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  • 01Anamudi Shola National Park

    Anamudi Shola National Park

    This park is 45 km from Munnar. It is along the Western Ghats of Kerala in Idukki district. This rain forest comprises of Mannavan shola, Pullardi shoal and Idivara shola and is spread in 7 sq km area.

    This national park is managed by Kerala Wildlife and Forest department and Munnar Wildlife Division, along with Erevikulam National Park, Mathikettan Shola National Park, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Pambadum Shola National Park and the Kurinjimala Sanctuary. The Anamalai part including Eravikulam National Park is to be considered for making it a world heritage site by UNESCO.

    This park provides link between all the other sanctuaries mentioned above that protect this area. You will find tea plantation very close by and inside the park is a huge variety of birds and animals.

  • 02Short Adventures Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

    Short Adventures Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

    A unique habitat for vulnerable huge whined squirrel of India, Chinnar is thorny scrub forest with xerophytes species. It is set in the rain shadow realm of the Western Ghats of Kerala. Abundant in its wildlife in kerala, Chinnar sanctuary is blended with deciduous woods. You can do hiking in the forests of Chinnar.

    Famous for its herds of Bisons, this sanctuary has wet grass lands. You can find the diversity in the forests. Several animals like elephants, hanuman monkey, sambar, and spotted deer can be encountered easily when you travel from Karimuthi to Chinnar.

  • 03Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary Tour

    Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary Tour

    A harbor of quite and peaceful grass lands, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is bounded by a valley between the Anamalai Tiger Reserve of Tamilnadu and the Nelliyampathy. This whole sanctuary covers an area of 285 sq km. An unusual Wildlife of Kerala can be observed here. You may find some rare tribes such as Kadas, Muthuvans and Malayars. All these tribes live in the woods of Parambikulam.

    Animals like lion, Nilgiri langurs, tigers, turtles, dartles etc can be found. Various trees like neem, rosewood and sandal wood grow here. Trekking is possible with permits. You can take rest in a tree house in a tranquil area of Parambilulam.

  • 04Enchanting Munnar

    Enchanting Munnar

    About the Activity: 

    • Every person that decides to take advantage of this trip will be able to try rappelling, trekking, a dam site and Eco point visit, camp fire, camping and a whole lot more. In addition, you can go through the High Mountains and the tea plantation, a wonderful trekking experience in itself.
    • Munnar is breathtakingly beautiful and has been described by many as a haven of tranquility and peace. It is an idyllic destination for all adventure lovers. This is an excellent hill station surrounded by undulating hills that are swathed in soothing green made possible by tea estates, one of the perfect tourist destinations that South India offers.
    • The altitude of the area is 1600 m and the climate is perfect for a laidback experience. The refreshing delightful colonial air guarantees that this is an incredible tourist destination
    • Munnar stands out as an excellent trekking base through all the hills that surround it, covered in lush green rainforests. You can go on a picnic right near the crystal clear stream of the mountain, you can watch wildlife or simply recover after some tiring months.
  • 05Guided Morning Walk, Munnar

    Guided Morning Walk, Munnar

    About the Activity: 

    • The captivating hill station of Munnar is engulfed in several shades of green spread across grasslands, mountains, and ornate tea estates. An idyllic destination with exotic flora and fauna, its serene mountain ambience provides a rare experience. 
    • Accelerate this feeling a notch higher by spending around 5-7 hours in the early morning at the crack of dawn. Not only will you witness birth of a new day, but in person observe the sun transforming this divine land into a fairyland.
    • Along with a guide, head to the hills from Munnar town around 6am. Watch the sun’s first rays cast magic dust and bring the hills alive. 
    • Soak the aroma from nearby spice gardens. Walk along with tea pickers as they begin their day. Navigate through grasslands. And fleetingly remember you’re at an altitude of 1,800m above sea level.

  • 06Nature and Wildlife Expedition-Marayoor, Munnar

    Nature and Wildlife Expedition-Marayoor, Munnar

    Unravel the riches of Marayoor and visit places that permeate a distinct charm. Also tour the famous Eravikulam National Park.

    Your guided trip begins around 8.30am where you will be picked up from your hotel in Munnar. Your first destination is the Eravikulam National Park. A sight to behold, this is where the endangered mountain goat Nilgiri Tahr resides. See these animals in their natural habitats before proceeding to the Luckom waterfalls. Enjoy the natural wonders of this cascade before taking a drive on the road filled with scenic delights leading to the Marayoor Sandalwood Forest.

    Proceed to the Dolman Burial Chambers to see Neolithic paintings in the caves. Next, you visit the Chinnar forest that is marked for its sandalwood forests, wild elephants, bison, flora and fauna.  At an additional cost, you may also go on a forest safari to conclude the tour.

