last time on this trip. We shall get ourselves transferred to a rest house in Pasighat to enjoy a therapeutic sleep and resting experience at Pasighat. Day 13: Biding Goodbye to our adventurous trip After waking up to our last day of travel, we shall drive to the BoghiwheelGhat only to take a ferryboat to Dilbrugarh. Our last exciting adventure shall help us recollect our previous day rafting feats and accomplishments, that we shall cherish on our flight to New Delhi from the Dilbrugarh airport. Facts Package Includes: Pick up from the Airport / Railway Station Breakfasts, lunches and dinners Airport transfers Group medical kit Good quality accommodation Trek pack including sleeping bag, down or fiber filled jacket and insulated mat Private transportation All park entrance fees and trekking permits Porters to carry all personal and group equipment Sightseeing.

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