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    Brahmagiri Trek

    For a vast stretch of exhilarating eco-system that is nothing less than the alpines of Himalayas, Brahmagiri is one of the best places to be in. A bio-diversity stretch along the Kerala-Karnataka border, it offers an enchanting experience which is full of little surprises that stay with you for the rest of your life as enchanting memories.

    The mountain range consists of a peak named Brahmagiri which is accessible from Kerala as well as Karnataka. Situated at a height of more than 1600 meters above sea level, it is a bio-diversity area too, with varied flora and fauna to be seen here.

    On the southern side of Brahmagiri is the Iruppu Falls which is in Karnataka. Legend has it that when Shri Rama and Lakshman were searching for Sita, they felt thirsty. In order to quench their thirst, Lakshman shot an arrow in the ground and hence, the Lakshman Tirtha River came to be. It is along the Lakshman Tirtha River that Iruppu Falls are situated.

    Trekking in Brahmagiri

    There are as many as 8 trekking trails recommended by the Forest department in Brahmagiri, each offering a characteristic experience of its own. Each trail has a difficulty level of its own; while some trails involve arduous climbing which pro-trekkers seek, other trails are easier in nature, with the focus on wildlife and the flora of the region. Talking of wildlife in the region, there are quite a few species of animals you can spot in the Brahmagiri sanctuary, the most notable of which is the lion tailed Macaque.

    As for the treks, you can approach the peak from Kerala as well as Karnataka. If you are approaching the peak from Kerala, your trek would begin from Thirunelli temple in Wayanad, Kerala. If you are approaching the peak from Karnataka, your trek begins from Iruppu Falls.

    There are day treks as well night treks available here, with most treks lasting for a couple of days. The best time to trek here is between the months of December and February, although the months of March to May are not too bad either. However, the monsoon months are what you want to avoid at all costs, since trekking gets very difficult and dangerous during those months.

    Other Information

    There are quite a few sightseeing options near Brahmagiri on the side of Karnataka.

    Historical places- In terms of historical places, there is Tringalwadi Fort which lies 20 km from the peak, at a height of about 3000 meters above sea level. There are also the Pandavleni Caves, approximately 23 km from Brahmagiri.

    Temples- there are quite a few temples too lying within 20 km of the range. The closest of them are the temples of Gangadwar and Trimbakeshwar, both of which lie about 2 km from the peak.

    Vaitarna dam is another tourist spot which lies 11 km from Brahmagiri. The lagoon formation at the site of the dam is the perfect photo-op opportunity.

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