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  • 01Team Offsite Experience at Destiny Farm Stay Ooty

    Team Offsite Experience at Destiny Farm Stay Ooty
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lOoty
    • NNNNN25 ratings

    Team outings are meant to be an affair of extreme fun and thrill. To magnify the spirit of these outings, holiday destinations like Ooty and other hill stations are considered as ideal locations. The pristine nature, aura and essence of the unspoilt hills, picture-perfect settings of the valleys and the dew freshness of Ooty’s pleasant breeze make it an unavoidable destination for corporate team outings.

    About the Resort :

    Wrapped within an enchanting Avalanche valley, Destiny Farm is one of best holiday resorts in Ooty. It is the location of this holiday getaway that makes it one of the most fascinating and an ideal destination for corporate team outings. Exquisite stay and imperial service amidst such a picturesque setting is the boon of this resort. 

    Amazing Race Theme:

    It is not the million dollars and we may not go to corners of the world but the ground rules remain the same. Speed, skills and teamwork will win the game. Roadblocks, detours and hikes all become part of a challenging day in which groups learn a lot about their positives and points of improvement.  With this activity, test your different abilities and embark on an adventurous and exciting journey. After reaching each place, you will have to engage in a set of games. The team that completes all the given tasks successfully and reaches the final destination first will be the victorious one.

    The Challenge

    Each team gets an envelope to know their first challenge. They need to finish the task in order to get their next location envelope. Every location is separated by quite a distance and reaching there would be fun. To travel between the locations there could be several ways. Local Bus, Cycles, Walk just to name a few.

    At the checkpoint teams will face one of the following challenges:

    Detours - a Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. Teams must successfully complete one of the tasks described on the clue in order to receive their next clue.

    Road Block - a Roadblock is a task which has to be completed by the entire team. Teammates have to choose roles, which once chosen cannot be switch.

    Intersection - to complete an intersection task two teams must join forces for the duration of an activity.

    Yield - a leading team is given the opportunity to force another following team to yield by completing an extra activity before continuing.

    Each Amazing Race will be specially designed to allow teams to face a unique set of challenges, which relate specifically to the venue and the objectives of the program.


  • 02Ride in the Blue Mountains, Ooty

    Ride in the Blue Mountains, Ooty
    • d2 Days
    • lOoty
    • NNNNN31 ratings
    • 7,000

    This exciting cycling tour takes you to Ooty, a popular hill station located in the Nilgiri Hills that is also known as the  Blue Mountains. Breathe in the fresh mountain air and take in dewy sights of nature.

    Start late night around 11pm, when you will be picked up for an overnight journey to Bandipur. On reaching Bandipur early morning around 6am, freshen up and have breakfast at the resort. Post which, begin your 50km guided cycling tour. Pass through the Mudumalai forest area and cross Kalhatty before reaching Ooty at around 2 pm. After having lunch, you can go to some of the popular tourist spots of the town followed by a ferry ride in the lake as well. Stay in a service villa for the night and relish in dinner around a bonfire.

    The next day begins early around 7am when you leave for the Kodanad. Cycle for around 45km through the scenic tea estate of Kodanad, and Doddabetta. By 12pm, reach Kodanad view point and have lunch before heading back to Ooty in a vehicle. After a short break to relax, resume your journey back to Bangalore at 5 pm. You reach the city by midnight and will be dropped to your place.

    Activity : Cycling tour in Ooty  

  • 033 Day Nilgiri Cycling Adventure

    3 Day Nilgiri Cycling Adventure

    About the destination: Set off on an adventurous bicycle trail of three days. Pay a visit to Masanagudi, Ooty, and Coonoor. En route, set your sights on the beauty of Bandipur, Kalhatty and DoddaBetta. Cover a total of 125kms.Your journey commences on Thursday around 10pm, when you will be picked up and taken to Chamrajnagar.

    Description: Reach the venue by 2am and rest for a while at the accommodation provided. Wake up in the morning and indulge in breakfast. The fun begins at around 8.30am when you go cycling to Masanagudi. You will be crossing Bandipur and also be making way through flat terrains and forest areas. Lunch will be provided on route. Reach the destination by 5pm and retire for the day after dinner.

