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  • 01The City of Learning and Burning, Varanasi

    The City of Learning and Burning, Varanasi

    One of the oldest cities in the world, Varanasi is called the city of learning because of the great men who have made some of the greatest contributions to the cultural, literary, and artistic heritage of India. It is also called the city of burning as it embraces death, with its cremation grounds in the heart of the city.

    Join this 3 hours walking tour which starts at 8AM or 4PM. Embark on exploring the history of the city with a visit to the ashrams where the Sadhus live. Learn about the great cultural contributions of Varanasi to the world. Hear the various stories related to the city and explore the reasons for Varanasi to be famous as the city which grants nirvana.

    Meet the ascetics and learn about their lives. Visit various places with historical significance and stories attached to them, such as the cremation grounds and a sacred pond which is believed to have the power to treat infertility. Following this, visit one of the most important Hindu Temples in Varanasi. With this visit, the tour will come to an end.


  • 02Unique Varanasi Tour

    Unique Varanasi Tour

    Varanasi is a city of unique faiths and beliefs, fascinating rituals and customs. Once you step into this holy land, its authenticity and uniqueness is sure to amaze you . Within every step of this 4 hours Unique Varanasi tour, be sure to discover and witness some of the exciting facts that cannot be found anywhere else in the world!

    Assembling at the ‘Assi Ghat’ by 6am in the morning, head towards the indigenous ‘Akhadas’ that are the traditional practising ground of the ‘pehelwans’ (local name for wrestlers). Witness them getting indulged into their unique art and culture in the wee hours of the morning. Post this, visit a local shop, where one can always find a bull blending in with the shoppers. Considered as the chariot of Lord Shiva, bulls play an important role in the Hindu mythology.

    If till now, you have been thinking doctors are only meant to treat their patients in clinics, a visit to one of the unique roadside clinics in Varanasi will sure hold you back with wonderment! Following this, witness how technology and spirituality meets and greet each other while visiting ‘Facebook Baba’. Unique and different from the rest of the babas, Facebook Baba spends most of his time in interacting and chatting with devotees around the world.

    Post these, make it to the Kashi Labh Mukti Bhawan where thousands of people move every year in hopes of breathing their last in Varanasi. Hereafter, a brief tour to the Sant Ravidas temple give you insight of how saint Ravidas raised his voice against untouchability based on the caste of people. Finally, with a visit to the Aghor Ashram, where you learn about the ‘Aghor’ philosophy of life, this unique tour will come to an end.


  • 03Spiritual Walk in Varanasi

    Spiritual Walk in Varanasi

    One of the oldest cities in the world, Varanasi is also one of the most important Hindu pilgrimages. Dedicated to get you acquainted with the religious and spiritual essence of this holy city, this 3 hours walking tour takes you different ashrams and temples within the city.

    Assembling at the AssiGhat at 8am or 4pm, embark on this delightful tour of Varanasi. Considered as the seat of Lord Shiva, the southern part of the city is referred to as the Gauri Kedareshwar Khand. Explore the southern part of the city with an experienced guide and learn the history and the significance of this pious city.

    Know more about Varanasi with a visit to many ashrams and temples. Walk through magical ponds which are as old as 2,200 years, and visit famous temples such the Monkey temple and Tulsi Manas Temple. The inscriptions on the walls of the Tulsi Manas temple will never cease to amaze you as you find the entire Ramayana engraved on its marble frescos. Visit the site on the Tulsi Ghat where the great poet Tulsi Das wrote the ‘Ramcharit Manasa’. Get a chance to look at the original copy of the manuscript, kept and preserved carefully and conclude the walking tour on a delightful note.


  • 04Cultural Diversity of Varanasi

    Cultural Diversity of Varanasi

    One of the oldest cities in the world, Varanasi is the perfect example of unity in diversity. Known to one of the devoted places for the Hindus, this city also represents the perfect blend of harmony among other religions and sects. Within this 3 hours walking tour, you can witness this fact and get to know more about the cultural diversity of Varanasi.

    Assembling at the Assi Ghat by 8 in the morning or 4 in the evening, embark on this fascinating tour of the cultural lanes of Varanasi. Visit the different places of worship around the ghat, which include visits to various Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh temples. In addition to this, you can also visit several Mosques and Churches lying within the city. With more than 2600 Hindu shrines and temples, nearly 1400 Muslim shrines and mosques, Churches and temples belonging to Jain, Buddhist and the Sikh community, Varanasi never ceases to amaze its visitors.

    While in this tour, interact with the locals and get an insight to their daily lives beside the holy Ganges. Know more about the pious ghats and the religious beliefs of the devotees. Make every bit of the tour memorable with glimpses of different sects and traits getting mixed into a single flavour.


