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  • 01Victorian Bangalore Walk

    Victorian Bangalore Walk

    Status: Currently not available

    About the Destination:

    The victorian walk in Bangalore is a great way to learn more about the british rule and their impact on present day Bangalore. Strolling through the former british neighborhoods of present day Bangalore, can let you rediscover the other side of the city. This cosmopolitan city consists of not only an array of people from different ethnicities, but also buildings that put a lot of other cities to shame.

    The walk is an excellent way to know more about the city of Bangalore and its rich connection with the British empire.

    Activities: Guided walk, Learn about victorian landmarks left over by British


    Victorian Bangalore walk is great experience for the early risers as it starts early in the morning. And for others, they have to wake their sleepy eyes to enjoy the beautiful and different world within Bangalore.

    The victorian Bangalore walk is open on weekends through the whole year. Beginning early in the morning, these walks are great to get to know the victorian landmarks left over by the british. The  walking tour commences with a visit to the Holy Trinity Church situated on the MG Road, taking you back into the regal times of the british empire.

    The mix of archaic architecture along with modern buildings, makes this walk an interesting cocktail of history and architecture. The other places to see are The Green Heritage of Lalbagh botanical gardens, and other other landmarks of the bygone era.

    The victorian walk in Bangalore is a great way to learn more about the british rule and their impact on present day Bangalore. Strolling through the former british neighborhoods of present day Bangalore, can let you rediscover the other side of the city. This cosmopolitan city consists of not only an array of people from different ethnicities, but also buildings that put a lot of other cities to shame. The walk is an excellent way to know more about the city of Bangalore and its rich connection with the British empire.

    Duration: 3 hours

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 02Green Heritage Walk, Bangalore

    Green Heritage Walk, Bangalore

    Status: Currently not available

    About the Destination:

    Though Bangalore has turned into a bustling metropolis often dubbed as the “Silicon Valley of India”, it still has another popular tag attached to it, “The Garden city”. The rapid modernisation of Bangalore has led to the cutting down of a number of trees but there is still opportunity to explore and safeguard these precious treasures of nature. To learn and share knowledge on the importance of trees and nature on the whole, a green heritage walk is an excellent option.

    Activities: Learn about the flora, Guided walking tour

    About the Activity:

    It is one the popular walks in Bangalore which sees a lot of enthusiasts who admire nature’s beauty. If you love walking among the greenery then this walk is just made for you. The fun way of learning about botany is exciting and the facts are startling and amazing.


    The walk starts early in the morning at Bangalore’s famed Lalbagh Botanical garden. Lal Bagh is spread across an area of 240 acres and is home to a number of trees that are more than 1000 years old and has more than 1000 species of flora. If you are a nature admirer and love being around a natural environment, a casual walk exploring the greenery allows guests to enhance their knowledge about the flora here.

    An experienced guide accompanies guests who are extremely knowledgeable in Botany, the anatomy of plants, and the history of Bangalore. The Green Heritage Walk in Bangalore is spread over a wide area and is a perfect way to get to know more about Bangalore city and its blessed natural environs.

    Duration: 3 hours

    Difficulty Level: Easy


  • 03Traditional Bengaluru Walk

    Traditional Bengaluru Walk

    Status: Currently not available

    About the Destination:

    The traditional Bangalore walk can open your eyes to the beauty of the city’s traditional way of living, its history, the culture and most significantly, its influence on today’s modern Bangalore. 

    The traditional walk in Bangalore is way different from the Bangalore we know. As you discover new sights through the Bangalore traditional walk, you can experience a life’s moments in a whole different world.

    Activities: Learn history of the city, Guided walking tour


    The journey starts from Harihara Gudda Park, which is behind Ramakrishna Ashrama. The casual walk is conducted by professional guides taking guests through various traditional spots in the city, the distance covered is roughly around 3 kms.

    The walk takes guests across the old world colonies in Bangalore namely Basavanagudi and Shankarapuram. With a number of stops for refreshments and other amusements on the way, the walk is carved out to be an enriching experience for guests, getting them to learn and embrace the old world charm of the traditional Bangalore way of life.

