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  • 9 Best {rock climbing things to do and activities In karnataka in june. Compare and book online now! Do something new today
  • 01Mighty Sada Falls Trek, Belgaum

    Mighty Sada Falls Trek, Belgaum

    This experience consisting of a guided trek from a naturally aesthetic village Sada, neatly tucked on a high peak in the Western Ghats of Chorla, will take you through an adventurous journey. Sada Falls is situated 8km from here. You’ll have to go through different terrains, cross streams, and hop boulders to reach to the bottom of this 200feet cascade falling in between from two adjacent hills. Lying on the border of Karnataka and Goa, this waterfall created over centuries is breathtaking.

    Around six trekking hours lie ahead of you. After transfer from Belgaum around 7am to Kankumbi campsite, you’ll have breakfast and leave for the village of Sada (16km). After an exciting trek through a dense jungle, packed lunch on the way, and making way through unknown surroundings, you’ll arrive at the mystical and amazing Sada Falls. Soak in the calm, tranquil environs for a while. Head back to Sada, enjoy the rural sojourn with the locals. After which, leave for the base camp where you’ll have refreshments before your drop back to Belgaum around 7pm.

    Duration: Around 6 hours

    Difficulty level: Easy 

  • 02Corporate Day Out with Wall Climbing, Bangalore

    Corporate Day Out with Wall Climbing, Bangalore
    • h5 Hours
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN26 ratings

    About the Activity:

    Termed as a lifestyle fitness sport, climbing has many takers today. In this outdoor experience, you’ll not just encounter adventure, but under trained eyes of experts (certified from premier mountaineering institutes), get exposed to several benefits such as total body workout, self-discipline, and mental toughness. Also, the experience is available well within city limits, cutting on drive time.


    This thrilling corporate experience has an early start around 9am. A well-formulated program, in the first hour you’ll receive a complete briefing on the activity and prepare yourself with a round of warm up exercises. Enjoy a short tea and snack break at around 11. The next three hours are spent putting the learnings into practical use, as you’ll be climbing the wall in pairs. Break for lunch and regroup for debriefing on Wall of Life. Your short, yet thrill of basic mountaineering skills comes to an end around 2pm . By the session end, you’ll celebrate for scaling great heights, complemented with skilled execution at each step.

    Duration: Around 5 hours

    Difficulty Level: Moderate

  • 03Experience Thrill of Wall Climbing , Bangalore

    Experience Thrill of Wall Climbing , Bangalore
    • h1 Hour
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN29 ratings

    About the Destination:

    A luxury gated community in Bellandur offers climbing for every outdoor enthusiast and fitness professional in its premises. This activity packed with excitement of mountaineering, a full body workout, and discovering self-motivation is in store to recreate your zest for life. You will be guided by certified instructors from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering/ Himalayan Adventures & Mountaineering.

    Activities: Wall climbing with all safety equipements


    Indulge in an experience of wall climbing, on the whims of climbing the Himalayas some day. Wall climbing is an activity for those who seek to conquer heights and even overcome the fear of heights. This experience is conducted by the most experienced and qualified instructors who drive the adrenaline in you to climb higher. The wall you are meant to climb is 36 feet high and 10 feet high which can hold 2 roped climbers at a time. You just need to wear your shoes and come to avail of this high-energy pumping activity. The instructors here will provide you with all the safety equipement such as rope, chalk bag, climbing harness and guide you strategically, motivating you to climb the wall. The entire activity lasts for around an hour and you are left with a feeling of accomplishment. 

  • 04Trekking, Rock climbing and Camping at Devarayandurga

    Trekking, Rock climbing and Camping at Devarayandurga
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lTumkur
    • NNNNN30 ratings

    About the Destination:

    The scenic Devrayandurga offers an exciting trek for adventure lovers who want to unwind amid nature. About 9 miles from Tumkur , the Devrayandurga  is home to the Laxmi Narsimha Temple on its lowest elevation. Reaching an elevation of 3940ft this is an ideal trek for both domestic and international travellers. This 2 day getaway is perfect to feel one with nature on weekends.

    About the Activity:

    Once you arrive at the campsite that is about 2 hours from Bangalore at about 3:00pm, you switch to adventure mode and begin this adventure by swimming in the refreshing waters. After splashing and spraying around in the water tank, you can enjoy a warm cup of tea and some snacks and relax for some time. With the night young, enjoy a crackling fire with some roasted veggies and some dinner before you retire for the night.

    With an early breakfast, you can begin your trek toward the Devarayandurga Peak, where you will be treated to stunning views of the sprawling greenery, the rocky terrain, and the views of the Laxmi Narasimha Temple. At the peak,  let the fresh mountain air fill your lungs and you feel on top of the world . 

    If you’re seeking adventure, there is more, you can learn rock climbing for about 3 hours with expert instructors who will tell you various tips to become a better climber. Once you’re back, you can savour some lunch before heading out for a tour of the Gherkin Bottling Factory Tour in the evening.

    You can mark the end of this adventurous trek by about 4.30 and head back towards Bangalore.

