25 Awesome Travel Bloggers From Around The World

Thrillophilia lists some amazing travel bloggers around the world. The daredevils bring in the quirky, tread uncharted destinations, give expert tips and share their exciting adventures. They inspire others to undertake a journey too. Do share with us your list of travel bloggers too.

1) Joshua Foer & Dylan Thuras

Bringing in the quirky are Joshua and Dylan. For they see the world from a different angle. If you are looking for miniature cities, glass flowers, gigantic flaming holes in the ground, bone churches, balancing pagodas, or homes built entirely out of paper, check out their ‘Atlas Obscura’.

Josh’s job of being a science journalist has exposed him to the world of eccentric subjects. Dylan’s passion for the strange started when she was a teenager and unravelled abandoned buildings in the mid-west.

Twitter: @atlasobscura

2) Andrew Evans

On the move since 2009, Andrew Evans has visited quite a number of places with some picturesque landscape photography. Some of which are Ukraine, Greece, Mexico, Montana, Japan, Antarctica and Niagara Falls.

Perpetually travelling and discovering locations, he is also a contributor to National Geographic. In his blog, ‘Digital Nomad’ the audacious rover shares his fascinating and unique adventures.

Twitter: @WheresAndrew.

3) Johnny Jet

Become a travel expert yourself with the ‘Johnny Jet’ portal. As it is here you get tips and advice from the knowledgeable and have fun along the way.

The site is more like a travel guru giving all the information that you need. In the past, dare devil Johnny has overcome asthma and anxiety and taken off to more than 26 destinations. He has been featured on CNN, Travel Leisure and Forbes.

Twitter: @JohnnyJet

4) Evelyn Hannon

Evelyn penned her very first article in 1985 and hasn’t stopped since then. She has globe trekked across Belgium, England, Greece, Istanbul and Turkey, among other destinations.

The solo women traveller shares with others her fascinating tales and crazy adventures on her riveting blog ‘Journeywoman’. Not getting deterred by obstacles, this gusty lady has learned the benefits of solo travel.

Twitter: @Journeywoman

5) Chris Heidrich and Sean Keener

The ‘BootsnAll’ travel network was started by backpack-around-the-world type travellers in 1998. Sean began his journey in 1994 with a year of study Brisbane, Australia. Having a hunger for travel, he has practically travelled the world.

Some of the places being Poland, Russia, Ukraine, India, Nepal, Tibet and Kazakstan. Chris too is from Brisbane and started his journey to discover places since 1996.

Twitter: @BootsnAll

6) Rick Steve

Rick Steve has many prestigious travel titles in his kitty. He is the host of the American Public Television, has a public radio travel show called ‘Travel with Rick Steve’ and has become a syndicated newspaper columnist with his Tribune Media Services column. Needless to say, his knowledge about travel is vast and insightful.

Twitter: @RickSteves

7) Tim Leffel

The author of award-winning ‘The Cheapest Destinations Blog’, Tim spills the beans on how to have a great travel experience within a limited budget. He has travelled across the world many times and has written from five continents.

He has been honoured with Gold, Silver, and Bronze during the annual writing awards from the North American Travel Journalists Association and has also won ‘best travel blog’ awards from Forbes, Tripbase, and others.

Twitter: @timleffel

8) Dr. Paul Johnson

With the ‘A Luxury Travel Blog’, you get a taste of the finer things in life when it comes to travel. Here you can find anything and everything from information on luxurious resorts and hotels, premium restaurants and news of the travel industry.

The author of the blog, Dr.Paul Johnson has been a part of the travel industry for more than 25 years and has toured widely across the world.

Twitter: @luxury__travel

9) Mike Richard

Mike Richard is the man behind the blog ‘Vagabondish’. Over here, get interesting stories from around the globe, news, tips, advice and information on travel. From Rhode Island, Mike is a web designer and voracious traveller who simply loves to backpack and go trekking.

He has spoken professionally as a featured panellist at the annual TBEX conference. His other acclaims are featuring in Woman’s World magazine and being interviewed by Tyra Banks.

Twitter: @vagabondish

10) Edward Hasbrouck

In the past 30 years, Hasbrouck has travelled the world thrice. His feats include covering 80,000 miles over 13 months, visiting 28 countries on 6 continents.

He has travelled with all the possible modes of transport of bus, foot, boat, donkey, rickshaw, pony cart to name a few. The journalist and travel expert brings his insightful and comprehensive knowledge to the table. This makes him a true ‘Practical Nomad’.

Twitter: @ehasbrouck

11) Dan & Audrey

Having a fervour for creativity, technology, travel and street food, Dan and Audrey interest the world with their crazy adventures and fascinating stories.  Dan’s quest for travel began when he first travelled to India.

Travelled to over 20 countries, Audrey is on a road for experience, mingles with people from different backgrounds and makes friends along the way. Read about all of this, and see the videos along with captivating pictures on ‘Uncornered Market’.

Twitter: @umarket

12) Nomadic Matt

If you’re looking to find out how to travel cheaper, better, and more often, you’re in the right place. If you heading somewhere and have absolutely no idea where to start, you’re still in the right place. The name is Nomadic Matt. On the move since July 2006, this passionate traveller has been featured on huge media companies such as CNN, Lonely Planet, Nat Geo, The NewYork Times and many more.

Twitter: @nomadicmatt

13) Gary Arndt

In March 2007, Gary Arndt gave up his home and set on a journey to travel the world. He has toured all the 7 continents and over 130 destinations. Gary has gone dog sledding in Canada, bungee jumped in New Zealand, floated in Dead Sea, dived with great white sharks, driven a Formula One car amongst other things. He unravels his offbeat tales in his blog ‘Everything Everywhere’.

