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  • 01Flight of the Gibbon - Ziplining Tour at Chiang Mai

    Flight of the Gibbon - Ziplining Tour at Chiang Mai
    • h7 Hours
    • lChiang Mai
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    Flight of the Gibbon !
    • Embark on the longest zip-lining activity in Asia, at Chiang Mai to observe the green canopy with its inhabitants in a closer vision.
    • Relish the 5 kilometer long zip-lining with 30 stations and some are extended up to 50 meter above the valley floor.
    • Zipline on Asia's longest single zipline flight of 800 metres !
    • Get picked from your hotel in a Mini-Bus for different sets of zip-lining viz. for sunrise package: around 6:30am, for day package: around 08:30 AM or at 09:30 AM and for sunset package: between 12:30 and 01:30 PM.
    • Listen to the shrieking cicadas and bubbling mountain streams while you engage yourself in this adventure and enjoy the flight with the gibbons and have a rare contact with the wildlife.
    • The Flight of the Gibbon course is cleverly designed to make it as varied and exciting as possible. It isn’t just a case of ziplining from one platform to another. The length and height of the ziplines vary and they are interspersed with Indiana Jones-esque rope bridges to add to the action. 
    • Just when you begin to get comfortable with the ziplining, something new is around the corner to keep you on your toes.
    • You’re eased in to the action gently with a couple of short ziplines to make you feel comfortable before the ‘Big Daddy’ faces you. And when you see how fast the people in front of you appear to be going, the blood starts pumping through the veins.
    • You will spend a total of 3 hrs on the zipline.
    • Wind up the thrilling event after 7 hours and return to your hotel carrying a sack filled with tranquilizing experience.

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