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  • 01Ratangad Trek in Monsoon

    Ratangad Trek in Monsoon

    About the Activity: Fixed departures on 5th Aug 2017, 14th Aug 2017, 7th Oct 2017

    • Meeting Point: Pritam Hotel Dadar East @11:00 pm Pickup Point: Nitin Company Junction, Thane @12:00 am 
    • Your Ratangad Fort trek experience begins with an overnight journey, before reaching Ratanwadi for breakfast at around 05.00 AM.
    • Begin trekking soon after, and delve into the landscapes and be enthralled by stunning views of the valley below!
    • Once atop, explore the glorious insides of the historic fort and take in the sights of the beautiful Tryambak Darwaza, Chor Darwaza, and a water tank which was the largest of its time.
    • After a satisfying lunch, the downward trail allows you to catch glimpses of the distant mountains, before you head back to the city after a memorable day of trekking.

  • 02Trek to the Highest Peak of Maharashtra in Kalsubai

    Trek to the Highest Peak of Maharashtra in Kalsubai

    About the Activity:

    • Undertake this exhilarating trip to one of the highest peaks of Maharashtra in Kalsubai, and enjoy an adventurous weekend!
    • Ready your gear, and head out to the base village at around 11.45 PM, reaching early next morning for the Kalsubai Trek.
    • The panoramic sights from atop the summit are a stunning experience, and following the descent back to the base camp, delicious lunch is served.
    • Depart for Pune after a day of fun and adventure on the Kalsubai trek. 

  • 03One Day Trek To Ajoba Hills

    One Day Trek To Ajoba Hills
    About the activity: 
    • Enjoy an exciting one day trek to Ajoba hills on your next vacation with all your adventure buddies and have an amazing experience! 
    • The formidable hill has attracted trekkers from all over the country to enjoy a day of trekking upon the hills! 
    • On one half of the hill is the Valmiki Ashram and a small water stream provides the trekkers with pure and clean water to enjoy! You can join the group of excited adventurers on this trek and report to Asangaon railway station at 07:30AM with your bags at the ready. 
    • A one day trek to Ajoba hills is enough to leave you falling in love with the hills and the scenery around! 
    • After a 15 minutes group introduction and orientation, you can indulge in a good breakfast before heading out to reach the base village by bus or jeep by 08:15AM. 
    • You will be expected to reach the base village around 09:15AM and you can start the trek around 09:30AM. By 12:30PM, you will reach the Valmiki Ashram and dine in some good lunch at the Ashram itself! Around 02:30PM, you can begin your descend from the Ajoba hills and by 05:30PM, you will be expected to reach the base village and travel to Asangaon by bus/jeep. 
    • The group will be expected to disperse around 07:00PM at Asangaon railway station. 
  • 04Randha and Umbrella Waterfall Visit, Ratangad

    Randha and Umbrella Waterfall Visit, Ratangad

    About the activity:

    Located in Bhandardara, a visit to Randha Falls and Umbrella Falls will guarantee you a hair-raising adventure wherein you will find yourself squealing for joy at the gush of the waters as they hit the rocks below you! The Umbrella Falls is situated behind the Wilson Dam and the Randha Falls is located by the Parvara River having a staggering fall of 170ft.To begin your exciting trip, get your trekking gear ready as you indulge in a quick and delicious breakfast. Once you have your fill, head to your destination by private vehicle. There are several places around these beautiful waterfalls that you can visit, some of them namely the famous Randha Waterfall, the Wilson Dam, the Umbrella waterfall, the beautiful pristine waters of the Bandardhara Lake and the famous Amruteshwar temple, amongst a few. Let yourself go in the arms of beautiful nature, away from the cluttered and noisy city life. Once you have taken in the sights around, return to Kasara railway station by 07:00PM, and head back to your respective destinations.

