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  • 01Enchanting Munnar

    Enchanting Munnar

    About the Activity: 

    • Every person that decides to take advantage of this trip will be able to try rappelling, trekking, a dam site and Eco point visit, camp fire, camping and a whole lot more. In addition, you can go through the High Mountains and the tea plantation, a wonderful trekking experience in itself.
    • Munnar is breathtakingly beautiful and has been described by many as a haven of tranquility and peace. It is an idyllic destination for all adventure lovers. This is an excellent hill station surrounded by undulating hills that are swathed in soothing green made possible by tea estates, one of the perfect tourist destinations that South India offers.
    • The altitude of the area is 1600 m and the climate is perfect for a laidback experience. The refreshing delightful colonial air guarantees that this is an incredible tourist destination
    • Munnar stands out as an excellent trekking base through all the hills that surround it, covered in lush green rainforests. You can go on a picnic right near the crystal clear stream of the mountain, you can watch wildlife or simply recover after some tiring months.
  • 02Guided Morning Walk, Munnar

    Guided Morning Walk, Munnar

    About the Activity: 

    • The captivating hill station of Munnar is engulfed in several shades of green spread across grasslands, mountains, and ornate tea estates. An idyllic destination with exotic flora and fauna, its serene mountain ambience provides a rare experience. 
    • Accelerate this feeling a notch higher by spending around 5-7 hours in the early morning at the crack of dawn. Not only will you witness birth of a new day, but in person observe the sun transforming this divine land into a fairyland.
    • Along with a guide, head to the hills from Munnar town around 6am. Watch the sun’s first rays cast magic dust and bring the hills alive. 
    • Soak the aroma from nearby spice gardens. Walk along with tea pickers as they begin their day. Navigate through grasslands. And fleetingly remember you’re at an altitude of 1,800m above sea level.

  • 03Guided Pro Cycling Tour in Munnar

    Guided Pro Cycling Tour in Munnar

    About the Activity:

    Explore the hidden treasures of salubrious Munnar on this professional cycling trip of 7 hours and 10km. Your experience will be custom made according to the season and permission.

    You will be picked up from Munnar Town at around 9am, and be provided with the cycle. In the company of the guide, pedal your way through Seven Springs that lolls on cardamom plantation and deep woods. Embrace the sea of greenery and take in fresh aroma and sights. Get further invigorated with the cool mountain air of Devikulam Hills and if you wish, you can stop by Sita Devi Lake here that abounds in mineral water and picturesque settings.

    Also included in this activity is a cycle trip to Pothamedu, noted as a plantation hub in Munnar. Tea gardens, coffee plantations and endless expanses of ‘potha grass’ makes up for the charm of this place. Another fascinating place on the list is Pallivasal, the first Hydro-Electric Project in Kerala that is immersed in beauty.After your fill of scenic places, you will be dropped back to Munnar Town.

  • 04Day Trek in Munnar

    Day Trek in Munnar

    About the Activity:

    Take a beguiling and uplifting walk to the queen of hills, Munnar.  Perched at 1,800 ft above sea level, this mountain paradise treats you with offbeat trails. On your 3-4 hour guided trek, you’ll take a leisure walk in the hills that are covered with scenic delights.

    Get picked up from your hotel in Munnar at around 9am. Make way through dewy mountain grasslands and ascend to Meesapulimala. At 2640m, it is touted as the second highest peak in the Western Ghats. Do not be surprised if you catch a glimpse of Elephants, Sambar, Sloth Bear and the Nilgiri tahr along the way. Your feat to the summit is rewarded by breathtaking sights of the world’s highest tea estate Kolukkumalai along with the stunning views of the Kodaikanal and the plains of Tamil Nadu. 

  • 05Burma Bucket Adventure In Munnar

    Burma Bucket Adventure In Munnar

    About the Activity :

    When was the last time you engaged in an exciting adventure in munnar worthy of a thousand amazing memories? On your next holiday, you need to pull up your jeans and head on for an exciting Burma bucket experience in Munnar, a hilly paradise land that leaves your imagination in a tizzy.  A fairy like walk in the air on ropes, pumps both your energy and excitement to the sky top creating life experiences like never before. Just like the Burma Bridge, but with loops of rope for the feet, creating body balance with each step for added concentration. It is an advanced adventure version of a bridge used in the world war for emergency crossings. The Burma Bucket sight is situated in Pothamedu which is 8km away from Munnar. So why keep waiting for the best experience to find you? Go ahead and have an exciting adventure worthy of the coffee conversations with your city folks!

