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  • 01Food and Spice Trail, Hyderabad

    Food and Spice Trail, Hyderabad
    • h5 Hours
    • lHyderabad
    • NNNNN25 ratings
    • Ms. Raize
      Ms. Raize

    Hyderabad, one of the stunning cities in India, has successfully retained its past glories and grandeurs. Be it the ‘Shahi’ charm of the old city, the delicious cuisines , everything offers a unique and unmatchable identity to this state. This 4-5 hours tour offers a splendid way to witness and experience the old world charm and authenticity of Hyderabad.

    On assembling at the Charminar at around 10am or 3pm, emabrk on this tantailzing tour of Hyderabad with a cup of Irani Chai and Osmania Biscuits. Known as two of the best and most delicious specialities of the city, one cannot afford to miss either of them on a Hyderabad trip. You can savour upon other delicacies and confectionaries like puffs, pastries, stuffed bread like dil-pasand and dil-khush.

    Walking towards Patherghatti, sample some of the best varieties of dosas and head towards a local spice market which is known for its exotic and flavoursome spices. Experience the variants in Hyderabadi spices and know the secret of its delicious cuisines!

    Post this, visit a nearby market and delight on delicacies like Nahari Kulcha, roti kheema and bhaja curry. After 11:30am, you can also sample the most authentic Hyderabadi Biryani in this market and get your taste buds greedier. In addition to this, you can also sample naan and marrg (soup), lukhmi (patty) with mincemeat, kebabs and pattherkaghosht.

    After a scrumptious day of sampling and savouring different cuisines of Hyderabad, conclude this food tour by relishing desserts like double kameetha, khubanikameetha, malai and several others.

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