    On Day 2, wake up at around 6am, have breakfast and leave at 7am for your cycling jaunt. Pedal away uphill to Ooty that welcomes you with scenic sights and pleasant weather. After lunch pass through Kalhatty and reach destination by 5pm. Relax at the accommodation provided in KSTDC. Dinner will be provided here. Day 3, start at 7am in the morning after breakfast and reach Coonoor at 1pm. Have lunch at 1 pm and enjoy cycling on a flat terrain and passing through DoddaBetta. Cycle the last stretch to reach Coonoor and be transported back to Ooty in our vehicle. Have lunch there, refresh and head back to Bangalore which you will reach by 9pm. 

    Meal Type: 3 Breakfast, 3 Lunch, 2 Dinner. Breakfast & Dinner is buffet at the Homestay. Lunch is packed. Both veg & non-veg available.


  • 04Cycle Ride in Kalhatty, Ooty

    Cycle Ride in Kalhatty, Ooty
    • d2 Days
    • lOoty
    • NNNNN30 ratings

    Ooty or the 'Queen of Hills' is one of the most adored hill stations in India. Perched at a height of 2,440m, this scenic hill station town in Tamil Nadu is tucked away in the lap of the captivating Nilgiri Hills.

    Jotted with fascinating hills, lofty mountains, verdant gardens, alluring lakes and reminiscent of the past, this charming hill station is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country. Adding more to the beauty and grace of Ooty, there are marvels like Ooty Botanical Garden, Deer Park, Rode Garden, Ooty Mountain Railway and several other tourist attractions. Cycling in Ooty amongst these impeccable landscapes becomes memorable and is an affair of fun and excitement!

    About the Activity with Details:

    In addition to the pictorial beauty, Ooty is also known for its various adventure offerings. Among the many different adventure options,cycling in Ooty is considered as one of the best things to do!

    Enrol yourself with this cycling tour, explore and discover the allurement, the winding and serpentine trails of Ooty holds for you! Running for two days, this cycling expedition will take you through level-4 trails to Kalhatty; get prepared for the much desired fun, thrill and excitement of cycling in Ooty!

    Day 01:

    Transit Distance: 270km
    Total Cycling Distance: 99km
    Day1 Cycling Distance: 54km
    Event Start Point: Sadashivnagar Swimming Pool
    Event Start Time: 08:00PM
    Cycling Start Point:​ Bandipur Plaza
    Cycling Start Time: 07:00AM
    1st Stopover after: 18km
    2nd Stopover after: 17km
    3rd Stopover after: 06km
    4th Stopover after: 06km
    5th Stopover after: 07km
    Cycling End Point: Ooty (KSTDC)


    Day 02:

    Day2 Cycling Distance: 45km
    Cycling Start Point: Ooty (KSTDC)
    Cycling Start Time: 07:30AM
    1st Stopover after: 09km
    2nd Stopover after: 03km
    3rd Stopover after: 25km
    4th Stopover after: 08km
    Cycling End Point: Coonoor
    Cycling End Time: 12:00PM
    Transit Distance: 270km
    Event End Point: Sadashivnagar Swimming Pool
    Event End Time: 08:00PM
    Cycling End Time: 04:30PM

    Meal Types: South Indian

    Duration: 2 Days

    Timings: Depends on the Day

    Activities: Cycling

    Total cycling distance per day: 45-99km

    Highest Altitude: 2,440m

    Difficulty Level: Challenging


  • 05Ebbanad Trek in Ooty

    Ebbanad Trek in Ooty
    • h7 Hours
    • lOoty
    • NNNNN30 ratings

    About the Destination:

    Ooty, also known as ‘Udhagamandalam’ is one of the most gorgeous and tranquil hill stations in the entire of South India. Famed as ‘Queen of Hills’, it was discovered in the late 1800 and is located at around 2,240m. Jotted with lush and evergreen plantations, forests and fascinating hills, it is one such place that cannot be missed!

    A testimony to the colonial era of India, Ooty truly displays or showcases the aura of its past and captivates its visitors with all its grace! Though this scenic hill station is known for its meticulous beauty, it also entices the adventure junkies in a large number. For the adrenaline junkies, Ooty hosts an array of activities; Ebbanad trek, cycling, trekking and several others.

    Moreover, the untouched beauty of this hill station, its varied options for its visitors and the wonderful tourist destination in Western Ghats is the indigenous home to the ‘Todas’ and is known for its lush and evergreen tea plantations

    About the Activity:

    Conducted throughout the week, the Ebbanad trek is indeed one of the best hiking experience in or around Ooty! Taking you to the scenic locales of Ebbanad, which is located around 18km from Ooty, this 6-7 hours trek will take you through several quaint settlements, scenic patches of forests and other natural marvels.

