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  • d2 Daysn1 Night
    Trek to Rajmachi and Kondhane Caves from Mumbai
  • h16 Hours
    One Day Monsoon Trek to Lohagad Fort
  • h10 Hoursh30 Minutes
    Ladies Only Trek to Kalavantin Durg
  • d2 Daysn1 Night
    Monsoon Trek to Bhimashankar Via Ladder Route
    • 16 Best trekking Options to choose from mumbai. Compare and book online now! Do something new today
    • 01Pre-Monsoon Easy Jungle Trek in Mumbai

      Pre-Monsoon Easy Jungle Trek in Mumbai
      • d1 Day
      • lMumbai
      • NNNNN26 ratings
      • supplier
        Code: 8338731

      About the Activity:

      Get ready for a trekking experience like never before! No matter how much you know about Mumbai, this is one trip that would help you in knowing more about this city!

      Brace up to begin your jungle trek by assembling within the park at around 07:30AM. Following your arrival, there will be an induction session at around 07:45AM. Post this; by around 08:45AM, embark on a trek to the captivating Kancheri Caves and visualize wide range of flora and fauna amidst the park.

      Witness stunning species of migratory birds and mammals in their natural habitat. Also, spot a wide range of reptiles during your trek. Post all these enthralling experiences; close to 01:30PM, your jungle trek comes to an end. Wind up yourself and return from Kanheri Caves to the main gate of the park. It is time to give your feet a rest and bid adieu to other group members; your experience will end here!

    • 02Waterfall Rappelling and Trekking at Madap Waterfalls, Khopoli

      Waterfall Rappelling and Trekking at Madap Waterfalls, Khopoli
      • h9 Hours
      • lMumbai
      • NNNNN621 ratings
      • supplier
        Code: 2790631

      About the Activity with Details:

      While touring this region of Maharashtra, brace yourself for some heart racing activities! Off all the activities available here, waterfall rappelling at Madap waterfall is the one that will introduce you to the true beauty of the cascade.

      A controlled descend through a waterfall using a rope, this enthralling activity will begin with your arrival at the Madap village at around 08:30AM. Ddig into a scrumptious breakfast before kick staring your trek to the waterfall.

      Post breakfast, get started with rappelling at Madap Waterfall at around 10:30AM; experience power rappelling over 120ft of cascading waterfall. Control your weight as you descend down using the rope tied to your body and experience the thrills as you gradually descend!

      Following this thrilling adventure, start your trek back to the village at around 04:30PM and get freshened up with hot tea and snacks. At around 06:00PM, wind up yourself and wish adieu to the placid environs of Madap as you begin your return journey to Mumbai; expect to reach Mumbai at around 09:00PM with a bag full of memories!

    • 03Nature Trail in Sanjay Gandhi National Park

      Nature Trail in Sanjay Gandhi National Park
      • h8 Hours
      • lMumbai
      • NNNNN37 ratings
      • supplier
        Code: 8154176

      About the Activity:

      Fixed Departure: 12th February, 2017
      • Start your activity around 07:15 AM, after you arrive at the parking gate of the Sanjay Gandhi National park and wait till the gate opens.
      • Then take a taxi or your own vehicle to reach Kanheri caves and get briefed about the trek by an instructor.
      • Take the trail which rewards you with an invigorating walk, sightings of rare birds, a feel of the jungle and oneness with nature.
      • End the walk near a water stream where you can refresh yourself with a vegetarian breakfast.
      • Post breakfast, resume your trek and reach the highest point for a delicious lunch with stunning views.
      • Post lunch, descend towards Kanheri Caves and end your trek at 03:30 PM.
      • One of the major national parks situated close to a metropolis, the dense forests of Sanjay Gandhi National Park draw enthusiasts over a weekend with friends and family.
    • 04Gorakhgad Trek in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai

      Gorakhgad Trek in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai
      • d1 Day
      • lMumbai
      • NNNNN38 ratings
      • Saurabh Mt
        Saurabh Mt

      About the Activity: 

      • Challenge yourself to an pumping one day trek to Gorakhgad and let nature enchant you with its beauty right in the midst of the city! 
      • Although, the fort does not have a very illustrious or eminent history, it is well known among trekkers for its sky touching pinnacles. Located in the densely forested region of Gorakhgad and Macchindragad, the fortress also offers exciting opportunities for rock climbing. 
      • Historically, the fort was used as a vantage point to patrol the nearby area. It derives its name from a saint who used to perform penance in this area.
    • 05Trek to Tungareshwar, Mumbai

      Trek to Tungareshwar, Mumbai
      • h5 Hours
      • lMumbai
      • NNNNN399 ratings
      • Saurabh Mt
        Saurabh Mt

      About the Activity: 

      A part of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, a trek to Tungareshwar is certainly the best way to beat the city blues even if it is for a while. The dense forest offers innumerable opportunitiesto nature lovers and adventure lovers alike to experience the best of the adventure. 