    Duration: 3 hours

    Difficulty Level: Easy


  • 04Medieval Bengaluru Walk

    Medieval Bengaluru Walk

    Status: Currently not available

    About the Destination:

    Want to know how Bengaluru was back in 16th century? Take some basic items to go on walk and explore for yourself to see what it was like. Visit and walk through the old times in Medieval Bangalore walk.

    Activities: Learn history of the city, Guided walking tour

    About the activities:

    For those who think Bangalore is only for tech savvy nerds, here is a walk, which will change their opinions forever. There are so many people who are in search of the origin of their city. And there are some who want to gain the knowledge just for the mere reason of enhancing their knowledge or because of their habit of exploring places.


    The journey of Medieval walk in Bangalore starts from the Gates of Mysore Bank and ends at KG Road. The walk starts sharp at 7 am and ends at 10 am. with an option of breakfast and refreshments along the way.  One can relive the history and tradition of historic places in Bangalore with the Medieval Bangalore walk.

    The medieval walk can satisfy the needs of those enthusiastic people who want to increase their knowledge base and enjoy their way through it.  The guides are thorough professionals and tell you the minute details of the places that are ventured and their history associated with it.

    Duration: 3 hours

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 05Guided Walk Through Old Bangalore

    Guided Walk Through Old Bangalore
    • h3 Hours
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN34 ratings

    About the Destination:

    Unfold the story of Bangalore as you meander through the fascinating and lesser-known parts of the city. Modern Bangalore, also called Bengaluru, was founded by a medieval chieftain named Kempegowda, who ruled this province in the larger royal kingdom of Vijayanagara (South India). With a strong historical foundation, the city has several places of intrinsic value for those keen to know more about its origins and its journey to the present.


    This 3 hour guided experience begins during the early hours of morning from the Avenue Road; also known as ‘Majestic’, located in older part of Bangalore. The trip, concluding at before the advent of the noon, includes a breakfast along with it.

    Taking you through Chikpete and other remarkable Old City places that are now the location of busy wholesaler's market, the 3 hours walking tour winds up before the advent of the noon. With this walking tour, one gets the opportunities to visit some of the lesser known yet colourful and bustling parts of the city.

    With the exotic potpourri of sound, smell and sights of the Old Bengaluru's history, ancient temples, the bustling crowds and colourful markets come alive and keep you enthralled. On the way, you can purchase artefacts and products from the local shops if something catches your fancy. The walk is not a strenuous one and can be undertaken by individuals of all age groups.

  • 06Guided Walk Through Cubbon Park, Bangalore

    Guided Walk Through Cubbon Park, Bangalore

    Date: All days of the week

    About the Destination:

    Uncover thefascinating tales of Cubbon Park and English Cantonment in Bangalore as you amble through its green avenues.Step into an era when horses were the main form of transport and entertainment were just the ballrooms on M.G. road.


    This 3 hour guided experience begins near the periphery of Cubbon Park and takes you through the wooded area on foot so that you can enjoy the environs at a leisurely pace. Accompanying you, there will be an experienced guide who will take you to some of the interesting spots of the park and will also show you the official buildings located nearby.

    During the tour, you will get acquainted with the trivia about the personalities whose statues are positioned within the park and learn historic facts behind the monuments and buildings. Furthermore, you can also observe many indigenous and exotic plant species growing abundantly all over the area. The walking tour also includes a local breakfast and beverages.

    Duration: 3 hours

    Activities: Learn about history, Guided walking tour

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 07Guided Walk Through Malleswaram in Bangalore

    Guided Walk Through Malleswaram in Bangalore
    • h4 Hours
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN36 ratings

    About the Destination:

    Walk down the quaint lanes of Malleshwaram; located in the North-Western part of the Garden City, witness how the vicinity still echoes its traditional values in every bit! With this walk, get an insight of how this region of Bangalore evolved as a remarkable part of the modern Bangalore.

    About the Activity:

    This delightful guided experience begins near the well-known Kadu Malleswaram Temple. The walking tour takes you through the area on foot so that you can appreciate the local culture and architecture at your own pace and rhythm.

    A local and experienced guide accompanying you will make you familiar with the rustic charm around the area, its marketplaces, temples and local life. Walking through the local shops and markets, get indulged into local-shopping and get yourself some of the mementos and curate some of the everlasting memories of your life.