    The walk usually begins from the tribal village of Bikkapathymund that sits atop a mountain ridge; the way to this hamlet is in itself a blissful experience! Arriving in the village, hike till the end of its ridge and enjoy the amazing views of the Mayor River along with the Tamil Nadu and Karnataka Border.

    Descending down further with the Ebbanad trek, you will reach the Toda Conical Temple that is situated amidst dense forests. Following this temple visit, trek through the lush acacia forests and reach a nearby village, where you can have lunch. Post lunch, start hiking towards the Murugan Temple; after this, the trail will continue from Doddabetti to Kothagiri and finally to Kothanad.

    Hereafter, the trek will descend down and will take you to Ebbanad or the ‘Hidehatty’ village. Spend pleasant moments in the village, interact with the locals and know more about its lifestyle. Post this, board a local bus from within the hamlet and travel back to Ooty.

  • 06Bird Watching in Ooty

    Bird Watching in Ooty
    • h4 Hours
    • lOoty
    • NNNNN37 ratings

    About the Activity :

    Birding in Ooty gives the photographer and wildlife lover in you a treat of a lifetime! The vivid colours, the tranquil and dim music in the air from the beautiful birds as they circle above your head around the trees, will give your soul the peace it deserves!

    If discovering exotic wildlife in the hills enthrals you, then this near to 4 hours’ birding in Ooty is the right activity for you this long weekend! With over 200 different varieties of birds, the hill station has offered refuge to rare, precious species of the winged beauties!

    Bird watching in Ooty lets you explore the different hues, sounds and activities of the tiny chirping marvels, hidden comfortably in the thickets of bottle green trees, singing along with nature.

    On your visit to the different botanical Gardens and wildlife sanctuaries, be sure to whip your camera out and zoom in, tread lightly and patiently wait for the perfect click of the boisterous rainbow families to spread their wings and pose for you! During your four hour bird watching activity, you will have seen and rediscovered bird species like the Nilgiri Flycatcher, Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, Kashmir Flycatcher, White-bellied Shortwing and the Painted Bushquail among others.

  • 07Fishing In Ooty

    Fishing In Ooty
    • h4 Hours
    • lOoty
    • NNNNN38 ratings

    About the Activity:

    Prep up for an amazing experience of fishing in Ooty! Arrive during daytime, as per your convenience with your family and friends for a fun-filled experience, and begin your 4hour long excursion with a scenic drive to the fishing spot.

    On arrival, get ready with your fishing gears and your countdown begins! Capture these stunning birds on your camera and mind for a memory that you would cherish forever. Mesmerize with the stunning Nilgiri and shola forests that line the fishing farm here. Brace up for an amazing Trout fishing experience; Trout are not native to India but are bred here solely for fishing purpose.

    Well, the golden rule of fishing is patience! Hold tight to your seat, and be patient throughout your fishing in Ooty. Enthral in this enchanting experience, make some good memories with others and learn about fishing tricks from the local folks around. Post this fun-filled time, prepare to head back with your memoirs as your experience finally ends here.

  • 08Glenmorgan Trek, Ooty

    Glenmorgan Trek, Ooty

    About the activity:

    It is time for an astonishing experience while you are in this slice of paradise! Arrive and travel around 16kms from Ooty to Kokkal Kota which is a tribal village. Your trek will head-start from this tiny hamlet which is set amidst tea estates.

    Continue climbing till you reach Pathar Village, which is more of a ghost town but the views that you will get from here will certainly leave you spell-bound! Experience the amazing view from the top, enjoy the panoramic views of Bokkapuram, Masinagudi and Mudumalai Sanctuary. After a refreshing walk through dense forests, halt in the Todas cultivated land. Mesmerize with the stunning views that these fields provide you without any obstruction.

    Glenmorgan Trek, Ooty takes you through luxurious thickets of Eucalyptus and other hill beauties. Enjoy the magnificent beauty of the Nilgiris from the top. Your trek to Glenmorgan comes to an end at Pykara Junction, which is a tiny halt area for buses and vehicles.

    Post this amazing experience you can travel back to Ooty which lies 22kms from here as your experience ends here.

  • 09Parsons Trek, Ooty

    Parsons Trek, Ooty
    • h8 Hours
    • lOoty
    • NNNNN40 ratings

    About the activity:

    Get ready for an astonishing experience! Arrive during day time for this fun-filled Parsons Trek. Your 8km trekking excursion head starts from Sholur Junction which lies 11km ahead of Ooty.

