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  • 01Kothaligad Trekking Expedition

    Kothaligad Trekking Expedition

    Kothaligad, also known as the fort of Peths is a popular climbing spot close to Karjat in the city of Mumbai. An engineering marvel, the fort was in fact used as a watchtower to keep an eye on the advancements of the army in the surrounding areas. The mysterious cave paintings on the summit date back to the 13th century, but not much was known about them until the 18th Century.

    The easy climb at Kothaligad Trekking alongside beautiful environs make it a favoured destination for enthusiastic trekkers. The unique architecture and engineering is a proof of the talent of the Maratha warriors. The chimney like structure on top resembles a lighthouse and was a major advantage for all those who captured the fort at various times, including the British and Maratha empires!

    About the Activity with Details:

    Embark on an unforgettable Kothaligad Trekking that will engulf you in its stunning architectural prowess. Your expedition begins as you embark on a drive to the base of the fort. Meet your trek mates at the pre-decided location of Fergusson College main gate. Munch on a fortifying breakfast and refreshing tea and start making your way towards the top of the fort. The easy inclines will eventually bring you to the mysterious summit where you can explore and discover the lighthouse like structure that is carved with staircases from the inside. Let a delicious lunch calm your muscles and explore the area around.

    Relax for a while and start descending back to the base village, eventually reaching the Aambivali caves that are rich with carvings and paintings dating back to the 13th Century. Watch ancient stories unfold in front of your eyes as you make way through the pathways lush with greenery of the approaching monsoons.

  • 02Trek to Chanderi Cave

    Trek to Chanderi Cave

    About the Activity with Details:

    Get a taste of history studded with endless excitement with the Chanderi trek! Assemble at Ghatkopar Railway Station in Mumbai at around 06:45 in the morning and board the first train for Karjat. Alighting in Vangani, the trek guides and instructors will brief you with the safety measures related with the trek to Chanderi.

    Post this session, hit the amazing trails and start trekking towards the Chanderi Cave by around 09:00AM. Hike through the scenic patches, overcome the various obstacles on the way and make it to the top by around 01:00PM.

    Reaching the top, enjoy and witness the panoramic views underneath the cave, and get ready to descend down by around 02:00PM. Trekking down the cave, make it to the Vangani Station bby around 06:30PM to board a return train to your final destination and mark the end of this amazing Chanderi Trek!

  • 03Irshalgad Trek, Panvel

    Irshalgad Trek, Panvel

    About the Activity: 

    This weekend, plan an exciting trek to Irshalgad in Panvel with your family and friends and have the time of your life! Get enthralled and revel in the wonders of all that this fort is well known and visited for! ‘Irshal’ means a pinnacle and ‘gad’ means a fort. Hardly found anywhere in History, Irshalgad may have been under the Maratha rule when Shivaji Maharaj captured the regions of Kalyan and Bhiwandi.

     The Fort has been visited by very few history lovers and is a favourite for trekkers, adventurers and nature photographers as well. The Fort is intimidating and takes a brave adventurer to scour its heights.  Join the different trekking enthusiasts on the Irshalgad trek to revel in the glory of the challenging and massive fort that has spiked the interest of several mountaineers and rock climbers for quite a few years.

  • 04Dhak Cha Bahiri Trek in Karjat

    Dhak Cha Bahiri Trek in Karjat

    About the Activity:

    • Located amidst the cliff of Dhak Fort, Dhak Bahire trek can be accessed through three routes – Jambhiwali, Rajmachi and Sandshi.
    • You will be trekking through Jambhivali village – ascend through dense thickets up to a steep gully.
    • This challenging trek then transforms into a 70 degree rock patch. Post this, the trek gets all the more tricky as now you will be climbing using a swaying wooden log.
    • Indulge in an exciting rappelling session through an 80ft height once you reach the top of the cliff.
  • 05Night Trek to Kothaligad

    Night Trek to Kothaligad
    About the Activity:
    • Situated in Shahpur Taluka of Peth District, Peth Fort is located at 3100 ft above sea level. It is also known as Kothaligad because of the internally excavated stairs at the summit.
    • It is surrounded by other forts such as Bhimashankar, Rajmachi, Dhak, Sidhhagad, and Prabalgad.
    • The trek begins as you assemble at Karjat Station and proceed to Ambavali Village, the base camp for the trek and start climbing.
    • After a short stop at Pethwadi, the ascent continues to the summit.
    • Start descending after enjoying scenic views and lunch at Pethwadi. The trek concludes after you arrive back at Mumbai,

  • 06Off Beat Trek to Kondana Caves, Karjat

    Off Beat Trek to Kondana Caves, Karjat

    About the Activity:

    • Located at the base of Rajmachi Fort, Kondana Caves are a four cave- complex built by Buddhist monk and are crowned at a height of around 200ft around Lonavala.
    • Leave for Kondivde village via Karjat by jeep at around 06:30 AM. Reach Kondivde by 09:30 AM and begin your trek to Kondana Caves.
    • After a 2 hour pleasing trek, reach atop and begin your caves exploration. Spend some amazing time at waterfalls.
    • Post lunch, start descending down to the base village. Reach Kondivade by 05:30 PM and depart for Mumbai via jeep.
    • Arrive at Mumbai at around 07:30 PM as your experience ends here.

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