    Comprising of a delightful breakfast and local beverages, this walking tour can be undertaken by people from almost all the walks and age-groups of life. 

  • 08Nandi Challenge Cycling Tour, Bangalore

    Nandi Challenge Cycling Tour, Bangalore
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN40 ratings
    • 3,500

    About the Destination:

    Nandi Hills, the closest getaway from Bangalore is most attractive for its massive amount of varied experiences. The daylong (around 12 hours) Nandi Challenge Cycling Tour to this hill (1,479 m) redefines any previous relationship with cycling or taking a bike spin. Feast your eyes to a landscape filled with pristine and breathtaking views, take pleasure in riding through 40 curves and enjoy the smells of paddy fields. As you reach the end of your biking journey find a refreshed soul, a well spent day in the outdoors, and of course good workout session.


    Around 7:15 am, be transferred from UB City to the foot of Nandi Hills by shuttle. Over breakfast at Silver Oaks Farm, get briefing on the day from trip leader, introduction to safety tips and handover of bikes. Start your picturesque ride with a stopover at Bhoganandeeswara Temple, in the nearby Village. From here begin the challenging ascent to the hilltop marked by simply stunning natural visuals. Once at the peak after a 3 hour ride, explore Tipu’s Drop, fort, and temple. Regain lost stamina with a sumptuous meal at Maurya Pine Hilltop restaurant, relax a short while, and start descending. Arrive back in Bangalore around 6 pm.

  • 09South India Highlights

    South India Highlights

    19N/20D :

    Bangalore - Coorg - Vythri - Cochin - Marari - Alleppey - Thekkady - Madurai - Thanjavur - Pondicherry - Chennai - Tadoba - Bangalore

    What will you do : Boat Cruise, Safari

    What will you see : Temples, Palaces, Forts, Tea Garden, Cave, Beaches, Churches, Kalaripayattu Performance, Lake, Elephant Training Camp

    Come and get spellbound with the inviting land of the South. For on offer are a myriad of experiences. With this tour, step into an ancient era of rich dynasties and marvel at the intricately carved stone temples. Glide along on emerald green backwaters and take in the sights of lush stretches. Head to the dreamlike hill station where fresh air and cool breeze wafts by. Take jeep safari into the heart of the jungle and spot exotic wildlife.

    You also get to saunter through quaint boulevards permeating in European architecture, loll by the quiet beaches, revel in the rich art of Indian marshal art form and treat your senses at the spice plantation tour. After the riveting journey, head back home with a medley of fantastic memories.


  • 10Bird Watching And Photography, Bangalore

    Bird Watching And Photography, Bangalore
    • h11 Hours
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN37 ratings
    • 4,150

    About the Destination:

    The lush Nandi Hills are ideal to reel in the sights of rare birds and diverse array of flora. As you are amidst the soothing balms of nature, also get to learn the art of photography. This recreational activity lasts for around 11 hours.


    Leave from Indiranagar, Bangalore around 6 am and reach the base of Nandi Hills, an ancient fortress of Southern India by 6.45 am. The fascinating guided birding starts and take in the stunning views that abounds. The thick and rich forest cover supports birdlife, making it a popular location for birdwatchers and photographers. The avian variety usually spotted here includes Indian Pitta, Indian Blue Robin, Nilgiri Woodpigeon, Pied Thrush, Eurasian Blackbird, Blue-capped Rock Thrush, Red-breasted Flycatcher and Malabar Whistling Thrush. Break for lunch around 12 and around 2 continue the bird watching experience.

    At around 3 pm, leave for Hoskote Lake. Capture the rare sights on camera and enjoy bird and nature photography. Enriching the experience are the photography experts who give you insightful tips and teach you the basics of flight photography. Head back home completely refreshed and having honed the skill of taking still pictures. 

    Duration: Around 11 hours

    Activities: Bird watching, Learn photography, Sight Seeing

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 11Cultural Tour, Bangalore

    Cultural Tour, Bangalore

    One of the best ways to explore Bangalore’s indigenous culture and colourful traditions, this tour of around 8 hours will take you through some of the major tourist attractions in and around the city.

