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  • 01Team Outing at Hill Resort Yercaud

    Team Outing at Hill Resort Yercaud
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lYercaud
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    • Wellincton hill resort
      Wellincton hill resort

    Yercaud is a hill station just 35 km away from Salem, Tamil Nadu. It offers a pleasant getaway to tourist with its scenic beauty, pristine ambience and an enchanting list of fun activities such as boating and sightseeing. In addition to the Yercaud Lake, this holiday destination offers a bountiful list of rejuvenating places to visit and escape the roughness of corporate life.

    About the Resort :

    Situated on a hilltop, this property overlooks the whole town offering the panoramic view of the town and the Yercaud Lake. Away from the hustle and bustle of city-life, the Hill Resort is one of the immaculate destinations for a corporate team outing. Friendly staff, great hospitable service and the inclusion of luxury and comfy amenities make this resort a perfect getaway from the boardrooms and its stresses. 

    Evolution of Technology Theme:

    Rise above the rest and make use of your imagination.  This fun activity revolves around how technology has evolved from the Stone Age to our High-Tech world. It is here that the team members get to use their innovative abilities and get an opportunity to bond. As this type of project requires many skills sets to ensure success, a team that strives to utilize each member’s strengths is that one that will shine.

    In this theme, the different teams start working from the Stone Age and eventually rise to Civilization and High-Tech World. During this event, they will pass through 3 Ages, i.e. Stone Age, Iron Age and Nuclear Age, Nuclear Age being the most recent. As you and your group pass through each age, the behaviour, clothes, language see a change accordingly. At every age, the teams need to work on a different war cry. For every stage, there is a task that needs to be finished which will allow them to move in to the next. The three levels are.

    Stone Age

    The prop for this theme is a piece of rag. Here the task given is relatively simple. You and your team will have a build a man pulled cart that will assist the entire team in crossing over to the next age.

    Iron Age

    Get into the zone of the age with a long hat. At this stage, the activity gets complex. You and your team members need to build the bicycle with the materials given and travel to Nuclear Age.

    Nuclear Age

    Teams must build a car and successfully test its functionality, with one person sitting and others pushing.

    The thrilling game ends here. The team that manages to complete all the tasks first and come out with ingenious designs is the one that will emerge as triumphant one.

  • 02Day Out at Greenberry Resorts in Yercaud

    Day Out at Greenberry Resorts in Yercaud
    • d1 Day
    • lYercaud
    • NNNNN28 ratings
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      Code: 3509061

    Let yourself go on a refreshing day out at Greenberry Resorts in Yercaud! A stunning hill retreat Yercaud will certainly warm your hearts with beauty like you have never seen before. The day out Greenberry Resorts will surely grant you with the much needed rest and relaxation. Located amongst stunning beauties of nature, the resort has a romanticized view of the surrounding hills. Everywhere you see, you will spot clouds descending down to touch the tops of the hills.

    The architecture makes a deadly combination out of the charm of the surroundings and the modernity of a luxurious resort. Relish the dull pace of spaces and time in an exceptionally languid environment. Enjoy a cup of hot coffee on the gardens, wam yourself by the binfir ein the night and spend your time playing indoor games such as carom, chess and Table Tennis. Discover blissful holidays with a day out at Greenberry Resort.

    Package includes: One day outing from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on a  per person basis, which will include welcome drink,  a two course non veg lunch, evening tea/coffee with cookies and usage of park and games as mentioned above.

    Meal Types: Vegetarian and Non-vegetraian Menus

    Activities: Private garden, kids play area, bonfire and other indoor games like carom, chess, table tennis, etc.

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