    Duration: 7-8 hours 

  • 07Munnar Tea Tasting and National Park Tour

    Munnar Tea Tasting and National Park Tour

    About the Activity: 

    • Enjoy a visit to the Tea Museum that narrates an intriguing tale, visit the famousEravikulam National Park where you can spot the endangered NigiriTahr and end the day with shopping.
    • Your peachy day begins around 10am, when you will be picked up from your hotel in Munnar. Be accompanied by a well-versed guide. First up is a visit to the Tea Museum where you can indulge in an interactive tea tasting demonstration. Get know-how on the nuances of tea making and get tips on becoming a qualified tea taster.
    • Next on the list is the nature rich Eravikulam National Park. Spreading over Kannan Devan Hills and laced with rolling grasslands andsholas,this is where the endangered NigiriTahr resides. Post this, you can go shopping. At an extra cost, there is also the option of viewing Kathakali& Martial Arts Show that is available between 5pm and 7pm.

  • 08Chokramudi Trekking In Munnar

    Chokramudi Trekking In Munnar

    About the Activity:

    Chokramudi trekking in Munnar provides you with best panoramic views of the well-acclaimed landscapes of the region. Unravel the splendid beauty of this beautiful hill-station by embarking on this enthralling trek with friends and family.

    The stunning rocky mountain slopes on one side and beautiful Shola forests on the other end will leave you dazzled throughout the trek. Get ready to witness the spectacular view of the highest peak in India, ‘Anaimudi’ and the soothing Idukki Dam which is listed as one of the highest arch dams in Asia.

    Make your way through indefinite path that will take you to the top, providing you best sceneries of the region. Embark on this amazing Chokramudi trekking with friends and family to make some beautiful memories that you would love to cherish for a life time.

  • 09Forest Camping In Munnar

    Forest Camping In Munnar
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lMunnar
    • NNNNN38 ratings

    About the activity :

    • Munnar is the ideal place for you to spend an exciting weekend getaway with your friends and all your family members! 
    • On your next weekend, head for an exciting forest camping experience in Munnar with your friends and family! 
    • Experience the thrill of staying a full night in the forest of the Chokkarmudi Hills with a relaxing campfire, soothing music, a comfortable tent to sleep in and delicious food.  
    • Guests will be taken to the forest in the evening by jeep.  While here you will get to see the panoramic night view of Idukki district from the camp site. 
    • A warm and comforting campfire will be available with music. You will be served a delicious dinner at the camp site.  
    • There is a washroom facility available in the camp site.  Tents will be provided to sleep in with a thermocol bed, blanket and pillow.  
    • In the morning, black tea will be served, before you check out from the camp around 08:00AM. Experience the tranquil and peaceful environs of Munnar and gaze at the beautiful stars on your wonderful stay here!
  • 10Night Safari In Chinnar, Munnar

    Night Safari In Chinnar, Munnar
    • h6 Hours
    • lMunnar
    • NNNNN34 ratings
    • 4,500

    About the activity :

    This weekend is all about adventure, just for you and your friends! Grab your adventurers and head for an exciting night safari in Munnar, through the forests of Chinnar! Exult in a wonderful experience with your close friends and let the thrill of discovering wildlife and exotic animals in a beautiful environment blow your mind away! Enjoy every minute of your holidays as you drive through the wonderful expanse of Munnar! A Jeep safari to the Chinnar Wild Life Sanctuary or Top Station through the road gives you a lifetime’s chance to spot exotic wildlife creatures like elephant, bison, spotted deer, hanuman monkeys, tigers, panthers etc in their natural habitat. Let your senses and happiness go in the fun and excitement of an amazing safari in Munnar and revel in the wide and thick expanse of dark green treasures in the hills of the place!

    Activities: Night safari in a special off road 4X4 Jeep

    Difficulty Level: Easy

    Timings: 4:00 PM -10:00 PM and 9:00 PM - 3:00 AM

  • 11Trekking to Sunrise Point in Munnar

    Trekking to Sunrise Point in Munnar

    About the activity 

    • Trek up to one of the highest mountains in Munnar with your friends and family and let the sheer thrill of trekking with nature in one of the most beautiful hill stations of India take you to a whole new world! 
    • Begin your trek to the Chokramudi Mountain and indulge in nature photography of the place! Surround yourself with the vivid green of the mountains all around you and let yourself go in the sheer beauty of the hills! 
    • Once you trek around the base of the mountain, you can see the sunrise at a pivotal part of the hill with your friends and click beautiful pictures! 
    • More than trekking up to the heights of the mountain, you will find yourself in sheer joy as you scale 2100 mtrs above sea level on this trek! After a 30 minutes break and relaxing by the base, you will come down to the same place via a vehicle and get back to Munnar!