      The Tungareshwar national park is especially beautiful in the monsoons as it bedecked in the glorious sights of the waterfalls, ravines and valleys filled with clouds. The activity begins as the participants meet at Vasai Station early in the morning at around 06.30 AM and depart towards the sanctuary. 

      Post a small briefing session, the trail begins. Traversing through lushly shaded pathways, the trail ends at around 11.30 AM, post which you will be returning to the Vasai station by auto.

      Note: The participants are requested not to leave the group until the trail ends.

    • 06Day Trek to Ajoba Hills near Asangaon

      Day Trek to Ajoba Hills near Asangaon
      • d1 Day
      • lMumbai
      • NNNNN37 ratings
      • Saurabh Thakekar Mt
        Saurabh Thakekar Mt

      About the Activity:

      • Ajoba is one of the highest peaks in the Sahyadris, and is an ideal getaway with friends and family.
      • The Valmiki Ashram is situated halfway through the exciting trek, and exploring the premises is a soulful experience.
      • This trek treads through the ‘sacred forest route’ which even has a tranquil water stream near the Ashram.
      • Atop the hill, the Luv-Kush Caves are located near a challenging precipice called Sitamai Palna thrills adventurers!
      • Explore Devrai, a magical sacred grove before beginning descent after a fulfilling day spent amid nature

    • 07Night Trek to Prabalgad in Maharshtra

      Night Trek to Prabalgad in Maharshtra
      • d2 Daysn1 Night
      • lMumbai
      • NNNNN31 ratings
      • supplier
        Code: 6963010

      About the Activity:

      • Escape from the bustling city and embark on a night trek to Prabalgad. It is situated on northeast side of Panvel, on Mumbai-Pune road. One can see it from the express highway a V-Shaped one.
      • Sit around a warm campfire and enjoy a night with your family and friends.
      • Spend a night under the stars while camping at Parabal Machi.
      • Explore the beauty of Prabalgad fort.
    • 08One day trek to Kalsubhai Peak

      One day trek to Kalsubhai Peak
      • d1 Day
      • lMumbai
      • NNNNN23 ratings
      • Ashish Cheepa
        Ashish Cheepa

      Kalsubai is recognised as the Highest Peak of Maharashtra with its towering height of 5400ft. (1646 m) which earns the much glorified title of the 'Everest of Maharashtra'.

                  It is said, that in the ancient times, a lady named “Kalsu” came to nearby Indorey village to work. However, somebody forced her to clean utensils and clean up the residence by force. So she left the place and eventually died at this spot. So here comes the name, Kalasubai. A small temple is built here, in her memory.

                  The area is part of Sahyadri hill ranges. Kalasubai is the highest peak of Western Ghats in Maharashtra. It is also a paradise for nature lovers. It is a dream of every sincere mountaineer to climb it at least once. 

      Trek Information:
      Trek Date – 09/01/2016, Saturday
      Cost - Rs.1000/-
      Base -  Bari Village

      - Boarding second last train to Kasara on08/01/2016, Friday night
      - Travel by Jeep from Kasara station to Base village

      Cost Includes:
      - Morning Breakfast
      - Pack Lunch
      - Travelling cost from Kasara Station to Base village and return journey
      - Expertise & First-aid assistance cost.
      This does not include anything which is not mentioned above.

      Cancellation Policy:
      - Cancellation before 15 days : 75% will be refunded
      - Cancellation before 10 days : 50& will be refunded
      - There is no refund if the cancellation is after 10days

      Contact Persons:
          - Ashish - 9773595039
          - Sharath - 8898909062 
          - Harshad - 8898760576

    • 09Trek in Alang Madan Fort

      Trek in Alang Madan Fort
      • d2 Daysn2 Nights
      • lMumbai
      • NNNNN24 ratings
      • Ashish Cheepa
        Ashish Cheepa
      About the Activity:
      • Embark on this 2 days 2 nights trekking expedition in Sahyadri   and climb up the most dangerous treks.
      • Take the challenge of trekking in the most difficult forts of  Sahyadri and test your spirits.
      • Feel the thrill and excitement as you trek through the toughest treks Alang and Madan treks and climb through the steep and dangerous roads.
      •  Alang Fort is at a height  of 4852 ft and has huge plateau with caves and cisterns on the top.Trek through two technical patches to reach the top .
      • Madan Fort lies elevated at a height of 4.841 ft and is covered with caves too. Overcome your fears and enjoy the incredible scenic view after you reach the top.