    From here, get ready to walk through luxuriant thickets of Eucalyptus; walk past beautiful thickets till you reach the dam. Admire the elegance of the dam and the soothing greenery bordering it. Parsons Valley, Ooty is a relief from the buzzing city life as the temperature is throughout pleasant and the view is just something that you can only dream about.

    Continue your trek; walk past a Toda Tribal Village and get a glimpse of the tribal life. Climb Thirthor Bett, which is crowned at a soaring height of about 2,450m and enjoy panoramic views of the Nilgiris below. A perfect place for meditation, sit and relax in the soothing calmness enveloping this entire place.

    After a filling dose of nature, begin your downward trail through lush-green meadows and impressive thickets till you reach Koil Mund. Take a break to enjoy the stunning landscape, gather your wits and continue your descend. Pass Pykara Dam amidst your journey to Ooty, get smitten with colossal view of other mountain ranges. Enthral in a delightful experience!

    Make some good memories with other group members during Parsons Trek. Post this fun-filled time, prepare to head back to your respective places with a bag full of memories.

  • 10Tribal Experience in Ooty

    Tribal Experience in Ooty
    • h4 Hours
    • lOoty
    • NNNNN41 ratings

    About the Activity :

    Prep up for an exhilarating tribal experience in Ooty! Arrive with your family and friends for a fun-filled time.

    Get ready for an experience of witnessing the local Todas tribe from a close hand! The entire plateau region is inhabited by these humble people since ages. However, beyond 1,800m prep up to get a unique look into the Irula and Kurumba tribes. Every tribe here has their unique dialects which differ from each other. Experience their unique culture and tradition, interact with these humble people and prepare to get impressed with their vast knowledge of plants, forest products and faith on forests.

    Brace up to walk through rugged terrains, get smitten with colossal view of the Nilgiris and other stunning mountain ranges from the top. Drive 11kms ahead of Ooty to visit the Tribal Research Museum and learn more about this tribe’s journey from rural to modern India.

    Make some good memories with other group members. Post this fun-filled time, prepare to head back as your experience finally ends here; return with a bag full of memories.

  • 11Ooty and Coonoor Day Tour

    Ooty and Coonoor Day Tour

    About the activity:

    Irrespective of the reason or the season, a combined Ooty-Coonoor day tour package always proves to be the best option to get swayed along with the enchanting beauty of Mother Nature! Two of the jewels of the fascinating Nilgiri Hills; these two hill stations are located merely 19km from each other and can be visited within the same day.

    With this Ooty-Coonoor package, you will get ample opportunity to get close to the untouched beauty of these two hilly retreats. Originating from the bucolic locales of Ooty at around 09:00AM, this lively tour will make its way towards Coonoor along with taking you to some of the most popular tourist spots and landmarks of both the hill stations. Continuing for around 10 hours, this Ooty Coonoor day tour package will come to an end by around 07:00 in the evening.

  • 12Pykara and Mudumalai Sightseeing Day Tour

    Pykara and Mudumalai Sightseeing Day Tour

    About the activity :

    Pykara and Mudumalai sightseeing day tour is indeed the best way to have a tryst with the nature! Taking you to the scenic hamlet of Pykara and the abode of exotic wildlife species in Tamil Nadu, this one day tour that lasts for around 11 hours is an ideal way to explore and witness the immaculate the natural grandeurs in and around Ooty, Tamil Nadu.

    Originating from the scenic locales of Ooty, this Pykara and Mudumalai sightseeing day tour usually begins at around 09:00AM and comes to an end by 08:00PM. Taking you through several tourist points and attractions; such as Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Needle View Point, Pine Forest, 6th Mile, Shooting Spot, Pykara Waterfalls and Dam, Boat House, Rose Garden and finally winds up at Chocolate Museum.

    Join this lively Pykara and Mudumalai sightseeing day tour with your family members, friends or colleagues, and enjoy the very best of Ooty!

  • 13Rangaswamy Pillar Trek, Ooty

    Rangaswamy Pillar Trek, Ooty

    About the activity with details: 

    Arrive with your family and friends for this fun-filled Rangaswamy pillar trek in Ooty! Prep up for a delightful trekking experience and begin your 6 hours long excursion by travelling from Kotagiri to Kil Kotagiri which is a 31km drive from Ooty.

    From here, get ready to walk through lush-green tea estates, walk past beautiful deciduous forests and hike through the rugged terrains to you make your way to the top of the peak. Brace up yourself as you ascend towards the 400ft pillar of Rangaswamy.

