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  • 01Guided Apollo Gate And The Front Bay Walk

    Guided Apollo Gate And The Front Bay Walk
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN39 ratings

    About the Activity:

    Discover how a port city has endured a three and half years old history! Witness the cultural growth within the city and be a part of the dream called ‘Mumbai’. Join this 3 hours walking tour and experience how a small port city has successfully become one of the most developed cities in the world.

    The walking trail begins with your arrival at Ferry terminal/Green Gate/Indira Gate or Ballard Estate at 9am or 3pm. Walk through northern part of Mumbai and discover its flamboyant essence and tryst with history. Explore the old 'Fort' and get acquainted with the region that had the first signs of human settlements.

    Maneuvering through the rustic lanes, visit the European Renaissance styled Ballard Estate which reminds about the Victorian London. Hereafter, head towards the Asiatic Society Library of Mumbai and the Horniman Circle Garden. Enjoy the scenic settings of these localities and catch the glimmpses of Flora Fountain that resembles London'd Piccadilly Circus.

    Towards the end of the trail, make it to the 275 years old dockyard of Indian Navy and witness its authenticity. Here onwards, take a walk to the Gateway of India and the Taj Mahal Hotel and conclude the walking tour on a delightful note.

  • 02Mumbai Night Tour

    Mumbai Night Tour
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN96 ratings

    About the activity:

    • As the oppressive heat of the day evaporates and gives way to cool evening breezes, teenagers, lovers, families and the elderly head out to enjoy the weather. Public seafaces like Marine Drive are crowded with Mumbaikars enjoying the rose-coloured sunset. As some people head home to sleep, others carry out religious duties or work in the markets, factories or call centres. Traveling primarily by car, you will witness the calm of Banganga Tank and a Jain Temple, the chaos of CST station, and the eerie beauty and sadness of Mumbai.

    • The tour starts at 7 PM at Regal Cinema and ends at 9:30 PM at CST Station

  • 03Mumbai Food Tour

    Mumbai Food Tour
    • h3 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN33 ratings

    About The Activity:

    • Mumbai provides anything for those who seek. The cosmopolitan life of the city gives rise to a number of food cultures combined together. This 4 hour delectable tour gives you a hint of many Indian and local cuisines, upholding its true spirit of diversity.
    • Meet at Colaba Causeway around 06:30 PM.Go beyond the average Indian food that you usually get and get exposed to something remarkable. We have carefully chosen with extensive research and with years of ‘eating’ experience some of the best places in the Fort area for you to experience.Food you will try:
      • Awesome, lip-smacking Mughlai Tandoori Chicken
      • The essential ‘Paan’, a delectable sweet item made with a particular kind of leaf
      • A milkshake of exotic fruits
      • The staple of Mumbai – ‘Vada Paav’
      • The most delicious Kerala fish curry you have ever had
      • A traditional Iranian-Parsi delicacy – Berry Pulao
      • And to end the tour, some delectable, delicious and creamy ‘ice-cream’ with all natural flavours and all the goodness that is an ice-cream…

  • 04The Bandra Walk in Mumbai

    The Bandra Walk in Mumbai
    • h3 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN23 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • Go on this 3-hour tour through bustling village lanes, encountering natives with a grand lineage, be taken by the historic sights, and superimpose the past on the present.
    • The walk begins at either 09.00 AM or around 03.00 PM at St Andrew's Church in Bandra, and discover the story of Bandra over a 3.5-kilometer stretch.
    • Stroll into the Chimbai Village at the heart of Bandra, before exploring the Portuguese-inspired modest homes at Ranwar Village.
    • At Mehboob Studios, catch a glimpse of Bandra's liberal cinema and art movement, even as St Stephen's Church and the Mount Mary Church offer a balmy embrace.
    • Your walk culminates with a visit to the popular heritage structure of the Bandra Fort.
  • 05Fly over Mumbai

    Fly over Mumbai
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN26 ratings
    • 9,560

    About the Activity:

    Bask in a birds-eye view of the eclectic city of Mumbai as you fly in a small plane. Get a feel of the bustling place without having to deal with the crazy traffic or jam packed trains.

    This half-hour flight can be undertaken anytime during the day between 11:30 am and 4:30 pm, for which the slot has to be booked in advance. 

    You have to reach venue of Juhu Airport, 15 minutes before your trip commences from here. This short journey by the small aircraft will allow you to take in the popular sights of Mumbai like Marine Drive, Chowpatty, Juhu Beach and Gateway of India – without stepping out of your comfortable seat. 

    The large windows and slow flight of the craft makes it possible for you to easily observe the hustle bustle down below and appreciate the varied skyline effortlessly. This one-of-its-kind way of sightseeing ends at the same location where your ride began half an hour ago, leaving you with memories to cherish for a long while.

  • 06Half Day Mumbai Exploration Trip

    Half Day Mumbai Exploration Trip
    • h5 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN38 ratings

    About the Activity:

    he ‘ locals – Aam Janta  - common man ‘ travels through Mumbai by the ‘locals’ – a common name for the suburban, commuter trains, which are the Lifeline of this Commercial Capital.  Of course, you will also use the other lifelines – the taxi-cabs, the  buses  BEST-  an apt acronym for the’ best’ bus service in India !

    You will get a chance to rub shoulders with the Mumbaikars. We will avoid the ‘Super crush density’ – Passenger load in the public transport.We use the train during the off peak hours so the train is not crowded. We will have maximum three customers/ guest with one guide to assure safety and personal touch.

  • 07Experience Kayaking in Mumbai

    Experience Kayaking in Mumbai
    • h1 Hour
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN178 ratings
    • 900
    • Plunge into the azure water of Arabian Sea and manoeuvre the kayaks.
    • Enjoy rowing the kayaks around Chowpatty in Mumbai.
    • Enjoy a different facet of the city of dreams within one hour of rowing.
    • Continue the fun for five different sessions at an additional cost.
    • Discover the quaint charm of the Arabian Sea and Mumbai while kayaking.

  • 08Candle Light Dinner Cruise in Mumbai

    Candle Light Dinner Cruise in Mumbai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN455 ratings
    • 24,999
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    About the Activity:

    • Arrive with your partner at the Gateway of India and set off on a cruise on the waves. As you board the ship, you will be welcomed on board with a glass of wine or fruit champagne.
    • Gaze into the open sea with nothing but the cooling sea breeze amidst luxury of a yacht that is equipped with a 2 BHK, Pantry upper deck and lower deck. 
    • The sailing experience lasts for two hours (6 PM to 8 PM) and gets you back to Gateway of India in all pomp and splendor!
    • For a true romantic candle light dinner cruise in Mumbai with your loved one, take to the alluring shores of Arabian Sea in Mumbai. 
    • You can either select Grand Soliel 45 or Ferretti 550, as your Sailing yacht. 
  • 09Leisure Sailing in Mumbai

    Leisure Sailing in Mumbai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN322 ratings

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    About the Activity:

    • This stunning experience begins as you set off from the gateway of India, 10 minutes prior to your booked time. A speedboat will then take you to your assigned J Boat/Mac Gregor/etc; post which your sail into the wide open waters begins.
    • Set off on a leisure sailing in Mumbai over the magical Arabian Sea in an international class keelboat which will give you a feel of having left your worries far behind!
    • The sight of the endless blue seas and the rim of horizon peeking over the end will surely make you sigh in exultation. 
    • The luxury sailing experience is far from anything you have ever imagined and the boat is well equipped with luxuries as well as safety procedures in the presence of the sailor and the skipper.
    • At an additional cost, you can also learn to sail over 2 hours of 10 sessions each; 1-3 participants can take part in this activity at a time.

    The options to book the package are given as two variants, Join a Group and Private Tour. You are requested to either book Join a Group which shows the cost for adults or Private Tour which shows the cost of one Yacht.

