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  • The ultimate curated list of romantic things to do, experiences and places to visit in mumbai
  • 01Guided Apollo Gate And The Front Bay Walk

    Guided Apollo Gate And The Front Bay Walk
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN39 ratings

    About the Activity:

    Discover how a port city has endured a three and half years old history! Witness the cultural growth within the city and be a part of the dream called ‘Mumbai’. Join this 3 hours walking tour and experience how a small port city has successfully become one of the most developed cities in the world.

    The walking trail begins with your arrival at Ferry terminal/Green Gate/Indira Gate or Ballard Estate at 9am or 3pm. Walk through northern part of Mumbai and discover its flamboyant essence and tryst with history. Explore the old 'Fort' and get acquainted with the region that had the first signs of human settlements.

    Maneuvering through the rustic lanes, visit the European Renaissance styled Ballard Estate which reminds about the Victorian London. Hereafter, head towards the Asiatic Society Library of Mumbai and the Horniman Circle Garden. Enjoy the scenic settings of these localities and catch the glimmpses of Flora Fountain that resembles London'd Piccadilly Circus.

    Towards the end of the trail, make it to the 275 years old dockyard of Indian Navy and witness its authenticity. Here onwards, take a walk to the Gateway of India and the Taj Mahal Hotel and conclude the walking tour on a delightful note.

  • 02Bicycle Tour in Mumbai

    Bicycle Tour in Mumbai
    • h4 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN270 ratings

    This is Mumbai as you have never seen it before: calm and peaceful. While the rest of the city is only just beginning to wake up, we take advantage of the empty streets and cool air to explore South Mumbai by cycle. The tour starts at 6 AM and as you wind our way through the back lanes, we’ll visit must-see Mumbai sights like the Gateway of India and CST Station as well as some hidden gems like Sassoon Dock and Bombay Panjrapole (cow sanctuary). At the end of the tour, you’ll stop for a well-deserved South Indian breakfast of dosa, idli, upma, and much more.

    Safety is the number one priority on this trip, and hence Bicycle helmets are available on request and a second guide cycles at the back of the group.
  • 03The Heritage Mile Walk in Mumbai

    The Heritage Mile Walk in Mumbai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN317 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • This walk takes you through busting South Mumbai's architecture and heritage that stand testimony to the city's colonial past.
    • This 3-hour walk starts at either 8.30 AM or 04.00 PM, near the Capitol Theatre, and the 'Heritage Mile' on DN Road embraces you with its old-world charm and rustic appeal.
    • Delve into works of artists from around the globe at an art gallery called Kala Ghoda, and head to the Oval Maidan to glimpse the colonial era of Mumbai.
    • The panoramic views from the Oval Maidan include sights of the Old Secretariat, University Library and Convocation Hall, High Court building, and the Telegraph Department.
    • Strolling further, reach the Veer Nariman Road to witness the Art Deco skyline, and the 3-kilometer walk concludes here.

  • 04Clue Hunt in Mumbai

    Clue Hunt in Mumbai

    About the Activity: 

    • Located in Bandra, Mumbai, Escape Room offers an exciting offline experience of nourishing and applying reasoning skills and find solutions in critical conditions. 
    • Be a detective, find hints and hidden clues that leads to the exit and help your team mates escape a locked chamber in this exciting clue hunt. 
    • Join India's first live escape game and be the part of a unique gaming phenomenon, where group members are locked within a room and, in order to complete the game, the members need to get out of the room within 1 hour, finding clues and hints .
    • The gaming zone is divided into two different rooms - 'Mr. Spylock’s Chamber' and 'Kaboom!’, both of which offers the same level of difficulty, but with different themes.
    • Be it a group of family members friends or colleagues, this gaming arena never ceases to amaze its visitors. Planned in a way, this game develops and nurtures the spirit of team work and strengthen the bonding among the members.
    • Join this fun-frolic and equally exciting game between 11:00 AM and 10:30 PM, plan your own strategies, help yourself and the team members escape from the enclosed chamber.
  • 05Market Tour in Mumbai

    Market Tour in Mumbai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN118 ratings

    About the activity: 

    • Mumbai's wide streets and narrow lanes are alive with activity. In front of colonial buildings, alongside temples, and everywhere in between, vendors shout from carts selling everything from colourful birds and flowers to traditional Indian clothes and food. We'll guide you through the chaos and introduce you to Mumbai's must-see markets such as Crawford Market and Mangaldas Market as well as some lesser known ones such as Flower Alley. Along the way we’ll also visit some of the oldest lanes in Mumbai and their most famous temples.

    • The tour begins from Regal Cinema at around 03:30 PM and ends at 5:30 PM at Charni Road Train Station

  • 06Mumbai Night Tour

    Mumbai Night Tour
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN96 ratings

    About the activity:

    • As the oppressive heat of the day evaporates and gives way to cool evening breezes, teenagers, lovers, families and the elderly head out to enjoy the weather. Public seafaces like Marine Drive are crowded with Mumbaikars enjoying the rose-coloured sunset. As some people head home to sleep, others carry out religious duties or work in the markets, factories or call centres. Traveling primarily by car, you will witness the calm of Banganga Tank and a Jain Temple, the chaos of CST station, and the eerie beauty and sadness of Mumbai.

    • The tour starts at 7 PM at Regal Cinema and ends at 9:30 PM at CST Station

  • 07Village Tour in Mumbai

    Village Tour in Mumbai
    • h12 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN120 ratings

    About the activity: 

    • Travelling by ferry, local bus and tamtam (a large rickshaw), we’ll explore the countryside to the south of Mumbai. On our way to Chinchoti, we’ll visit several local industries and activities as well as a school, where we will learn about education in villages. In Chinchoti we’ll stop for lunch with a local family and then walk around the village and the surrounding area. In the afternoon we’ll visit an indigenous village, the original inhabitants of Maharastra. Your guide will explain their history, religion, the challenges they face and how they fit into Indian society today. Throughout the tour, you will be able to talk with locals through our guide.

  • 08Mumbai Cultural Tour

    Mumbai Cultural Tour

    About the Activity:

    • This personalized tour takes you through the world-famous sights across South Mumbai.
    • Be struck by the city's largest outdoor laundry setup at Dhobi Ghat, walk the charming alleyway that leads to Mahalaxmi Temple, drive past the Indo-Islamic dargah of Haji Ali that appears to be floating in the Arabian Sea, and peek into the auspicious Banganga Tank.
    • The intricately ornate Jain Temple is a picture of calm, while an extraordinary view of Marine Drive is bound to stump you.
    • Revel in the ocean touching the horizon from the city's greenest patch at Kamala Nehru park, and wrap up the enchanting tour by paying respect to Gandhiji at his erstwhile Bombay home at Gandhi Museum.
    • Get a soulful glimpse into Mumbai's slice of life on this cultural tour, to discover a city that is interwoven with diverse religions, professions and hot spots.
    Duration: Around 5 hours
    Transportation Type: Car
  • 09Mumbai Food Tour

    Mumbai Food Tour
    • h3 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN33 ratings

    About The Activity:

    • Mumbai provides anything for those who seek. The cosmopolitan life of the city gives rise to a number of food cultures combined together. This 4 hour delectable tour gives you a hint of many Indian and local cuisines, upholding its true spirit of diversity.
    • Meet at Colaba Causeway around 06:30 PM.Go beyond the average Indian food that you usually get and get exposed to something remarkable. We have carefully chosen with extensive research and with years of ‘eating’ experience some of the best places in the Fort area for you to experience.Food you will try:
      • Awesome, lip-smacking Mughlai Tandoori Chicken
      • The essential ‘Paan’, a delectable sweet item made with a particular kind of leaf
      • A milkshake of exotic fruits
      • The staple of Mumbai – ‘Vada Paav’
      • The most delicious Kerala fish curry you have ever had
      • A traditional Iranian-Parsi delicacy – Berry Pulao
      • And to end the tour, some delectable, delicious and creamy ‘ice-cream’ with all natural flavours and all the goodness that is an ice-cream…

  • 10Public Transport Tour in Mumbai

    Public Transport Tour in Mumbai
    • h4 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN130 ratings
    About the Activity:
    • Ride the famous suburban train, hop on a classic red bus, cruise around town in a typical black and yellow taxi and look on as millions of Mumbai's working class head out in the morning. We will discover Mumbai beyond the typical tourist sites; we will see a number of different markets and the world famous Dabbawallahs (the workers of India’s intricate lunch delivery system). This view of the Maximum City will give you an idea of the struggles and challenges felt by the working class, as well as their unconquerable spirit.

    • At the end of the tour you’ll have a special tiffin(lunchbox) lunch delivered by a dabbawallah service and you’ll have a picnic at the nearby park.

    • You'll be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide who knows in and out of the entire bustling city.
    • The tour starts at 8:30 at Regal Cinema and ends at 12 noon at Churchgate station. 

  • 11Street Food Tour in Mumbai

    Street Food Tour in Mumbai
    • h4 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN108 ratings

    About the activity:

    • Mumbai is famous across India for its outstanding street food but discovering good eateries in a big city is not always easy. Not to worry, that’s where we come in! We’ll help you experience all the flavours the city has to offer by guiding you through Mumbai’s two best street food areas. You’ll start at Mumbai’s most famous beach, Chowpatty, where You’ll try an array of Mumbai’s best vegetarian street food as we watch the sun set. You’ll have classics such as dahi puri, pani puri and pav bhaji. Then you’ll take a short taxi ride to the lively Mohommad Ali Road area. In this predominantly Muslim neighborhood we’ll introduce you to the local culture and, of course, the delicious food. In the bustling ali khao gaullis (eating lanes) you will find mainly non-vegetarian options such as chota kebabs and chicken tikka

    • The tour starts at 5:30 pm at Churchgate station and ends at 9:30 at Mohammad Ali road.

    • Hope you’re hungry!

  • 12The Bandra Walk in Mumbai

    The Bandra Walk in Mumbai
    • h3 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN23 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • Go on this 3-hour tour through bustling village lanes, encountering natives with a grand lineage, be taken by the historic sights, and superimpose the past on the present.
    • The walk begins at either 09.00 AM or around 03.00 PM at St Andrew's Church in Bandra, and discover the story of Bandra over a 3.5-kilometer stretch.
    • Stroll into the Chimbai Village at the heart of Bandra, before exploring the Portuguese-inspired modest homes at Ranwar Village.
    • At Mehboob Studios, catch a glimpse of Bandra's liberal cinema and art movement, even as St Stephen's Church and the Mount Mary Church offer a balmy embrace.
    • Your walk culminates with a visit to the popular heritage structure of the Bandra Fort.
  • 13Fly over Mumbai

    Fly over Mumbai
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN26 ratings
    • 9,560

    About the Activity:

    Bask in a birds-eye view of the eclectic city of Mumbai as you fly in a small plane. Get a feel of the bustling place without having to deal with the crazy traffic or jam packed trains.

    This half-hour flight can be undertaken anytime during the day between 11:30 am and 4:30 pm, for which the slot has to be booked in advance. 

    You have to reach venue of Juhu Airport, 15 minutes before your trip commences from here. This short journey by the small aircraft will allow you to take in the popular sights of Mumbai like Marine Drive, Chowpatty, Juhu Beach and Gateway of India – without stepping out of your comfortable seat. 