    • 10Trekking at Sandhan Valley

      Trekking at Sandhan Valley
      • d2 Daysn1 Night
      • lMumbai
      • NNNNN34 ratings
      • Ashish Cheepa
        Ashish Cheepa

      It’s time to explore the mysterious valley………..

      SANDHAN Valley is a beautiful place situated in the Western Ghats & Amidst the water carved valley of 200ft deep & 1.5km long. Experience the heart throbbing experience of crossing  4 to 5 ft deep water pool, bouldering among the huge rocks, witnessing the rarest beauty of nature which will give you a unique experience along with combination of adventure like rappelling, trekking & night camping.

      Trek Name: Sandhan Valley

      Seats:  25

      Fees: 1450

      Grade: Medium but thrilling and technical

      Category: Trekking &  

      Base Village: Samrad

      Dates: 23rd & 24th Jan, 2016.


      What all are included in above cost.

      Transport From Kasara Till Samrad (Private Jeep)

      2 Breakfast

      2 lunch

      1 Dinner

      Return ST fare from Dehne till Shahapur

      First Aid

      Rappelling & expertise cost


      What all are not included in this cost.

             Anything that is not mentioned above is not included.




      22nd Jan 2016 – Late Night

      22:50 hrs – KASARA Local from CST
      23:05 hrs -  Dadar
      23:13 hrs -  Kurla
      23:18 hrs -  Ghatkopar
      23:34 hrs -  Thane
      23:54 hrs -   Dombivali         - 

      23rd Jan 2016 – Early Morning

      00:07 hrs              - Kalyan

      01:18 hrs              - Kasara

      01.30 hrs              - Boarding a private hired Jeep

      04.30 hrs              - Reaching Samard Village (Base Village)

      Breakup for refreshing and breakfast

      The following timings are tentatively calculated

      06.30 hrs              - Trek begins

      07:00 hrs              - Entering the valley

      011:00 hrs            - Reach first rappelling point.

      13:00 hrs              - Have Pack Lunch

      18:00 hrs              - Reach at base camp



      24th Jan 2016 – Early Morning

      06:00 hrs              - Good morning

      08:00 hrs              - Breakfast

      08:30 hrs              - March towards Dehne gaon.

      11:30 hrs              - Reach Dehne Gaon

      12:30 hrs              - Have lunch & Relax.

      14:00 hrs              - ST towards Shahapur

      19:00 hrs              - Tentatively reaching Kurla station..



      For inquiries & bookings contact the below Trek Leaders

      Ashish Chheepa   - 09773595039

      Sharath Raj          - 08898909062

      Harshad Bane      - 08898760576


      Or email @


      Criteria for Participants


      ·         This event demands endurance and active participation in all kind of activities during the course of the Trek

      ·           Since trekking is a team activity hence every one including amateurs  must be ready perform out of once luxury

    • 11Harishchandragad Fort and Malshej Ghat trek

      Harishchandragad Fort and Malshej Ghat trek
      • d2 Daysn1 Night
      • lMumbai
      • NNNNN26 ratings
      • Amey Bhagat
        Amey Bhagat

      About the Activity:

      • This adventure at Harishchandragad leads you through picturesque terrains and stunning views of the valley beneath!
      • Get picked up by a private bus from Dadar and travel to the base villag Khireshwar to start your trekking expedition.
      • Stroll through endless field of Paddy, and follow the steady course to Malshej Ghat from where it will get more challenging.
      • Witness the Konkan Kada cliff, the Taramati peak which is the highest point on this hill fort and the Kedareshwar caves.
      • Upon reaching the Malshej ghat, the views of the Western Ghats, with their mesmerizing sunsets are bound to melt you in beauty.
      • During the trek you'll be allowed to rest overnight  in one of the cave in the vicinity.
    • 12Trek to Lohagad Fort

