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  • 01An Ecostay Experience at Dang, Gujarat

    An Ecostay Experience at Dang, Gujarat

    About the Activity:

    Experience te charm of rural way of life with Dang Eco stay and explore the beauty of simplicity and elegance. This tour will take you to the interior of the villages of Dang in Gujarat. You can explore the villager’s way of life with various activities such as breaking shell of the paddy by traditional method, learning how to make rice flour manually, the method of dung flooring, bamboo art work, chopping wood as well as the art and science of paddy farming. Let the tribal and rustic way of life enchant you on this memorable excursion at Dang. Staying in tribal homes and living their lifestyle is definitely adding on to the experience. While on this tour, you will also be embarking on the forest trek where you can spot the varied and diverse range of wildlife that will astound and amaze you.

    Note: The itinerary can be customized. The tour price will vary on the basis of duration of stay.

  • 02Fireflies Festival with Overnight Rural Stay at Dang in Gujarat

    Fireflies Festival with Overnight Rural Stay at Dang in Gujarat
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lDang
    • NNNNN34 ratings
    About the Activity:
    • A magic infinite firefly glows to show best of them in search of their partner. The phenomenon evolving nothing less than a "Galaxy on Earth" by these firefly. 
    • Witness this once in a year event in forest of Dangs (South Gujarat) where millions of stars above and infinite fireflies around will make you experience a different world.
    • During the festival stay in this amazing resort, which is a dreamy enchanting world surrounded by fluffy clouds, and the community village in forest of Dangs.
    • During your stay, relax in a hammock, sip the locally made rhododendron juice and immerse yourself within the pages of your favourite book, the only interruption will be the chirping of birds. 
    • The rooms are the perfect blend of the rural beauty and modern architecture giving its guest a comfortable stay.
    • This event start from 1st July 2016 and last till 7th Aug 2016

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