    The large windows and slow flight of the craft makes it possible for you to easily observe the hustle bustle down below and appreciate the varied skyline effortlessly. This one-of-its-kind way of sightseeing ends at the same location where your ride began half an hour ago, leaving you with memories to cherish for a long while.

  • 14Dharavi Tour, Mumbai

    Dharavi Tour, Mumbai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN441 ratings

    Ride to this adventure with Uber at a special price. Book Now to receive the unique code.

    About the Activity: 

    • Known to many as 'one of the largest slums in Asia', we prefer to think of Dharavi as Mumbai’s beating heart. It houses about one million of Mumbai’s inhabitants and its industries have an annual turnover of approximately US$ 665 million. Through this walking tour, visitors experience a wide range of these business activities: recycling, pottery-making, embroidery, bakery, soap factory, leather tanning, poppadom-making and many more. You’ll also visit the residential areas of Dharavi. People from all over India have come to live in Dharavi, making it a microcosm of India. This diversity is apparent in the temples, mosques, churches and pagodas that stand side by side.Discover a side of Dharavi beyond its ignominious distinction of being known as the largest slum in Asia. 
    • This tour takes approximately 2.5 hours to cover Dharavi and its neighboring points of interest. It starts from Churchgate Station and concludes at Dharavi. There are two starting time slots of 9:15 am & 1:30 pm that you can choose from 
  • 15Half Day Mumbai Exploration Trip

    Half Day Mumbai Exploration Trip
    • h5 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN38 ratings

    About the Activity:

    he ‘ locals – Aam Janta  - common man ‘ travels through Mumbai by the ‘locals’ – a common name for the suburban, commuter trains, which are the Lifeline of this Commercial Capital.  Of course, you will also use the other lifelines – the taxi-cabs, the  buses  BEST-  an apt acronym for the’ best’ bus service in India !

    You will get a chance to rub shoulders with the Mumbaikars. We will avoid the ‘Super crush density’ – Passenger load in the public transport.We use the train during the off peak hours so the train is not crowded. We will have maximum three customers/ guest with one guide to assure safety and personal touch.

  • 16Experience Kayaking in Mumbai

    Experience Kayaking in Mumbai
    • h1 Hour
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN178 ratings
    • 900
    • Plunge into the azure water of Arabian Sea and manoeuvre the kayaks.
    • Enjoy rowing the kayaks around Chowpatty in Mumbai.
    • Enjoy a different facet of the city of dreams within one hour of rowing.
    • Continue the fun for five different sessions at an additional cost.
    • Discover the quaint charm of the Arabian Sea and Mumbai while kayaking.

  • 17Candle Light Dinner Cruise in Mumbai

    Candle Light Dinner Cruise in Mumbai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN455 ratings
    • 24,999
    • Book Now

    About the Activity:

    • Arrive with your partner at the Gateway of India and set off on a cruise on the waves. As you board the ship, you will be welcomed on board with a glass of wine or fruit champagne.
    • Gaze into the open sea with nothing but the cooling sea breeze amidst luxury of a yacht that is equipped with a 2 BHK, Pantry upper deck and lower deck. 
    • The sailing experience lasts for two hours (6 PM to 8 PM) and gets you back to Gateway of India in all pomp and splendor!
    • For a true romantic candle light dinner cruise in Mumbai with your loved one, take to the alluring shores of Arabian Sea in Mumbai. 
    • You can either select Grand Soliel 45 or Ferretti 550, as your Sailing yacht. 
  • 18Leisure Sailing in Mumbai

    Leisure Sailing in Mumbai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN322 ratings

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    About the Activity:

    • This stunning experience begins as you set off from the gateway of India, 10 minutes prior to your booked time. A speedboat will then take you to your assigned J Boat/Mac Gregor/etc; post which your sail into the wide open waters begins.
    • Set off on a leisure sailing in Mumbai over the magical Arabian Sea in an international class keelboat which will give you a feel of having left your worries far behind!
    • The sight of the endless blue seas and the rim of horizon peeking over the end will surely make you sigh in exultation. 
    • The luxury sailing experience is far from anything you have ever imagined and the boat is well equipped with luxuries as well as safety procedures in the presence of the sailor and the skipper.
    • At an additional cost, you can also learn to sail over 2 hours of 10 sessions each; 1-3 participants can take part in this activity at a time.

    The options to book the package are given as two variants, Join a Group and Private Tour. You are requested to either book Join a Group which shows the cost for adults or Private Tour which shows the cost of one Yacht.

    Timings: 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, 6:00 PM to 7:45 PM

  • 19Luxury Speed Boat Cruise in Mumbai

    Luxury Speed Boat Cruise in Mumbai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN30 ratings
    • 18,000
    • Book Now

    About the Activity:

    • The waterfront charm of the city of Mumbai cannot be overstated,discover the charm by cruising in Mumbai waters on a luxury speed boat. 
    • Arrive at the tourist attraction of Gateway of India and head to Jetty No.5.
    • Once comfortably seated, you zip off on the blue waters. Catch the mesmerising sight of the horizon along with clusters of green. Leave the stresses of the world behind as you drift further away. After some time of cruising, the speed boat will be anchored for half-an-hour where you can enjoy the therapeutic aura and sights of the sea.
    • The boat will anchor at a location for an hour during which you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the sea even more!
  • 20Luxury Sailing in Mumbai

    Luxury Sailing in Mumbai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN31 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • Get your style and groove mode on and head on over the Arabian Sea for an unforgettable sailing experience in MacGregor Internation Cabin Sail Boat - accommodating upto 5 people.
    • Arrive at the Gateway of India, 10 minutes before your booked slot and embark on teh boat which will take you to your assigned cabin yacht.
    • Be swept away to your cabin yacht that is adorned with plush interiors. Post which; you drift further away into the magical waters. 
    • Have a complete indulgence of senses as you also dig into your brunch and enjoy a glass of fruit champagne.
    • The yacht will drop you back at the Gateway of India, post which this stunning experience will have come to an end.
  • 21Leisure Cruise from Mumbai

    Leisure Cruise from Mumbai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN32 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • On a balmy day, take to the fine art of sailing with a leisure cruise in Mumbai over the mesmerising Arabian Sea. 
    • Your luxurious and laidback cruising experience begins as you arrive at the Gateway of India about 10 minutes before your booked slot.
    • Hop on to Jetty No.5 and prep up for an exciting experience. You will have to sing an indemnity form and be given life jackets. Post that, set cruising and discover the charms of the Mumbai waters under the guidance of a Skipper.
    • The cruise will take you over the waters of the Arabian Sea and anchors for half an hour before heading back to land.
    • As you arrive back at the Gateway Of India, your stunning escapade draws to a stunning close.
    • Price is for a group of 4-6 people.
    • Timings: 7am to 6pm
    • This activity is not available in Monsoons
  • 22Luxury Boat Party in Mumbai

    Luxury Boat Party in Mumbai
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN23 ratings

    About the Destination:

    Lounging on the west cost of India, Mumbai is the go-to place where people throng to make their dreams come true. The metro infuses an infectious and vivacious energy. When at this place, you can enjoy the endless array of entertainment avenues such as movie halls, pubs, party hubs, restaurants, theatres, interesting monuments and more.

    A notable monument of the city is the ‘Gateway of India’, built in 1911 to honour the arrival of King George V and Queen Mary. With a background of the iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and overseeing the sparkling Arabian Sea, this place also offers the ideal water escape to the beachy destinations further away.

    About the Activity:

    Make your celebrations one of a kind; wander off on the stunning water through luxury boat party in Mumbai. With a capacity of 100 people, the luxury boat is ideal for gala events such as weddings, anniversary, birthday party or baby shower.

    Arrive before the scheduled time at Gateway of India and be ushered to the luxury boat. Pampering you every step along the way, it comes with an open to sky dance floor, DJ set up bar, Jacuzzi. The middle deck offers Air Conditioned longue, fully equipped with mood lights, plush sofas, casual barstools along with ambience music, flat scream television. The lower duck is equipped with master cabin, queen size bed, 2 single cabins accompanied with wardrobes and en-suite bathrooms.

    Unwind in the fine ambience and glide further the waters. Have a fiesta, dance away, bond with old and new buddies, share light moments and have a ball of a time. This is an occasion that you can boast about after many years later.

  • 23Luxury Sailing For Corporates in Mumbai

    Luxury Sailing For Corporates in Mumbai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN32 ratings
    • 22,600
    • Book Now

    About the Activity:

    • On a clear day, take to the fine art of sailing with a leisure cruise in the shimmering city of Mumbai over the mesmerizing Arabian Sea. 
    • On your arrival at the Gateway of India, Jetty No.5, with your colleagues before the scheduled time to board the 45 feet Jeanneaure Class Luxury Sail Yacht.
    • The cruise will take you over the waters of the Arabian Sea and does not anchor for an hour and one hour of anchoring time before heading back to land.
    • This luxury cruise boasts two fully air conditioned cabins, a pantry and two outdoor decks furnished with teak wood for a panoramic view of the city.
    • Take the opportunity to explore the charms of the Mumbai waters under the guidance of a skipper like never before.
    • This cruise can only accommodate 12 people and this cruise can be availed during 7am to 9 am , 9 am to 11 am, 1:30 to 3:30 pm, 3:30 to 5:30 pm  and 5:30 to 7:30 pm.
  • 24Corporate Events on Private Yacht in Mumbai

    Corporate Events on Private Yacht in Mumbai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN35 ratings
    • 26,000
    • Book Now

    About the Activity:

    • Combine business and pleasure with the offbeat experience of corporate events on private yacht in Mumbai.
    • This outing will enable you to experience 5 - star catering and corporate event facilities on a splendid yacht that is  showered with all international amenities.
    • The events can also be customized depending on the consumer needs. 
    • The cruise begins with a minimum of 10 passengers from the Gateway of India, Jetty number 5, opposite the Taj Mahal Hotel and lasts for about 2 hours.
  • 25Experience Sailing in Mumbai

    Experience Sailing in Mumbai
    • h1 Hour
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN171 ratings

    About the Activity :

    • Call it the city of dreams, the economic hub of the country or the entertainment capital of India, Mumbai is all this and more! 
    • See the beautiful sights of this dynamic city on an unforgettable sailing experience. You can avail the enthralling Mumbai sailing experience near the Gateway of India, conducted at three different timings; 01:00PM, 03:00PM and 04:30PM. 
    • Arriving at the boat jetty near this historical landmark, hop into the 25ft sailing yacht and take an exciting ride over the striking waters of Mumbai. A France made vessel, this yacht is laced with all the comforts and luxuries one can expect onboard.
    • Set the sail from the jetty and navigate through the appealing waters of the Mumbai shoreline for around 1.5 hours and quench all your desires of having fun on the waters. You can also learn the basic techniques of manoeuvring the yacht and be the captain of the yacht during this elegant tour.