    Timings: 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, 6:00 PM to 7:45 PM

  • 10Luxury Speed Boat Cruise in Mumbai

    Luxury Speed Boat Cruise in Mumbai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN30 ratings
    • 18,000
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    About the Activity:

    • The waterfront charm of the city of Mumbai cannot be overstated,discover the charm by cruising in Mumbai waters on a luxury speed boat. 
    • Arrive at the tourist attraction of Gateway of India and head to Jetty No.5.
    • Once comfortably seated, you zip off on the blue waters. Catch the mesmerising sight of the horizon along with clusters of green. Leave the stresses of the world behind as you drift further away. After some time of cruising, the speed boat will be anchored for half-an-hour where you can enjoy the therapeutic aura and sights of the sea.
    • The boat will anchor at a location for an hour during which you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the sea even more!
  • 11Luxury Sailing in Mumbai

    Luxury Sailing in Mumbai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN31 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • Get your style and groove mode on and head on over the Arabian Sea for an unforgettable sailing experience in MacGregor Internation Cabin Sail Boat - accommodating upto 5 people.
    • Arrive at the Gateway of India, 10 minutes before your booked slot and embark on teh boat which will take you to your assigned cabin yacht.
    • Be swept away to your cabin yacht that is adorned with plush interiors. Post which; you drift further away into the magical waters. 
    • Have a complete indulgence of senses as you also dig into your brunch and enjoy a glass of fruit champagne.
    • The yacht will drop you back at the Gateway of India, post which this stunning experience will have come to an end.
  • 12Leisure Cruise from Mumbai

    Leisure Cruise from Mumbai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN32 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • On a balmy day, take to the fine art of sailing with a leisure cruise in Mumbai over the mesmerising Arabian Sea. 
    • Your luxurious and laidback cruising experience begins as you arrive at the Gateway of India about 10 minutes before your booked slot.
    • Hop on to Jetty No.5 and prep up for an exciting experience. You will have to sing an indemnity form and be given life jackets. Post that, set cruising and discover the charms of the Mumbai waters under the guidance of a Skipper.
    • The cruise will take you over the waters of the Arabian Sea and anchors for half an hour before heading back to land.
    • As you arrive back at the Gateway Of India, your stunning escapade draws to a stunning close.
    • Price is for a group of 4-6 people.
    • Timings: 7am to 6pm
    • This activity is not available in Monsoons
  • 13Experience Sailing in Mumbai

    Experience Sailing in Mumbai
    • h1 Hour
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN171 ratings

    About the Activity :

    • Call it the city of dreams, the economic hub of the country or the entertainment capital of India, Mumbai is all this and more! 
    • See the beautiful sights of this dynamic city on an unforgettable sailing experience. You can avail the enthralling Mumbai sailing experience near the Gateway of India, conducted at three different timings; 01:00PM, 03:00PM and 04:30PM. 
    • Arriving at the boat jetty near this historical landmark, hop into the 25ft sailing yacht and take an exciting ride over the striking waters of Mumbai. A France made vessel, this yacht is laced with all the comforts and luxuries one can expect onboard.
    • Set the sail from the jetty and navigate through the appealing waters of the Mumbai shoreline for around 1.5 hours and quench all your desires of having fun on the waters. You can also learn the basic techniques of manoeuvring the yacht and be the captain of the yacht during this elegant tour.

    Start Timings: 01:00 PM, 03:00 PM, 04:30 PM

    Note: Guests can request extra sailing time and special value adds like flowers, greeting cards, special snack which will be arranged if possible. All value add on are priced extra. This trip is not available in Monsoons

  • 14Half Day Bollywood Tour in Mumbai

    Half Day Bollywood Tour in Mumbai
    • h5 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN34 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • Depending on your convenience, you can either join this wonderful half day Bollywood tour in the morning; at around 10:00AM, or by afternoon; at around 02:00PM.
    • After getting picked-up from the hotel, drive to one of the nearby shooting spots, where you can witness live shooting of many different upcoming Bollywood flicks. 
    • Be it the stars practicing their dialogues or the director discussing scenes with them, the crew members preparing for a shot or the technicians preparing the sets, you can spot all of them. 
    • Post the shooting spot, you will be taken towards the dance hall, where you can enjoy live dance performances of the professionals. Up on arriving at the hall, get refreshed with a welcome drink and get escorted to an air-conditioned hall. On the way to the hall, you can gaze your eyes on posters of some of the legends of the Hindi Film Industry. Once in the hall, make yourself comfortable and enjoy 3-4 live dance shows.
    • After the dance shows are over, it will be the time to visit the abodes of your favourite Bollywood stars! 
    • Post lunch activities include visit to the animation, VFX and sound mixing studios. In addition to these, you can also witness how the choreographers make the actors and the crew member do the dance steps, the stunt actors practicing their stunts and lot more. You can also chose to go for any of the latest Bollywood flick in a nearby theatre.
    • With the completion of your visit or the movie, you will be driven back to your hotel or the pick-up destination. 
  • 15Mumbai Slum Tour

    Mumbai Slum Tour
    • h3 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN306 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • Dharavi and Mahim in the heartland of Mumbai, comprises of Asia’s largest slum dwellings. While the very first thought of going on Mumbai slum tour might conjure images of poverty, unhygienic living standards, and a sizeable amount of unhappy faces, this Dharavi slum tour will offer you the better side of these areas and life around there.
    • Walking down the narrow alleys of India’s largest slum areas proves to be quite an adventure. Observe people from different parts of India live and make a living in absolute harmony.
    • The sense of community and pride in self-sustenance is evident through the innumerable small scale industries that thrive in the area.
    • Catch residents make papadoms, weaving baskets, embroidery, making soaps  and many more unbelievable professional deliverables that throw a pleasant surprise at every outsider.
    • Your Mumbai slum tour begins at the Mahim Railway Station. From here head straight to the plastic and metal recycling yard of 13th Compound.
    • Get abreast with the amazing small sized industry melting and moulding plastic toys and manufacturing buttons for popular brand Barbie Dolls of India.
    • Walk through narrow lanes and by-lanes taking in the wafting aromas from local bakeries and sweet shops. Exotic smells from soap and cosmetic making units are bound to make some heads turn.
    • Dime sized cyber cafes, locals brushing past, mass-producing tailor shops all make up for an exciting trip. Friendly locals and enthusiastic tiny tots waving from their roof tops and balconies simply add in a touch of regular life being lived here.
    • Continue on the show and tell tour listening to stories from your guide as you arrive at Kumbharvada, in Dharavi. Known to be the face of India’s largest slum dwelling, Dharavi is now iconic for its appearance in the Oscar winning Slum Dog Millionaire.
    • Visit Kumbharwada, an area occupied by traditional potters hailing from Gujarat. This large settlement set up in 1930s is a testimony of communal clay pits and kilns that have stood the test of time and witnessed hardships.
    • In tandem with Brazil’s Favela, Dharavi and Mahim will leave a mark in your hearts and minds.
    • After this stop, you’ll be dropped to your location. This Mumbai slum tour with Dhobi Ghat and dabba wala would be completed within 6+ hours.

  • 16Holy Mackerel!

    Holy Mackerel!
    • d3 Daysn2 Nights
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN31 ratings
    • 13,750
    • Book Now

    About the Destination: The city of Malvan makes for an idyllic weekend holiday. The spotless beaches of Tarkarli and Chivla, the cinematic surroundings, the serene backwaters, a number of adventure sports, mostly snorkelling and scuba diving, and plenitude of fresh Malvan-/Konkani-style seafood makes it so!

    In addition to all the delights, the town also boasts of a historical sea fort, Sindhudurg, local spice gardens and the Malvan Wildlife Sanctuary. It is the creeks of Karli, Kolamb and Kalavali that surround the city making it a haven for those looking for relaxation and solitude.

    About the Activity with Details:

    Over this 3 days tour with a local family, learn how to prepare Malvan/Konkani delicacies. Also, you can explore the local spice gardens. If you are a chef-in-the-making, or a food connoisseur, you are about to embark on an unforgettable journey of the tantalizing South Indian cuisine. Other activities include visiting a fish auction, barbequing them, and if luck favours you, sipping high tea with the local Queen!