  • 06High Altitude Mountain Cycling In Munnar

    High Altitude Mountain Cycling In Munnar
    • h6 Hours
    • lMunnar
    • NNNNN35 ratings

    About the activity:

    Adventures never wait for anyone, so what are you doing? Gear up for an exciting high altitude mountain cycling adventure in Munnar with your friends and family and get your adrenaline into high gear! If your idea of heaven is cruising quiet yet exhilarating back roads through a stunning mountain and lush jungle scenery, then this is the perfect tour for you. Munnar has some of the best road riding facilities available in and around South India. You will be provided with sport bikes with gears attached, for you to whisk away in and enjoy to the maximum! Ensure that you are relaxed enough before the ride as it is going to require a serious amount of energy and grit for you to go enjoy the exciting adventure journey! Cycle on the magnificent landscape that is Munnar and let the thrill take over you completely!


  • 07Kolukkumalai Tea Trail And Tea Factory Experience, Munnar

    Kolukkumalai Tea Trail And Tea Factory Experience, Munnar

    About the Activity :

    Tea rejuvenates us all, but imagine sipping some of the finest tea in the pristine lands of Munnar, as the clouds and the hills lull you into a peaceful trance! Head for an exciting Kolukkumalai tea trail and tea factory experience with your friends and your tea loving family as soon as you can! Once here, after breakfast, you can drive through the Kanan Devan Hills tea plantations and scenic beauty valleys, Lock heart gap, spice plantations and many more. After around 25km of a jeep ride through the normal road you will reach the World’s highest organic tea growing estate, in the eastern slope of Western Ghats which therefore, makes the tea very special as well as the view.

    On your way to this estate you will have a very wide view of tea estates and the ride will be through small narrow roads with few bends. Once you reach the top you will be able to see the low land of Tamil Nadu and the second highest peak in South India! From there drive or walk little further to one of the oldest orthodox tea factory in this region. After visiting the Kolukkumalai tea factory you can have fresh tea picked, processed and made on the spot. Soon after you can start a walk to a small ground where you will have your picnic lunch near the cliff with a wonderful view. Book now for some of the best deals and be on your way!

  • 08Rock Climbing In Munnar

    Rock Climbing In Munnar

    About the Activity :

    When was the last time you engaged in an exciting bunch of activities with your loved ones? Well, it is time for you to head for an exciting rock climbing in Munnar! Rock climbing is an exhilarating sport with full bodywork, full of thrill, fun and overwhelming victory at the end. You will be offered basic and advanced rock climbing guidance by qualified national trainers with full gears, suitable for groups, adventure tourists, corporate groups and students. You will be given a brief lesson on the safety measures, the different rock climbing principles and will be provided with whole equipments for the activity. This activity helps you to experience how to safely climb steep rock surfaces. Both free climbing and aid climbing are offered. The Rock Climbing sight is situated in Gap Road which is 15km away from Munnar. So, do not waste another second thinking, head for an exciting rock climbing session in Munnar!

  • 09Commando Net Adventure Activity In Munnar

    Commando Net Adventure Activity In Munnar

    About the activity :

    Munnar is the land of pristine hills, lush meadows and a serene landscape you can enjoy while relaxing in the comfort and luxury of the beautiful cottages around! On your next holiday though, gear up for an exciting adventure with a fun and enthralling commando net in Munnar! If you are tough then you can also learn how commandos cross the different obstacles by climbing across the net. Climbing the commando net is quite adventurous and will make you want to go over and over. For decades, commando nets have been used for the purpose of training. The Commando Net Sight is situated in Pothamedu which is 8km away from Munnar. Head on with your friends for an exciting time!

  • 10Mountain Crossing In Munnar

    Mountain Crossing In Munnar

    About the Activity:

    If you have always thought that there are limited rope activities, you need to rethink. Get on board for this completely thrilling activity of Mountain Crossing in Munnar. Feel your heart racing as you balance yourself on the rope. An ideal getaway destination with friends and family, Munar, is known for its tranquil environs and picturesque views.

    Mountain Crossing in a Munnar is a new and thrilling adventure, the participant is required to cross mountains while tied/ harnessed to a safety rope. He/she should hold the safety rope in hands and cautiously cross mountains one-by-one. The task might appear simple but get tricky at times especially as you are requires to use your hands and pull yourself up in order to reach the other end of the mountain.