    Start Timings: 01:00 PM, 03:00 PM, 04:30 PM

    Note: Guests can request extra sailing time and special value adds like flowers, greeting cards, special snack which will be arranged if possible. All value add on are priced extra. This trip is not available in Monsoons

  • 26Mumbai Slum Tour With Dabba Wala & Dhobi Ghat

    Mumbai Slum Tour With Dabba Wala & Dhobi Ghat
    • h6 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN56 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • Mumbai, the city of dreams, has plenitude to offer its visitors. Be it the most glittering industry of the country, one of the largest slums or dhobi ghats in the world, this city takes the pride of being the home to all!
    • In addition to all the offerings, this city has to offer, the ‘Dabbawala’ or the lunchbox carriers are the most amazing ones.
    • These people, without a fail, transport lunchbox to every nook and corner of the city. Whether it’s raining, thundering or the scorching sun, they accomplish their task without any mistake.
    • Within Mumbai slum tour with Dhobi Ghat and dabba wala, you will get to witness all these, interact with the people who connect Mumbai like no one else can.
    • Get picked-up from the hotel at around 09:30AM; the transporting vehicles will be decided according to the number of members in the group.
    • From the hotel, you will be driven towards the Mahim Station, from where a simple walking tour of around 2 hours will offer you the glimpses of life in the locality.
    • The 13th Compound of Dharavi, one of the commercial hubs of Mumbai, is the epicentre of plastic and metal recycling. Witness the rustling machineries melting and moulding plastics and metals into different shapes.
    • From a small button to the playful toys, these machines produce everything. While witnessing all these processes, the delicious aroma and flavour from the local bakeries and sweet shops will keep you captivated with their delicacies.
    • Other offerings to feast your eyes while in Dharavi locality include the incense stick and soap makers, the packed cyber-cafes, non-stop tailors busy in producing various commodities and the lively locals who waves at every passer-by.
    • After Mahim, it will be the time to visit the potter’s clan in Kumbha Wada. Inhabited by the potters from Gujarat, it is in this locality, you will find how these potters incite life to the clays and shape up magnificent artefacts.
    • While in here, you can also interact with these clay artists and know more about their art and culture before you head towards Dhobighat!
    • In Dhobighat, you can witness how the laundrymen washes, dyes, dries up and irons the clothes on a daily basis. It is said that 6 out 10 locals in Mumbai wears clothes that are washed in this ghat.
    • While touring around this jovial vicinity, you can also have a glimpse of the synchronised life of the dhobis and their dedication towards their work.
    • Post this, be prepared to witness one of the most amazing experiences in Mumbai. As you get introduced with the Dabbawala (lunchbox carriers), you will have a clear picture of how these people delivers the freshly prepared foods from home to different corners of the city.
    • With no proper technology or gadget, these delivery guys, regardless of the season and time, does their work wholeheartedly without a fail. It is their hard work, zeal for perfection and pure dedication that has compelled the Harvard University to do a research on them!
    • Once done with the Dabbawalas, you will be driven back to the hotel. And with you drop, this amazing local experience of Mumbai will come to an end.

  • 27Half Day Bollywood Tour in Mumbai

    Half Day Bollywood Tour in Mumbai
    • h5 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN34 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • Depending on your convenience, you can either join this wonderful half day Bollywood tour in the morning; at around 10:00AM, or by afternoon; at around 02:00PM.
    • After getting picked-up from the hotel, drive to one of the nearby shooting spots, where you can witness live shooting of many different upcoming Bollywood flicks. 
    • Be it the stars practicing their dialogues or the director discussing scenes with them, the crew members preparing for a shot or the technicians preparing the sets, you can spot all of them. 
    • Post the shooting spot, you will be taken towards the dance hall, where you can enjoy live dance performances of the professionals. Up on arriving at the hall, get refreshed with a welcome drink and get escorted to an air-conditioned hall. On the way to the hall, you can gaze your eyes on posters of some of the legends of the Hindi Film Industry. Once in the hall, make yourself comfortable and enjoy 3-4 live dance shows.
    • After the dance shows are over, it will be the time to visit the abodes of your favourite Bollywood stars! 
    • Post lunch activities include visit to the animation, VFX and sound mixing studios. In addition to these, you can also witness how the choreographers make the actors and the crew member do the dance steps, the stunt actors practicing their stunts and lot more. You can also chose to go for any of the latest Bollywood flick in a nearby theatre.
    • With the completion of your visit or the movie, you will be driven back to your hotel or the pick-up destination. 
  • 28Mumbai Slum Tour

    Mumbai Slum Tour
    • h3 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN306 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • Dharavi and Mahim in the heartland of Mumbai, comprises of Asia’s largest slum dwellings. While the very first thought of going on Mumbai slum tour might conjure images of poverty, unhygienic living standards, and a sizeable amount of unhappy faces, this Dharavi slum tour will offer you the better side of these areas and life around there.
    • Walking down the narrow alleys of India’s largest slum areas proves to be quite an adventure. Observe people from different parts of India live and make a living in absolute harmony.
    • The sense of community and pride in self-sustenance is evident through the innumerable small scale industries that thrive in the area.
    • Catch residents make papadoms, weaving baskets, embroidery, making soaps  and many more unbelievable professional deliverables that throw a pleasant surprise at every outsider.
    • Your Mumbai slum tour begins at the Mahim Railway Station. From here head straight to the plastic and metal recycling yard of 13th Compound.
    • Get abreast with the amazing small sized industry melting and moulding plastic toys and manufacturing buttons for popular brand Barbie Dolls of India.
    • Walk through narrow lanes and by-lanes taking in the wafting aromas from local bakeries and sweet shops. Exotic smells from soap and cosmetic making units are bound to make some heads turn.
    • Dime sized cyber cafes, locals brushing past, mass-producing tailor shops all make up for an exciting trip. Friendly locals and enthusiastic tiny tots waving from their roof tops and balconies simply add in a touch of regular life being lived here.
    • Continue on the show and tell tour listening to stories from your guide as you arrive at Kumbharvada, in Dharavi. Known to be the face of India’s largest slum dwelling, Dharavi is now iconic for its appearance in the Oscar winning Slum Dog Millionaire.
    • Visit Kumbharwada, an area occupied by traditional potters hailing from Gujarat. This large settlement set up in 1930s is a testimony of communal clay pits and kilns that have stood the test of time and witnessed hardships.
    • In tandem with Brazil’s Favela, Dharavi and Mahim will leave a mark in your hearts and minds.
    • After this stop, you’ll be dropped to your location. This Mumbai slum tour with Dhobi Ghat and dabba wala would be completed within 6+ hours.

  • 29Holy Mackerel!

    Holy Mackerel!
    • d3 Daysn2 Nights
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN31 ratings
    • 13,750
    • Book Now

    About the Destination: The city of Malvan makes for an idyllic weekend holiday. The spotless beaches of Tarkarli and Chivla, the cinematic surroundings, the serene backwaters, a number of adventure sports, mostly snorkelling and scuba diving, and plenitude of fresh Malvan-/Konkani-style seafood makes it so!

    In addition to all the delights, the town also boasts of a historical sea fort, Sindhudurg, local spice gardens and the Malvan Wildlife Sanctuary. It is the creeks of Karli, Kolamb and Kalavali that surround the city making it a haven for those looking for relaxation and solitude.

    About the Activity with Details:

    Over this 3 days tour with a local family, learn how to prepare Malvan/Konkani delicacies. Also, you can explore the local spice gardens. If you are a chef-in-the-making, or a food connoisseur, you are about to embark on an unforgettable journey of the tantalizing South Indian cuisine. Other activities include visiting a fish auction, barbequing them, and if luck favours you, sipping high tea with the local Queen!

    Meal Types: Veg, Non-veg, Malvan and Konkani cuisine

    Activities: Fishing, Cooking, Exploring spice gardens, Beach activities, Fish auction tour, High tea session

    Difficulty Level: Easy

    Duration of the Activities: 3D

  • 30Half Day Mumbai Tour Package

    Half Day Mumbai Tour Package
    • h6 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN24 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • Get a glimpse of life on the Southern side of this mesmerizing island city over half a day through half day Mumbai tour. 
    • At around 10:00 AM, a tour guide will pick you up from your hotel/any other location on a private vehicle. Head to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. 
    • Overflowing with people, this Gothic structure is modeled on the lines of the St Pancreas Station in London. For the art lover, its carved stone friezes, stained glass windows and flying buttresses are worth marveling over. A pride of the city, the top of the central dome stands the triumphant figure of Progress. 
    • Move on to Flora Fountain, yet another cherished Raj era architectural beauty standing at a busy five-point intersection in the heart of the commercial Fort area. Depicting Roman Water Goddess Flora, the piece is a pleasing white structure with a fusion of water, architecture, and sculpture.
    • Drive to Mumbai's most famous monument Gateway of India and experience the business district of Nariman Point where Mumbai’s populous strives to maintain its position of being India’s Commercial Capital. From here drive on the beautiful, well laid out boulevard of Marine Drive, the most visible and oft highlighted landmark of Mumbai. 
    • Arrive at Hanging Gardens on Malabar Hills from Marine Drive. Perched atop just the Kamala Nehru Park, these terraced gardens offer a fascinating view of the island megapolis with the expanse of the Arabian Sea. Also known as Pherozeshah Mehta Garden, this vast green cover is built on a water reservoir and is chockfull with green bushes, trees and animal-shaped topiaries. Make sure not to miss the Old Woman’s Shoe or Boot House, a stone structure, which is extremely popular with children.
    • Stop over at Mani Bhavan, a poignant two-storied residence of Mahatma Gandhi on his visits to Bombay.
    • Arrive at Prince of Wales Museum [Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sanghralaya], counted among the best and most well maintained museums in Mumbai boasts of a huge collection of artifacts from across India and the world. 
    • Last halt on this half a day tour puts you face-to-face with Mumbai’s most unique feature ! The 140 year old open to air Laundromat, Dhobi Ghat. 
    • Your half day Mumbai tour ends here. Drive back to your drop location.
  • 31Elephanta Caves Tour From Mumbai

    Elephanta Caves Tour From Mumbai
    • d1 Day
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN27 ratings

    About the activity: 

    • The Elephanta Island tour, signifies the glorious abode of Lord Shiva. Consisting of seven caves on the Arabian Sea, it stands as an epitome of Hindu cave culture and is a testimony to a civilization that has long disappeared. 
    • Embark on a diversified Elephanta Caves tour, with a pick-up from the hotel at around 10:00AM. Begin the tour with a drive to the Gateway of India, from where a ferry will take you to the fascinating Elephanta Caves. 
    • Within this jovial ride, witness the magical beauty of Mumbai from the sea and curate some of the pleasant moments.
    • Relive history, find traces of a long-lost civilization and rediscover the charm and grandeurs of the past. 
    • After a splendid cave exploration experience, get back to the ferry and sail back to the Gateway of India. Arriving in the mainland, you will be again picked-up followed by a drop at the hotel.
  • 32Kids Summer Camp in Nilshi, Maharashtra

    Kids Summer Camp in Nilshi, Maharashtra

    About the Destination:

    Nestled between Mumbai and Pune, Nilshi village is located amidst the scenic Western Ghats. Embraced by the rustic beauty of a countryside, this campsite is one of the ideal place for learning environmental education and adventurous sports among other camping sites around Mumbai. The architecture brilliance of the camp got the prestigious Indian Institute of Architects (IIIA) in 2006. Surrounded by lustrous trees, tucked away amidst the hills, this place is a perfect place for a break from day to day life.  