    Under the guidance of a local and experienced guide, meet at 9.30 am at the Snake Temple and start with a spiritual visit here. This is followed by a glimpse of the Washerman’s Village, commonly known as the ‘Dhobi Ghat’. Stroll through the endless lines of the freshly washed clothes and later visit the Aurobindo Ashram. While at the ashram, indulge in meditation and seek mental peace. Following this, make it to one of the thriving women’s empowerment wings in India and get acquainted with the many different ways to uplift and strengthen the women population. The cult of voodoo, the Black Magic Temple will be your next destination. The first half of the day will conclude with a delicious lunch at one of the oldest restaurants in Bangalore – Queen’s Restaurant.

    Post lunch, the experience of the Garden City will enhance further with a visit to Johnson Market, one of the oldest sweet and meat markets in Bangalore. After this appetizing experience, visit the Chor Bazaar and get yourself some of the daily life commodities; especially electronics and automobile parts, at affordable prices. With a tour of KR Market, the largest wholesale market in the city and Asia’s first locality to get electricity, you will be taken to the oldest draught beer bars in Bangalore. Sip on your favourite drinks and mark the end of this cultural tour with a festive touch!

    Duration: This tour will take around 8 hours.

  • 12Cathedral Walking Tour, Bangalore

    Cathedral Walking Tour, Bangalore

    About the Destination:

    Take a leisurely stroll through the old-world streets of Bangalore and discover quaint churches and cathedrals on the way. The revered structures were constructed by English residing here during their reign. Several of them are still dotting the central regions of the city and are waiting to be discovered and 'and admired for their architecture.


    The cathedral walking tour takes you through some cathedrals & churches of the East Bangalore vicinity. This nearly 3 hours' long tour begins near St. Francis Xavier cathedral and winds its way to other churches in Cleveland Town. As you walk through these religious centres you get to witness the charm of a bygone era, to have a glimpse of the olden times and learn about the lifestyles that prevailed during those days.

    The walk also includes snacks and local beverages. A relaxed walk with plenitude of stops, this tour can be undertaken by people of all ages and fitness levels.

    Duration: 3 hours 

    Activities: Guided Culture walk, Learn about History of the place

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 133 Day Weekend Activity in Tranquil Wayanad

    3 Day Weekend Activity in Tranquil Wayanad

    Date of Departure: 14th August 2014

    About the destination: The beautiful district of Wayanad, 271km from Bangalore is colored with tea estates, streams and hills. Tourists, both national and international can enjoy the stunning locale.

    About the departure: The Wayanad exploration trip for 3 days begins with an overnight journey from Bangalore. Upon arrival at Wayanad, you can freshen up at the Mist Heritage Homestay (or similar).

    Description: Post breakfast at 8:00 AM, you can visit the majestic Meenmutty Falls which is Kerala’s second highest waterfalls.After the completion of the waterfalls tour, you will come back to resort for lunch around 1:00PM, after which you can undertake the exciting adventure activity. Before you wrap up the day with dinner, you can relax by the bonfire.

    Following breakfast on the second day, you will be taken to the island 60 km from the homestay. Here, you can undertake fun water activities like kayaking and rowing that you can enjoy with family, friends and team members.  En route the tea estate tour in Vythiri and Meppadi, you will be served lunch at a nearby hotel around 1:00PM.

    In the evening, you can come back to homestay and unwind before you are served dinner.On the last day of the trip, you will depart the stay at 9:00AM after breakfast. On the way to Bangalore, you can relish the packed lunch. You will reach the city by 8:00PM.

    Meal type: 3 breakfast, 3 lunch, 2 evening tea, 2 dinner. Both veg & non-veg available


  • 14Guided walk around Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore

    Guided walk around Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore

    Date: All days except Monday

    About the destination:

    Bangalore is home to many unique and fascinating government buidlings that speak volumes about the city's rich history and political importance. Some of the buidlings designed in Greco Roman architecture draped in red bricks are a treat to watch.

    Activities: Walking tour, Explore architecture

    About the Activity:
    This 2-hour walk through the Secretariat area is an introduction to the high echelons of power. On this visit, you will also get to see the State Museum and the Venkatappa Gallery, learn about history and appreciate art. The imposing buildings and splendid gardens surrounding them will have you mesmerised.

    The tour starts at 9.30 am at the beautiful General Post Office (GPO) building, a well-known landmark in the city. Treading slowly, head toward the Raj Bhavan, the Governors residence that is over a 150 years old. The grand structure with its sprawling lawns will remind you of the glorious past.