  • 05Ganga Aarti – Boat Ride Varanasi

    Ganga Aarti – Boat Ride Varanasi
    • h5 Hours
    • lVaranasi
    • NNNNN28 ratings

    Go on a spiritual journey as you undertake the boat ride on the holy river Ganga and observe the religious rituals being conducted on the Ghats of Varanasi, one of the oldest cities in the world.

    The guided Ganga Aarti boat ride lasts for 4-5 hours and can be opted for in the morning or evening. The start time varies according to the prevalent weather, sunrise time and the time when the arti is conducted. During summers it starts around 5 am and in winters it is 6:30 am. Similarly the evening arti might take place at 5:15 pm in winters and 6:15 pm in summers. The trip would get going from the ghat closest to your hotel by the river. Else if you are staying inland, the ride begins from Assi Ghat and takes you along the stretch of the river where the ghats are located. The evening trip also includes a visit to the cremation grounds at Manikarnika Ghat. You would be able to have a panoramic view of the rituals as the aarti is conducted on the river’s edge amid much fanfare and religious fervour. The glittering lamps and reverberating chants of the hymns evoke spiritual sentiments as you glide by in the boat.

    Duration: 4-5 hours

  • 06Kashi Yatra – Boat Ride, Varanasi

    Kashi Yatra – Boat Ride, Varanasi

    As you undertake the Kashi boat ride on the holy river Ganga, immerse yourself in the sacred atmosphere and visit the 5000 year old Adi Keshav Ghat as well.

    The guided boat ride would take around 4-5 hours and can be undertaken in the morning or evening. The start time varies according to the prevalent weather and time of sunrise. During summers it starts around 5 am and in winters it is 6 am in the mornings. Similarly the evening tour commences at 5:30 pm in summers and 4 pm in winters.

    The ride begins from Assi Ghat and takes you along the stretch of the river where the ghats are located right up to the Adi Keshav Ghat. Apart from getting an opportunity to see the various ghats as you pass by, you would also get to alight the boat at a few places and visit some temples, palaces, mosques depending on your interest. This long ride which starts at the southern end of the ghats and reaches the northern most part of the city is an apt way to view Varanasi from the surface of River Ganga, as you leisurely soak in the sacred ambience.

    Duration: 4-5 hours

  • 07One-Day Varanasi Sightseeing Tour

    One-Day Varanasi Sightseeing Tour
    • d1 Day
    • lVaranasi
    • NNNNN23 ratings

    Step into the charming lands of Varanasi early in the morning, explore its opulent and pious beauty. With this 12 hours guided journey of this ancient city, take boat rides, walking tours across the northern part of Varanasi and explore its grandeur.

    Starting at around 6:00am from the Assi Ghat, take a boat ride into the holy Ganges. Witness the city getting soaked with the brimming morning rays, devotees starting their day with morning prayers and be a part of the devotion. After around 2 hours of boating, a walking tour takes you to some of the enchanting corners of the city.

    Walk down the narrow yet lively lanes of the northern part of the Varanasi, visit the Golden Temple and Monkey Temple, explore the region’s life and culture, cremation grounds and the different ghats. With your every steps across this city, get acquainted with its sacredness, history and mythological linkages.

    With the advent of the evening, when the entire city gets into the spirit of the Ganga Aarti, another boat ride will take you into the Ganges. Witness this auspicious event that fills the ambience with its vibes and sacredness! With the completion of the Ganga Aarti; at around 6:00pm, this ever tour comes to an end.

    If in case, you do not want to undertake the walking tour and yearn to visit Sarnath, you have to arrange for the transportations. However, on prior notice or information, it can be arranged at an additional cost.

    Duration: Around 12 hours

  • 08The Golden Temple Walk, Varanasi

    The Golden Temple Walk, Varanasi

    Stroll around the oldest city in the world, visit one of the most sacred Hindu temples, walk through the narrow alleys and also explore ancient mosques. Join the guided 3 hours Golden Temple walking tour in Varanasi at 8am or 4pm and discover a world embossed with myths, epics and legends.

    Arriving at Godowlia Crossing at around 8:00am, embark on this auspicious tour of the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, which is also known as the Golden Temple. Located in the city of Gautameshwar Mahadev, this temple is known to be the most important Lord Shiva temple in India. Visit this temple and know more about the history and origin of Hinduism. Get a glimpse of the epics that depicts various stories related to Lord Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu.

    Post this, meander through the hidden and narrow lanes of Kashi and explore the peace and harmony that exists in this vicinity. Visit one of the historical mosques in this holy town and witness how different cultures and beliefs confluences into one in this town. Moving onto through the local bazaars and marketplaces, make it the Manikarnika Ghat, the largest cremation ground in the world. While in this ghat, you can you can witness people from different corners of the world, completing the last rites of their ancestors and seeking salvation for their souls. Upon the completion of the visit to the Manikarnika Ghat, this unique tour will come to an end.

    Duration: Around 3 hours

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