    About the Departure with Details:

    As the coming generation is more leaned towards technology and gadget, it has become an important issue, they might not be able to bond with the nature in the future! Keeping this in mind, the kids summer camp in Nilshi will introduce them to a fascinating world that exists outside their comfort zone. It is one of the famous adventure camps near Mumbai. In addition to connect them with the nature, the camping experience will also encourage them to take adequate measures to conserve the pristine beauty around and will also teach them about how to overcome challenges. Not just this, the whole experience has been designed in a way, it will also boost up their confidence and encourage them to work as a team!

    Meal Types: All meals are included

    Activities: Nature Trails & Walks, Kayaking, Target shooting, Outdoor Cooking, Rock Climbing, Tarzan Swing, Team Building Exercises

    Duration: 2N/3D

    Temperature Range: 19 – 34°C 

  • 33Kids Camping in Koyna near Mumbai 2017

    Kids Camping in Koyna near Mumbai 2017

    About the Destination:

    Indulge your child in Kids camping in Koyna in the camping site near Mumbai which is surrounded by beauty and peace. The campsite is situated at a hill top amidst the green hills of the Sahyadri Range. Located within a close proximity to Konya Dam, one of the largest dams of Maharashtra, the camp is an ideal place to get connected with the pristine beauty of Mother Nature. Also, due to its location, it provides spectacular views of the dam, its backwaters and the Koyna Valley. One can also see the flora and fauna of Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary as well as Vasota Fort at a distance.

    About the Departure with Details:

    Introduce your kids to this exciting as well as fun-filled camping experience of 6 days and let them connect with the nature in the best possible ways. The entire camping is designed in such a way, the kids will have enormous exciting moments along with learning more about the nature and outdoors.

    Activities like rock climbing, flying fox, archery, commando net, wall crossing and several others will teach them how to overcome obstacles. Not just this, the camping will also boost up their confidence level and urge them to work as a team. It is one of the best adventure camps near Mumbai.

    Meal Types:  Vegetarian

    Activities:  Rock Climbing, River Crossing, Rifle Shooting, Rope Climbing, Team Building Exercises, Night Safari

    Duration: 5N/6D

    Temperature Range: 15 – 35°C

  • 34Yacht On Rent in Mumbai- Majesty 66

    Yacht On Rent in Mumbai- Majesty 66
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN25 ratings
    • 50,000
    • Book Now

    About the Activity:

    If you are looking for yacht on rent in Mumbai, have a fantasy to enjoy your holidays cruising over the enchanting waves and romance the pleasant sea-breezes, Majesty 66 is the vessel for you. Built with a classy charm, elegant outlook and graceful interiors, this grand vessel is one of the most eligible yacht charters in Mumbai as well as the Indian coastlines that introduces its lovers with the openness of the majestic sea.

    With a bimini top, semi-rigid tender, air-conditioned deck, well spacious interiors decked with finely finished timber-works and ample of entertaining areas, the Majesty 66 makes it for an ultimate leisure and appealing holiday cruise in the Arabian Sea. Be it on a birthday treat, bachelor party, get-togethers, corporate events or any similar events, the Majesty 66 just add a new blend of fun and excitement to your celebration!

  • 35Yacht Hire In Mumbai- Princess 54

    Yacht Hire In Mumbai- Princess 54

    Well, if you are looking for yacht hire in Mumbai, you are at the right place! Alluring deck, windows that offers the most charming views of the sea, well equipped bar, comfortable sitting arrangements and what not! Anything and everything about the Princess 54 as one of the yacht charters in Mumbai is so captivating; you just cannot resist its temptations!

    The true princess over the Arabian Sea, it comes with a capacity of hosting around 15 guests and 6 well-comforted beds. While the fun and excitement on board depends on the duration of your package, the vessel assure you jovial and splendid moments with family members, friends and colleagues. Ideal for bachelor parties, birthday celebrations, corporate events, get-togethers and several others, this charismatic vessel will never disappoint you!

  • 36Rent A Yacht In Mumbai- Grand Soleli 45

    Rent A Yacht In Mumbai- Grand Soleli 45
    • h1 Hour
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN27 ratings
    • 15,764
    • Book Now

    If you are the one who want to rent a yacht in Mumbai, who enjoys the wind, loves to cruise the fascinating waves and make your mark over them, the Grand Soleil 45 is the vessel for you. While on this groovy yacht, you don’t have to worry about power, speed, performance and reliability; all you need to do, just enjoy and feel the sea breezes and manoeuvre the sea!

    Well spacious, equipped with all the modern and luxury amenities and comforts, this enthralling vessel can accommodate a maximum of 15 guests at a time; with the provision of sleeping capacity for four. During any celebrations; birthdays, get-togethers, parties or any other, it can easily make room for 10 guests with maximum fun on-board. 

    Note: This is not available in Monsoons

  • 37Rent A 32 Feet Sail Yacht In Mumbai

    Rent A 32 Feet Sail Yacht In Mumbai

    About the vessel:

    Introduced in the late 1980s, the 32 Feet Sail Yacht is truly a pleasant companion for those who yearns for fun and exciting yacht sailing in Mumbai. With style, charisma, appeal and ample of space on board, it has successfully became a favourite for the party mongers.

    Whether you are planning a cruise with family members, friends or with your colleagues, your every moment will be equally delightful in this vessel. Easy to manoeuvre, with all the basic amenities and plenitude of storage facilities on board, you will never run out of fun and excitement in the 32 Feet Sail Yacht on rent in Mumbai.

    Charter Cost: Rs 11000 + Taxes for 3 Hours  (6-8pax) include tender

    Note: This is not available in Monsoons

  • 38Speedboat Ride In Mumbai- Gulfcraft 31

    Speedboat Ride In Mumbai- Gulfcraft 31

    About the Vessel:

    If you want to rent a boat in Mumbai, then Gulfcraft 31 speedboat is the best option. While cruising the turquoise waters of the sea, this exciting boat will fulfill all your need and desire for performance and speed boat ride in Mumbai. Considered ideal for activities like leisure cruising, fishing, water skiing and others, this charismatic boat is designed to entertain its fans in all aspects.

    In addition to its high quality performance and flexibility to manoeuvre, it also comes with features that makes it an ideal hunt for the yacht or speed boat lovers. With all the sea-comforts and luxuries, it also offers plenty of spaces to store your favourite foods and drinks; make sure you stuff it accordingly before you embark on an fun-filled cruise with the Gulf Craft 31ft Speed Boat.

    Charter Cost: Rs 11,000 + Waiting charges @ Rs 500/- per hr + taxes

    Route: Gateway-Mandwa-Gateway (same day return)

  • 39Mumbai City Tour

    Mumbai City Tour
    • h8 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN39 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • From a port city, Mumbai has transformed itself as a destination with flourishing markets, big business houses and many different communities.
    • It is a reflection of a cosmopolitan upswing combined with a trendy atmosphere rarely seen elsewhere. It formidably stands as an innovative face of the ever-changing India.
    • Your exploration of this awe-inspiring location will never seize to amaze you! From beautiful architectural wonders to the world’s most expensive home, from a local food stall to fine dines, from the streets to the high streets; all your wishes will be fulfilled in this city!
    • This 8 hours Mumbai day tour activity will give you an exclusive opportunity to closely experience the real Mumbai and its magnanimous lifestyle. The fun and excitement begins at around 10:00AM with your pick-up from the hotel.
    • The first destination to visit within this delightful tour will be the Victoria Terminus or the V.T Station. A testimony to the colonial era of Mumbai, this Gothic architecture reflects the aura and essence of a bygone era.
    • Post this, you will be visiting the Flora Fountain followed by the Gateway of India. Situated at the heart of the Fort area, this historic fountain was erected in the memory of Sir Henry Bartle Edward Frere, the then Governor of Mumbai.
    • On the other hand, the Gateway of India was built to honour the arrival of King George V and Queen Mary’s arrival in India. Both these structures are now considered as major landmarks of the city.
    • Along with a glance at the history, you will also witness the commercial aspect of Mumbai with a visit to the Nariman Point.
    • Located at the southern end of Marine Drive, your next destination and one of the most dazzling points in the city, Nariman Point got its name from Khurshee Framji Narimana, a Parsi pioneer who dreamt of retrieving land from the sea.
    • Marine Drive in Mumbai is a cult among the visitors as well as the locals of Mumbai. While visiting this 3km coastline, gaze onto the multi-million dollar buildings, striking esplanade and other striking monuments; but the most amazing feature of Marine Drive is the jolly crowd!
    • Hanging Garden, Mani Bhavan, Prince of Wales Mueum, Haji Ali Dargah, Dhobi Ghat, Juhu Beach, Mount Mary Church and Mahalaxmi Temple will also be visited after Marine Drive. All these places have their own rustic charm, and cannot be missed during any of the Mumbai tours.
    • With the completion of all the places, you will be dropped back at your hotel; with this, this exciting Mumbai sightseeing tour will come to an end.

  • 40Ayurvedic Massage In Mumbai

    Ayurvedic Massage In Mumbai

    About the Destination:

    Mumbai, a city that never sleeps, a city that has been the dream of millions, is the home to a diverse range of traditions and beliefs. The rush and pace of life in this tinsel town is one of its own kinds, and no other cities in the country can second it!

    Amidst all the rush and haste of life, people are often seen losing their confidence, will to work and falls prey to the tough schedules of life. In such unfortunate happenings of life, one needs to relax and rejuvenate themselves for a better tomorrow! With one of the best ayurvedic massage deals in Mumbai, you can always find a reason to feel fresh, overcome all the tough situations and find a better you!

     About the Activity with Details:

    This soothing journey in Mumbai begins with your pick-up from the hotel and transfer to the massage centre. Within the 2 hours of this relaxing therapy, you will surely find yourself in a much tranquil state of mind, body and soul!

    Enjoy a full body package to ease your everyday aches and pains with the Sarvakaya Abyangnam, an oil-based therapy that quickly relieves any muscle cramps, strains and eliminates fatigue when applied in rhythmic strokes. This technique is widely used by individuals of all ages, to pacify the Vata dosha, believed to the cause for neurological and muscular disorders.

    Not just this, the massage also helps in delaying ageing, sharpening vision, improving brain functions and creating more flexibility in the joints. So give this phenomenal Ayurvedic massage a chance; live a healthy and stress-free life! 

    With the completion of this rejuvenating experience, you will be dropped back at the hotel.

    Activities: Relaxing

    Duration of the Activities: 2 Hours  

  • 41Group Camping at Bordi Beach

    Group Camping at Bordi Beach
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN26 ratings

    About the Activity:

    If you are looking for camping near Mumbai, Bordi Beach is where you should head to! A quaint small beach-town along the borders of Maharashtra and Gujarat, Bordi is known for its amazing and untouched beauty. An indigenous home to some of the adivasi groups, this scenic hamlet proves to be a treasure trove for those who want to escape the heat of city-life and seek some peace and serenity amidst the nature.

    Jotted with several heritage homes and ancient bungalows, camping at Bordi Beach is an ideal way to relax and rejuvenate! Join this amazing camping experience near Mumbai and shed off all the weariness that engulfs you amidst the humdrums of city-life!

