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  • 01Day Out At Bamboo Rustles

    Day Out At Bamboo Rustles
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    Have you ever wondered how amazing it would be if you were surrounded by jungle on all sides and got to actually live there? That perfectly sums up a day out at bamboo rustles in Bangalore! Surrounded by forested hills on all sides, you can laze on a hammock under a tamarind tree, jump into the rustic jungle pool with your friends, embark on nature treks, enjoy the tree house, walk the ropeway bridge, explore the adventures of kayaking, jeep ride, starlit sky, barbequed food, and after all this you can strum your guitar into the night and have the birds wake you up in the morning! 

    For those who love camping but love the company of comfort, you have the option of staying in a spacious boutique cottage with clean washrooms and vaulted ceilings. At Bamboo Rustles, you can celebrate special days in a unique manner! From camping with your buddies and family for a birthday bash, sleeping in tents, to roasting corn and potatoes at a campfire, all makes for an unforgettable experience. This next weekend, Bamboo Rustles awaits you to explore adventure and tranquillity with your friends and family! 


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