    Experienced professionals will be assisting you and will ensure you are equipped with the required safety gears. Embark on this stirring Mountain Crossing in Munnar with friends and family while relaxing in this natural retreat.

  • 11Chokramudi Trekking In Munnar

    Chokramudi Trekking In Munnar

    About the Activity:

    Chokramudi trekking in Munnar provides you with best panoramic views of the well-acclaimed landscapes of the region. Unravel the splendid beauty of this beautiful hill-station by embarking on this enthralling trek with friends and family.

    The stunning rocky mountain slopes on one side and beautiful Shola forests on the other end will leave you dazzled throughout the trek. Get ready to witness the spectacular view of the highest peak in India, ‘Anaimudi’ and the soothing Idukki Dam which is listed as one of the highest arch dams in Asia.

    Make your way through indefinite path that will take you to the top, providing you best sceneries of the region. Embark on this amazing Chokramudi trekking with friends and family to make some beautiful memories that you would love to cherish for a life time.

  • 12Free Hand Climbing In Munnar

    Free Hand Climbing In Munnar

    About the Activity:

    Rivet in this amazing experience of Free hand climbing in Munnar. Mesmerize in the stunning landscapes and cool climate of this beautiful hill-station located in the stunning state of Kerala.

    Embark on an amazing rock climbing activity that lets you live your childhood dream of climbing like a superhero. As this activity involves solely body work use, to climb the rocks. All you will be provided with is the required safety gears but the entire trick of successfully completing this activity is focusing on your body strength and body work. You will be guided and trained by qualified professionals who will provide you with basic and advanced rock climbing activity.

    Test your limits as you make your way to the top while clinging to the rope for the support. You will be briefed and hooked with all the required safety gears and measures for this thrilling climbing activity. Delight in the mesmerizing landscapes of the beautiful place – Munnar while embarking in this thrilling adventure of free hand climbing in Munnar.

  • 13Zip lining in Munnar

    Zip lining in Munnar

    About the Activity:

    Delight in the stunning hill-station of Munnar located in the beautiful state of Kerala. While you mesmerize with the stunning beauty of this hill – station with friends and family, indulge in amazing adventure activities available here.

    Build up your team, and get ready to test your wits with this striking adventure activity of Zip Lining in Munnar. Brace up, to get harnessed by a pulley suspended via a cable that is made of stainless steel and is fountained on an inclination.

    Rivet in this thrilling adventure of zip lining in Munnar while your family and friends cheer for you. You will be completing the task under the guidance of experienced professionals who will ensure you are equipped with the required safety gears. Embark on this thrilling Zip lining adventure in Munar like never before.

  • 14Forest Camping In Munnar

    Forest Camping In Munnar
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lMunnar
    • NNNNN38 ratings

    About the activity :

    • Munnar is the ideal place for you to spend an exciting weekend getaway with your friends and all your family members! 
    • On your next weekend, head for an exciting forest camping experience in Munnar with your friends and family! 
    • Experience the thrill of staying a full night in the forest of the Chokkarmudi Hills with a relaxing campfire, soothing music, a comfortable tent to sleep in and delicious food.  
    • Guests will be taken to the forest in the evening by jeep.  While here you will get to see the panoramic night view of Idukki district from the camp site. 
    • A warm and comforting campfire will be available with music. You will be served a delicious dinner at the camp site.  
    • There is a washroom facility available in the camp site.  Tents will be provided to sleep in with a thermocol bed, blanket and pillow.  
    • In the morning, black tea will be served, before you check out from the camp around 08:00AM. Experience the tranquil and peaceful environs of Munnar and gaze at the beautiful stars on your wonderful stay here!
  • 15Trek To Chokramudi And Forest Camping In Munnar

    Trek To Chokramudi And Forest Camping In Munnar
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lMunnar
    • NNNNN24 ratings

    About the Activity :

    Grab your trekking shoes and head for the hills in beautiful Munnar! Experience a trek to Chokramudi and camping experience in the forests of Munnar! Once here, you can start trekking from Gap road to Chokramudi hilltop (lunch included) and then camp in the forest with campfire, music and an amazing selection of food.  Once the guests reach the top of 
    the intimidating peaks of the mountain, you can spend up to an hour on top of the mountain. From the top of the mountain, guests can see the whole Idukki district and all the sightseeing points in Munnar that are sure to take your breath away!  Guests can get done as they can see everything from top.  In the evening, guests will trek down to the camp site and will enjoy the night stay in the forest with usual camping activities of campfire, music etc.