    About the Activity with Details:

    Along with amazing experience of camping at Bordi Beach, this tour package will also get you close to the cultures and traditions around the vicinity. Set off to the Saturday hat market, stroll through the jovial by-lanes of Bordi, learn Warli paintings from the locals and lot more during your camping. Along with all these, you can also indulge in activities like cycling through the countryside, enjoy picnic beside the Aswali Dam, visit chickoo orchards and also take out some pleasant moments to explore the Dhanu Beach on your way back.

  • 42City Cycling Ride in South Mumbai

    City Cycling Ride in South Mumbai
    • h4 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN26 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • Kick-start the historic cycling tour of Mumbai at around 06.45 AM, and traverse through remnants from the Mauryan, Portuguese and British empires!
    • Cycle through Gateway of India, Nariman Point, and many other spellbinding attractions like Flora Fountain, CST, Ballard Estate and Town Hall.
    • Savour a scrumptious breakfast at the famed Irani Cafe, and tread through numerous winding alleys.
    • Get back at around 10.30 AM to the Horniman Circle, after an enthralling cycling experience that is unlike any other.
  • 43Adventure Day Out near Vaitarna River

    Adventure Day Out near Vaitarna River
    • h1 Hour
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN629 ratings

    Ride to this adventure with Uber at a special price. Book Now to receive the unique code.

    About the Activity:

    • Partake in exciting adventure activities like swimming in the river and cliff jumping!
    • 8 ft cliff jumping near the river is for those seeking some serious thrills.
    • Commando Bridge, 80 ft flying fox, archery, air rifle shooting are among several other activities engage you throughout. 
    • Have a fun-filled day with your team and friend's group.
    • This activity can be availed at 09:00 AM and 02:15 PM.

  • 44Adventure Activities and Stay at Kamath’s Residency in Nagothane

    Adventure Activities and Stay at Kamath’s Residency in Nagothane
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN359 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • This offbeat destination is a fine blend of adventure and rejuvenation, making it a perfect weekend retreat!
    • After you reach the property check in at 10:00 AM to embark this amazing experience like never before.
    • The experiential stay here opens you up to an exciting range of activities such as white water rafting and kayaking.
    • Glorious ruins of Raigad or Murud Janjira forts are a charming brush with history, while the lush environs and the isolated beaches form an enchanting setting.
    • Raise it a few notches with River Crossing, Jet Ski, and Banana Boat rides, or tread through the slushy trails on the mountain biking trip.
    • Following a chilling Kansai Waterfall trek, retire for the eventful day around a cozy bonfire with many unforgettable memories to return with.
    • Stay in luxurious AC room for the night and check out at 06:00 PM.

  • 45Pre-Monsoon Easy Jungle Trek in Mumbai

    Pre-Monsoon Easy Jungle Trek in Mumbai

    About the Activity:

    Get ready for a trekking experience like never before! No matter how much you know about Mumbai, this is one trip that would help you in knowing more about this city!

    Brace up to begin your jungle trek by assembling within the park at around 07:30AM. Following your arrival, there will be an induction session at around 07:45AM. Post this; by around 08:45AM, embark on a trek to the captivating Kancheri Caves and visualize wide range of flora and fauna amidst the park.

    Witness stunning species of migratory birds and mammals in their natural habitat. Also, spot a wide range of reptiles during your trek. Post all these enthralling experiences; close to 01:30PM, your jungle trek comes to an end. Wind up yourself and return from Kanheri Caves to the main gate of the park. It is time to give your feet a rest and bid adieu to other group members; your experience will end here!

  • 46Team Day Outing at Vangani

    Team Day Outing at Vangani
    • d1 Day
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN24 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • If you are in the mood for some crazy, untamed fun and adventure, then you need to head to this adventure campsite with your team of enthusiastic games right away!
    • Located at Vangani, Thane district on Karjat – Neral Road, this  is the ideal campsite for those who seek a day of exciting fun and adventure in the heart of the adventure hub itself!
    • The popular and rustic campsite conducts land, air and water activities under one roof for the adventurer in you!  This is a naturist site stretched across 8 acres, equipped with amenities that will make your trip here a wondrous experience!
    • While here, you and your team can participate in dart archery and flying fox  in Mumbai and 115km from Pune, this is an ideal weekend getaway location for you and your peers to enjoy rock climbing and rappelling!
    •  You could also take a walk with nature and explore the different amazing sites around you! About 85km from CST station, This is the best place for you to spend an adventurous quality time with your peers and folks over some exciting activities! 

  • 47Team Activities and Stay at Vangani

    Team Activities and Stay at Vangani
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN30 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • If the daily grind of chasing targets, deadlines and office meetings have exhausted you, escape on this team outing for a refreshing day!
    • With an array of activities to boost self-confidence, this resort is all set to play host to a fun-filled stay.
    • Partake in the many adventure games offered and be rejuvenated within a blink of an eye.
    • Indulge yourselves in competing with opponent groups, and bond while you unwind together with colleagues at Vangani 
  • 48Waterfall Rappelling and Trekking at Madap Waterfalls, Khopoli

    Waterfall Rappelling and Trekking at Madap Waterfalls, Khopoli
    • h9 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN621 ratings

    About the Activity with Details:

    While touring this region of Maharashtra, brace yourself for some heart racing activities! Off all the activities available here, waterfall rappelling at Madap waterfall is the one that will introduce you to the true beauty of the cascade.

    A controlled descend through a waterfall using a rope, this enthralling activity will begin with your arrival at the Madap village at around 08:30AM. Ddig into a scrumptious breakfast before kick staring your trek to the waterfall.

    Post breakfast, get started with rappelling at Madap Waterfall at around 10:30AM; experience power rappelling over 120ft of cascading waterfall. Control your weight as you descend down using the rope tied to your body and experience the thrills as you gradually descend!

    Following this thrilling adventure, start your trek back to the village at around 04:30PM and get freshened up with hot tea and snacks. At around 06:00PM, wind up yourself and wish adieu to the placid environs of Madap as you begin your return journey to Mumbai; expect to reach Mumbai at around 09:00PM with a bag full of memories!

  • 49Helicopter Joy Ride Over Mumbai

    Helicopter Joy Ride Over Mumbai

    About the Activity:

    • Indulge in the most innovative way of exploring Mumbai with this Helicopter Joy Ride!
    • Think beyond exploring the metropolis through land and water, and indulge in this novel activity that provides a bird's view of the city.
    • Enthrall in this exclusive helicopter ride that provides an unmatched panoramic view.
    • Fly under the guidance of expert pilots who consider safety to be of paramount importance, and experience the exhilaration of watching Mumbai from the skies.

    • There are three categories available; shared helicopter ride, private ride for couples and private ride for up to 3 persons.
  • 50Nature Trail in Sanjay Gandhi National Park

    Nature Trail in Sanjay Gandhi National Park

    About the Activity:

    Fixed Departure: 12th February, 2017
    • Start your activity around 07:15 AM, after you arrive at the parking gate of the Sanjay Gandhi National park and wait till the gate opens.
    • Then take a taxi or your own vehicle to reach Kanheri caves and get briefed about the trek by an instructor.
    • Take the trail which rewards you with an invigorating walk, sightings of rare birds, a feel of the jungle and oneness with nature.
    • End the walk near a water stream where you can refresh yourself with a vegetarian breakfast.
    • Post breakfast, resume your trek and reach the highest point for a delicious lunch with stunning views.
    • Post lunch, descend towards Kanheri Caves and end your trek at 03:30 PM.
    • One of the major national parks situated close to a metropolis, the dense forests of Sanjay Gandhi National Park draw enthusiasts over a weekend with friends and family.
  • 51Joy Ride over Mumbai

    Joy Ride over Mumbai

    About the Activity:

    • Joy ride over Mumbai is an innovative adventure activity that enables you with a bird’s view of this glamorous city.
    •  Embark on this thrilling adventure with Joy ride over Mumbai, hop onto Cessna 172 Skyhawk and get ready to live your dream.
    • Buckle up your seat belts as you witness Mumbai like never before on this four-seat aircraft. 
    • Fly under the guidance of expert pilots who consider your safety as their first priority. 
    • Enjoy a stunning aerial view of sea and land while gliding in the air with Joy ride over Mumbai!
    • Price is for 3 People.
  • 52Motorcycling Trip to Kelwa Beach, Mumbai

    Motorcycling Trip to Kelwa Beach, Mumbai

    About the activity :

    Do the roars of bike engines excite you and make you want to hop on and let the road take you wherever you want to go? On your next weekend, head for an exciting motorcycle trip to Kelwa beach; a popular weekend getaway for tourists from Mumbai. The beach is about 8km long and provides an excellent scenic view for those who love the serenity of the sea! Although it is not a frequently visited tourist attraction, the beach is overcrowded with local tourists during weekends, so you can interact with a fun and happening crowd as well! Situated about 80km north of Mumba, it is easily accessible from the Kelwa Railway station situated about 5km away. Get your petrol tanks full and kick start your engines to a full blast as you head for the exciting motorcycle trip to Kelwa beach.

    Meal Types: All meals

    Transportation Types: Own motorcycle (Route: Mumbai - Lonavala – Panshet, Total Distance – 210Kms)

    Activities: Bike Tour

  • 53Waterfall Rappelling and Flying Fox at Vihigaon

    Waterfall Rappelling and Flying Fox at Vihigaon

    About the activity :

    Water sports never ceases to amaze us, and it is time we let the thrill of adventure seep in to our every core and enjoy every second of where we are! On your next holiday, experience adventure with a waterfall rappelling and flying fox experience in Bihigaon! Waterfall rappelling is a technique used for controlled descending down from a rock patch or slope, with water hitting you from all sides possible! The main equipment used are high quality ropes, seat harnesses along with gloves and a helmet for safety.  This technique has been well practiced by adventure experts to create a safe recreational adventure activity wherein you can descend down on a rope under the refreshing flow of water via waterfalls, under the watchful eye of the professionals! Let the wonders of nature take you over to a whole new world and soar through the skies with the flying fox experience as well!! Experience the sheer thrill of waterfall rappelling and flying fox in Vihigaon now!

  • 54One Day Motorcycling Trip to Atgaon

    One Day Motorcycling Trip to Atgaon

    About the activity :

    Have you ever experienced the thrill of revving up your bike engines and getting kick-started to go on an exciting motorcycling trip to Atgaon? Well, this is your perfect chance to embark on an exciting adventure with your helmet and safety gears strapped on! Atgaon is a beautiful place located on the Central line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway network. Known for its scenic beauty, many Mumbaikars flock to this location on every possible holiday to spend some quality time with family and friends and of course with their dear motorcycles! Head out and let your face get the gentle swoosh of fresh air as you ride along the terrains of Atgaon!

    Meal Types: All Meals

    Accommodation Types: NA

    Transportation Types: Own Motorcycle

    Activities: Bike Tour

    Difficulty Level: NA

  • 55Motorcycling Trip to Panshet

    Motorcycling Trip to Panshet
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN31 ratings

    About the activity :

    Enjoy an exhilarating motorcycling trip to Panshet with your biker gang and let the wonders of nature make you feel like a rock star on your bike! 

    Let the beautiful expanse of Panshet make you fall in love with all that Mother Nature can offer you! Panshet is well known for the presence of Panshet Dam, also known as Tanajisagar Dam. This place is on the Mutha River about 50km southwest of the city of Pune in western India. 

