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  • 01KodeKallu and BaaleKallu Trek, Charmadi

    KodeKallu and BaaleKallu Trek, Charmadi
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lMangalore
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    Located around 20km from Charmadi Village, the KodeKallu - that resembles the shape of an umbrella - and BaaleKallu peaks are amongst the best trekking destinations near Mangalore. This guided activity would cover around 7 hours over two days.

    After an overnight journey from Bangalore at 9pm and your arrival in Charmadi Village, check-in into a hotel, freshen up and get prepared at around 7am for the trek to the KodeKallu and BalleKallu Gudda peaks. On arrival at the peak, delight on the astounding views of the Western Ghats and the nearby surroundings. Overnight camping with bonfire and dinner at the peak adds to the entire experience.

    Around 7am next morning, while trekking back to the basecamp, visit the Ballalarayana Durga Fort and rediscover a bygone era. Alekhan Waterfalls is next on the list. Located 19km from the basecamp, the route to this cascade comprises of easy accessible terrains and offers spectacular views of the waterfall. Following this visit, return to the basecamp and prepare for your return journey to Bangalore.

    Duration: This trek would cover around 7 hours over two days

    Difficulty Level: Moderate

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