    The next leg of the tour includes a trip to the Vidhan Soudha (the State Legislature). Erected by Kengal Hanumanthaiah, this architectural masterpiece is spread over 60 acres with verdant lawns.This experience will leave you richer with knowledge and information about the seat of power.  

    Right across is the High Court of Karnataka, a stunning red building surrounded by lush greenery. The Attara Kacheri, built in stone and brick in the Graeco Roman style will enchant you. While you’re here, you can listen to the many anecdotes and stories about this palatial building.   

    Right after, you head towards Cubbon Park that plays host to an impressive variety of flora and fauna. After visiting a few more buildings housed in the park, you will head straight to the State Museum. The State Museum is one of the oldest museums in India and has a colonial charm to it. It showcases artefacts in 18 galleries on a variety of subjects ranging from history to art and music.

    The tour will come to an end at around 11.30 am with a visit to the Venkatappa Art Gallery. At the gallery you will see the works of master artists such as M F Hussain, Yusuf Arakkal, N S Bendrem, Hariram, Hanumiah. You can soak in the beauty of colours and the expressiveness of art.

    At the end of the tour you can visit the many cafes nearby for coffee; if you wish to have a bit of rest after the walk.

    Duration: 2 hours 
    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 15Frazer Town Heritage-Food Walk, Bangalore

    Frazer Town Heritage-Food Walk, Bangalore
    • h3 Hours
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN23 ratings

    About the Destination:

    Bangalore has a rich colonial past, with its pleasant weather and lush greenery it was one of the regions that appealed to everyone. Walking though any area in Bangalore is an experience that will leave you rich with insight and information about the people living in the IT City.   

    About the Activity:
    A 3 hour walk though Frazer Town will offer you a beautiful collage of sights and sounds. The area has over the years transformed and become one of the most sought after areas In Bangalore. Maintaining a balance between the old and the new, Frazer Town is a slice of the thriving metropolis and the old colonial township.

    This trip will begin at 5:00 PM near Thoms Bakery.  Rich in history, this tour is one where you will hear endless tales of transformation of the once poor man’s neighborhood, Mootoochery to Frazer Town. On the tour, you’ll discover a World War I memorial; the area is known to hold hidden gems like a perfume maker’s 80 year old cinema hall. When on the tour, you will also see the foundation stone to the place that marks the origin of this great township.  With ample opportunities to take pictures, this is a delightful experience for the photographer in you. The tour takes you through places like St John Church that is bustling with people, another beautiful building is the Bethesda Assembly, a century old building with ardent believers. You can revel in the faith and enjoy the sights around you.

    This is not just a history tour but a gastronomical adventure as well. While you look at these brilliant buildings, savour some mouth watering delights from about 6 eateries like Albert bakery which is about 112 years old. The delightful offerings of the bakery will satiate your hunger. Just close by is  Café Idly, a unique concept offering one-of-a-kind Texas meets typical South Indian breakfast to the beats of Jimi Hendricks. And not to forget some of the traditional Muslim delicacies that Frazer Town boasts of hosting.Or you could simply relish the 'burger idly' at the Hole In The Wall café.

    At the end of the tour at about 8:00 pm, you will have wonderful memories of this warm and pleasant city.

  • 16Nandi Hill Heritage Walk, Bangalore

    Nandi Hill Heritage Walk, Bangalore

    About the activity / tour with details:

    The serenity of Nandi hills is best explored at the foot of the hills, rather than the top! With this enchanting Nandi Hills heritage walk, you can witness the rich South Indian culture and history that lies hidden in this place! Travel back to the 9th century with an enchanting tour of the Bhoganandishwara Temple, an ancient temple, befitting the visit from the kings of yore! You can stroll through the old Nandi Halt train station and reminisce about the amazing design our railway systems adopted back in those days!

    Join excited adventurers on a guided heritage tour to the Bhoganandishwara Temple and get amazed at the interiors of a museum based in Muddenahalli, a sanctuary dedicated to the famous sir M. Visvesaraya. The trip is suitable for all age groups and captures over 1000 years of historical stories in a nutshell for the historian in you to enjoy! You can gather at the temple at around 08:30AM-09:30AM sharp, and enjoy the sights till about noon, after which you can enjoy an early lunch before departure! The trek lasts for around 3 hours, and those who wish to grab a quick breakfast can do so at the tiny eatery nearby. 