    Meal Types: Veg, Non-veg, Malvan and Konkani cuisine

    Activities: Fishing, Cooking, Exploring spice gardens, Beach activities, Fish auction tour, High tea session

    Difficulty Level: Easy

    Duration of the Activities: 3D

  • 17Half Day Mumbai Tour Package

    Half Day Mumbai Tour Package
    • h6 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN24 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • Get a glimpse of life on the Southern side of this mesmerizing island city over half a day through half day Mumbai tour. 
    • At around 10:00 AM, a tour guide will pick you up from your hotel/any other location on a private vehicle. Head to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. 
    • Overflowing with people, this Gothic structure is modeled on the lines of the St Pancreas Station in London. For the art lover, its carved stone friezes, stained glass windows and flying buttresses are worth marveling over. A pride of the city, the top of the central dome stands the triumphant figure of Progress. 
    • Move on to Flora Fountain, yet another cherished Raj era architectural beauty standing at a busy five-point intersection in the heart of the commercial Fort area. Depicting Roman Water Goddess Flora, the piece is a pleasing white structure with a fusion of water, architecture, and sculpture.
    • Drive to Mumbai's most famous monument Gateway of India and experience the business district of Nariman Point where Mumbai’s populous strives to maintain its position of being India’s Commercial Capital. From here drive on the beautiful, well laid out boulevard of Marine Drive, the most visible and oft highlighted landmark of Mumbai. 
    • Arrive at Hanging Gardens on Malabar Hills from Marine Drive. Perched atop just the Kamala Nehru Park, these terraced gardens offer a fascinating view of the island megapolis with the expanse of the Arabian Sea. Also known as Pherozeshah Mehta Garden, this vast green cover is built on a water reservoir and is chockfull with green bushes, trees and animal-shaped topiaries. Make sure not to miss the Old Woman’s Shoe or Boot House, a stone structure, which is extremely popular with children.
    • Stop over at Mani Bhavan, a poignant two-storied residence of Mahatma Gandhi on his visits to Bombay.
    • Arrive at Prince of Wales Museum [Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sanghralaya], counted among the best and most well maintained museums in Mumbai boasts of a huge collection of artifacts from across India and the world. 
    • Last halt on this half a day tour puts you face-to-face with Mumbai’s most unique feature ! The 140 year old open to air Laundromat, Dhobi Ghat. 
    • Your half day Mumbai tour ends here. Drive back to your drop location.
  • 18Elephanta Caves Tour From Mumbai

    Elephanta Caves Tour From Mumbai
    • d1 Day
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN27 ratings

    About the activity: 

    • The Elephanta Island tour, signifies the glorious abode of Lord Shiva. Consisting of seven caves on the Arabian Sea, it stands as an epitome of Hindu cave culture and is a testimony to a civilization that has long disappeared. 
    • Embark on a diversified Elephanta Caves tour, with a pick-up from the hotel at around 10:00AM. Begin the tour with a drive to the Gateway of India, from where a ferry will take you to the fascinating Elephanta Caves. 
    • Within this jovial ride, witness the magical beauty of Mumbai from the sea and curate some of the pleasant moments.
    • Relive history, find traces of a long-lost civilization and rediscover the charm and grandeurs of the past. 
    • After a splendid cave exploration experience, get back to the ferry and sail back to the Gateway of India. Arriving in the mainland, you will be again picked-up followed by a drop at the hotel.
  • 19Yacht On Rent in Mumbai- Majesty 66

    Yacht On Rent in Mumbai- Majesty 66
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN25 ratings
    • 50,000
    • Book Now

    About the Activity:

    If you are looking for yacht on rent in Mumbai, have a fantasy to enjoy your holidays cruising over the enchanting waves and romance the pleasant sea-breezes, Majesty 66 is the vessel for you. Built with a classy charm, elegant outlook and graceful interiors, this grand vessel is one of the most eligible yacht charters in Mumbai as well as the Indian coastlines that introduces its lovers with the openness of the majestic sea.

    With a bimini top, semi-rigid tender, air-conditioned deck, well spacious interiors decked with finely finished timber-works and ample of entertaining areas, the Majesty 66 makes it for an ultimate leisure and appealing holiday cruise in the Arabian Sea. Be it on a birthday treat, bachelor party, get-togethers, corporate events or any similar events, the Majesty 66 just add a new blend of fun and excitement to your celebration!

  • 20Yacht Hire In Mumbai- Princess 54

    Yacht Hire In Mumbai- Princess 54

    Well, if you are looking for yacht hire in Mumbai, you are at the right place! Alluring deck, windows that offers the most charming views of the sea, well equipped bar, comfortable sitting arrangements and what not! Anything and everything about the Princess 54 as one of the yacht charters in Mumbai is so captivating; you just cannot resist its temptations!

    The true princess over the Arabian Sea, it comes with a capacity of hosting around 15 guests and 6 well-comforted beds. While the fun and excitement on board depends on the duration of your package, the vessel assure you jovial and splendid moments with family members, friends and colleagues. Ideal for bachelor parties, birthday celebrations, corporate events, get-togethers and several others, this charismatic vessel will never disappoint you!

  • 21Rent A 32 Feet Sail Yacht In Mumbai

    Rent A 32 Feet Sail Yacht In Mumbai

    About the vessel:

    Introduced in the late 1980s, the 32 Feet Sail Yacht is truly a pleasant companion for those who yearns for fun and exciting yacht sailing in Mumbai. With style, charisma, appeal and ample of space on board, it has successfully became a favourite for the party mongers.

    Whether you are planning a cruise with family members, friends or with your colleagues, your every moment will be equally delightful in this vessel. Easy to manoeuvre, with all the basic amenities and plenitude of storage facilities on board, you will never run out of fun and excitement in the 32 Feet Sail Yacht on rent in Mumbai.

    Charter Cost: Rs 11000 + Taxes for 3 Hours  (6-8pax) include tender

    Note: This is not available in Monsoons

  • 22Speedboat Ride In Mumbai- Gulfcraft 31

    Speedboat Ride In Mumbai- Gulfcraft 31

    About the Vessel:

    If you want to rent a boat in Mumbai, then Gulfcraft 31 speedboat is the best option. While cruising the turquoise waters of the sea, this exciting boat will fulfill all your need and desire for performance and speed boat ride in Mumbai. Considered ideal for activities like leisure cruising, fishing, water skiing and others, this charismatic boat is designed to entertain its fans in all aspects.

    In addition to its high quality performance and flexibility to manoeuvre, it also comes with features that makes it an ideal hunt for the yacht or speed boat lovers. With all the sea-comforts and luxuries, it also offers plenty of spaces to store your favourite foods and drinks; make sure you stuff it accordingly before you embark on an fun-filled cruise with the Gulf Craft 31ft Speed Boat.

    Charter Cost: Rs 11,000 + Waiting charges @ Rs 500/- per hr + taxes

    Route: Gateway-Mandwa-Gateway (same day return)

  • 23Ayurvedic Massage In Mumbai

    Ayurvedic Massage In Mumbai

    About the Destination:

    Mumbai, a city that never sleeps, a city that has been the dream of millions, is the home to a diverse range of traditions and beliefs. The rush and pace of life in this tinsel town is one of its own kinds, and no other cities in the country can second it!

    Amidst all the rush and haste of life, people are often seen losing their confidence, will to work and falls prey to the tough schedules of life. In such unfortunate happenings of life, one needs to relax and rejuvenate themselves for a better tomorrow! With one of the best ayurvedic massage deals in Mumbai, you can always find a reason to feel fresh, overcome all the tough situations and find a better you!

     About the Activity with Details:

    This soothing journey in Mumbai begins with your pick-up from the hotel and transfer to the massage centre. Within the 2 hours of this relaxing therapy, you will surely find yourself in a much tranquil state of mind, body and soul!

    Enjoy a full body package to ease your everyday aches and pains with the Sarvakaya Abyangnam, an oil-based therapy that quickly relieves any muscle cramps, strains and eliminates fatigue when applied in rhythmic strokes. This technique is widely used by individuals of all ages, to pacify the Vata dosha, believed to the cause for neurological and muscular disorders.

    Not just this, the massage also helps in delaying ageing, sharpening vision, improving brain functions and creating more flexibility in the joints. So give this phenomenal Ayurvedic massage a chance; live a healthy and stress-free life! 

    With the completion of this rejuvenating experience, you will be dropped back at the hotel.

    Activities: Relaxing

    Duration of the Activities: 2 Hours  

  • 24Group Camping at Bordi Beach

    Group Camping at Bordi Beach
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN26 ratings

    About the Activity:

    If you are looking for camping near Mumbai, Bordi Beach is where you should head to! A quaint small beach-town along the borders of Maharashtra and Gujarat, Bordi is known for its amazing and untouched beauty. An indigenous home to some of the adivasi groups, this scenic hamlet proves to be a treasure trove for those who want to escape the heat of city-life and seek some peace and serenity amidst the nature.

    Jotted with several heritage homes and ancient bungalows, camping at Bordi Beach is an ideal way to relax and rejuvenate! Join this amazing camping experience near Mumbai and shed off all the weariness that engulfs you amidst the humdrums of city-life!

    About the Activity with Details:

    Along with amazing experience of camping at Bordi Beach, this tour package will also get you close to the cultures and traditions around the vicinity. Set off to the Saturday hat market, stroll through the jovial by-lanes of Bordi, learn Warli paintings from the locals and lot more during your camping. Along with all these, you can also indulge in activities like cycling through the countryside, enjoy picnic beside the Aswali Dam, visit chickoo orchards and also take out some pleasant moments to explore the Dhanu Beach on your way back.