  • 05Trek to Kalsubai, Mumbai

    Trek to Kalsubai, Mumbai
    • d1 Day
    • lBhandardara
    • NNNNN37 ratings

    About the Activity: 

    Embark on an exciting trek to Kalsubai peak from Mumbai and have the pleasure of conquering the highest peak in Maharashtra. Located in the Akole Taluka of the Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra, the Kalsubai Temple and the Kalsubai, according to local legend, was the name of a tormented daughter-in-law who ran away to the top of a hill to escape harassment from her in-laws. She is believed to have disappeared here and the locals built a temple in her memory on the peak’s summit. The hill is named Kalsubai after her. 

    Kalsubai, though a highest peak, from trekking point of view is comparatively easy. The peak has a temple which many pilgrims aim at visiting. Hence, for such pilgrim trekkers, government and local villagers have made the route easy and safe by putting ladders and staircase wherever necessary. So reaching to the top is just a test of your stamina and not mountaineering skill. But once you reach the top then you get an absolutely uninterrupted view of the surroundings. No other peak pokes its nose between you and the spectacular view!
  • 06Trek to Ratangad from Mumbai

    Trek to Ratangad from Mumbai

    About the Activity: 

    Thrill your senses with a trek to Ratangad and let the fresh greens and blooms enchant your mind and heart. 

    A hill fort located in Ratan Wadi, this is one of oldest in the regiona s it is more than 2000 years old. This fortress is famous for Nedhe or Eye of the Needle Point, during this season, the needle eye point is covered in colourful blooms of all types. This fort was captured by the great Maratha emperor Shivaji Maharaj and was one of his favorite hill fortresses, one can understand why as it offers the amazing view of the artificial catchment area below and vast canopy of blue sky under! 

    The trek begins as you meet at  Pritam Hotel Dadar East at 11:30 pm and proceed with the journey. Get to the village by 05:00 AM, which is the base point of this trek. Progressing onwards to Trimbak Darwaza, Nedhe (Needle Point), you will reach the summit by 10:30 AM. Descend down to Ratanwadi after some exploration. On the way visit Amruteshwar Temple and proceed back to Mumbai by 5 PM.

  • 07Sandhan Valley Trek, Maharashtra

    Sandhan Valley Trek, Maharashtra
    • d2 Daysn2 Nights
    • lBhandardara
    • NNNNN34 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • Crowned in the Western Ghats near Ratangad, Sadhan is a water carved valley of around 50-500 ft depth and about 2 km long.
    • Your excursion begins with a train journey from Kasara. Reach base village via local transport, halt for breakfast before you begin your trek to Sandhan Valley.
    • Have your lunch on route. Captivate in the beauty of this narrow rock floored ravine before retiring to the camps under open sky.
    • On the following day, after breakfast begin descending towards Dehne where you will be halting for lunch.
    • Bid farewell to this enchanting place -hop onto your vehicle till Asangaon. Board onto a local train by 05:30 PM till Kalyan.

  • 08Trek to the Valley of Shadows -Sandhan Valley

    Trek to the Valley of Shadows -Sandhan Valley

    About the Activity:

    • Sadhan is a water carved valley of around 50-500ft depth and about 2km long embraced in the Western Ghats near Ratangad.
    • Your excursion begins with a train journey to Kasara. Reach base village Samrad via private vehicle, halt for breakfast before you begin your trek to Sandhan Valley.
    • Have your lunch on route. Enthrall on this trek that includes small rappelling patches, the biggest one being 40-50ft approx. Make your way through water up to 4-5ft deep.
    • On the following day, after breakfast begin descending towards Dehne where you will be halting for lunch.
    • Wish adieu to this enchanting place, hop onto your vehicle till Asangaon. Board onto a local train till Dadar.

    Meal Types: Breakfast (2), Lunch (1), Dinner (1)

    Accommodation Types: Participants must carry sleeping bags or mattresses as per their preference (Rental arrangements available at an extra charge)

    Transportation Types: Local transport

    Activities: Trekking                                

    Difficulty Level: Moderate

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