    Meal Types: Tea and Snacks, Water bottle, Lunch (Depends on the package)

    Activities: Walking Tour

    Difficulty Level: Easy

    NOTE : Children below 5 years of age - Entry Free

  • 17Temple and Thindi (Breakfast) Trail in Bangalore

    Temple and Thindi (Breakfast) Trail in Bangalore

    Get your adventure spirit on and embark on an enlightening Temple and Thindi (Breakfast) Tour. Witness the city’s rich heritage and past as you cycle past some of its most important landmarks and sample its unique breakfast cuisine. The trail will take you across 4 temples, some of which have been protected by the Archaeological Society of India. The temples are still charming with their archaic and wonderful architecture still intact! You will be cycling through these old temples, some of them dating way back to the 10th century. It’s hard to believe that such rich past exists right in the folds of this IT Capital! You will also be stopping at one of the most important breakfast joints in the city that have been instrumental in shaping its culinary journey.

    Meal Types: Unlimited breakfast

    Transportation Types: Cycles 

    Activities: Cycling and temple sight seeing

    Difficulty Level: Easy

    NOTE: The cycling tour starts at 07:30 AM to 12 in the afternoon from Lalbagh Main Gate

  • 18Heritage Tour and Shopping at K.R. Market, Bangalore

    Heritage Tour and Shopping at K.R. Market, Bangalore

    About the Activity:

    • Spend a day shopping at Bangalore’s most iconic shopping destination, K.R. Market also popularly known as City Market
    • Being one of the oldest attractions in Bangalore, it is steeped with stories about it’s history and development
    • You can shop for various things right from fruits and flowers to utensils at wholesale prices
    • Educate yourself as  the tour guides enthrall you with stories of how the market came to be, along with various other information.
    • The tour starts at 7:30 AM.
  • 19Heritage Walk in Lalbagh in Bangalore

    Heritage Walk in Lalbagh in Bangalore

    About the Activity:

    • Take a heritage walk in Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, in the lush heart of Bangalore.
    • A chance to unravel the secret behind why Hyder Ali chose to lay the gardens at this very spot in the year 1760.
    • Also discover the secret behind the name, and some forgotten charm of architectural buildings.
    • This 3-hour walk in one of the most beautiful gardens in the country

    Meal Details: Snacks

    Activities: Heritage Walk

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 20Bangalore Walking Tour

    Bangalore Walking Tour

    About the Activity:

    • Participate in a walking tour of Bangalore to explore the beauty of this wonderful city.
    • Explore the history, culture, architecture, heritage and cuisine of Bangalore on this 4 hour walk.
    • This Bangalore walking tour starts from State Bank of Mysore entrance gate on Avenue road. The tour ending point will be at Tipu Sultan’s summer palace. 
    • On this Bangalore tour you will have the chance to absorb the sights, sounds and flavors of Bangalore’s historic market. Here you will watch the lively exchange between local residents and stall owners. 
    • You will savor delicious South Indian breakfast and famed filter coffee from hidden local places. Learn about Bangalore’s 500 year history and its connection to the world. 
    • Visit beautiful South Indian temples and engage in conversation about religion and spirituality. 
    • Visit the Bangalore fort and discuss different architecture styles, their influences, evolution and function. Visit the summer palace and learn about the kings who resisted the British occupation valiantly and fought 4 wars. 
    • Visit a 320 year old South Indian temple from the Vijayanagara period, discuss Indian religious philosophies and functions of a temple.
    • The tour starts at 8 am everyday.
  • 21Bangalore Historical Tour

    Bangalore Historical Tour

    About the Activity:

    • Experience the beautiful city of Bangalore on this 8 hour tour.
    • With a Culture Ambassador and Chauffeured car at your service, you are exclusively guided through the city, with conversations and sensitivity to your interests and curiosities.
    • Start the tour at 9 am after reaching the designated starting point and enjoy a hearty breakfast. Then proceed in the car to explore the various places.
    • Explore the history, culture, architecture, heritage and cuisine of Bangalore on this tour. 
    • End the tour at 5 pm with a ton of great memories.
  • 22Rent a Dslr Camera in Bangalore

