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    Scuba Diving in Dubai
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    Scuba diving in Dubai is one of the most exciting activities you can indulge into during your Dubai tour. Dubai holds an important place among popular tourist destination all over the world. What contributes to the popularity of Dubai is the extensive range of places you can visit and things you can do here. If you are done taking up desert safari and touring the glitzy cityscape featuring futuristic architecture in the form of the sky-kissing building. 

    It is time for you to experience some underwater fun by indulging in unique scuba diving fun. With so many options on the list including the romantic Dhow boat ride, dinner cruise, camel safari and much more, scuba diving holds a unique fun experience you can unveil only once you take it. Witness the beauty of the deep blue sea and the marine life it harbours by diving into the deep waters. And, of course, explore the wrecks that date back to the first Gulf war and before.

    Dubai scuba diving activity lets you spend 2.5 hours underwater, having a good look at what lies below the water surface. The West Coast is widely pronounced as ‘A Wreck Diver’s Paradise’ as there are a total of 18 registered wrecks dating back to 1960’s and before. While you dive through the waters, you will get to witness an extensive range of colourful fish, corals, and sea flora. Take your time diving through the vibrant marine life during this exciting adventure activity. 

    Dubai boasts of some great dive sites namely Cement Barge, Car Barge & Tug, Anchor Barge and Barracuda Barge. Besides, there are some other amazing dive sites like Fujairah and Musandam offering an outstanding scuba diving experience. Scuba diving in Dubai is an adventure you must take in order to complete your Dubai experience.

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