  • 25Adventure Activities and Stay at Kamath’s Residency in Nagothane

    Adventure Activities and Stay at Kamath’s Residency in Nagothane
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN359 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • This offbeat destination is a fine blend of adventure and rejuvenation, making it a perfect weekend retreat!
    • After you reach the property check in at 10:00 AM to embark this amazing experience like never before.
    • The experiential stay here opens you up to an exciting range of activities such as white water rafting and kayaking.
    • Glorious ruins of Raigad or Murud Janjira forts are a charming brush with history, while the lush environs and the isolated beaches form an enchanting setting.
    • Raise it a few notches with River Crossing, Jet Ski, and Banana Boat rides, or tread through the slushy trails on the mountain biking trip.
    • Following a chilling Kansai Waterfall trek, retire for the eventful day around a cozy bonfire with many unforgettable memories to return with.
    • Stay in luxurious AC room for the night and check out at 06:00 PM.

  • 26Pre-Monsoon Easy Jungle Trek in Mumbai

    Pre-Monsoon Easy Jungle Trek in Mumbai

    About the Activity:

    Get ready for a trekking experience like never before! No matter how much you know about Mumbai, this is one trip that would help you in knowing more about this city!

    Brace up to begin your jungle trek by assembling within the park at around 07:30AM. Following your arrival, there will be an induction session at around 07:45AM. Post this; by around 08:45AM, embark on a trek to the captivating Kancheri Caves and visualize wide range of flora and fauna amidst the park.

    Witness stunning species of migratory birds and mammals in their natural habitat. Also, spot a wide range of reptiles during your trek. Post all these enthralling experiences; close to 01:30PM, your jungle trek comes to an end. Wind up yourself and return from Kanheri Caves to the main gate of the park. It is time to give your feet a rest and bid adieu to other group members; your experience will end here!

  • 27Waterfall Rappelling and Trekking at Madap Waterfalls, Khopoli

    Waterfall Rappelling and Trekking at Madap Waterfalls, Khopoli
    • h9 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN621 ratings

    About the Activity with Details:

    While touring this region of Maharashtra, brace yourself for some heart racing activities! Off all the activities available here, waterfall rappelling at Madap waterfall is the one that will introduce you to the true beauty of the cascade.

    A controlled descend through a waterfall using a rope, this enthralling activity will begin with your arrival at the Madap village at around 08:30AM. Ddig into a scrumptious breakfast before kick staring your trek to the waterfall.

    Post breakfast, get started with rappelling at Madap Waterfall at around 10:30AM; experience power rappelling over 120ft of cascading waterfall. Control your weight as you descend down using the rope tied to your body and experience the thrills as you gradually descend!

    Following this thrilling adventure, start your trek back to the village at around 04:30PM and get freshened up with hot tea and snacks. At around 06:00PM, wind up yourself and wish adieu to the placid environs of Madap as you begin your return journey to Mumbai; expect to reach Mumbai at around 09:00PM with a bag full of memories!

  • 28Helicopter Joy Ride Over Mumbai

    Helicopter Joy Ride Over Mumbai

    About the Activity:

    • Indulge in the most innovative way of exploring Mumbai with this Helicopter Joy Ride!
    • Think beyond exploring the metropolis through land and water, and indulge in this novel activity that provides a bird's view of the city.
    • Enthrall in this exclusive helicopter ride that provides an unmatched panoramic view.
    • Fly under the guidance of expert pilots who consider safety to be of paramount importance, and experience the exhilaration of watching Mumbai from the skies.

    • There are three categories available; shared helicopter ride, private ride for couples and private ride for up to 3 persons.
  • 29Joy Ride over Mumbai

    Joy Ride over Mumbai

    About the Activity:

    • Joy ride over Mumbai is an innovative adventure activity that enables you with a bird’s view of this glamorous city.
    •  Embark on this thrilling adventure with Joy ride over Mumbai, hop onto Cessna 172 Skyhawk and get ready to live your dream.
    • Buckle up your seat belts as you witness Mumbai like never before on this four-seat aircraft. 
    • Fly under the guidance of expert pilots who consider your safety as their first priority. 
    • Enjoy a stunning aerial view of sea and land while gliding in the air with Joy ride over Mumbai!
    • Price is for 3 People.
  • 30Waterfall Rappelling and Flying Fox at Vihigaon

    Waterfall Rappelling and Flying Fox at Vihigaon

    About the activity :

    Water sports never ceases to amaze us, and it is time we let the thrill of adventure seep in to our every core and enjoy every second of where we are! On your next holiday, experience adventure with a waterfall rappelling and flying fox experience in Bihigaon! Waterfall rappelling is a technique used for controlled descending down from a rock patch or slope, with water hitting you from all sides possible! The main equipment used are high quality ropes, seat harnesses along with gloves and a helmet for safety.  This technique has been well practiced by adventure experts to create a safe recreational adventure activity wherein you can descend down on a rope under the refreshing flow of water via waterfalls, under the watchful eye of the professionals! Let the wonders of nature take you over to a whole new world and soar through the skies with the flying fox experience as well!! Experience the sheer thrill of waterfall rappelling and flying fox in Vihigaon now!

  • 31Waterfall Rappelling in Kasara (from Mumbai)

    Waterfall Rappelling in Kasara (from Mumbai)

    About the activity :  

    Fixed departure: 31-07-2016, 13-08-2016

    • Enjoy an exciting waterfall rappelling session at Kasara with your loved ones on your next holiday.
    • Start from Hotel Sai Shraddha, Bandra Station (West) in Mumbai at around 05:45 AM and reach Kasara after two hours of drive.
    • Rappelling is the technique of descending a waterfall using a rope on the basis of friction that controls the rate of descend. 
    • While dry rappelling is done over cliff faces or small rock faces, waterfall rappelling involves coming down a cliff face or rock face with plenty of water pouring down on you.
    • You get to the top of the fall, fasten yourself into the safety of a harness, rope up and stand over the edge of the fall and start descending.
    • Wind up the tour by late evening after getting dropped off at Mumbai.
    • For Basic Waterfall Rappelling, a waterfall between 50-80 feet high is usually chosen. 
    • The package includes food, transportation from Mumbai to Kasara and return.
  • 32Scuba Diving in Mumbai

    Scuba Diving in Mumbai

    About the Activity:

    • Get ready for an epic adventure of a lifetime as you embark on a riveting scuba diving session in Mumbai.
    • Dive in to this course with a PADI certified Scuba Diving instructor who will guide you step by step through the techniques of breathing under water and other essential skills.
    • The session lasts for 45 minutes and has all the safety equipment and procedures well in place.
    • Delight in this enticing activity and add a feather to your cap!
  • 33Anxiety relief programme at De-Stress Spa, Bandra

    Anxiety relief programme at De-Stress Spa, Bandra

    About the Activity:

    Win back your lost energy by participating in this soothing anxiety relief program at De-stress Spa, Bandra. Relax your mind and body – get ready to de-stress yourself from all the fatigues caused due to the routine and hectic life schedule.

    You can begin this session with a relaxing Aromatherapy massage – refresh yourself with this gentle massage session that makes use of sense of touch and smell. The oils used for this session are generally a blend of lavender, geranium and marjoram essentials. All these components facilitate your blood circulation in the muscles, thus, reducing the fatigue.

    Owing to its Ayurveda roots, this aromatherapy massage is usually performed on head-neck-shoulder region. As these are the prominent areas that suffers majority of mental stress. Relax yourself in this soothing spa session – apart from aromatherapy you can undertake various other sessions as well. Soothe your mind and body with this refreshing anxiety relief program at De-Stress Spa, Bandra.

    Activities: Anxiety Relief Program 
    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 34An excursion through Dharavi, Mumbai

    An excursion through Dharavi, Mumbai
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN41 ratings
    About the Activity:
    A walking excursion through Dharavi, Mumbai will open you up to a whole new side of the city that has remained hitherto unseen. Contrary to the popular perception, Dharavi is more than just a slum area of this metropolis, it is a place where indigenous industries and works come to life. With an annual income of more than US$665 million, this tour will expose you to the way that revenue is created. There area number of industries that operate here such as; recycling, pottery-making, embroidery, bakery, soap factory, leather tanning, poppadom-making and many more. The way these things are created is truly wonderful and indigenous to the land. 

    Areas Covered:
    • Recycling Area
    • Bakery
    • Poppadum Making
    • Kumbharwada pottery colony
    • Residential areas
  • 35Trek to Tungareshwar, Mumbai

    Trek to Tungareshwar, Mumbai

    About the Activity: 

    A part of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, a trek to Tungareshwar is certainly the best way to beat the city blues even if it is for a while. The dense forest offers innumerable opportunitiesto nature lovers and adventure lovers alike to experience the best of the adventure. 

