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  • 01Team Offsite Experience at Destiny Farm Stay Ooty

    Team Offsite Experience at Destiny Farm Stay Ooty
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    • The litlle earth group
      The litlle earth group

    Team outings are meant to be an affair of extreme fun and thrill. To magnify the spirit of these outings, holiday destinations like Ooty and other hill stations are considered as ideal locations. The pristine nature, aura and essence of the unspoilt hills, picture-perfect settings of the valleys and the dew freshness of Ooty’s pleasant breeze make it an unavoidable destination for corporate team outings.

    About the Resort :

    Wrapped within an enchanting Avalanche valley, Destiny Farm is one of best holiday resorts in Ooty. It is the location of this holiday getaway that makes it one of the most fascinating and an ideal destination for corporate team outings. Exquisite stay and imperial service amidst such a picturesque setting is the boon of this resort. 

    Amazing Race Theme:

    It is not the million dollars and we may not go to corners of the world but the ground rules remain the same. Speed, skills and teamwork will win the game. Roadblocks, detours and hikes all become part of a challenging day in which groups learn a lot about their positives and points of improvement.  With this activity, test your different abilities and embark on an adventurous and exciting journey. After reaching each place, you will have to engage in a set of games. The team that completes all the given tasks successfully and reaches the final destination first will be the victorious one.

    The Challenge

    Each team gets an envelope to know their first challenge. They need to finish the task in order to get their next location envelope. Every location is separated by quite a distance and reaching there would be fun. To travel between the locations there could be several ways. Local Bus, Cycles, Walk just to name a few.

    At the checkpoint teams will face one of the following challenges:

    Detours - a Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. Teams must successfully complete one of the tasks described on the clue in order to receive their next clue.

    Road Block - a Roadblock is a task which has to be completed by the entire team. Teammates have to choose roles, which once chosen cannot be switch.

    Intersection - to complete an intersection task two teams must join forces for the duration of an activity.

    Yield - a leading team is given the opportunity to force another following team to yield by completing an extra activity before continuing.

    Each Amazing Race will be specially designed to allow teams to face a unique set of challenges, which relate specifically to the venue and the objectives of the program.


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