    Get smitten with colossal views of the Nilgiris and other stunning mountain ranges from the top. Admire the awe-inspiring beauty of the entire vicinity surrounded by vast meadows. Located at an altitude of about 1500m, this pillar is set in one of the most fascinating setting with a river flowing through its boundary and a tribal village further glorifying this entire trek.

    Enthral in a delightful experience! Make some good memories with other group members during Rangaswamy Pillar trek, Ooty! Post this fun-filled time, prepare to head back to your respective places with a bag full of memories.

    Activities : Trekking

    Difficulty Level:  Easy

  • 14Pykara Sightseeing Tour, Ooty

    Pykara Sightseeing Tour, Ooty

    About the activity :

    Located about 19kms from the main land of Ooty, Pykara offers you beautiful and tranquil sights that will surely get your breath away! On your next holiday, book a good deal to experience an exciting day out at Pykara and explore the fairy tale scenery around the place! There are amazing sights for you to enjoy in Pykara and explore the beautiful pine forests and lush greenery around the place! You will be picked up from your location around 09:00AM, after which you can go for sightseeing to the different places such as the famous Pykara boat house, Pykara waterfalls, the delicious chocolate museum and the HPF(Hindustan Photo Films) outer view; all guaranteed to leave you awestruck and in love with this quaint little village!

  • 15One Day Ooty Sightseeing Tour

    One Day Ooty Sightseeing Tour

    About the activity :

    Beat the blistering heat of the city with a pleasant day tour in Ooty and explore the different wonders of this beautiful hill station on your next holiday! There are beautiful sights for you to explore on your next visit here, some which will leave you mesmerized and in complete awe of this serene and lovely hill station! Pack your bags, get your cameras and get going to one of the most amazing hill stations in South India! Begin your adventure with an early morning pick up around 09:00AM and depart for your sightseeing tour.

    Enjoy the beauty of the Rose Garden and breathe in the fresh air that surrounds you! Adventurers and trekkers can head to the Doddabetta peak and the Botanical gardens as well. Take in the sun setting beneath the beautiful trees and hills all around. See the work of craftsmen in Wax world and Thread garden. Click photos at the deer park and discover the different types of tea in the tea factory and tea museum. You can collect souvenirs and go shopping in the marketplace as well, to mark the end of your fun day tour in Ooty. 

  • 16Camping and Trekking at Ooty

    Camping and Trekking at Ooty
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lOoty
    • NNNNN36 ratings
    About the Activity:
    • Embark in this exciting 2 day 1 night trekking at Ooty and witness the amazing beauty of this region.
    • Arrive at the campsite at around 12.00 PM and enjoy a delicious lunch after reaching the tour locality.
    • Start trekking through the amazing landscapes consisting of several many small openings before reaching the Doorg fort.
    • Pass through the tiny hamlets witnessing the life of the simple hill people living in this region.
    • Make your evening special with a merry bonfire along with your friends and spend the night in the tent under the clear night sky.
    • Wake up to a beautiful morning with the birds chirping  and the Nilgiriis whistling thrush .
    • If you are interested you can continue trekking to the Toda Settlements or enjoy the amazing views around the place while interacting with the local people.
    • Try different activities before enjoying a delicious lunch.
    • End this exciting tour with lots of memories.

  • 17Rent a Local Expert in Ooty

    Rent a Local Expert in Ooty
    About the Activity:
    • Ooty is a hill station in Tamil Nadu located on the Nilgiri Hills. It was the former summer capital of the Madras Presidency.
    • Rent a local expert in Ooty to go sightseeing around this beautiful hill station.
    • Visit Ooty Lake, Emerald Lake, Botanical Garden, Stone Houses and a lot of other places in and around this town.
    • The guide will give you a well instructed understanding of this hill station and take you to the best of places on this 8 hour rental.
    • On booking, the local expert will instruct you about the starting and meeting point in Ooty.
  • 18Rent a Licensed Guide in Ooty

    Rent a Licensed Guide in Ooty

    About the Activity

    • Ooty is a hill station in Tamil Naduwhich was the former summer capital of the Madras Presidency.
    • Rent a licensed guide in Ooty to go sightseeing around this beautiful hill station.
    • Visit Emerald Lake, Botanical Garden, Ooty Lake, Stone Houses and a lot of other places in and around this town.
    • The guide will give you a well instructed understanding of this hill station and take you to the best of places on this 8 hour rental.
    • On booking, the guide will instruct you about the starting and meeting point in Ooty.

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