    The Tungareshwar national park is especially beautiful in the monsoons as it bedecked in the glorious sights of the waterfalls, ravines and valleys filled with clouds. The activity begins as the participants meet at Vasai Station early in the morning at around 06.30 AM and depart towards the sanctuary. 

    Post a small briefing session, the trail begins. Traversing through lushly shaded pathways, the trail ends at around 11.30 AM, post which you will be returning to the Vasai station by auto.

    Note: The participants are requested not to leave the group until the trail ends.

  • 36Mumbai Midnight Cycling Trip

    Mumbai Midnight Cycling Trip
    • n1 Night
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN25 ratings

    About the Activity:

    Get ready for a riding experience like never before! No matter how much you know about Mumbai but this is one trip that would help you in exploring this city like never before!

    Delight in a midnight cycling trip through the city- the most remarkable feature about this trip is that you will be riding your bicycles through a beautiful coastal route in Mumbai. Begin your exploration – start unravelling the hidden streets while enjoying the coastal beauty of this otherwise bustling city. Hop onto your ride and get ready to surpass this stunning 35 km ride while passing through famous Mumbai tourist hotspots such as Marine Drive, Shivaji Park and various other famous viewpoints.

    Discover the fun of riding through amazing streets and beautiful roads. This amazing ride will come to an end at Bandstand. Unravel a totally different Mumbai with this delightful midnight cycling trip.

  • 37Day Cruise to Mandhwa, Mumbai

    Day Cruise to Mandhwa, Mumbai
    • h12 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN34 ratings
    • 12,000
    • Book Now

    About the Activity:

    Let the rolling waves soothe you as you set out on a day cruise to Mandwa from Mumbai. This sailing tour will take you on a luxury yacht across the vast Arabian Sea. Set out on the cruise from the famous Gateway of India in Mumbai early in the day at 07:00 AM and cruise across the waves to reach the jetty at Mandwa. You can embark on this memorable cruise with your family and friends and just have the time of your life, letting your heart touch the ocean spray. Once you dock at Mandwa, you can explore around the island and just relax and sample some coastal cuisine, until its time to head back at 07:00 PM. Refresh with the beauty of the surrounding and witness the majestic sunset over the ocean on your way back.

  • 38Luxury Cruise in a Sailboat in Mumbai

    Luxury Cruise in a Sailboat in Mumbai
    • d1 Day
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN165 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • The luxury cruise begins as you set out from the Gateway of India, even as the wind rushes past you!
    • Away from the busting city and out in the open sea is an exclusive way to spend the special day.
    • Cruise across the mighty Arabian Sea, and gift your loved one an unforgettable experience replete with Champagne, Flowers, Balloon Decor, Cake, and 2 Starters at an additional cost.
    • Embark on this exciting luxury sailing, and right here in Mumbai!

  • 39Outdoor Cycling Ride to Vihi Waterfalls , Vihigaon

    Outdoor Cycling Ride to Vihi Waterfalls , Vihigaon

    About the Activity:

    Embark on an exciting outdoor cycling ride with your friends and family to the beautiful Vihi waterfall in Vihigaon and let your eyes and limbs explore the vast beauty of Vihigaons treasure! This cycling ride shows you one of the most famous and beautiful waterfalls near Mumbai, The Ashoka waterfall at Vihigaon. It is a ride of overall 35 kms, starting from Kasara station and offers a great cycling pleasure with over the scenic countryside road as it turns and bends to ultimately take you to Vihi waterfalls and blue-green backwaters of Vaitarna River. There is much to see and explore by these waterfalls and one need only look once to fall in love with the beautiful environs of the place.

  • 40Nature Trail to Nagla Block in Maharashtra

    Nature Trail to Nagla Block in Maharashtra

    About the Activity: 

    • This weekend, get your trekking gear ready and get on with your nature trail to Nagla block which is located in the Northern part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park. 
    • Assemble at the meeting point at the Fountain Hotel at Ghodbunder Road around 06.30 AM and experience a tranquil walk towards Nagla block which is 05 minutes walkable distance
    • Experience an exciting nature trail which will start from the entrance of Nagla block.
    • Explore the beautiful part of SGNP and enjoy clicking after which the trail will end at 11:30 AM. 
    • It is easily accessible via Thane from central line and from Bhayander near western line.This nature trail is open for all nature lovers and photographers! Get going to these beautiful lands and explore all that you can during your trail!

  • 41Bird Watching at Bhandup Pumping Station, Mumbai

    Bird Watching at Bhandup Pumping Station, Mumbai
    • h6 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN31 ratings

    About The Activity:

    Nature has its own ways to entice us, and to witness some of the brightest and lively creation of Mother Nature, you must join this bird watching tour at Bhandup near Mumbai. A quaint settlement within the premises of the metro, this region has the largest water filtration plant in Asia, and attracts a large number of local and migratory birds round the year.

    Over the 6 hours of this bird watching tour, you can spot several rare and exotic avifauna species that includes forest, grassland and water birds. Lush and evergreen outlook of the region also make it a wonderful destination to spend quality time amidst the bountiful nature and indulge in nature photography. During your visit to Bhandup, you can also spot some of the most colourful species of butterflies, reptiles and lot more.

  • 42Mahuli Overnight Camping in Asangaon

    Mahuli Overnight Camping in Asangaon

    About the Activity:

    • Mahuli overnight camping, Asangaon is a gorgeous mountain terrain located on the outskirts of Mumbai. Delight in this wonderful camping experience along with your friends and family for an unparalleled experience.
    • Mahuli fort built by Mughals is a gorgeous fort that still seems to sing tales of old times and various dynasties that flourished here. Make way through narrow pathways leading you to the top- enthrall in the beauty of an isolated Shiva temple residing calmly on the pinnacle.
    • Enjoy a gleeful camping experience in open nature – wake up to the sounds of the birds and take a stroll around, delight in the morning glory of this place with near and dear ones. Make some wonderful memories while indulging in this pleasant Mahuli overnight camping experience.

  • 43Midnight Cycling Event to Bandstand Juhu Beach

    Midnight Cycling Event to Bandstand Juhu Beach
    • n1 Night
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN31 ratings
    • 1,500

    About the Activity:

    Have you explored the wonders of the glamorous city of Mumbai by cycle? This is your chance to explore the best of Mumbai with a midnight cycling tour from Bandstand Juhu beach and you can get your friends along for this fun event as well. The event is scheduled to take place on 10th October and will cover a distance of over 21 kms! You will get to cycle past the Bandra-Worli sea link and the duration of the event will be over 1 night from 10:00 PM on Saturday to early morning 05:00 AM on Sunday. So, book now and avail the best offers and deals to make this a memorable ride!

  • 44Highlights of Mumbai

    Highlights of Mumbai

    About the Activity:

    • This delightful highlights of Mumbai tour begins from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus which has also been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
    • Post this, take a short local taxi ride that provides your stunning glimpses of the beautiful Indo-Victorian buildings and monuments spread through the city.
    • Visit the colossal Gateway of India, enjoy the pleasing view of this grand monument adorning the blue sea decked with colorful boats and yachts.
    • From here continue your ride through the iconic Marine Drive, which is also considered as the heartbeat of Mumbai.
    • Visit 200 year old Shiva temple – Babulnath, enjoy the sudden pieces of silence that prevails around this holy shrine before wishing farewell to this delightful Mumbai trip.

    Transportation Types: Car

    Activities: Sightseeing

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 45New Year Celebrations Camping in the Barvi River Jungle Camp

    New Year Celebrations Camping in the Barvi River Jungle Camp

    About The Activity:

    • Ring in the New Year riverside in the rustic jungle camp by the Barvi river.
    • Indulge in Indian country side live acoustics while sitting around a warm camp fire.
    • Enjoy barbecue and other activities like bullock cart rides and tractor rides.
    Meal Details:
    • Welcome drinks (Non-alcoholic)
    • Veg and non-veg buffet breakfast and dinner
    • Barbecue


    • Dome Tents with shared washrooms for couples.
    • Cottage Tents with attached wash-rooms on multi-sharing.
    • Cottages within camp-site with attached wash-rooms on multi-sharing.


    • Camping
    • Barbecue
    • Bullock Cart Ride
    • Tractor Ride
  • 46Speed boating to Mandhwa or Elephanta Caves near Mumbai

    Speed boating to Mandhwa or Elephanta Caves near Mumbai

    About the Activity:

    • Delight in this off-beat excursion to Mandhwa/ Elephant Caves along with friends and family for a completely unparalled experience.
    • Take a break from the normal road trips. A usual car ride will cover this distance in 2-3 hours but with this amazing trip you can reach in just 15-20 minutes (one way).
    • You will be assisted by an experienced sailor, choose from 3 different speedboats and enjoy this breezing ride at a maximum possible speed.
    • Choose either of the destination and get ready for a memorable speed boat experience like never before.

