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  • d5 Daysn4 Nights
    Horn-bill Festival and Dzukou Valley Trek in Nagaland
  • Bought : 13d7 Daysn6 Nights
    Nagaland Art and Craft Tour
  • Bought : 16d7 Daysn6 Nights
    Trekking in Nagaland
    NNNNN24 ratings
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    • 01Dzukou Valley Trek

      Dzukou Valley Trek
      • d7 Daysn6 Nights
      • lDimapur
      • NNNNN26 ratings
      • Bonton Holidays
        Bonton Holidays

      7D/6N : Dimapur-Khonoma-Seikhakie-Dzukou-Dzulekei-Benreu-Mt Pauna-Benreu-Dimapur

      What will you do : Tour  Villages, Trekking, Taste Local Wine

      What will you see : Beautiful Villages, Enchanting Rivers, Meandering Streams, Majestic Mountains

      This beautiful trip will take you to the heartland of Nagaland which holds in its fold some of the most amazing sights and mesmerising experiences. The journey begins at Dimapur and takes you to places that allow you to learn more about the culture and tradition of the region, mingle with the locals and enjoy traditional cuisine and wine. This journey is an experience that will remain etched in your memory forever.

    • 02Adventure Trail In Nagaland

      Adventure Trail In Nagaland
      • d12 Daysn11 Nights
      • lDimapur
      • NNNNN40 ratings
      • millenium explorer
        millenium explorer

      11 N/12 D : Dimapur-Benreu village-Mt. Pauna-Dzulekie- Mt. Kedieutsukeru- Dzukou- Dihozhu- Dihoju- Khonoma- Kohima- Southern Dzukou

      What will you do : Trekking, Sightseeing

      What will you see : Villages, Bird Sanctuary, Valleys, Caves 

      From beautiful valleys to some of the highest peaks and other naturally splendid sights, Nagaland provides pleasure and calm to the senses. The villages in the state accurately highlight the rich cultural heritage of the native people. The rich flora and fauna makes it a natural hotspot. The stunning monuments and its varied marketplace are some of the other highlights of the trip.

      However, be prepared to discover the place by undertaking a series of treks through some beautiful nature trails and valleys, the perfect places to reflect and contemplate on the true beauty of nature in all its glory. 

    • 03Trekking in Nagaland

      Trekking in Nagaland
      • d7 Daysn6 Nights
      • lDimapur
      • NNNNN24 ratings
      • Caper travel
        Caper travel

      6N/7D : Dimapur-Khonoma-Seikhakie-Dzoukou-Dzulekie-Benreu-Pauna-Dimapur

      What will you do : Sightseeing, Boating, Village Tour, Jungle Tour

      What will you see : Villages, Tribals, Mountains, Wildlife Sanctuary, Valleys, Streams, Wildlife 

      Enjoy the view of the scenic villages of Nagaland and be amazed at the lifestyle of the people here. Visit their natural habitats and be enthralled by their customs. Trek through beautiful forests and camp by river streams. Spend overnights in outdoor tents listening to the varied sounds of a thriving jungle. Experience enchanting Nagaland at some of its best locations. 

    • 04Nagaland Rural Experience Tour

      Nagaland Rural Experience Tour
      • d4 Daysn3 Nights
      • lDimapur
      • NNNNN29 ratings
      • Vaivhav Todi
        Vaivhav Todi
      • 12,499
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      About the Activity:

      • Your tour to experience the rural life which is recognized as the pulse of Nagaland will be started from Dzuleke, a village of the Angami tribe.
      • Enjoy the serenity and enchantment of the green hills that cover entire Nagaland at a stretch and feel cozy by staying in a village home stay at night.
      • Indulge in a day trip to Benreu, the famous village of the Zeliang tribe and get deployed for a thrilling adventure in the serene Naga hills near Mt.Pauna.
      • Involve in a journey to Khonoma village where you get to see a community based ecotourism project is being handled by the village council.
      • Participate in their activities that help endangered species and rare flora and fauna to get preserved and also stroll along the local streets of the village.
      • And on the last day, start your return journey to Dimapur early in the morning.

    • 05Trekking in Dzukou Valley

      Trekking in Dzukou Valley
      • d4 Daysn3 Nights
      • lKohima
      • NNNNN37 ratings
      • Mr. Amitabh Sarma
        Mr. Amitabh Sarma
      • 13,999
      • Book Now
      About the Activity:
      • Delight in this trekking expedition in Dzokou valley that enables you to witness the stunning beauty of this region.
      • Start your tour from Guwahati to Kohima and check into the hotel for the night.
      • After a crunchy breakfast drive for 22 km to Zakhama check post and reach the trekking area.
      • Continue for the first 2 km in your jeep and then trek through the steep roads until you reach the ridge to. Reach Dzukou Valley and spend the night there.
      • Get amazed by the mesmerizing views of the hills and the mountains and continue trekking towards the ridge over Viswema village through the steep roads.
      • Drive from Viswema village and reach Kohima.
      • End your tour by returning to Guwahati and head back home with lots of memories. 

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