    The dam was constructed in late 1950s for irrigation and, along with three other dams nearby it supplies drinking water to Pune. Spectate the architectural miracle and let the amazing weather and ambiance of the place take over you!

  • 56Waterfall Rappelling in Kasara (from Mumbai)

    Waterfall Rappelling in Kasara (from Mumbai)

    About the activity :  

    Fixed departure: 31-07-2016, 13-08-2016

    • Enjoy an exciting waterfall rappelling session at Kasara with your loved ones on your next holiday.
    • Start from Hotel Sai Shraddha, Bandra Station (West) in Mumbai at around 05:45 AM and reach Kasara after two hours of drive.
    • Rappelling is the technique of descending a waterfall using a rope on the basis of friction that controls the rate of descend. 
    • While dry rappelling is done over cliff faces or small rock faces, waterfall rappelling involves coming down a cliff face or rock face with plenty of water pouring down on you.
    • You get to the top of the fall, fasten yourself into the safety of a harness, rope up and stand over the edge of the fall and start descending.
    • Wind up the tour by late evening after getting dropped off at Mumbai.
    • For Basic Waterfall Rappelling, a waterfall between 50-80 feet high is usually chosen. 
    • The package includes food, transportation from Mumbai to Kasara and return.
  • 57Air Rifle Crash Course, Mumbai

    Air Rifle Crash Course, Mumbai
    • h7 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN39 ratings
    • 3,000

    About the activity:

    • Learn a new skill and commence on a air rifle crash course in Mumbai and enjoy the exciting experience.
    • Certified shooter with over 25 years of experience will teach you and guide you throughout your experience. 
    • While here, you can learn the basics of aiming and firing into the sky. A rigorous 7 hour activity, make sure you are prepped up in all the right ways and keep your shoulders, arms and your strong focus at the ready. 
    • Head out and enjoy this exciting experience to take a break from the routine of everyday.
  • 58Scuba Diving in Mumbai

    Scuba Diving in Mumbai

    About the Activity:

    • Get ready for an epic adventure of a lifetime as you embark on a riveting scuba diving session in Mumbai.
    • Dive in to this course with a PADI certified Scuba Diving instructor who will guide you step by step through the techniques of breathing under water and other essential skills.
    • The session lasts for 45 minutes and has all the safety equipment and procedures well in place.
    • Delight in this enticing activity and add a feather to your cap!
  • 59Bread- making session in Mumbai

    Bread- making session in Mumbai
    How well do you know the sophisticated art of baking bread? Engage in a fun and exciting bread making session with your loved ones and learn the intricate and aromatic culinary art in the comfort of your own city! In this session, you will learn to bake breads of different variety such as soft, stuffed, wholesome and classic! There are several different rolls of breads from all around the world that you can learn to make such as Chelsea buns in different styles, masala bread with variations, dinner rolls with different shapes, sweet bun, harlequin bread, cheese and garlic bread, party rolls with variations, parker house rolls with variations, stuffed calzones with variations, loaf bread with variations, whole wheat bread with variations and so much more that are sure to keep you on your toes! Pop on your bakers hat and get the flour and eggs ready for a good whip! 

    Activities: Bread baking class 

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 60Mocktails, Starters and Dips Making Sessions, Mumbai

    Mocktails, Starters and Dips Making Sessions, Mumbai
    Lip smacking food, enticing drinks and foot tapping music form the essence of every party. Strengthen your command on the bevy of mocktails, starters and dips; lend an impeccable touch of class to every gathering. Bank upon the chef's wealth of experience and learn up to 40 types of Mock tails, Smoothies and Cocktails, 10 Dips, 10 Starters and more. Also, gain knowledge about the right serving of starters with drinks, the glasses to be used and the history behind the concept of mocktails.  

    Learn to prepare:
    • Mocktails: Apple Pilar, Bora Bora Brew, Bulls Eye, Pashion Cooler, Florida, Baby Breeze etc
    • Starters: Cheese Bruchettes, Paneer Tikka, Potato wedges etc
    • Dips: Italian, Fluffy, Cheesy, Honey Mustard etc.
  • 61Dessert Classes in Mumbai

    Dessert Classes in Mumbai
    Sweet tooth folk! It is time you mastered the art of cooking and treating yourself to something you love, desserts! Engage in a fun and exciting dessert making classes in Mumbai on your next day off and surprise your loved ones with a wide selection of sweet delights! During the course, you will get to master the art of preparing several varieties of desserts such as cheesecakes and soufflés! Your taste buds must be salivating already! Learn to master the art of preparing over 14 varieties of desserts ranging from the following delicious types such as:
    • Mousses
    • Soufflés
    • Cheese Cakes such as the delicious Blue Berry Cheese Cake, Tiramisu, Death by Chocolate Mousse, Mango Delight, and many more variations that will surely leave your family and friends impressed and asking for more! 
    Activities: Learn how to make desserts and get a golden chance to taste your amazing creations! 

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 62Mexican-Italian Culinary Classes, Mumbai

    Mexican-Italian Culinary Classes, Mumbai

    Mamma mia! Experience a fun and exciting culinary adventure with a Mexican-Italian culinary session with your loved ones and revel in the amazing taste and style of the aromas of countries known for its amazing culture! Engage in an exciting and delicious experience as you roam around in an apron in a sprawling kitchen that is filled with amazing culinary delights to test your senses to the maximum! Enjoy a fun filled day and learn to cook some of the best dishes in the world with your loved ones and prepare yourself for an exciting and thrilling food ride!

    Activities: Mexican-Italian crash course

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 63Chaat Preparation Classes in Mumbai

    Chaat Preparation Classes in Mumbai

    If cooking is the best form of stress buster for you then you need to head for a fun and exciting cht preparation class in Mumbai with your friends and you can engage in a fun and exciting session of learning to prepare one of the best cuisines known so dearly to the streets of India! Grab your apron and get going to the classes for a treat! Learn to prepare the different chaats of India as you cut onions, tomatoes and concoct mixes and dips like a perfect chef from the most dense streets thronged in India! Get your hands smeared with the delicious spices and sauces that are dear to every panipuri wala and let yourself indulge in the sweet and spicy taste of the famous Indian chaats! 

    Activities: Chaats crash course

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 64Footlong Sandwiches and Salads Preparation Classes In Mumbai

    Footlong Sandwiches and Salads Preparation Classes In Mumbai

    The Americans have perfected the art of delighting you with some of their world class cuisine and now it is your turn to learn the fun and exciting art of preparing their famous footlong subs and sandwiches! Enjoy an exciting footlong sandwiches and salads preparation class with your loved ones and bask in the aromas of fresh food as you dice onions, tomatoes and bake delicious bread! A fully equipped kitchen awaits you with excellent facilities to enjoy learning how to make footlong sandwiches & salads with a fully equipped kitchen and amenities available to suit your culinary needs! While here, you can also taste your delicious dishes which you will prepare! Delight your family with these treats and enjoy a fun-filled day with foodies like you! 

    Activities: Footlong sandwiches and salads crash course

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 65Roti, Naan and Paratha preparation crash course in Mumbai

    Roti, Naan and Paratha preparation crash course in Mumbai

    It’s time you learnt to make your rotis round! Engage in a fun and exciting roti, naan and paratha preparation class in Mumbai on your next day off and master the art of preparing the perfect style of Indian bread! Enjoy a 3 hour long session of kneading, rolling and preparing the best rotis, naans and parathas that you would have prepared in this lifetime! This is a fun and engaging session that you can learn to perfect in a few hours time! Engage with the fun crowd and raise your rolling pin in the air to enjoy a delicious Indian breads food fest!

    Activities: Roti-Naan and Paratha crash course

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 66Thai Food Preparation Classes in Mumbai

    Thai Food Preparation Classes in Mumbai

    The Far East holds many wonders for you to enjoy and explore! One of the many things that will leave you in awe of the beautiful wonders of the country of Thailand is the amazing cuisine of the place! This is your golden chance to experiment with the fine spices and aromatic dishes of Thai cuisine with a Thai food preparation class in Mumbai on the 30th of August. Grab your friends and learn the intricate and exciting art of preparing food that has bowled over scores of Indians and global audiences over the past century! Try your hand at the rich and exotic curries, rice and spices of Thailand and give your loved ones a pleasant surprise!  

    Activities: Thai crash course

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 67Sizzler Preparation Classes in Mumbai

    Sizzler Preparation Classes in Mumbai

    Nothing makes a dinner more eventful and delicious than a spicy, smoking sizzler dish made by you! Engage in an exciting and fun sizzler preparation class in Mumbai with your friends and learn the interesting manner in which sizzlers are made by the professionals in the kitchen! Grab your aprons and wield your kitchen knives as you chop onions, capsicums, tomatoes and a variety of other dishes and cook them over a state of the art stove in a well-equipped kitchen! Let the steaming and sizzling dishes come forth and dazzle all your loved ones! Join the classes for a fun and challenging 3 hour session as you perfect that dish!

    Activities: Sizzler crash course

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 68Cakes and Pastries Baking Sessions in Mumbai

    Cakes and Pastries Baking Sessions in Mumbai

    Who doesn’t love a blueberry cheesecake glazed with icing, or a brownie melting with pure chocolate bliss?! On your next weekend, head for a fun and riveting cakes and pastries baking session in Mumbai with your friends and indulge in a delicious, sugar-filled experience that will take you on a sweet high! Master the intricate and colourful art of baking pastries, cupcakes and cakes in a kitchen equipped with state of the art facilities, just for you! Enjoy every minute of whipping up icing, cream, batter and licking off the delicious cake mix on your fingers! Prepare the best of pastries and cakes and you will get the chance to taste some of them as well!

    Activities: Cakes & Pastries’ crash course

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 69Chinese Starters Preparation Classes in Mumbai

    Chinese Starters Preparation Classes in Mumbai

    Light fried spring rolls in hot chilli sauce; the very mention of the name has you salivating! On your next day off, head for fun and exciting Chinese starters preparation class in Mumbai and learn to prepare a cuisine that many an Indian hold dear to them! Learn to prepare delicious spring rolls, chicken starters, soup and other unique varieties of dishes that will get your mouth watering and your hands busy as they dice tofu, chicken, vegetables and sprinkle exotic spices to concoct the perfect broth or roll! Tingle your taste buds with delicious food worthy of a family dinner and surprise your loved ones the next chance you get by whipping up some delicious Chinese starters!

    Activities: Special Chinese starters crash course

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 70Ice Cream Preparation Classes in Mumbai

    Ice Cream Preparation Classes in Mumbai

    The true and pure essence of sweet dishes lies in the way you make them, with that personal touch of sugar! On your next day off, head for a fun and exciting ice cream preparation class in Mumbai with your friends and let the wonders of the sweet world amaze you! The art of ice cream making is not only oddly easy, but a lot of fun as well when you do it with a group of sweet toothed folk likes yourself! Whip up cream, sugar and lots of ice to conjure that perfect recipe for a delicious flavour of icecream! Pick your favourite flavour such as chocolate or vanilla and butterscotch! Get your sweet somethings here and be a master at it!

