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  • 01Scuba Diving in Dubai

    Scuba Diving in Dubai
    • h2 Hours
    • lDubai
    • NNNNN406 ratings
    • Brijesh

    About the Activity: 

    • Explore Dubai wreck dives on this exciting scuba diving adventure. 
    • At 964 km long, the Persian Gulf is a shallow extension of the Indian Ocean featuring a maximum depth of around 30m.
    • The West Coast is often described as ‘A Wreck Diver’s Paradise’. There are over 18 registered wrecks, some of which date back to the 1960's.
    • The tides tend to be slightly stronger with the Spring tides and full moon. Visibility ranges between 5m and 15m with exceptional days when it reaches 20m.
    • Spend 2 and a half hours exploring the beautiful under waters. 
    • After completion, a Discover Scuba Diving license is given with a validity of 30 days.
    • You can avail this tour even if you're a beginner and experience some of the best dive sites around like Anchor Barge, Barracuda Barge,Car Barge & Tug and Cement Barge.
    • A common meeting point is set up for all divers and all equipment is provided.
    • There are a lot more diving sites in nearby Fujiarah and Musandam which can be availed through seperate packages.

  • 02Scuba Diving in Fujairah

    Scuba Diving in Fujairah
    • h2 Hours
    • lFujairah
    • NNNNN40 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 3804797
    About the Activity:
    • East Coast diving is completely different. Explore the exciting under waters of some of the best Fujiarah dive sites for 2 and a half hours. 
    • There’s a wide choice of dive sites including reefs, wrecks and rocky islands offering tropical marine life. 
    • The currents from the Gulf of Oman bring multitudes of exotic fish and a greater diversity of marine life as compared to the West Coast.
    • Depths range between 8m and 30m with the exception of Ines, a deep technical dive site located at a depth of 72m. 
    • The East Coast is easily accessible from Dubai, taking around 1.5hrs by road.
    • A common meet up point is set up for all the customers.
    • On completion of the course, a Discover Scuba Diving license is awarded which is valid for 30 days.
    • It is not mandatory for a person to know swimming to participate in this activity.
    • Both certified and non certified divers can avail this tour and explore wreck sites such as Anchor Barge, Barracuda Barge, Car Barge & Tu.
  • 03Scuba Diving - Musundam

    Scuba Diving - Musundam
    • h3 Hours
    • lMusandam
    • NNNNN41 ratings
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      Code: 3804797
    • 12,042
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    About the Activity:
    • Engage in this one of a kind Musandam dive in Oman and explore the beautiful 
    • The Musandam Peninsula is the northernmost part of Oman jutting out into the Strait of Hormuz at the entrance to the Persian Gulf. 
    • The province, or govern-orate of Musandam as it is officially known, is separated from the rest of Oman by the United Arab Emirates. Musandam has sites suitable for advanced open water and higher level divers.

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