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  • The ultimate curated list of places to visit in jhansi in january
  • 01Madhya Pradesh Heritage Tour

    Madhya Pradesh Heritage Tour

    2N/3D : Jhansi – Orchha – Khajuraho – Jhansi/Khajuraho

    What will you do : Temple Visits, Explore Palaces

    What will you see : Temples, Forts, Palaces

    The visit to the culturally intriguing depths of Madhya Pradesh is an eye-opener to India’s rich cultural heritage. With all its grandiosity and allurement, it will offer you glimpses of a bygone era. Visiting the temples of this region will help you understand the glories that pervaded in these regions many centuries ago.

    A perfect blend of art, craftsmanship and architectural expertise, a visit to Madhya Pradesh is a must for the admirers of history. Even, if you are not an enthusiast of history or past, the stunning beauty of Madhya Pradesh will amaze you in every single ways.

  • 02Madhya Pradesh, Tiger and Temple Tour

    Madhya Pradesh, Tiger and Temple Tour

    4N/5D : Jhansi – Orchha – Khajuraho – Bandhvgarh – Katni – Satna – Kahjuraho

    What will you do : Temple Visits, Historical Tour, Palace Exploration, Wildlife Spotting

    What will you see : Temples, Palace, Fort, Tiger, Leopard

    One of the best tours to explore and discover the magnificence of the Madhya Pradesh, this tour will take you to some of the enchanting temples. In addition to this, you can also witness the vibrant range of Madhya Pradesh’s wildlife and feel the aura of reliving a life amidst the pristine nature.

    Visiting the palaces and forts, you will step back into an era where beauty and elegance were synonymic with each other. In a nutshell, this is one of the tours that will bring you close to the bygone history of Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India and will leave golden imprints on your minds. 

  • 03Alipura Tour in Madhya Pradesh

    Alipura Tour in Madhya Pradesh
    About the Activity:
    • One of the most important venues during India's independence struggle was Jhansi, the erstwhile capital of Rani Lakshmibai.
    • Jhansi serves as the gateway to the Bundelkhand region, and Panna, Orchha and Khajuraho are some of the prominent places that fall under the same region.
    • The artisitic splendour of the Chandelas are on display, and besides the fort of Jhansi, numerous temples, churches, a government museum and the Rani Mahal stand testimony to that fact.
    • Alipura Hotel is a heritage hotel located in the Bundelkhand heartland, and a section of the palace is over 300 yeas old!
    • The creations at Khajuraho are destined to instill a fresh perspective in the traveller's eye.
    Guide charges are extra (Rs 1000/- per day)
  • 04Khajuraho Tour in Madhya Pradesh

    Khajuraho Tour in Madhya Pradesh
    About the Activity:
    • Jhansi is the gateway to the Bundelkhand region that comprises of Panna, Orchha and Khajuraho.
    • The splendour of artistic expression of the Chandelas stands testament in the form of the intricately-carved temples and other ancient structures in the region.
    • Panna strikes a fine blend of Hindu and Muslim architecture, and is famous for its diamond mines and a sanctuiary that is home to unique flora and fauna.
    • Representing the varied aspects of the daily life of the period are the eternal carvings in Khajuraho.
    • With rare sightings of architecture and even a jeep safari, this tour promises a slice of Madhya Pradesh's diverse history.
    Guide charges are extra (Rs 1000/- per day)
  • 05Khajuraho Temple Tour

    Khajuraho Temple Tour
    About the Activity:
    • This 2-day tour exposes the traveller to the mighty past of Central India, and its stunning remnants.
    • From rock paintings to Buddhist stupas and temples, Madhya Pradesh posits a rich picture of antiquity.
    • Khajuraho is home to a an astounding work of architecture, while Orchha boasts of numerous monuments of its own.
    • The capital of the Rani Lakshmibai, Jhansi along with Satna are a treat in the famed Bundelkhand region.
    • The entry charges to monuments to be borne by the participants.
    • Guide charges are extra (Rs 1000/- per day) on request.
  • 06Khajuraho History Tour

    Khajuraho History Tour
    About the Activity:

    • Khajuraho is known for its astounding temples, where the architectural finesse derives spiritual peace through eroticism.
    • Many of Central India's popular world heritage sites are concentrated around here, and the tour promises to be a delight!
    • Beautiful rock paintings, numerous Buddhist stupas and temples dot the topography of the Bundelkhand region.
    • Khajuraho and many other sites in the Bundelkhand region are reminiscent of a golden past.
    • Guide charges are extra (Rs 1000/- per day)
    • Entry fee to monuments is extra

  • 07Orchha and Khajuraho Darshan

    Orchha and Khajuraho Darshan
    About the Activity:
    • Orchha and Khajuraho are possibly the most significant of the historical sites in Madhya Pradesh!
    • Numerous palaces, forts, and temples dot the Bundelkhand region, and touring them offers a glimpse into its mighty past.
    • The artistic grandeur stands to this day as a testimony to the free expression of the yore.
    • Although understated, Orchha is home to historical monuments, both massive and small.
    • And the world famous Khajuraho is an experience in itself.
    • Entry to monuments at extra costs
    • Guide charges are extra (Rs 1000/- per day)

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