    Activities: Ice-cream Crash Course

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 71Salad Dressing Preparation Classes in Mumbai

    Salad Dressing Preparation Classes in Mumbai

    What good is a salad full of essential greens if you do not have a yummy thousand island dressing to adorn it, or spicy vinaigrette to glaze it all over? This weekend, head for a fun and exciting salad dressing preparation class in Mumbai and surprise your friends on your next party by whipping up a delicious salad dressing for them! Experiment with the different flavours around and revel in the exciting and fun taste of the salad dressings galore!

    Activities: Salad & Dressing crash course

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 72Cake Baking Classes in Mumbai

    Cake Baking Classes in Mumbai
    Quick and easy way to learn baking eggless cakes professionally. So now you can have your own creation in eggless cakes and eat it too. Learn the art of perfect and professional eggless baking from the expert chefs who have been conducting professional confectionery and baking courses in Mumbai since 1993. They have over this period of time trained over 20,000 students in their eggless baking classes in Mumbai. 

    You get to learn:

    • German Black Forest
    • Pinacolada
    • Date Walnuts
    • Danish Cake with Strawberry Topping
    • Mava Cake
    • Zebra Swirl Cookies
    • Coconut Cookies
    • Sacher Torte
    • Regent Gateaux and more...
  • 73Terrarium Making Workshop, Mumbai

    Terrarium Making Workshop, Mumbai
    • d1 Dayh4 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN36 ratings

    A truly unique and novel activity, Terrarium making workshop in Mumbai will equip you with skills that are far beyond anything that you have learnt so far. Terrarium is basically a miniature ecosystem that can be built within glass enclosures. Beautify your home, office or room with these stunning little creations that are the most practical way to decorate your spaces with indoor plants in these times, when we are so crunched for space.

    From a small pendant hanging in your neck,  to a glass jar that will be on your night stand; a terrarium can be as small or as big as you like it to be. The plants will be picked to suit each individuals taste and liking and every terrarium made is thus, unique. From the mix of soil itself to every stone, mud or plant put in; you can learn every aspect in detail. Each terrarium has to suit the environment that it is to grow in.

    Activities: Basic to medium study on creating terraniums

    Difficulty Level: Medium

  • 74Trek to Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai

    Trek to Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai
    Embark on a thrilling trek to the highest point in Mumbai at Sanjay Gandhi national Park and witness a whole new side to the city. All of us think that Mumbai is nothing but buildings, industries and pollution. On this trek, you will get to see one of the greenest and most refreshing pockets of the city that never sleeps. From the summit, you can witness the unrealistically beautiful sweeping panorama of the three major lake d of the city namely, Tulsi, Vihar and Powai.
    You are destined to feel blessed to catch some green and refreshing air as you step out of the clogged city streets into the arms of nature. On this trek you will be accompanied by instructors and 'naturalists' who will not only guide you through the trek but will also tell you the deep secrets of the amazing forest.

    Meal Types: 1 breakfast, 1 lunch (Veg)

    Activities:  Trekking, photography.

    Difficulty Level: Medium

  • 75Basic Tea Workshop with a Tea Sommelier in Mumbai

    Basic Tea Workshop with a Tea Sommelier in Mumbai

    At this workshop, you will discover a new world of tea and food pairings, creating a burst of flavors in your mouth. You will also learn about different types of Single Origin, Ethical/Fair-trade Tea. More interestingly, you will learn to make your own hand-crafted tea bags.You will learn the methods that are best to brew tea in order to bring out all their refreshing flavors. This workshop will bust various myths that you’ve held about tea and show you how good it is for you.With the market flooded with hundreds of varieties of tea, the tea experts will show you how to pick the best quality and flavorsome teas so that you can enjoy a well rounded tea experience.So come! Open a window into the fine art of tea appreciation and learn why the humble tea remains unbeaten as the No.1 beverage in the world.

    Meal Types:  4 types of tea & pairings

    Activities: Tea tasting and theory knowledge

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 76Advance Photography Workshop for Youth in Mumbai

    Advance Photography Workshop for Youth in Mumbai

    Photography is a wonderful technical tool, teaching lessons in science (light, math, etc.) and computer skills. Whether you havn't yet taken your first picture or you are a young enthusiast always on the lookout for new equipment, there are skills to learn that can make this an enjoyable and captivating hobby. A person hooked on photography is a child who rarely says "There's nothing to do." Armed with skills, a digital camera and charged batteries, there's always something to do – rain or shine.


    Participants will learn about f-stops, shutter speeds, ambient light and many more topics. The mentor will focus on each of these topics by going in-depth which will be well balanced with class assignments.

    Activities: Drawing for Kids

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 77Learn to Make Sizzlers

    Learn to Make Sizzlers

    About the Activity:

    Grab your chance of learning how to cook mouthwatering sizzlers! Rivet in this relishing experience of cooking this mouthwatering dish on your own. There is no better feeling than cooking something scrumptious and an absolutely new dish!

    In this class, you will be taught how to cook as many as twelve different types of sizzlers along with six variations of sauces to go with the sizzlers. Dip in the spicy-tangy aroma of this mouthwatering cuisine. You will be taught by professionals who will ensure that you follow the entire process smoothly and efficiently.

    Indulge in this exciting and knowledgeable workshop that will teach you not only how to cook those mouthwatering sizzlers but will also impart you the entire process, step-by step. Learn the basics including marinating the fillets, cutting the vegetables, assembling the sizzlers and all the other required ingredients that make this dish a unanimous favorite for one and all.

  • 78Theatre Classes for Kids in Mumbai

    Theatre Classes for Kids in Mumbai

    Lights, camera and some amazing action awaits your kids with a fun and exciting theatre workshop in Mumbai with the pioneers of theatre themselves! Register your kids now for an amazing series of theatre classes and workshops from 09:00AM to 11:00AM and watch as they learn expressions, moves and throw their voice out to an audience! Get your little actors in the making for this amazing workshop where they will focus on a collaborative art form with literature, scripts, sounds etc. The workshop will focus on Physical awareness, Theater history, and Indian classical and modern theater, Story Telling, Voice / Sound, Projection among a few other very important aspects such as: 

    •  Physical awareness / Training
    •  Theater history
    • Indian classical & modern theater
    • Parallel theater / Contemporary theater
    • Theatrical games
    • Story Telling / Story building
    • Voice / Sound
    • Projection
    • Articulation
    • Modulation
    • Five elements
    • Improvisation

    Activities: Drawing for Kids

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 79Chai Walk in Mumbai

    Chai Walk in Mumbai

    Who living in India does not love some amazing and delicious tea? It is an officegoers best friend, a conversation starter and a drink that will only leave you wanting more! The Chai Walk is a great way to explore the city and make new friends. On each walk, the tour providers have had at least 5-6 people who had just moved to the city and wanted something fun to do on a weekend and in fact they left the walk making new friends and making plans with them for the next weekend. It is always believed that coffee has conversations, while tea has tales. The chai walk has told many tea tales and written a few new ones as well. Whether you are a tea enthusiast, city lover or just someone who enjoys a cup of tea and conversations, this walk is sure to engage your senses and deliver an enjoyable evening around town.  

    Activities: Tea Tastings and city tour

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 80Anxiety relief programme at De-Stress Spa, Bandra

    Anxiety relief programme at De-Stress Spa, Bandra

    About the Activity:

    Win back your lost energy by participating in this soothing anxiety relief program at De-stress Spa, Bandra. Relax your mind and body – get ready to de-stress yourself from all the fatigues caused due to the routine and hectic life schedule.

    You can begin this session with a relaxing Aromatherapy massage – refresh yourself with this gentle massage session that makes use of sense of touch and smell. The oils used for this session are generally a blend of lavender, geranium and marjoram essentials. All these components facilitate your blood circulation in the muscles, thus, reducing the fatigue.

    Owing to its Ayurveda roots, this aromatherapy massage is usually performed on head-neck-shoulder region. As these are the prominent areas that suffers majority of mental stress. Relax yourself in this soothing spa session – apart from aromatherapy you can undertake various other sessions as well. Soothe your mind and body with this refreshing anxiety relief program at De-Stress Spa, Bandra.

    Activities: Anxiety Relief Program 
    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 81Lanes of Lalbaug Walk in Mumbai

    Lanes of Lalbaug Walk in Mumbai

    If you are a true blue Mumbaikar, you will know what a walk to the lanes of Lalbaug means for you, so why make plans this weekend that does not include a visit to the place of origin of the famous Ganesh Chaturthi festival? Grab your cameras, your friends and head for a walk to the beautiful, crowded and sanctity of Lalbaugcha for an amazing experience! The lanes of Lalbaug come alive each year as Ganesh Chaturthi nears – Ganesh shaalas crop up, artists start giving finishing touches to the idols, associations get together and erect tents or pandals in which gigantic statues of Ganesha are enthroned, to be immersed later. There is a surge in activity in this erstwhile mill area as it dresses up to welcome the most revered Ganpati in Mumbai – Lalbaugcha Raja (King of Lalbaug) and you need to be a part of this exciting event! 

    Activities: Sight Seeing

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 82Art Class for Kids, Mumbai

    Art Class for Kids, Mumbai

    About the Activity:

    Give your kids (5-7 Years) an enriching gift of fun-filled learning with this delightful art class for kids in Mumbai. A productive session that enables your kids to give their imagination a mortal form through the medium of colors, papers, textures and forms.

    Enroll your kids in this three month workshop – a beautiful blend of craft and drawing. Truly, a learning experience – give a break to all the video games and let your kids play with the figures and structures. The trained teachers will ensure that your kids have the best of their time in this art class for kids in Mumbai. A beautiful fusion of craft and drawing based activities will not only boost their imagination but will also teach them to express themselves through the medium of colors and papers.

    Its time for your kiddies to get exposed to the beauty of art through colors, papers, textures and forms! This 3 month course will prepare them to their forms, figures and structures right! A mix of craft and drawing based activities that will give a boost to your kid's imagination and let them express freely! Class will be conducted on Saturday and Sunday from 12 - 1 PM.

  • 83An excursion around Mumbai

    An excursion around Mumbai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN37 ratings
    An unforgettable excursion around Mumbai awaits you! Mumbai, that is rightfully known as the city that never sleeps is a treasure trove of experiences and sights that will delight you. As the night falls the folk of the city come out to revel in the cooler temperatures along the seaside that is lovingly known as the 'Chowpatty'. As the cool breeze and scenic sunset grace the city, it takes on a whole new hue. 
    During this nighttime, you will get to see a whole new side of this bustling metropolis. Get around the Banganga Tank, Jain Temple, the chaotic CST station and even the garish colours of the red light district of Mumbai. A stunning melange of modern, old, traditional and cosmopolitan values, Mumbai is indeed a sight to behold!

    Areas Covered:

    • Chowpatty Beach
    • Banganaga Tank 
    • Jain Temple
    • Kamala Nehru Park
    • Antilla Building
    • Kamathipura
    • CST Station 
    Note: The Tour  does not operate on Sundays.

  • 84An excursion through Dharavi, Mumbai

    An excursion through Dharavi, Mumbai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN41 ratings
    About the Activity:
    A walking excursion through Dharavi, Mumbai will open you up to a whole new side of the city that has remained hitherto unseen. Contrary to the popular perception, Dharavi is more than just a slum area of this metropolis, it is a place where indigenous industries and works come to life. With an annual income of more than US$665 million, this tour will expose you to the way that revenue is created. There area number of industries that operate here such as; recycling, pottery-making, embroidery, bakery, soap factory, leather tanning, poppadom-making and many more. The way these things are created is truly wonderful and indigenous to the land. 