  • 16Spice Garden Visit In Munnar

    Spice Garden Visit In Munnar

    About the activity :

    The hills are alive and green in the beautiful and massive land of Munnar! It is time for you to enjoy your holidays to the maximum with your friends and family as you spend quality time with nature! Head for an exciting spice garden visit in Munnar and explore the scenery around the place! Munnar hills are located at an altitude of 5000-8000ft above sea level and provide the photographer in you a true delight for the eyes! Explore the different spices that are grown in this lovely region and let your senses linger over the amazing aroma of the place! Home to some of the country’s highest peaks and beautiful farms, a spice garden visit to Munnar is the best way for you to spend a vacation away from the pandemonium of city life!

  • 17Kalaripayattu Experience In Munnar

    Kalaripayattu Experience In Munnar

    About the Activity :

    Have you ever wondered what the brilliant culture of the south holds in store for you? This holiday, witness an exciting Kalaripayattu show in Munnar with your friends and family and see the unique and sophisticated styles of the men as they swish their swords and shields and fly in the air in a sophisticated style! This is one of the oldest fighting styles in the world and is the traditional martial arts sport practiced in India! It has served as an inspiration behind the creation of the world famous Kung fu. Experience the different techniques of Kalaripayattu, as the experts display the different body controls, their flexibility and the different exercises involved in this splendid art! These men will show you the intricate fighting skills with their bare hands and leave you in awe as they glide mid air and clank swords and other weapons!

  • 18Elephant Ride In Munnar

    Elephant Ride In Munnar

    About the Activity :

    Experience the pure thrill of embarking on an exciting elephant ride in Munnar with your loved ones on your next adventure and revel in the amazing scenery of the place! The friendly giants will take you on a fun one hour tour of the beautiful expanse of Munnar. Get your cameras ready as you witness the amazing scenery of Munnar, along with the serene tea plantations, the wildly green hills and the beautiful mountain peaks such as the Anamudi Peak and many more exciting sightseeing places that will leave you in awe of the winders that lie hidden in the chest of this lovely hill station! Experience the child like joy as you engage in a fun and exciting elephant ride and embark on a nature tour of the different and unique spots in Munnar!

  • 19Half Day Spice Valley Tour In Munnar

    Half Day Spice Valley Tour In Munnar

    About the Activity :

    The holiday season is here! Enjoy an exciting half-day trip through Munnar covering major sightseeing and other unique experiences like the famous Blossom Park, Pothamedu View, Athukkad Falls, Chitrapuram View Point, Dream Land Fun World and Spice Plantation. A few hours of this trip will leave you in complete awe of the amazing place and will make you fall in love with the lush and green environs of Munnar! There are over hundreds of exotic spice plantations in Munnar that harvest different and unique spices used in cuisines and other items for people all over the world! Test your senses and allow them to revel in the aromatic plantations with a spice valley tour in Munnar!

  • 20Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari In Munnar

    Kolukkumalai Jeep Safari In Munnar

    About the Activity:

    This weekend, embark on an exciting jeep safari in Kolukkumalai with your loved ones and let the beauty of nature enthral you to the maximum! Scour the beautiful terrains of Munnar and let the brilliance of the jeep safari take you to a whole new world! Drive through the tea plantations and scenic beauty valleys, Lock heart gap, spice plantations and visit the eastern slope of Western Ghats which makes the tea in this land very special as well as the extremely beautiful view. On your way to this estate you will have a beautiful and panoramic view of emerald green tea estates and the curvy hills of Munnar that just touch the low lying clouds. Experience a wonderful ride with an amazing jeep drive through the tea plantations. The roads here are well equipped to handle jeeps of all shapes and you can take in the beautiful view of the amazing country side anytime you want!

  • 21Jeep Safari And Tea Plantation Visit In Kolukkumalai

    Jeep Safari And Tea Plantation Visit In Kolukkumalai

    About the Activity:

    Enjoy an exciting tea plantation visit and jeep safari in Kolukkumalai in the beautiful environs of the hill stations of Munnar! Grab your friends and family and let the pure joy of nature sightseeing take over you on your next holiday! Drive your heart out through the tea plantations and scenic beauty valleys, Lock heart gap, spice plantations and visit the eastern slope of the intimidating Western Ghats. The scenery alone adds to the tea being very special as well as the extremely beautiful view of Munnar! On your way to this estate you will have a very wide view of tea estates, a wonderful experience of the jeep drive through the tea plantations and an exciting ride on the jeep able rugged road. You will also get a chance to have a close look to the spectacular country side of Munnar!

