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  • 01ATV Ride in Chennai

    ATV Ride in Chennai
    • h2 Hours
    • lChennai
    • NNNNN39 ratings

    About the activity:

    If you like the thrill of riding in high speed on dirt ridden tracks, then you need to head for an exciting ATV ride in Chennai with all your close friends and family! Revel in adventure with an adrenaline inducing 7km ATV ride between the casuarinas trees, which gives you a forest atmosphere and on the beach, where you can experience riding along with the waves!Feel the real horse power and the crunch of the tough tires on the Mahabalipuram beach sand. This exciting experience is for someone who wants to get away from the irritating city traffic and ride on a rough and exciting terrain without someone honking behind!  With ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicle) you can have a fun-filled and thrilling ride in the woods for the first time in India. You can select from a range of 100cc to 500cc vehicles and there are also 100cc ones available for kids.

  • 02Catamaran Ride in Chennai

    Catamaran Ride in Chennai
    • h1 Hour
    • lChennai
    • NNNNN40 ratings

    About the activity:

    The wonders of the ocean are in plenty and it is time for you to explore all that lies beyond the shores and ahead of the wild and paradise blue waves! Head for an exciting catamaran ride in Chennai with your friends and family and let the waters of the great South sweep you off your feet, literally! Experience a thrilling catamaran ride inside the sea for 60minutes with safety lifejackets. You will be provided life jackets and your safety will be taken care of! If you are interested you can also swim/float (life jacket compulsory) in the waters of the deep, blue, beautiful sea. Book now and head to the amazing waters of Chennai’s beaches and let the wonders of the sea bowl you over on an exciting catamaran ride!

  • 03Paintball in Chennai

    Paintball in Chennai

    About the Activity:

    Feel like a child again with an exciting and riveting paintball session in Chennai with your friends and chase around the arena in excitement as you dodge obstacles and shoot colourful pellets with unlimited joy! Select your opponents and fire at them using special paint-ball guns called Markers containing food colouring. This is the best de-stressing game for software professionals who are looking out for some physical activity as well. You will get the perfect chance to shoot 40 balls which will be given to you before the start of the game! Ready, aim and fire at your friends and enjoy every second that you spend in this exciting and riveting arena on your next holiday away from the hustle and bustle of city life!

    NOTE: Buffet lunch or dinner on the beach are available at an extra cost.

  • 04One Day Outing at The Blue Bay Beach Resorts, Mahabalipuram

    One Day Outing at The Blue Bay Beach Resorts, Mahabalipuram
    • d1 Day
    • lChennai
    • NNNNN26 ratings
    Blue Bay Beach Resort in Chennai is a whole world apart that will guarantee you a relaxing as well as fun time with your loved ones. Head for fun one day outing at the Blue Bay Beach Resorts in ECR, Chennai and enjoy this amazing party place! This beautiful resort is located just 25km away from the vast Bay of Bengal, making it a treat for all beach lovers to spend a day with the waves! The resort is adorned with elegantly furnished rooms and cottages directly ahead of the private beach that you can frolic in. Swim, laze around, lie in the hammock among the palm trees, spend your day on the private beach resort in Chennai ECR collecting shells or you can have dinner in the ocean side - restaurant overlooking the sea or have a party at the discotheque which will be reserved only for you to make it your night of the day well spent!

    The package you can avail is as follows: One day outing from 10:00AM to 06:00PM which will include welcome drink, vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffet lunch, evening tea/coffee with snacks and games as mentioned above. Usage of swimming pool is complimentary for 1 hour.

  • 05Stay at Esthell Hotel and Resorts, Mahabalipuram

    Stay at Esthell Hotel and Resorts, Mahabalipuram
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lChennai
    • NNNNN35 ratings
    About the Activity: 

    A stay at Esthelle Hotel and Resorts promises to be a flawless escape along the famous IT corridor in ECR, Chennai. Exclusivity at its best, the resort has  35 of the best bungalows spread out over 30 Acres of land area guaranteeing total seclusion, peace and quietness.
    Get away from the stifling city for a while and revel in the lavish green surroundings where you will be spoiled at Nature's lap with the landscaped area of more than 5000 trees. Make your vacation fun-loaded with our different games exercises, ayurvedic back rub focus and a select adventure zone for the courageous hearts! 
    The resort is also an impeccable venue for events like wedding, engagement and other celebrations that can be carried out in astounding fashion! Esthell The Village Resort is 30 sections of land of boundless fun! 
    A stay at the Esthelle Hotel Resorts will open you up to the relaxation of taking a dip in the flawless swimming pool, or simply challenge each other to a game of carom or volley ball and even cricket. Take pleasure for granted at this amazing resort!

  • 06Harley Davidson Ride in Chennai

    Harley Davidson Ride in Chennai
    • d1 Day
    • lChennai
    • NNNNN29 ratings

    About the Activity:

    The sound of a bikes engine gets you happy for sure, but what about the thundering roar of a spanking new Harley Davidson bike? Join riders for a fun and exciting Harley Davidson Ride in Chennai on your next day off! You can choose your duration of bike ride ranging from 5 hours, 10 hours to an entire day! While the whole world hurries by,  to take your time off to ride your dreams. Take a ride on some of the world’s most premium bikes, each one crafted with great passion by their makers. Such sheer pleasure will encompass you that you will leave happily for having lived for yourself. What you can also avail are unique motorcycle tours of the Indian sub-continent to experience the beauty, culture and camaraderie of the open road. Ride across majestic mountains, into deep valleys on to beautiful waterfalls and towards the seemingly endless horizon alongside roaring seas of this sub-continent’s coastlines. Your experience will wholly be of riding alongside some very awe-inspiring landscapes, making new friends, and of taking in the amazing variety within the Indian culture, and reconnecting with the camaraderie of some of the most disciplined bikers. You will have a full tank before taking your bike and you will need to refill the tank at the end of the journey. 

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