    Activities: Cruising

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 47Mumbai Cruise in a Speedboat

    Mumbai Cruise in a Speedboat

    About the Activity:

    • Embark on this amazing Mumbai cruise trip in a speed boat for a completely blissful experience.
    • Race against raging waves in a speed boat while relishing the coastal beauty of this glamorous city – Mumbai.
    • You will be assisted by an experienced sailor, choose from different speedboats and enjoy this breezing ride at a maximum possible speed.
    • Get ready for a memorable speed boat experience like never before.

    Activities: Cruising

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 48Mumbai Cruise on a Luxury Yacht

    Mumbai Cruise on a Luxury Yacht
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN28 ratings
    • 10,260
    • Book Now

    About the Activity:

    • Rivet in this amazing Mumbai cruise trip in a luxury yacht for a completely blissful experience.
    • Experience a once in a lifetime sailing experience in these beautiful yachts some of which are crafted and designed in France itself.
    • You will be assisted by an experienced sailor, who will make sure that you enjoy this European styled luxury getaway experience.

    Activities: Cruising

    Difficulty Level: Easy

    NOTE:  Prices are different on special occasions and long weekends. 

  • 49Scenic Cruise of Mumbai in a Luxury Yacht

    Scenic Cruise of Mumbai in a Luxury Yacht
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN23 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • An unforgettable experience with friends and family beckons you on this luxurious cruise across the Arabian Sea.
    • Experience Mumbai’s shoreline like never before on this offbeat activity, and take in the sights of the coastline while sailing at sea.
    • This is ideal for those looking for seclusion, and spend a few memorable times with each other, quite unlike any other.
    • And along comes a picnic basket for light refreshments while you’re cutting through the wind.

  • 50Scenic Cruise of Mumbai in a Budget Yacht

    Scenic Cruise of Mumbai in a Budget Yacht
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN28 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • A wonderful experience with loved ones awaits on this budget sailing around Mumbai’s shoreline.
    • This budget yacht experience has an able crew aboard for a hassle-free and the safest time.
    • Even as the sea breeze leaves you asking for more, indulge in the picnic for some light refreshments.
    • This is ideal for those looking for seclusion, and spend a few memorable times with each other.
    • Upto 6 people can be accommodated in J21 sailboat
  • 51Luxurious Yacht Cruise on Mumbai Shoreline

    Luxurious Yacht Cruise on Mumbai Shoreline

    About the Activity:

    • An overwhelming experience out in the sea beckons you to cruise along the Arabian Sea in a luxurious yacht.
    • The time at sea includes an hour’s cruise, and 2 hours of anchorage to soak in the dusk and the balmy sea breeze.
    • An inbuilt music system allows you to set the tone of the cruise, where you play the music of your choice straight out of your music devices.
    • An experienced and able crew aboard guarantee a safe and hassle-free time.
    • Pick a yacht and set off on an offbeat way to make your evening immensely memorable.

    Meal Details: Light refreshments like chips, soda & sandwiches

    Activities: Cruising

    Duration: 3 Hours

    Timings: 4.00 PM to 7.00 PM

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 52Day Out at Amusement Park in Mumbai

    Day Out at Amusement Park in Mumbai

    About the Activity:

    • Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life and unwind at an amusement park that is replete with activities and rides.
    • Start your activity at 10.00 AM after reaching the tour locality and invoke in some exciting activities.
    • Feel the fun and thrill with an alluring rain dance and the try the different slides.
    • Freshen-up yourself while swimming in the pool and spend some time in the waterfall along with your friends. 
    • It is here that you can enjoy amusement park rides as well as activities that will keep you on your toes and rejuvenate you.
    • End this exciting tour at 5.00 PM and head back home.
  • 53Trek in Alang Madan Fort

    Trek in Alang Madan Fort
    • d2 Daysn2 Nights
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN24 ratings
    About the Activity:
    • Embark on this 2 days 2 nights trekking expedition in Sahyadri   and climb up the most dangerous treks.
    • Take the challenge of trekking in the most difficult forts of  Sahyadri and test your spirits.
    • Feel the thrill and excitement as you trek through the toughest treks Alang and Madan treks and climb through the steep and dangerous roads.
    •  Alang Fort is at a height  of 4852 ft and has huge plateau with caves and cisterns on the top.Trek through two technical patches to reach the top .
    • Madan Fort lies elevated at a height of 4.841 ft and is covered with caves too. Overcome your fears and enjoy the incredible scenic view after you reach the top.

  • 54Flight Simulation in Boeing-737

    Flight Simulation in Boeing-737

    About the Activity:

    • Experience the fun and thrill of flight simulation in Boeing -737 which will be the best adventure of a lifetime.
    • Feel as if you are flying a real jet plane and take control of your aircraft 737 and be able to land at 2000 airports around the world
    • The scale of the simulator is 1:1 of the Boeing 737.
    • This unique activity will be guided by trained professionals and each of the sessions will be different from each other.
    • End your activity with lots of  excitement.
  • 55Flight Simulation in Cessna 172 S

    Flight Simulation in Cessna 172 S

    About the Activity:

    • Experience the adventure of flight simulation in Cessna 172 S aircraft and have a most exciting time with your friends and family.
    • Feel as if you are flying a real jet plane and take control of your aircraft and be able to land at 2000 airports around the world.
    • The best thing is that you do not need any experience or safety gear. Take in charge of the plane and fly like a real pilot.
    • End this activity with lots of excitement. 
  • 56Flight Simulator in Fighter Jet

    Flight Simulator in Fighter Jet
    About the Activity:
    • Experience the fun and thrill of flight simulation in a fighter jet which will be the best adventure of a lifetime.
    • Feel as if you are flying a real jet plane and take control of your aircraft as you take the control.
    • You can choose from the multiple cities option and fly like a real pilot.
    • End your activity with lots of  excitement.
  • 57Rent A Car in Mumbai

    Rent A Car in Mumbai

    Maruti Zen Estilo

    Rs. 1000

    Hyundai i 10

    Rs. 1200 

    Maruti Swift

    Rs. 1200

    Mahindra Thar

    Rs. 1800

    Toyota Innova

    Rs. 3000

    Mahindra XUV 500

    Rs. 3500  .   

    Do contact the vendor to ask for the availability of the car and the pickup location of the same.
  • 58Joyride above Mumbai in a Helicopter

    Joyride above Mumbai in a Helicopter

    About the Activity:

    • Embark on this amazing helicopter ride and get a chance have magnanimous view of the city of dreams, Mumbai
    • A helicopter joy ride 1000 feet above the city or the coast is an unforgettable way to experience the breathtaking beauty of Mumbai and its surrounding areas.
    • The flight begins with a pre-flight briefing before you take to the skies to spot some famous icons.
    • See the famous beaches like Juhu Beach, Juhu Eskon Temple, Andheri Railway Station, Andheri Metro Station, International Airport, Pawai Lake, Hiranandani Building, Pawai Bihar Lake, Goregaon FilmCity on the tour of North Mumbai
    • Or if you opt for South Mumbai, see Juhu, Bandra Worli sea link , Worli sea face , Mahalaxmi Temple , Mahalaxmi Race Course, The Queens Necklace, Chowpaty, Haji Ali, Marine Drive, Distant Aerial View of the Gateway of India, Taj Mahal Hotel.
    • This product is running in monsoons as well.
  • 59Motor Yacht Ride in Bombay

    Motor Yacht Ride in Bombay
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN23 ratings
    • 40,000
    • Book Now
    About the Activity:
    • Board on Azumit 39 or Majesty 66 or Ferretti 550 for a short but entrancing cruise on the Arabian sea.
    • The amenities provided in the yacht would let you be calm and relaxed and you just float on the waves.
  • 60Sail Yacht Ride In Bombay

    Sail Yacht Ride In Bombay
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN47 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • Select any yacht from Jeanneau 24, Mac Gregor 26, Grand Soleil 45, Jeanneau 54 and Jeanneau 45 Sun Odyssey for a luxurious travel on the waves.
    • See a different Bombay from the sea and enjoy the cruise with your family.
    • Arabian sea will keep you entertained for two hours with impeccable comfort and pleasure.
  • 61Bicycle Expedition in Mumbai

    Bicycle Expedition in Mumbai
    • h3 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN27 ratings
    About the Activity:
    • Cycle through the city of multi cultures that would entice you with its historical and prominent spots.
    • The phenomenal trip would take you to the most specified corners of Mumbai with the assistance of an expert guide.
    • Enjoy the enthralling view of the large crowd in front of the Gateway of India.
    • Delve into the history of British regime while you enjoy the structural extravaganza of Victoria Terminus Station.
    • Stride through the Crawford market for a relishing shopping experience.
    • Also visit the oldest dock in Mumbai, Sassoon docks where trading of cotton heads the economy. 
  • 62Day Out in Mumbai

    Day Out in Mumbai
    • h4 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN32 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • Take a look around the flamboyant city of Mumbai to get a historical overview of the old city.
    • Spend 4 hours exploring every nook and corner of Mumbai with an exhilarating start at the Gateway of India. Some of the places you would cover in this tour are Isckon Temple, Jogger's Park, Mumbai University, Marine Drive etc.
    • Mumbai university houses heritage and legacy where you would simply enjoy a walk around the huge campus.
    • A ravishing view of the Arabian sea will obviously amaze you as you enjoy stride through the Marine Drive.