  • 12Chinnar Night Safari In Munnar

    Chinnar Night Safari In Munnar

    About the activity :

    If the wilderness of hills leaves you enthralled, why not add a tad spice to it on your next holiday? Explore the wild and all its wonders with an enthralling trek to the beautiful Chinnar in Munnar, a hill station that has lured in several visitors over the years! The night safari through Chinnar will allow you to explore some of the unseen and unheard of species that choose to explore their environs to public eye only in the dark! Try and spot elephants, deer, bison and other wildlife while here on your exciting safari! Indulge in wildlife photography and lose yourself in the beauty of the glistening moonlight that hugs the trees enveloped in darkness. Munnars beauty at night cannot be explained well enough, so this is your chance to experience it to your enjoyment and adventurous maximum!

  • 13Tea Plantation Walking Tour in Munnar

    Tea Plantation Walking Tour in Munnar

    About the Activity:

    Delight in the stunning beauty of tea estates staple to the region with this pleasing tea plantation walking tour in Munnar. Rejoice in the beautiful environs and serenity enveloping this entire place along with your friends and family.

    A perfect getaway destination, get ready to walk through luxuriant tea estates wrapping the mountain ranges here. Delight in the sweet aroma of different types of tea grown here – walk through the narrow pathways separating these beautiful fields from each other.

    Tea plantation walking tour not only provides you best glimpses of the tea plantations of the region but also provides you with best views of the picturesque landscapes land marking this entire region. Explore the treasure of silence and lose yourself in the richness of the natural beauty while enrolling tin this enthralling tea plantation walking tour in Munnar. Enjoy the greenery, silence and climate surrounding this slice of paradise along with your friends and family.

  • 14Top Station Camping with Campfire in Munnar

    Top Station Camping with Campfire in Munnar

    About the Activity:

    Unravel yourself in the lap of Mother Nature in an experience like never before! Prepare to get astonished by the natural beauty while indulging in Top Station camping with campfire in Munnar. Enjoy the scenic landscapes, picturesque environs and the priceless treasure of silence while camping in this nature’s abode.

    Trek through narrow pathways: witness the lavish greenery accompanying you throughout your stay here. Enthrall in an amazing off –road and tea plantation jeep ride that will provide you with the best views of this stunning place. Witness the beautiful narrow roads winding through sprawling tea estates staple to the region.

    Once your reach the camping sight, get ready to lose yourself in the picturesque beauty of this place. Admire the luxuriant thickets surrounding your stay here; spend some quality time with friends and family while relaxing in this off-beat stay experience. End this eventful day with a warm campfire session-share the best memories of your trip with each other. Delight in this pleasing Top Station camping with campfire in Munnar.

    Meal Types: Vegetarian- Dinner and Breakfast

    Transportation: Available at an extra cost

    Activities: Camping with bonfire

    Difficulty Level: Easy
  • 15Camping in Munnar

    Camping in Munnar

    About the Activity:

    Delight in the stunning experience of camping in Munnar along with friends and family! Rivet in the green pastures, lofty mountains and tranquil environs surrounding your stay here. Explore the treasure of nature; a perfect escapade from the cobwebs of city life enthrall in this pleasing camping experience.

    Trek through the surrounding ranges –walk through narrow pathways and delight in the fascinating environs, witness the beautiful sprawling tea estates staple to the region, capture flocks of clouds flying past your camps. Delight in a jeep drive that takes you though some beautiful off-road area providing you best views of the area like never before.

    Enthrall in an amazing road trip that takes you to another tourist hot-spot Lakshmi Hills. Mesmerize in the pleasing environs with friends and family. Shed off all your office worries and delight in this astonishing camping in Munnar. End this beautiful trip with a warm campfire session and return with a bag full of sweet memories.

    Meal Types: Vegetarian- Dinner and Breakfast

    Transportation: Available at an extra cost

    Activities: Camping with bonfire

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 16Elephant Ride through Plantation in Thekaddy

    Elephant Ride through Plantation in Thekaddy

    About the Activity:

    Embark on this enthralling elephant ride in Munnar with friends and family. A perfect wildlife interactive program that allows you to witness the best views of this region- delight in this thrilling elephant ride through plantation in Thekaddy. Watch these innocent beats relaxing in nature’s abode – a golden opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts, this is one innovative approach to let people know more about the wild world of these beautiful creatures.

    Ride through beautiful fields of Thekaddy, witness sprawling greenery enveloping this slice of paradise. Capture the luxuriant tea estates on your camera – a perfect break from the cobwebs of the routine life. Watch these huge animals in their natural habitat – delight while watching them relax in this tranquil land.

    Know more about the local life here while enjoying your ride! Enroll in this innovative activity with friends and family while embarking on this amazing elephant ride through plantation in Thekaddy.

