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  • 2 Best skiing tour packages In bali state. Compare and book online now! Do something new today .
  • 01Sky Skiing at South Bali

    Sky Skiing at South Bali
    • lSouth Kuta
    • NNNNN37 ratings
    • Pootu /Srii
      Pootu /Srii
    About the Activity:
    • Engage yourself in this one of a kind water sport, where you will be towed by a high speed boat and fly above the water surface, known as sky skiing in the beautiful waters of Peninsula at South Bali.
    • Indulge in sky skiing, which enables you to zip through the waves on these remarkable machines and is a thrill on its own, with the wind in your face and adrenaline rushing and the duration of the activity will be 20 minutes.
    • Get a safety briefing through the professional guides, wear the gears and go for the activity.
    • The activity takes places throughout the day and hence, you can enjoy the same as per your convenience. 
  • 02Jet Ski in Tanjung Benua

    Jet Ski in Tanjung Benua
    • NNNNN41 ratings
    • Made Adayasa
      Made Adayasa
    About the Activity: 
    • Engage in this exhilarating activity of Jet Skiing in Tanjung Benua and glide through the clear blue waters while you feel the cool sea breeze on your skin.
    • Reach the starting point and get the safety briefing and instructions from the guide.
    • After that indulge in the jet ski activity and marvel at the breathtaking beauty of nearby islands and other attractions while you speed through.
    • The activity takes place throughout the day and hence, you can avail the same as per your convenience.

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