  • 63Slum Tour of Bombay

    Slum Tour of Bombay
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN24 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • Mumbai being the house for a lot of slums opens up a gallery of fond memories woven out of history.
    • Pack your bags to see the pulse of Mumbai in Dharavi, the biggest slum in India and have a glance at the very local life there.
    • Read the story of the old streets and places which were established during the period of British realm.
    • Explore the nook and corners of Dharavi, interact with the native people, get to know more about their congested life.
    • Also take a look at the residents busy with their activities such as plastic recycling, leather work, pottery, soap production, making of leather bags, papad baking.
    • Two hours of walking tour in and around the mini city will definitely make your day splendid.
  • 64Mumbai City Night Tour

    Mumbai City Night Tour
    • n1 Night
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN26 ratings
    About the Activity:
    • Mumbai is a city that never sleeps, so tour around the streets of Mumbai during the night to experience an awesome night tour of the city.
    • Meet the tour guide at your hotel in Mumbai and explore the place in an air-conditioned vehicle. 
    • Get a chance to see the iconic tourist spots like the Gateway of India, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Rajabai Clock Towers, Watson's Hotel Ruins and the Victoria Terminus Train Station.
    • Take a tour around the Kamala Nehru Park, Mumbai University, Municipality Building and the Hanging Gardens.
    • Enjoy a fabulous drive across the Marine drive and Chowpatty beach.
    • The tour will conclude with a drop at your hotel.
  • 65Harishchandragad Fort and Malshej Ghat trek

    Harishchandragad Fort and Malshej Ghat trek
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN26 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • This adventure at Harishchandragad leads you through picturesque terrains and stunning views of the valley beneath!
    • Get picked up by a private bus from Dadar and travel to the base villag Khireshwar to start your trekking expedition.
    • Stroll through endless field of Paddy, and follow the steady course to Malshej Ghat from where it will get more challenging.
    • Witness the Konkan Kada cliff, the Taramati peak which is the highest point on this hill fort and the Kedareshwar caves.
    • Upon reaching the Malshej ghat, the views of the Western Ghats, with their mesmerizing sunsets are bound to melt you in beauty.
    • During the trek you'll be allowed to rest overnight  in one of the cave in the vicinity.
  • 66Half Day Mumbai Tour

    Half Day Mumbai Tour
    • h4 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN24 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • Bombay is the city of dreams and a half day tour of the city will take you to the extreme point of pleasure and excitement.
    • Indulge in a luxurious drive to enjoy the very old and prominent sights of Bombay from the Gateway of India to various British heritage buildings.
    • En route, amuse at the majestic look of Taj Mahal Palace hotel and the Mumbai university that reminds you plenty of historical events during the British reign.
    • Take a look at the Rajabai clock towers which is also known as Big Ben of India, Watson's hotel ruins and of course the Oval cricket ground.
    • Relish the sight of one of the oldest buildings in Bombay, the Bombay High Court and later visit Victoria Terminus Train Station, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    • Have the glimpse of municipality building, Marine drive, Chowpatty beach, Kamla Nehru Park, Hanging gardens and Dhobi Ghat.
    • Get driven through the city that shows Prince of Wales Museum, Maharashtra Police Headquarters, Flora Fountain and Hutatma Chowk, Telegraph office and much more.

  • 67Mumbai Market Tour

    Mumbai Market Tour
    • h2 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN34 ratings
    About the Activity:
    • Partake in a two hours Mumbai market tour to see the vibrancy of the crowded city and when it comes to shopping, the sight is amazing.
    • Visit different ravishing and colourful markets with which you will sink into an unending state of dilemma of what to buy and what not.
    • Stroll through the Crawford market, identify the cheapest stalls of fruits, foods, accessories, candles and much more.
    • Get the exciting view of Mangaldas market that offers you a huge collection of unique pieces of dresses made of fine fabric.
    • Visit Bombay Paranjapole which is a shelter to 400 cows, try feeding them and give donations for protecting them.

  • 68Village Tour in Mumbai

    Village Tour in Mumbai
    • d1 Day
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN35 ratings
    About the Activity:
    • Join an enthralling village tour in Mumbai to explore the beautiful countryside and share your time with the rural people.
    • Get picked up from your hotel at 8:00 AM and enjoy the sight of some green buildings, soil biotechnology and water harvesting.
    • Enjoy a presentation about the philosophy of the village and listen to some inspiring stories.
    • Have a scrumptious lunch and relax for sometime at Mani Bhavan.
    • head toward another place to see the techniques in organic farming, biogas plant and then visit a nursery and cultural and educational center.
    • Wind up your tour by 7:00 PM and get dropped off.

  • 69Mumbai Food Tour

    Mumbai Food Tour
    • h3 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN37 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • Indulge in a tasty tour of Mumbai, catch the chance to turn your palates up with Mumbai food tour and feel like more hungry.
    • Stroll through the streets, have a glance at the delicious food presented in different stalls and food shops, local restaurants as well.
    • Enjoy listening to the history, the culture and architecture of Mumbai along your 'food paths'.
    • Satiate your palates with Pavbhaji, Bhel Puri, Chicken Tandori, Sikh Kabab etc and other delighting ethnic cuisines.
    • The tour starts at 4:00 PM and ends at 7:00 PM.

  • 70Airport transfer - Car rental

    Airport transfer - Car rental

    If You Want To Reach Your Holiday Destination Quickly, Safely And Without Breaking Your Budget, Choose Reliable, Affordable Of Our Services. We'll Get You There On Time, Every Time.

    Likewise, If You Book A Holiday Where Transfers Aren't Included, You Needn't Be Worried About Where To Go When You Arrive. Below We've Listed Some Of The Best Value Offers To Get You On Your Way. Offering Everything From Value Shuttle Transfers, Minibuses And Private Taxis, To Luxury Limousines, We Are Proud Of Our Reputation For Both Quality And Affordability, As Well As For Our Outstanding Customer Service

    Small A/c Car:

    Airport Transfer From/To Suburb: Rs 2000 Airport Transfer Within City: Rs 2500

    Big A/c Car:

    Airport Transfer From/To Suburb: Rs 2500 Airport Transfer Within City: Rs 3000

    Note: 1. Small car accommodates upto 4 people 2. Big car accommodates upto 6 people
  • 71Dajipur & Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary Tour

    Dajipur & Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary Tour

    Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary (Bison Sanctuary) is a wildlife sanctuary located in Radhanagari Taluka of Kolhapur district, Maharashtra state India. It lies at the southern end of the Sahyadri hills in the Western Ghats. It is notable as the first declared wildlife sanctuary in Maharashtra, notified in 1958, as Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary and is popularly known as the "Bison Sanctuary", The sanctuary is located between 16°10‟ to 16°30‟ north latitude and 73°52‟ to 74°14‟ east longitude. The Krishna River tributaries; Bhogavati River, Dudhganga River, Tulshi River, Kallamma River and Dirba River flow through the sanctuary area.

    Sanctuary contains 47 species of Mammals, 59 species of reptiles, 264 species of birds and 66 species of butterflies. Amphibians are most visible in the rainy season. 20 species from 2 orders, 5 families and 10 genera are listed in the sanctuary.Indian bison or gaur (Bos gaurus) with a population around 610 in 2004, is the flagship species of the area. Other mammals, living in the sanctuary are Indian leopard, sloth bear, wild boar (80), barking deer (140), mouse deer (80), sambar (120), giant squirrel 50 and wild dogs (70). In recent years, 6 to 12 tigers were reported in Dajipur forest in 2007-08.

