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  • 01Flying Fox Experience In Munnar

    Flying Fox Experience In Munnar

    About the activity :

    • Does soaring high into the skies sounds like fun? Well, now is your golden opportunity to go on a flying fox experience in Munnar a hilly paradise fit for the best adventurer and the nature lover as well. 
    • The Flying Fox structure consists of one rope tied diagonally at two ends between two poles / trees. All participants are harnessed at their backs chests with a pulley and rope and the guiding rope is handled by an instructor. 
    • The participants slide down towards the lower end of the rope. If that doesn’t sound like fun, then what can? Grab your friends and family members to spend an exciting weekend away from the noise of city life! Enjoy a relaxing and serene vacation in Munnar and engage in a fun and exciting flying fox session at the same time!
  • 02Burma Bucket Adventure In Munnar

    Burma Bucket Adventure In Munnar

    About the Activity :

    When was the last time you engaged in an exciting adventure in munnar worthy of a thousand amazing memories? On your next holiday, you need to pull up your jeans and head on for an exciting Burma bucket experience in Munnar, a hilly paradise land that leaves your imagination in a tizzy.  A fairy like walk in the air on ropes, pumps both your energy and excitement to the sky top creating life experiences like never before. Just like the Burma Bridge, but with loops of rope for the feet, creating body balance with each step for added concentration. It is an advanced adventure version of a bridge used in the world war for emergency crossings. The Burma Bucket sight is situated in Pothamedu which is 8km away from Munnar. So why keep waiting for the best experience to find you? Go ahead and have an exciting adventure worthy of the coffee conversations with your city folks!

  • 03Chokramudi Trekking In Munnar

    Chokramudi Trekking In Munnar
    • h4 Hours
    • lMunnar
    • NNNNN24 ratings
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    About the Activity:

    Chokramudi trekking in Munnar provides you with best panoramic views of the well-acclaimed landscapes of the region. Unravel the splendid beauty of this beautiful hill-station by embarking on this enthralling trek with friends and family.

    The stunning rocky mountain slopes on one side and beautiful Shola forests on the other end will leave you dazzled throughout the trek. Get ready to witness the spectacular view of the highest peak in India, ‘Anaimudi’ and the soothing Idukki Dam which is listed as one of the highest arch dams in Asia.

    Make your way through indefinite path that will take you to the top, providing you best sceneries of the region. Embark on this amazing Chokramudi trekking with friends and family to make some beautiful memories that you would love to cherish for a life time.

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