  • 22Trek To Seven Hills Mountain In Munnar

    Trek To Seven Hills Mountain In Munnar

    About the activity :

    Munnar is a lush, cold and beautiful hill station with a wonderful view for those who love the wonders of a hill station. Explore the different and unique forests of Munnar and let the glory of nature sweep you off your feet! You will begin your fun weekend in the hills with a refreshing trip to the tea fields of Munnar! After exploring the unique domains of the hills, you can relax and head to the emerald green grass mountains, and trek up to the peak for about 4-5 hours. Indulge in nature photography and explore the different spices in the area! It is a relatively easy trek, and gives you plenty of time to spend a quality holiday with nature, undisturbed and relaxed. Once the trek is odne, descend to your village base camp in your vehicle!

    Timing: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

  • 23Trekking to Sunrise Point in Munnar

    Trekking to Sunrise Point in Munnar

    About the activity 

    • Trek up to one of the highest mountains in Munnar with your friends and family and let the sheer thrill of trekking with nature in one of the most beautiful hill stations of India take you to a whole new world! 
    • Begin your trek to the Chokramudi Mountain and indulge in nature photography of the place! Surround yourself with the vivid green of the mountains all around you and let yourself go in the sheer beauty of the hills! 
    • Once you trek around the base of the mountain, you can see the sunrise at a pivotal part of the hill with your friends and click beautiful pictures! 
    • More than trekking up to the heights of the mountain, you will find yourself in sheer joy as you scale 2100 mtrs above sea level on this trek! After a 30 minutes break and relaxing by the base, you will come down to the same place via a vehicle and get back to Munnar!

  • 24Mountain Trekking In Munnar

    Mountain Trekking In Munnar

    About the Activity :

    Haven’t you ever wondered whether you could scale the top of the greatest mountains and hills of India with your friends and loved ones? On your next holiday, head for a fun and exciting mountain trekking experience in Munnar with your family or friends and revel in the beauty of the hills of Munnar! Your exciting experience in Munnar begins with a trek to Chokramudi which is the 3rd highest peak in South India. You will get to the peak of 2163mts height by a walk of 5km up and 5km down. This is a 5-8 hour trek and will surely test your adrenaline and energy skills! The peak is 12km away from Munnar.  Grab your cameras and engage in an exciting trek upon the exciting peaks of Munnar!

  • 25Trek To Lakshmi Hills In Munnar

    Trek To Lakshmi Hills In Munnar

    About the activity :

    Lakshmi hills is located about 3km from Munnar and makes for an amazing trekking experience for all those who enjoy pure nature, unadulterated! Grab your cameras and head for an amazing trek with your loved ones! Escalate one of the most intimidating hills, but only in appearance as this trek is an amazing respite for those who wish to beat the city blues! This is a 5 hour trek and will definitely put you in a happy state of mind as you gaze at the world below you, shimmering with clouds as thin as a bride’s veil!  The walk goes through lush green grass lands, tea plantations and you will get to explore over 7 hills while you are here. So get going, it is time to explore the magnificent Lakshmi Hills with your friends and family!

  • 26Challenging Trek To Chokramudi In Munnar

    Challenging Trek To Chokramudi In Munnar

    About the Activity :

    How does an adrenaline induced and thrilling adventure in the midst of heaven sound? Pack your bags and head for an exciting and a challenging trek to Chokramudi hills with your adventure gang on your next holiday! Stand atop one of the most beautiful peaks in Munnar and let the feeling of pure bliss and adventure take over you! Hard core adventurers can embark on this trek to Chokramudi hills on their next holiday to experience the gruelling and satisfying task of climbing the peaks of these formidable hills! You will be served lunch during this trek and you can also enjoy a trek to several more hills around this place. Book now for some of the best deals and get going!

