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  • 01Sightseeing Tour of Gujarat

    Sightseeing Tour of Gujarat
    • d3 Daysn2 Nights
    • lAhmedabad
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    About the Activity: 

    The home of history, rich culture and civilization welcomes you to a sightseeing tour of Gujarat. With major emphasis on unraveling the tribal and historic facets of this famous state, this tour will definitely give you a view into the flipside of this amazing mélange of modernity and archaic wonders. Feel the aura of divinity around you as you pay your respects to the Goddess at the top of the Pavagadh Hill. Wonder at the symbiotic relationship of Indian and Islamic architecture at the UNESCO certified heritage monuments of Champaner. Lose yourself in the lush forests of Jambughoda and explore the tribal ways of life of the natives. Coming back from this tour will definitely enlighten you with much more knowledge than you ever knew about Gujarat. 

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