  • 05Experience Indoor Wall Climbing in Bangalore

    Experience Indoor Wall Climbing in Bangalore
    • h2 Hours
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN27 ratings

    About the activity:

    Be it in the indoors or somewhere around the outdoors, the excitement and thrill involved in rock climbing never ceases! Giving a new definition to this fun-filled activity, here is your opportunity to participate and delight in wall climbing in Bangalore!

    For the locals of India’s Garden City, they can join this enthralling activity within the indoors anytime during the week and enjoy the thrills and chills of wall climbing within the indoors! Also, since the activity is carried out within favourable conditions, the risks involved becomes almost zero, while the enthralment remains same.

    Join wall climbing in Bangalore during the weekends or at any point of the week, help yourself to discover the tough you! Keeping the fun and excitement aside, this will also increase your fitness level, make you stronger, enhance your flexibility, endurance, help you in losing weight and will also shape up your body!

  • 06Experience Indoor Wall Climbing in Bangalore For 12 Days

    Experience Indoor Wall Climbing in Bangalore For 12 Days

    About the Activity / tour with details :

    If you are in the mood for an energizing and exciting experience, then there is no need to travel far! The adventurer in you can find ample enjoyment in Indoor wall climbing in Bangalore; an adventure experience you will enjoy to the maximum! You can engage in indoor wall climbing in Bangalore for 12 sessions in a month at a popular bouldering gym that perfectly bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor sports! Bouldering is a style of rock climbing that is undertaken without a rope and is usually short in duration due to its intensity level.

    Safety measures are taken seriously in a bouldering gym and you need not worry as there is a padded mat that cushions any accidental fall! There are several benefits that you incur on bouldering, some of which are weight loss, body toning, flexibility, confidence, stamina and endurance! 

  • 07Experience Rock Climbing in Bangalore on Weekends

    Experience Rock Climbing in Bangalore on Weekends
    • d1 Day
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN32 ratings

    About the activity:

    The charm and allurement outdoors hold for us is simply incomparable! Carrying this fascination forward, we usually participate in several types of games and activities that gets us close to the outdoor. Rock climbing or outdoor wall climbing is one amongst these options!

    For the dwellers of Garden City, rock climbing in Bangalore is one of the best and convenient ways to experience the allurement of this enthralling outdoor activity. However, within the city limits, this exciting activity is organised within the indoors, keeping the thrill of the outdoors intact within! A connecting link between the indoors and the outdoors, rock climbing in Bangalore can be availed anytime during the week and has its own range of benefits.

    Whether you want to boost up your fitness level, loose weight, tone your body, enhance flexibility, endurance or stamina, rock climbing in Bangalore proves to be an ideal call!

  • 08Artificial Wall Climbing

    Artificial Wall Climbing
    • h1 Hour
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN36 ratings

    About the Activity:

    A fun-filled Wall climbing in Bangalore! This is one activity perfect for people who have just begun exploring the adventure world –an action suitable for all.

    For everyone out there, who always thought wall climbing is a tedious sport; this is your chance to give this thrilling adventure a try. Wall climbing is an adventure for those who seek to conquer heights! The wall that you are meant to climb is 36 *10 feet high and is capable enough to hold 2 roped climbers at a time.

    Enthral in a rousing wall climbing in Bangalore, face the challenges as you ascend to the top. Under the guidance of trained professionals who will not only provide you with required safety gears but will also assure that you clearly understand all the basics of climbing. Feel your heart racing while you balance yourself as you overcome your fear of heights.

  • 09Adventure Day Out At Kunti Betta, Mandya

    Adventure Day Out At Kunti Betta, Mandya
    • d1 Day
    • lMandya
    • NNNNN29 ratings
    • 1,026

    About the Activity:

    Kunti Betta, derives its name from a folk legend – it is believed that Pandavas during their exile period stayed here and Kunti, mother of Pandavas, just fell in love with the serenity and the beauty of this place.

    With your arrival in this slice of paradise, you will be offered an array of activities – delight in this amazing adventure day out at Kunti Betta with friends and family like never before! Mesmerize in the beauty of the lofty mountain ranges and green pastures enveloping these hills. For adventure junkies, this day out is a golden opportunity to satiate their adventure thirst. Embark on a thrilling rappelling experience – tighten your gears as you give a head-start to this engrossing adventure day out at Kunti Betta. Let all your fears fly off as you indulge in an exciting Zip-line session, focus on the target while participating in archery along with your buddies.

    Test your limits, as you enthral in a thrilling rock climbing session. Take some time off from the city-life and indulge in active sessions of team building activities along with your friends and family while relaxing in this adventure day out at Kunti Betta.

    Meal Types: Vegetarian - Breakfast (1), Lunch (1), High-Tea with snacks (1)

    Activities: Zip- Line, Rappelling, Trekking, Kayaking, Team Building Games, Archery, Gun Shooting

    Difficulty Level: Easy

    Timings: Morning 10:00 AM to Evening 5:00 PM

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