    Transportation Types: Available at an extra

    Activities: Elephant ride experience

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 17Bird Watching Experience in Munnar

    Bird Watching Experience in Munnar

    About the Activity:

    Munnar is one off-beat destination that had never disappointed any kind of traveler! Be it the scenic landscapes, tea estates or its rich variety of flora and fauna this place has always put up a smile on all travelers from all over the world.

    For a bird lover, this place is certainly a paradise! Bird watching in Munnar is one activity that no one would afford to miss. This slice of paradise is a happy home to more than 100 species of resident and 40 species of migrant birds. Enjoy these beautiful creatures flocking on the distnt hills- listen to their sweet-unheard chirpings, click some of your best shots that you had been waiting for so long.

    View rare bird species like Nilgiri Wood pigeon, nilgiri Flycatcher, Black and Orange Flycatcher, Nilgiri Pipit, Grey Breasted laughing thrush, Painted Bush Coil, broad tailed Grass bird and various other equally beautiful and rare bird species that you have just read about in book. Enthrall in this pristine place with a delightful experience of Bird watching in Munnar.

    Transportation Types: Available at an extra cost

    Activities: Bird Watching

    Difficulty Level: Moderate

  • 18Trekking in Pambadum Shola National Park

    Trekking in Pambadum Shola National Park

    About the Activity:

    Captivate in this delightful trekking in Pambadum Shola National Park, get ready to enthrall in the pristine beauty of this region that provides you with beautiful sceneries, luxuriant Shola forests and unending calmness. Enjoy this escapade that provides you with a much –awaited escape from the humdrums of the routine life.

    Located near the ever so beautiful Top station, get ready to visit famous tourist hot-spots of the region such as Madupatty Dam, Echo-Point, Kundala Dam and various other remarkable known destinations. Also, this place is a treat for birds lover’s and wildlife enthusiast – cherish the frequent spotting of the endemic birds of this region like Nilgiri Flycatcher, Kerala Laughing thrush, Black and Orange flycatcher, Nilgiri wood pigeon and various other exoric species.

    Trek through narrow pathways that provide you with the finest views of this place, delight in this mazing experience with friends and family. Trekking in Pambadum Shola National Park provides you with a bag full of memories that you would cherish forever.

    Transportation Types: Available at an extra cost

    Activities: Trekking

    Difficulty Level: Moderate

  • 19Escape to Kerala

    Escape to Kerala
    About the Activity: 
    • Tour God's Own Country, Kerala extensively as you visit the famous destinations of Cochin, Munna, Thekkady and Alleppey in all their natural beauty.
    • Start your tour by being picked up from the Cochin airport and traveling to Munnar, get a glimpse of the stunning landscape and manicured tea estates dotting the little town.
    • Visit the Eravikulam National Park, Mattupetty dam, the various tea plantations and Echo Point.
    • Drive to Thekkady and visit the Periyar wildlife sanctuary. Proceed towards Alleppey and indulge in  day of lounging and touring the backwaters in an A/C Deluxe houseboat.
    • Conclude your trip by getting dropped back in Cochin. 
  • 20Day Excursion to Anaerangal Camp

    Day Excursion to Anaerangal Camp
    About the Activity: 
    • Experience the natural beauty with Anaerangal camp as you check into it at 10:00 AM. 
    • The Anaerangal Camp is located on a mountain side overlooking the famed Anaerangal Lake and in close proximity to the Papathy shola ('The Butterfly Forest') known for mass migration of butterflies in October and November.

    • Gazebo at Anaerangal Camp has an inbuilt fire place. At night you could sit around the fire and enjoy your Dinner in the chilling climate of Munnar.

    • You have range of activities which include treks, plantation walks into the nearby cardamom estate or walk through the vast tea gardens. The high point will always be the sunset trek to 'Phantom's Head' peak to see the spectacular sunsets over the Sahyadri Mountains!

    • Conclude your tour after the sunset trek at around 7:00 AM the next day. 

  • 21Treetop Adventure Experience

    Treetop Adventure Experience
    About the Activity: 
    • Bring out the true adventurer in you with wide variety of tree top activities that awaken the wild enthusiast in you. 
    • Get ready and pack your bags to Munnar to witness and conquer your fear of heights and boost the element of inner confidence in you.
    • Start your tour by checking into the resort at 12:00 PM with a welcome drink. 
    • Get your adrenaline rushing as you take part in a variety of adventure activities within the resort. 
    • Choose from a plethora of choices like; Mock river crossing, rappelling, rock climbing and mountain biking. 
    • There is also a soft trekking opportunity along the stunning landscapes within the resort. 
    • Conclude your tour by checking out at 11:00 AM.

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