    Areas Covered:
    • Recycling Area
    • Bakery
    • Poppadum Making
    • Kumbharwada pottery colony
    • Residential areas
  • 85Pottery Classes for Kids, Mumbai

    Pottery Classes for Kids, Mumbai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN35 ratings

    About the Activity:

    Pottery Classes for kids enables your children to explore all of the fundamental building techniques both ancient as well as modern. Provide your kids a chance to give their imagination a live form.

    An ideal class for beginners – let your kids get their hands dirty in making something beautiful. Under the guidance of trained professionals, your kids would be learning much more than just pottery making. With all the required components such as coil pits, pinch pots and slab work – give your kids a chance to make their own world. Give a break to the digital world and let your kids delight in this pottery class for kids in Mumbai.

    This pottery class will explore all of the fundamental hand building techniques, both ancient and modern. Includes coil pots, pinch pots, and slab work . A great class for beginners looking to get their hands dirty, as well as the experienced potter, looking for some new skills to add to their repertoire.

    Classes are conducted every sunday from 9 AM to 11 AM in Mulund.

  • 86Drawing and Art Cass for Kids, Mumbai

    Drawing and Art Cass for Kids, Mumbai

    About the Activity:

    Provide your kids with an enriching experience – drawing and art class for kids, Mumbai is a fun-filled learning session. A productive session that enables your kids to give their imagination a mortal form through the medium of colours, papers, textures and forms.

    Drawing is a companion to be enjoyed, give your kids an opportunity to enjoy this bond. Show them world of colours and sketches – let them sketch their wildest and creative imaginations on paper. Enroll your kids in this workshop – a beautiful blend of colours and drawing. Truly, a learning experience – give a break to all the video games and let your kids play with the figures and structures. The trained teachers will ensure that your kids have the best of their time in this drawing and art class for kids in Mumbai.

    Activities: Drawing for Kids

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 87Mumbai Sightseeing Tour Through Local Transport

    Mumbai Sightseeing Tour Through Local Transport
    • h3 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN26 ratings

    About the Activity:

    On a sightseeing tour of Mumbai, experience this fast moving city as it is meant to be experienced, through Mumbai's Public Transport. The experience will give you a realistic picture of what it's really like to be in this city of dreams, that never sleeps. This tour that uses public transport for getting around, which will acquaint you with the very beat of the city. On this tour, you will get to see the financial capital of India in all its glory. 

    NOTE: The tour operates daily, with the exception of Sunday.

  • 883 D Map Making Workshop, Mumbai

    3 D Map Making Workshop, Mumbai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN28 ratings
    Equip yourself with the rare art of 3D map making with a workshop in Mumbai and learn the art of Cartography. A rich melange between science, an aesthetic outlook and intricate skills it will educate your mind about the applied nature of Geography. The skills required to make a good and easy to use map make it a very important and a relatively easy skill to try out. 
    In this workshop, you can expect to learn the amazing art of making 3 D maps that is interesting and at the same time challenging. Add a new skill to your repertoire with this intriguing workshop.

    Difficulty Level: Medium
    Age Limit: People attending the activity must be more than 10 years old. 
  • 89Cartography Workshop, Mumbai

    Cartography Workshop, Mumbai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN31 ratings
    The art and science of map making, Cartography is a specialised and intricate art that is indeed a pleasure to learn. This workshop can be made into a truly exciting form of art that not only aids the creative skills of the uninitiated minds but also helps in the practical application of Geography.
    The skills required for making a map make it an intriguing subject to learn. In this session, you will learn the art of making Fantasy maps or old age maps.

    Difficulty Level: Medium
  • 90Advanced Portrait Making Workshop, Mumbai

    Advanced Portrait Making Workshop, Mumbai
    In this workshop of advanced portrait making in Mumbai, you will be able to move ahead from the basic skills to more advanced areas of the art. The workshop will teach you how to make your portraits look more lifelike.
    The workshop will help you hone skills like establishing the point of focus, 6 tone shading, detailed evaluation of ratio and proportion and finally a complete study of textures. You will also be learning tricks like techniques of merging media and developing tone of the portraits and a further knowledge of experimenting with the art form.

    Difficulty Level: Medium

  • 91Dreamcatcher Weaving Workshop, Mumbai

    Dreamcatcher Weaving Workshop, Mumbai
    Learn the ancient art with dreamcatcher making workshop in Mumbai and acquaint yourself with this amazing art form. The workshop will teach you how to make delicate and intricate pieces using weaves of a thread, beads and feathers. Dreamcatchers, according to the lore, are supposed to catch good energies and give you good energies and vibes. It is also a relaxing art that will teach you to focus your aesthetics.
    So? Go on, weave your favorite dreamcatcher in your most loved colours and combinations.

    Activities: Basic to medium study on creating a dreamcatcher

    Difficulty Level: Medium

  • 92Cooking Workshop, Mumbai

    Cooking Workshop, Mumbai
    If you are an out and out foodie, then embark on this cooking workshop in Mumbai and learn the best skills of cooking from top, professional chefs. At this workshop you will be learning how to cook breakfast items, gravy & dry items, Rotis & Parathas, rolls & burgers, Mexican snacks & desserts; a whopping 30 recipes in total! Show off the skills you learn here to your friends and loved ones and surprise them too!
    You can also learn how to serve up easy and practical microwave recipes that can be made within 25 minutes!

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 93Eggless Baking Workshop

    Eggless Baking Workshop
    If the smell of baking is the most enticing smell you can think of, then embark on an egg-less baking workshop in Mumbai and hone your culinary skills to perfection. It is is this workshop that you will learn how to bake like a pro and that too without the use of eggs! You will learn special skills at the hands of experts for a duration of 3 and a half hours. You can add to your repertoire, things like German Black Forest, Pinacolada, Date Walnuts, Danish Cake with Strawberry topping, Mava Cake, Zebra Swirl Cookies, Coconut Cookies, Sacher Torte, Regent Gateaux and many more variations.

    Difficulty Level: Easy
  • 94Shilonda Nature Trail in Mumbai

    Shilonda Nature Trail in Mumbai

    About the Activity: 

    Commence on an exciting trail to Shilonda in Mumbai and experience the most amazing treks in Sanjay Gandhi National Park. 

    It is one of the activities that is a pleasure to embark upon no matter what the season! While in monsoons it offers the stunning view of the descending clouds, in winters it is full of bird life that is a delight to explore. You can click some amazing photographs of the vegetation, the varied plant and animal life as well as the landscapes surrounding you. 

    It is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature and the trek guides will also offer you invaluable suggestions to experience the trail better. The trail commences at Borivali Station at 06:30 AM.

    Note: Transport from Borivali Station, Mumbai will be in your vehicle.

  • 95Gorakhgad Trek in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai

    Gorakhgad Trek in Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai

    About the Activity: 

    • Challenge yourself to an pumping one day trek to Gorakhgad and let nature enchant you with its beauty right in the midst of the city! 
    • Although, the fort does not have a very illustrious or eminent history, it is well known among trekkers for its sky touching pinnacles. Located in the densely forested region of Gorakhgad and Macchindragad, the fortress also offers exciting opportunities for rock climbing. 
    • Historically, the fort was used as a vantage point to patrol the nearby area. It derives its name from a saint who used to perform penance in this area.
  • 96Soup & Starters Preparation Course, Mumbai

    Soup & Starters Preparation Course, Mumbai

    About the Activity:

    • Grab your chance of soup and starters preparation course in Mumbai. Embark in this basic cooking workshop that teaches you how to make soup and Chinese starters in a fully equipped kitchen along with rest of the group members. Rivet in this relishing experience of cooking these mouthwatering dishes on your own.
    • In this class, you will be taught how to cook different varieties of soups and scrumptious Chinese starters - get ready to impress your friends by your cooking talent. Serve them with these relishing cuisines by embarking in this exciting culinary workshop in Mumbai.
    • Indulge in this exciting and knowledgeable workshop that will teach you not only how to cook those mouthwatering dishes but will also impart you the entire process, step-by step.


    • Soup & Starter crash course

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 97Trek to Tungareshwar, Mumbai

    Trek to Tungareshwar, Mumbai

    About the Activity: 

    A part of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, a trek to Tungareshwar is certainly the best way to beat the city blues even if it is for a while. The dense forest offers innumerable opportunitiesto nature lovers and adventure lovers alike to experience the best of the adventure. 

    The Tungareshwar national park is especially beautiful in the monsoons as it bedecked in the glorious sights of the waterfalls, ravines and valleys filled with clouds. The activity begins as the participants meet at Vasai Station early in the morning at around 06.30 AM and depart towards the sanctuary. 

    Post a small briefing session, the trail begins. Traversing through lushly shaded pathways, the trail ends at around 11.30 AM, post which you will be returning to the Vasai station by auto.

    Note: The participants are requested not to leave the group until the trail ends.

  • 98Mumbai Midnight Cycling Trip

    Mumbai Midnight Cycling Trip
    • n1 Night
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN25 ratings

    About the Activity:

    Get ready for a riding experience like never before! No matter how much you know about Mumbai but this is one trip that would help you in exploring this city like never before!

    Delight in a midnight cycling trip through the city- the most remarkable feature about this trip is that you will be riding your bicycles through a beautiful coastal route in Mumbai. Begin your exploration – start unravelling the hidden streets while enjoying the coastal beauty of this otherwise bustling city. Hop onto your ride and get ready to surpass this stunning 35 km ride while passing through famous Mumbai tourist hotspots such as Marine Drive, Shivaji Park and various other famous viewpoints.

    Discover the fun of riding through amazing streets and beautiful roads. This amazing ride will come to an end at Bandstand. Unravel a totally different Mumbai with this delightful midnight cycling trip.

  • 99Day Cruise to Mandhwa, Mumbai

    Day Cruise to Mandhwa, Mumbai
    • h12 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN34 ratings
    • 12,000
    • Book Now

    About the Activity:

    Let the rolling waves soothe you as you set out on a day cruise to Mandwa from Mumbai. This sailing tour will take you on a luxury yacht across the vast Arabian Sea. Set out on the cruise from the famous Gateway of India in Mumbai early in the day at 07:00 AM and cruise across the waves to reach the jetty at Mandwa. You can embark on this memorable cruise with your family and friends and just have the time of your life, letting your heart touch the ocean spray. Once you dock at Mandwa, you can explore around the island and just relax and sample some coastal cuisine, until its time to head back at 07:00 PM. Refresh with the beauty of the surrounding and witness the majestic sunset over the ocean on your way back.

  • 100Luxury Cruise in a Sailboat in Mumbai

    Luxury Cruise in a Sailboat in Mumbai
    • d1 Day
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN165 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • The luxury cruise begins as you set out from the Gateway of India, even as the wind rushes past you!
    • Away from the busting city and out in the open sea is an exclusive way to spend the special day.
    • Cruise across the mighty Arabian Sea, and gift your loved one an unforgettable experience replete with Champagne, Flowers, Balloon Decor, Cake, and 2 Starters at an additional cost.
    • Embark on this exciting luxury sailing, and right here in Mumbai!

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