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  • 01Coorg - Tadiandamol Trek and Adventure Escape

    Coorg - Tadiandamol Trek and Adventure Escape
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lCoorg
    • NNNNN1337 ratings
    • Habeeb Ul Haq
      Habeeb Ul Haq

    About the Activity:

    • The scenic Western Ghats offer exciting adventures for thrill seekers who want to explore the wild side. About 274 km from Bangalore, the Tadiyandamol Peak is the highest peak in Coorg and is surrounded by stunning greenery of the Shola forests. 
    • Reaching an elevation of 1,748m, Tadiyandamol trekking in Coorg is a perfect trek for both domestic and international travellers. A 2 day getaway is ideal for nature loving families, couples, backpackers and corporate guests.
    • The 15 km trek to Tadiyandamol is nothing short of exciting. Enjoy unravelling the winsome and landscape of Coorg that lures several travellers. 
    • Once on top, feel the pride as you conquer the highest peak of the destination. This feat is rewarded with sweeping views of green forests and coffee plantations.
    • The package includes food, accommodation in tents or dormitory and transportation from Bangalore and return.
  • 02Tadiandamol Peak Trek, Coorg

    Tadiandamol Peak Trek, Coorg
    • d3 Daysn2 Nights
    • lCoorg
    • NNNNN473 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 8195372

    About the Destination (short):

    Set your destination to the highest peak in Kodagu district of Karnataka. Standing amidst the picturesque Western Ghats and situated in the romantic valley of Coorg, the Tadiandamol peak trek  will set your souls free for the nature to capture them and purify. 

    Situated at an altitude of 1,748 m, getting on top of it will give your eyes a treat that is second to none. The trek will introduce you to patches of Shola forests in the valleys Situated at 247km from Bengaluru this peak acts as a perfect trek for those looking to initiate trekking, as it is not physically demanding.

    About the Activity:  

    This delightful as well as fascinating trek is amongst the ideal ways to discover the bucolic beauty of the Coorg district. Known for its enchanting beauty and appeal, the trek to Tadiandamol peak will introduce you to the magical charm of Kodagu district.

    Within Tadiandamol peak trek, you can also visit stunning waterfall, experience local life, walk through lush coffee plantations and lot more. While for the adventure junkies, the Tadiandamol adventure in Coorg offers an adrenaline rush, for the peace and serenity seekers, it offers ultimate peace of mind and solitude!

  • 03Trek to Tadiyandamol Hills, Coorg

    Trek to Tadiyandamol Hills, Coorg
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lCoorg
    • NNNNN23 ratings
    • Shady

    About the Destination:

    Home to the indigenous Kodavu people, Coorg is a gem of a destination located in the greener pastures of the Western Ghats. 

    The greens of this charming hill station are varied and rich in their diversity; they offer some of the most brilliant hills and treks that excite both, amateur and experienced adventurers.. 

    Home to the highest peak in Coorg, Tadiyandamol, these elevations are full of exciting opportunities.

    A brief drive of 274km will bring you to the stunning scales of this peak, which is surrounded by the lush plantations of the Shola Forest. 

    Explore the wilderness in Coorg while on this enthralling trek to Tadiyandamol Peak; 

    Get ready for some fun-filled moments in this perfect getaway which has an abundance of natural beauty and untouched serenity of thr western ghats.

    About the Activity with Details:

    Embark on an exciting adventure with a trek to Tadiyandamol Peak in Coorg and fill yourself with a sense of happiness! 

    The fun-filled two days of expedition begin as you depart from Bengaluru to reach the base camp. 

    See the untouched natural beauty and colourful hamlet while exploring the way of life. 

    After a short briefing, you will be beginning the trek to Tadiyandamol at 09:45AM, which will take you roughly 4 hours. 

    Upon reaching the top enjoy the beautiful views around you and relax for a while.

    You will also get the full camp experience, complete with a bonfire

    Total trekking distance: 16km

    Difficulty Level: Moderate

  • 04Trekking in Tadiandamol with Waterfall Visit in Coorg

    Trekking in Tadiandamol with Waterfall Visit in Coorg
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lCoorg
    • NNNNN28 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 7770084

    About the Activity:

    • The undulating terrains thickly wooded slopes and misty valleys of Coorg have enticed travellers from all walks of life for many years. It is here that you can see the scenic Western Ghats and their vegetation come alive in all its glory. 
    • Make your New year special as you head out for this exciting trekking expedition in Coorg.
    • This amazing Tadiandamol Trek which extends an opportunity to explore this very landscape to its fullest. The trip starts from Bangalore after you get picked up from specific locations.
    • About 280 km from Bangalore, the Tadiandamol is one of the highest peaks in Coorg and is surrounded by stunning greenery of the Shola forests. Reaching an elevation of 1,748 m this is a perfect trek for both domestic and international travellers. 
    • A 2 day getaway for Tadiandamol trekking is ideal for nature loving families, couples, backpackers and corporate guests. Starting at Kakkabe, the trek takes you through meandering forest paths, little streams of mountain water to finally land you in the arms of nature at the campsite and a crackling bonfire.
    • While at the night enjoy the amazing firecrackers and dance to the beat of the music by the DJ. Also, delight in some unlimited starters along with your friends.
    • Get ready to experience the thrill while you visit Chelavara falls (depends on water level) as well during the trip. 
    • The package included food, accommodation in homestay and transportation from Bangalore.

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