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  • 01Harishchandragad Trek by Khireshwar Route

    Harishchandragad Trek by Khireshwar Route
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    About the Destination: 

    Breathe in fresh air as you trek to Harishchandragad and stand at the top of the famous Fort to witness the beauty of the great lands ofMaharashtra! The historical fort is located at a staggering height of about 4,671ft and holds an amazing view of the thick vegetation that blankets the rich Indian soil. The Sahyadri range is well known for its tourist attractions, Harishchandragad trek and for its natural scenic beauty, making it a haven for adventurers!

    There are seven routes leading to this fort, but the most popular and challenging route is the Khireshwar route due to the beautiful scenery that you pass through during the Harishchandragad trek in monsoon. Located at about 126km from Pune and over 100km from Mumbai, the Harishchandragad fort is a treat for the nature lover’s eyes! 

    About the Activity:

    The Harishchandragad trek exposes you to boasts of raw, rustic Indian design; one that only nature could upgrade over the years with thick, luscious forests and green hills everywhere.

    Escape city life and don the trekkers gear; it’s time to get your nature therapy with Harishchandragad trek! The trek via the Khireshwar route is moderately challenging but offers several scenic sights; especially for nature lovers and photographers with a keen eye.  While here, you can explore history with a touch of nature and revel in the majesty of the Ganesh caves and stand transfixed at the depth of the valleys of Konkan Kada! Feel mesmerised as you in the comforting wisps of the fog and the soothing weather during your trek to Harishchandragad. 

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