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  • 01Rock Climbing In Munnar

    Rock Climbing In Munnar

    About the Activity :

    When was the last time you engaged in an exciting bunch of activities with your loved ones? Well, it is time for you to head for an exciting rock climbing in Munnar! Rock climbing is an exhilarating sport with full bodywork, full of thrill, fun and overwhelming victory at the end. You will be offered basic and advanced rock climbing guidance by qualified national trainers with full gears, suitable for groups, adventure tourists, corporate groups and students. You will be given a brief lesson on the safety measures, the different rock climbing principles and will be provided with whole equipments for the activity. This activity helps you to experience how to safely climb steep rock surfaces. Both free climbing and aid climbing are offered. The Rock Climbing sight is situated in Gap Road which is 15km away from Munnar. So, do not waste another second thinking, head for an exciting rock climbing session in Munnar!

  • 02Free Hand Climbing In Munnar

    Free Hand Climbing In Munnar

    About the Activity:

    Rivet in this amazing experience of Free hand climbing in Munnar. Mesmerize in the stunning landscapes and cool climate of this beautiful hill-station located in the stunning state of Kerala.

    Embark on an amazing rock climbing activity that lets you live your childhood dream of climbing like a superhero. As this activity involves solely body work use, to climb the rocks. All you will be provided with is the required safety gears but the entire trick of successfully completing this activity is focusing on your body strength and body work. You will be guided and trained by qualified professionals who will provide you with basic and advanced rock climbing activity.

    Test your limits as you make your way to the top while clinging to the rope for the support. You will be briefed and hooked with all the required safety gears and measures for this thrilling climbing activity. Delight in the mesmerizing landscapes of the beautiful place – Munnar while embarking in this thrilling adventure of free hand climbing in Munnar.

  • 03Rock Zone Activities in Munnar

    Rock Zone Activities in Munnar
    • h1 Hour
    • lMunnar
    • NNNNN36 ratings
    • Sinu And Nishant
      Sinu And Nishant

    About the Activity:

    Indulge in an exciting round of Rock Zone activities in Munnar with friends and family for an unparalleled experience. Fuel up your energy and get ready to indulge in an array of thrilling activities available here.

    Get ready for an exciting activity of Rappelling – this thrilling adventure involves twin techniques of mountaineering and rock climbing. This innovative adventure also known as Abseiling, involves hiking a steep cliff or a slope while harnessed to all the required safety gears.  You can also indulge in other thrilling activities such as Free Hand climbing or Jumaring with rest of your group members.

    Boost your adrenaline as you prepare yourself to indulge in these exciting rope activities that involve skills to complete them but at the mean time promises you with ample doses of fun and adventure.

    Shed off all the cobwebs of routine life and enthrall in this amazing Rock Zone activities in Munnar. Gather your wits and just let it go!

  • 04Treetop Adventure Experience

    Treetop Adventure Experience
    • d1 Day
    • lMunnar
    • NNNNN26 ratings
    • Sinu And Nishant
      Sinu And Nishant
    About the Activity: 
    • Bring out the true adventurer in you with wide variety of tree top activities that awaken the wild enthusiast in you. 
    • Get ready and pack your bags to Munnar to witness and conquer your fear of heights and boost the element of inner confidence in you.
    • Start your tour by checking into the resort at 12:00 PM with a welcome drink. 
    • Get your adrenaline rushing as you take part in a variety of adventure activities within the resort. 
    • Choose from a plethora of choices like; Mock river crossing, rappelling, rock climbing and mountain biking. 
    • There is also a soft trekking opportunity along the stunning landscapes within the resort. 
    • Conclude your tour by checking out at 11:00 AM.

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