  • 27Tea Plantation Trek In Munnar

    Tea Plantation Trek In Munnar

    About the Activity :

    The hills are alive and calling you to explore them! Enjoy a tea plantation trek through the wondrous environs of Munnar and breathe in deeply, all the aromas culminating to give you an amazing feeling! Experience an exciting tea plantation trek on your next holiday and discover the different spice processing units around as well! Some of the best and most exotic spices in India hail from here, and you get a golden opportunity to witness how well it is made, with colours spewing in from many areas of factories and the friendly folks hard at work keep your engrossed with their rhythmic hand movements as they work throughout the day! Explore the different tea farms, parrot green and tantalizing in almost every way as you click photographs of the pale blue skies and the emerald hills around!

  • 28Chinnar Night Safari In Munnar

    Chinnar Night Safari In Munnar

    About the activity :

    If the wilderness of hills leaves you enthralled, why not add a tad spice to it on your next holiday? Explore the wild and all its wonders with an enthralling trek to the beautiful Chinnar in Munnar, a hill station that has lured in several visitors over the years! The night safari through Chinnar will allow you to explore some of the unseen and unheard of species that choose to explore their environs to public eye only in the dark! Try and spot elephants, deer, bison and other wildlife while here on your exciting safari! Indulge in wildlife photography and lose yourself in the beauty of the glistening moonlight that hugs the trees enveloped in darkness. Munnars beauty at night cannot be explained well enough, so this is your chance to experience it to your enjoyment and adventurous maximum!

  • 29Rock Zone Activities in Munnar

    Rock Zone Activities in Munnar

    About the Activity:

    Indulge in an exciting round of Rock Zone activities in Munnar with friends and family for an unparalleled experience. Fuel up your energy and get ready to indulge in an array of thrilling activities available here.

    Get ready for an exciting activity of Rappelling – this thrilling adventure involves twin techniques of mountaineering and rock climbing. This innovative adventure also known as Abseiling, involves hiking a steep cliff or a slope while harnessed to all the required safety gears.  You can also indulge in other thrilling activities such as Free Hand climbing or Jumaring with rest of your group members.

    Boost your adrenaline as you prepare yourself to indulge in these exciting rope activities that involve skills to complete them but at the mean time promises you with ample doses of fun and adventure.

    Shed off all the cobwebs of routine life and enthrall in this amazing Rock Zone activities in Munnar. Gather your wits and just let it go!

  • 30Cycling in Munnar

    Cycling in Munnar
    About the Activity:
    • Embark in this exciting cycling expedition and witness the mesmerizing beauty of this region.
    • Commence your tour at 5.30 AM from Bangalore to Munnar and get transferred to your resort near Marayoor. 
    • Start cycling through the forest exploring the Marayoor Sandalwood reserve and Pampadum Shola forest. Enjoy  delicious lunch en route. 
    • Ride along the rocky trail of the  Mannavan Shola forest to the Kundala Dam for a distance of 6 kms. Continue riding through the rolling terrains and reach Munnar.
    • Make your evening special with a bonfire and a lavish dinner back at your resort in Marayoor.
    • Start your morning the next day with a birding session ans witness hundreds of different species of birds.
    • Enjoy a crunchy breakfast and then continue riding downhill to Chinar Wildlife Sanctuary where you can witness the diversified wildlife of this region.
    • Indulge in a refreshing trek to the Thoovanam falls and relish in a basket/ packed lunch near the waterfall.
    • Drive back to Bangalore while enjoying a delicious dinner en route.
    • Your tour ends after reaching Bangalore.

  • 31Trek to Top Station Munnar in Kurangani Hills

    Trek to Top Station Munnar in Kurangani Hills
    • d2 Daysn2 Nights
    • lMunnar
    • NNNNN108 ratings
    About the Activity:

    • Just a overnight journey from Bangalore, Munnar Kurangani Hills in Theni district is a perfect place for trekking fans as well as nature enthusiast. 
    • Start your trip from the mentioned pick up points, Indira Nagar 06:30 PM, Domlur 06:45 PM, Magrath road 07:00 PM and Silk board 08:00 pm on friday.
    • Reach the campsite around 06:00 AM for a refreshing delicious breakfast and proceed to Kurangani Hills.
    • Start your trekking experience at 08:00 AM which leads you through the narrow valley, rocky slopes and thorny bushes to Top Station.
    • Explore the majestic mountains, waterfall and the spectacular landscapes. Then reach a water fall for a relaxing lunch and then reach Top Station.
    • Camp under the stars and on Sunday take a trek down to Kurangani after a refreshing breakfast.
    • Once you are done pack your bags and depart to Bangalore with a lunch during journey at your own cost.
    • You'll reach your drop point around 11:30 PM at your location, which is same the pick up point.

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