Twitter: @EverywhereTrip

14) Caz and Craig

This couple is been on the move since past 15 years, continuously cycling, travelling and  covering over 40+ countries in the regions of South East Asia, East Africa, UK and Ireland, Western Europe and United States and Oceania.

Caz and Craig also have lived in five countries England, Ireland, Thailand, USA, and Australia. Their goal is to be an inspiration and impart travel knowledge to help others. These global travellers are addicted to travel. Their blog ‘Y Travel Blog’ is an easy read with informative insights and no heavy words.

Twitter: @yTravelBlog

15) Barbara Weibel

Not letting chronic Lyme disease and being bed ridden for 5 years get in the way, Barbara Weibel is following her passions of photography, writing and travel. Once she recovered from her illness, this dare devil set backpacking around the world for six months. Today, Barbara is constantly on the move and stays in a place for a month to totally immerse in the local culture. Her blog ‘Hole in the Donut’ is both humorous and soulful.

Twitter: @holeinthedonut

16) Nomadic Samuel

Nomadic Samuel goes with an alias ‘The Perpetual Backpacker’.  Hooked on to what long term travel has to provide, this wanderer has also worked as an expat English teacher, model, photographer and is a freelance writer. Never staying in one place for too long Samuel is constantly on a quest to discover new places.

Twitter: @NomadicSamuel

17) Matt Long

Bitten by the travel bug, Matt Long brings along a unique perspective and great insights to his blog ‘LandLopers’. The sole idea of Matt’s blog is that he wants to make travel more fun and accessible for everyone by providing information on how to experience the best the world has to offer.

Twitter: @LandLopers

18) Dave

Dave has been on a travel quest since 8 years. Eight years ago, Dave started traveling the world in search of a place he could call home. His largely overland travels have taken him to a good 17 countries since then. Although Dave has found places that come close, the journey in search of home continues. He has featured his experiences on ‘The Longest Way Home’ Travel Blog, where he also shares photographs and writes up free travel information based on his own experiences.

Twitter: @TLWH

19) Wes Nations

Wes hit the road in 1998 and has a dream to travel for 20 years or more. No one seems to get into more unusual and entertaining situations than Wes. From his post on being caught in a poker scam in Vietnam to his stunning photography of Ganges River photos, there is a lot of read and discover. Wes is in Southeast Asia with the rest of the Chiang Mai mafia. He spent the first year in South East Asia, wandering around Thailand and then Cambodia. This wanderer also rode a motorcycle from Saigon to HanoiGet to know more about his escapades on ‘Johnny Vagabond’.

Twitter: @JohnnyVagabond

20) Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the ideal person to help you get a handle on travel gear. He is the host of ‘The Amateur Traveller’ that comprises a weekly audio podcast, a video podcast, and a blog. Chris has travelled extensively and always relished in learning new languages. Some of them being German, French, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, Turkish, Russian, Swahili and Greek. Every episode unravels world destinations with guidebook writers, journalists, and veteran nomads.

Twitter: @chris2x

21) Marcello Arrambide

A world famous international blogger, Marcello Arrambide is the man behind ‘Wandering Trader’. He has been on the move since most of his life, lived in 21 countries across 5 continents and toured close to 80 countries. Marcello takes the road less travelled and gone to places like Ethiopia, Suriname and Madagascar. What is interesting is that while he travels around the world, this wanderer also earns money for his travels by day trading on stocks.

Twitter: @Wanderingtradr

22) David Jr

David Jr Hogan is the founder of the popular ‘Malaysia Asia’ blog’. Not surprisingly, Malaysia Asia mainly focuses on Malaysia, including big sections on Borneo Malaysia. He also has an extensive selection of posts on other Asian countries. The early years took David to various places around the world starting with Australia’s Brisbane and Gold Coast and all the way to Perth. From there on, he must have visited the United Kingdom 6 times and Los Angeles about 5 times. Never been to a colder country before, David’s three week trip to Northern Europe to Finland, Sweden and Amsterdam taught him about life in the colder countries.

Twitter: @MalaysiaAsia

23) Adam

Adam quit his cubical job and went on over 15 month trip around the world. The journey took him to places like North Africa, the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia. Since 2011 he has been living in Berlin, Europe’s most hipster city. In his blog ‘Travels of Adam’, Adam explores the world from the quirky to the amazing. It’s all about this traveller’s personal experiences and travel tips from across the world.

Twitter: @travelsofadam

24) Aaron

Aaron, the author of ‘Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures’ has been traveling about since the age of 4. He has lived on 3 continents and blogs about unusual destinations and ultimate experiences. Aaron has traveled all around the globe from United States to Thailand and at very ripe age he has visited some great wonders in this world, including the Amazon Rainforest, the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu. He met many interesting people in his voyage which includes the King of Bhutan.

Twitter: @adventurousness

25) Michael Tieso

Michael Tieso is the blogger from ‘Art of Backpacking’.  His philosophy when it comes to travel is that of simplicity. He encourages people to get rid of the unnecessary and to go for what really matters which is the experience and adventure.  Michael tours across the globe, writing, photographing, and filming his adventures. His blog provides stories, tips, and advice about all things backpacking. Michael’s major goal is to inspire others to travel new places, eat different foods, and do activities that you may have never known existed.  His blog illustrates that travel is possible on many budgets and for many different lifestyles.

Twitter: @artofadventurin

Note: The list has not to be numbered in any particular order.

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