      Trek to Lohagad Fort
      • d1 Day
      • lMumbai
      • NNNNN33 ratings
      • supplier
        Code: 4420402
      A bare crag known as 'Vinchu Kata' juts out of this fort. On the way to the top of the fort we come across four successive strong doors. There is also a spacious rock-cut cave adjacent to the fortification - the Lomesh Rishi Cave.
      Trek Duration1 Day
      Style of TripOrganized day hike
      Requisite Group Size10
      Maximum Group Size45
      Best SeasonJune To September
      FoodBreakfast, Packed lunch, High tea.
      Price Per PaxRs 999 +3.50% Govt Service Tax.
      This is a product of a private tour.
      The pickup location has been kept dadar by me as a default location. Although this would be needed to be confirmed by the vendor prior to booking being a private tour the vendor would be changing the pickup location as per group preference,

    • 13Trek to Gorakhgad Caves

      Trek to Gorakhgad Caves
      • d1 Day
      • lMumbai
      • NNNNN36 ratings
      • supplier
        Code: 1684582
      About the Activity:
      • Embark in this exciting Gorakhgad cave trekking expedition and explore the enduring pinnacles which is the best for rock climbing.
      • Start your tour by reaching at the Kalyan ST stand by 6.45 AM and leave from Kalyan to Dehri by a bus or a jeep at about 7.15 AM.
      • Reach the Gorakhgad and start trekking through the dense forest of Machchindragad while enjoying the tranquility of this region.
      • Explore the Gorakhgad caves and get captivated by its alluring beauty.
      • Hike through the tough roads and reach the Dehri village by 6.00 PM.
      • Enjoy the evening in the village and then start travelling from Kalyan to dehri by a jeep or a bus.
      • Depart from Kalyan station and end your tour with lots of memories.

    • 14Weekday Trek to Karnala Fort near Mumbai

      Weekday Trek to Karnala Fort near Mumbai
      • d1 Day
      • lMumbai
      • NNNNN37 ratings
      • supplier
        Code: 5136536

      About the Activity:

      • If you are planning for a trekking experience to Karnala Fort, then this tour is the perfect fit for you.
      • Start your activity by assembling at the Panvel station at 7:30 am, then board a bus to Karnala base and reach the place at around 09:00 am.
      • Once you reach the base, you can start the trek to explore the summit and also visit the Karnala bird sanctuary.
      • Witness diversified wilderness and get ready to be astonished with the scenic appeal and the tranquility of this entire place.
      • The start to descending to the base of the hill at around 12:30 pm.  
      • After a long day of trekking you'll be transferred to Panvel bus station and can depart to your favored location. 
    • 15Day Trek to Kalavanti Durg near Panvel

      Day Trek to Kalavanti Durg near Panvel
      • d1 Day
      • lMumbai
      • NNNNN38 ratings
      • supplier
        Code: 5136536

      About the Activity:

      • Engage yourself in this tranquil 8 km trekking experience to Kalavanti Durg just 30 km from Pune. 
      • Start your activity by assembling at the Panvel station at 06:45 am and strengthen yourself with the breakfast.
      • Then board a bus to Thakurwadi and reach the trekking spot by 09:00 am.
      • Once you reach the base to start the trek to explore the Kalavanti Durg summit.
      • Witness diversified wilderness and get ready to be astonished with the scenic appeal and the tranquility of this entire place.
      • The start to descending to the base to Prabal machi for a delicious lunch at 1:30 pm.
      • After a long day of trekking you'll be transferred to Panvel bus station and can depart to your favored location. 
    • 16One Day Monsoon Trek to Lohagad Fort

      One Day Monsoon Trek to Lohagad Fort
      • h16 Hours
      • lMumbai
      • NNNNN36 ratings
      • Nilesh Patil
        Nilesh Patil
      About the Activity:
      • Fixed Departure - 13th August, 2016
      • Embark on this adventurous monsoon trek amidst the beautiful Western Ghats at Lohagad Fort situated in one of the most loved weekend destinations, Lonavala.
      • Start your journey by assembling at the meeting point, Pritam Hotel, Dadar East at around 6 AM or you can also get picked up from the Yogi Hotel, Chembur at around 6.15 AM or from the under of main Vashi Bridge at around 7 AM.
      • Start your journey to the base village and reach around 9.30 AM. After reaching have a warm and delicious breakfast whilst you listen to the safety instructions from your guide.
      • Gear up for the trek and start the same at around 10.30 AM. Enjoy the awesome weather and raindrops kissing your face, giving you a totally rejuvenating experience.
      • Reach at the top and stroll around the fort and witness the architectural beauty of the same. Also, enjoy your lunch and start descending aftermath. 
      • Reach the base village at around 4 PM and start your journey back to Mumbai.
      • On the way, enjoy refreshing snacks and reach Mumbai at around 10 PM.

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