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  • 01Atv Ride in Pattaya

    Atv Ride in Pattaya
    • h6 Hours
    • lPattaya
    • NNNNN39 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • Get picked up from your hotel in Pattaya at around 9.30 AM in a shared luxury Toyota commuter van, with the VIP Pack.
    • This exhilarating adventure takes place on off-road trails on the outskirts of Pattaya. Get ready to be smeared with the mud and ride along the rugged terrains.
    • Feel the thrill as you ride these powerful Polaris machines imported from the USA.
    • Designed for both the beginners and experienced riders, enjoy variety of beautiful landscapes and jungle while riding your bikes.
    • End this exciting activity at 1.00 PM after enjoying a delicious lunch.
    • This thrilling ATV activity is conducted twice a day – you can choose the timing as per your preference. 
    Note: The activity can be availed at either of the two time slots, 09:30 AM and 02:30 PM, both getting over by 01:00 PM and 06:00 PM respectively.

  • 02Bicycle Tour to Ancient City in Bangkok

    Bicycle Tour to Ancient City in Bangkok
    • h6 Hours
    • lBangkok
    • NNNNN41 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • The trip starts by you getting picked up from any hotel in Bangkok at around 12.30 PM to visit the ancient city of Muang Boran.
    • Embark on this delightful cycling trip that enables you to explore the historic beauty of Thailand – unravel yourself in this cycling expedition.
    • Journey through the country’s divergent histories and subtly cultures. From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the world's largest outdoor museum.
    • Visit the City Park which displays hundreds of replica of the country’s landmarks such as magnificent temples, palaces, and monuments from all over Thailand.
    • End this exciting tour at around 6.00 PM and return back to your hotel.
    • The tour operates only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • 03Bicycle Tour at Chinatown in Bangkok

    Bicycle Tour at Chinatown in Bangkok
    • h5 Hours
    • lBangkok
    • NNNNN35 ratings
    About the Activity:
    • Engage in this cycling tour that enables you to witness the stunning beauty of the city.
    • Start your tour from Yaowarat around 09:00 AM and explore the incandescent beauty of the rural areas followed by a boat ride through 'Venice of the East.'
    • Explore the scenic beauty of Bangkok and meet the local people.
    • Before returning enjoy a delicious local meal at your own cost with the locals. 
    • Wind up your tour by 02:00 PM with some fanciful moments spent in an invigorating site.
  • 045d/4n Chiang Mai Cycling Tour

    5d/4n Chiang Mai Cycling Tour
    About the Activity:
    • If you are in search of a holiday with your family with some adventure and fitness activities, then this tour is a perfect tour for you.
    • Start your journey after reaching Chiang Mai - a pick will be sent to pick you from the airport.
    •  At any time and explore the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, which was the capital of the former Lanna Kingdom. 
    • Visit the ancient temples and historical sites of Chiang Mai to learn about the cultural history of the place.
    • Explore the beautiful roads and landscapes as you paddle through the rice fields, foothills and small country villages of the Chiang Mai region.
    • End your tour with the exhilarating zip line ride in the forest canopy where you swing from tree to tree high above the ground.
    • You will be transferred to your airport with a one and a half hour journey after finishing your lunch.
  • 05Night Biking in Bangkok

    Night Biking in Bangkok
    • h4 Hours
    • lPhra Nakhon
    • NNNNN40 ratings
    About the Activity:
    • Embark on this exciting evening cycle tour in Bangkok with unlimited fun and adventure and enjoy the view of the city lights after dark.
    • Start your tour at 5.30 PM in the evening from Phra Nakhon.
    • Ride in the silent night through the back roads and small lanes and visit the temples after sunset.
    • Fall in love with the night breeze as you ride through the beautiful Bangkok city and make it one hell of an adventure.
    • Hear the sound of the night insects and enjoy each and every moment of this 13km ride.
    • End this amazing tour at 9.30 PM.
  • 06Biking Trip to Historic City of Chiang Mai

    Biking Trip to Historic City of Chiang Mai
    • h4 Hours
    • lChiang Mai
    • NNNNN27 ratings
    About the Activity:
    • Embark on this cycling tour at about 9.15 AM in the morning at Chang Moi and get ready to explore the mesmerizing beauty of this region.
    • Discovers the charms of the old city, Chaing Mai and visit some of the main sights as you ride.
    • Ride through the lanes of the ancient temples ruin and explore the the ancient Marble and Crystal Buddha images engraved on the wall of Chiang Mai. 
    • Learn about the city's history and culture when you visit its grandest monument - Wat Chedi Luang.
    • Cycle through the Tha Phae gate which was once the the entrance for the traders.
    • Explore the open market of Somphet near Tha Phae gate and learn a bit about food popular in this city.
    • Conclude your tour at 1.30 PM.
  • 07Bangkok City to Shore Cycling Day Tour in Thailand

    Bangkok City to Shore Cycling Day Tour in Thailand
    • h9 Hours
    • lPhra Nakhon
    • NNNNN31 ratings
    About the Activity: 
    • Embark on this unique tour, starting at 7:30 AM which takes you out of bustling Bangkok right to the water's edge of the Gulf of Thailand.
    • Travel by bike, boat and train to a little visited part of Thailand populated by the local fish farmers and fishermen.
    • Stopping frequently to admire the unique wildlife, such as kingfishers catching their breakfast, or the protected and shy water monitors, some of which can reach up to 3 meters in length. 
    • This is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to wide open plains where the air is crisp and clean and the friendliness of the people will blow your mind.
    • Once out of the urban area ride along dirt roads bordered by mangroves on one side and salt pans or fish farms on the other. 
    • So, slap on the sunblock and sunglasses and be prepared for a full day of amazement. Don't forget your binoculars as this tour goes to a nature lover's paradise.   
    • Conclude your tour at 5.30 PM in the evening.

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