    Rent a Dslr Camera in Bangalore
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN35 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • For those who are photography enthusiast, avail the chance to rent a DSLR camera in Bangalore.
    • The camera can be rented for a period of one day. The camera can be picked up from the location provided post booking.
    • The camera does not come with a lens. Just the body of the camera is provided. The rentor needs to have the requisite lens for the camera to use it.
    • Enjoy and have fun using the camera over the course of a day.
    • The cameras you can choose from are a Nikon D810, Canon 500D and a Canon EOS 6D.
  • 23Rent a Nikon Camera in Bangalore

    Rent a Nikon Camera in Bangalore

    About the Activity:

    • For those who are photography enthusiast, avail the chance to rent a Nikon DSLR camera in Bangalore.
    • The camera can be rented for a period of one day. The camera can be picked up from the location provided post booking.
    • The camera does not come with a lens. Just the body of the camera is provided. The rentor needs to have the requisite lens for the camera to use it.
    • Enjoy and have fun using the camera over the course of a day.
    • The cameras you can choose from are a Nikon D810, Nikon D5 and a Nikon D4.
  • 24Rent a Yamaha Sports Bike in Bangalore

    Rent a Yamaha Sports Bike in Bangalore

    About the Activity:

    • Explore Bangalore on your very own Yamaha R15, available for rent for a day.
    • Commence your tour at 9:00 AM in the morning after picking up the bike from the designated point.
    • If you are looking for some sightseeing option then you can visit the famous Lalbagh Garden, Tipu Sultan's Palace, Bangalore Fort, KR Market, Brigade Road and so on and so forth. 
    • Drop your bike at the starting point at 9:00 AM the next day and head back home with lots of memories.
  • 25Rent a Car in Bangalore

    Rent a Car in Bangalore
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN29 ratings
    • 1,700

    About the Activity:

    • Use this opportunity in Bangalore to rent a car and get a chance to witness the beauty of the Silicon city region while riding a car.
    • Commence your rental at your own convenience after picking up your car from the designated location.
    • Explore some of the most favorite tourist spots with the beautiful sights of Bangalore.
    • If you are looking for some sightseeing option then you can visit the famous Lalbagh Garden, Tipu Sultan's Palace, Vidyarthi Bhavan and so on and so forth.
    • You can choose between a Maruti Suzuki Swift, Chevrolet Beat or a Ford Figo.
    • Drop your car at the starting point the next day at the exact same time you picked it up and head back home with lots of memories.
  • 26Rent a Maruthi Suzuki Swift Vdi in Bangalore

    Rent a Maruthi Suzuki Swift Vdi in Bangalore

    About the Activity:

    • Avail this opportunity to rent a Maruti Suzuki Swift in Mahadevpura, Bangalore.
    • One of the highest rated cars in the Indian market currently, this car is luxurious and easy to drive.
    • Pick up your car from the designated spot at 9 am.
    • You can tour the city for its various tourist spots and locations.
    • Drop the car at the designated spot at 9 am the next day.
  • 27Local Expert For Rent in Bangalore

    Local Expert For Rent in Bangalore

    About the Activity

    • Bangalore, the silicon city, is a city of many sights and locations to tour and visit around.
    • Rent a local expert in Bangalore for 8 hours and go sightseeing around this beautiful city.
    • Visit Lalbagh Garden, Bangalore Fort, Vidhana Soudha and a lot of places in the city.
    • The local expert will explain the relevance and history behind each of the places to make your tour all the more insightful.
    • The local expert can be rented only on weekends. On booking, the local expert will instruct you about the meeting point in Bangalore.
  • 28Rent a Local Expert in Bangalore

    Rent a Local Expert in Bangalore
    About the Activity:
    • Bangalore, the silicon city, is a location filled with various tour locations to visit.
    • Rent a local expert in Bangalore for 8 hours to go sightseeing around the city.
    • Visit Bangalore Palace, Vidhana Soudha, VV Puram Food Street, KR Market and a lot of other places in and around the city.
    • The guide will give you a detailed understanding of the places you visit and the cultural significance of the same.
    • On booking, the local expert will instruct you about the starting and meeting point in Bangalore.

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