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  • 2 Best {zip lining things to do and activities In kerala in january. Compare and book online now! Do something new today
  • 01Mountain Crossing In Munnar

    Mountain Crossing In Munnar

    About the Activity:

    If you have always thought that there are limited rope activities, you need to rethink. Get on board for this completely thrilling activity of Mountain Crossing in Munnar. Feel your heart racing as you balance yourself on the rope. An ideal getaway destination with friends and family, Munar, is known for its tranquil environs and picturesque views.

    Mountain Crossing in a Munnar is a new and thrilling adventure, the participant is required to cross mountains while tied/ harnessed to a safety rope. He/she should hold the safety rope in hands and cautiously cross mountains one-by-one. The task might appear simple but get tricky at times especially as you are requires to use your hands and pull yourself up in order to reach the other end of the mountain.

    Experienced professionals will be assisting you and will ensure you are equipped with the required safety gears. Embark on this stirring Mountain Crossing in Munnar with friends and family while relaxing in this natural retreat.

  • 02Zip lining in Munnar

    Zip lining in Munnar

    About the Activity:

    Delight in the stunning hill-station of Munnar located in the beautiful state of Kerala. While you mesmerize with the stunning beauty of this hill – station with friends and family, indulge in amazing adventure activities available here.

    Build up your team, and get ready to test your wits with this striking adventure activity of Zip Lining in Munnar. Brace up, to get harnessed by a pulley suspended via a cable that is made of stainless steel and is fountained on an inclination.

    Rivet in this thrilling adventure of zip lining in Munnar while your family and friends cheer for you. You will be completing the task under the guidance of experienced professionals who will ensure you are equipped with the required safety gears. Embark on this thrilling Zip lining adventure in Munar like never before.

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