    Places to be Visited :- Dajipur - Radhanagari , Kurli Dam, Mahalaxmi Mandir , Rankala Talao

    Schedule for the Tour :- Meeting at Swaminarayan Mandir - Dadar  at 9:30 PM

    @ Moving in Private bus to Dajipur - Kolhapur ( Pick Ups on the Way )

    @ Reaching Kolhapur  - Dajipur at 8:00 AM in the morning

    @ Freshen Up, Settle in the Rooms and Breakfast time

    @ Gear up for a Mid range Trek to Shivgad ( watch tower fort)

    @ Reach Atop fort

    @ View of Radhanagari wildlife sanctuary from the fort.

    @ Photography , Exploration , etc

    @ Lunch at Dajipur  ( Veg and Non-veg home cooked meals )

    @ Rest in the rooms

    @ Exploration of the wildlife area ( Kurli Dam )

    @ Dinner at Dajipur

    @ Sleeping time  / Day #1 Ends

    Day #02 :- 

    @ Wake up call at 3:30 AM  ( Those who miss to wake up will miss the Safari )

    @ Morning Safari Starts at 4:30 AM

    @ Lunch at Dajipur (Veg and Non Veg both )

    @ Moving towards Mahalaxmi Temple

    @ 1 - 2 Hrs Halt at Mahalaxmi Temple and Rankala Talao.

    @ After visit to the Temple and Rankala lake will start our journey towards Mumbai

    @ Reaching Dadar at Midnight around 3 :00 AM ( which will be tentative)

    Cost for the Event is 3800 /- Per Head

    Inclusions :-

    • Transport  by private Non AC Bus.
    • All meals till 22nd November Afternoon.
    • Accommodation ( Dormitory Type multiple sharing)
    • Separate rooms for Male and Females.
    • Safari Charges
    • Guide Charges
    • Entry Fees (Wherever applicable )


    • Medical Expenses occurred during the Tour.
    • Any food , beverages charges apart from the mentioned Inclusions
    • Medical Emergency expenses.
    • any things apart from the inclusions.
    Account Details:-

    For registration kindly transfer money in the following A/c:- (Payment via NEFT and RTGS only ) 

    In the Name of: Mr AMEY ARUN BHAGAT.
    Bank :- SBI BANK
    Branch : NEW PANVEL (EAST)
    Account No : 20134246954
    IFS Code: SBIN0011758

    itinerary & Mandatory Things to Carry :-

    A Water Bottle (~2 Ltrs) Mandatory,
    Cap,Good trekking shoes, a pair of extra clothes, Torch ( with extra batteries ) and Extra Socks (a must)
    Carry atleast 2 Lemons, Choclate Bars, Glucon D, Odomos.
    Carry Bedding for Night as the weather is chill and windy ( Sleeping bags or any bedding as per your convenience )
    Personal basic medical kit ( carry your routine medicines if any to avoid complications).
    Camera, Cell Phone, Binoculars (Optional)
    No wearing of Gold or any other expensive Ornaments ( if Lost owns a sole Responsibility )
    Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits,
    A haversack to put all these things ( Kindly pack your bags with Extra and Solid Polythene to avoid from getting Wet )

    Safety measure are to be followed on strict basis anybody not following will be discarded on the spot.

    Rules and Regulations :-

    Smoking & Drinking strictly prohibited.
    Kindly wear Light colors , bright colors are not allowed  
    Try to avoid use of Perfumes in the Jungles.
    No littering ( Plastics , Bits of Packets should be carried along for disposal )
    Follow the Instructions of the Rangers.

    If changes in the programme will be notified prior to the event

    I have not able to get the sanctuaries name in the dropdown, if you can please do enter 'Dajipur & Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary'

    This is a private tour product, please do the booking only if we have min 6 pax. 

  • 72Trek to Gorakhgad Caves

    Trek to Gorakhgad Caves
    About the Activity:
    • Embark in this exciting Gorakhgad cave trekking expedition and explore the enduring pinnacles which is the best for rock climbing.
    • Start your tour by reaching at the Kalyan ST stand by 6.45 AM and leave from Kalyan to Dehri by a bus or a jeep at about 7.15 AM.
    • Reach the Gorakhgad and start trekking through the dense forest of Machchindragad while enjoying the tranquility of this region.
    • Explore the Gorakhgad caves and get captivated by its alluring beauty.
    • Hike through the tough roads and reach the Dehri village by 6.00 PM.
    • Enjoy the evening in the village and then start travelling from Kalyan to dehri by a jeep or a bus.
    • Depart from Kalyan station and end your tour with lots of memories.

  • 73Day Picnic in Badlapur

    Day Picnic in Badlapur
    • h7 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN36 ratings
    About the Activity:
    • Indulge in a day picnic in the picturesque area of Vishnubaaug on the banks of perennial Ulhas river at the foothills of Matherran ranges. 
    • Participate in some well arranged workshops meant for both kids and adults.
    • Feel your pulse rate increasing while you indulge in valley crossing, Burma Bridge and Commando net.
    • Engage in a visit to the furnace unit to learn the techniques and achieve hands on experience of brick making.
    • Start strolling around the area to get an encompassed view of the rich collection of very important flora in one's own life.
    • Enjoy having a glimpse at the birds and butterflies in the garden and learn more about them from a Naturalist.
    • Never miss the opportunity to take part in stimulating puzzles and Eco games which will be followed by a rural village visit that was ruled by Peshva years ago.
    • Cascading waterfall will be making you relaxed and spare your time afterwards to get engaged in different outdoor games.
  • 74Camping in Badlapur

    Camping in Badlapur
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN37 ratings
    About the Activity:
    • Set out on a day picnic in Vishnubaaug, a serene beauty located on the banks of perennial Ulhas river at the foothills of Matherran ranges.
    • Enjoy the escapade at the campsite with the chirping of birds and soothing music of the river and sleep forgetting all the worries.
    • Rejuvenating workshops for kids and adults after which a visit to the furnace unit is being arranged to see the techniques involved in brick making.
    • The forest area is a nest for rare species of butterflies and birds, try recognizing the species and get excited with harmonious participation of nature.
    • Find the time useful to explore the wilderness and discover the secrets of a picturesque area with unending thrill.
    • Adventure is at your doorstep in the form of valley crossing, Burma Bridge and Commando net.
    • Know more about the lifestyle of rural people and witness the charm of an ancient well of Peshva.
    • Feel the chillness near the waterfall and the camping experience will be made reverberating.
    • Check in is at 5:30 PM and check out is at 4:30 PM next day.
  • 75Helicopter Joyride at Mumbai

    Helicopter Joyride at Mumbai
    About the Activity:
    • Indulge in the most innovative way of exploring Mumbai with this Helicopter Joy Ride!
    • Think beyond exploring the metropolis through land and water, and indulge in this novel activity that provides a bird's view of the city.
    • Enthrall in this exclusive 10 minutes/15 minutes/ 20 minutes/ 30 minutes or 1 hour helicopter ride that provides an unmatched panoramic view.
    • Fly under the guidance of expert pilots who consider safety to be of paramount importance, and experience the exhilaration of watching Mumbai from the skies.
    • It is mandatory to carry your photo identification during your entire journey and The check-in counters will close 30 minutes prior to departure   
    • The sessions start around 11:00 AM and extends up to 05:00 PM. You can book any time slots between the scheduled timings.   
  • 76Group Day Outing in Boisar

    Group Day Outing in Boisar

    About the Activity:

    • If you are planning for a day outing near Mumbai, then this tour is the perfect fit for you.
    • Start you day out by a transportation of your choice and at your own cost. 
    • Then spend a day out in the open and indulge in team building activities or a fun day with family. 
    • Indulge yourself in an array of activities like playing in the children park, swimming Pool,  rain dance, bullock cart ride and outdoor & indoor games. 
    • After a long day of activities you can depart to your favored location. 
  • 77Overnight Picnic in Boisar

    Overnight Picnic in Boisar
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN36 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • If you are planning for a day outing near Mumbai, then this tour is the perfect fit for you.
    • Start you day out by a transportation of your choice of your to Mamacha Gaon at your own cost. 
    • Then spend a day out in the open and indulge in team building activities or a fun day with family. 
    • Indulge yourself in an array of activities like playing in the children park, swimming Pool,  rain dance, bullock cart ride and outdoor & indoor games. 
    • Stay overnight in the resort after a long day of activities and you can depart to your favored location. 
  • 78Skydiving near Mumbai

    Skydiving near Mumbai
    • h3 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN38 ratings
    • 39,568
    • Book Now

    About the Activity:
    • Experience the greatest dose of adrenaline as you embark on tandem skydiving from Dhule drop zone, one the closest skydiving center to Mumbai.
    • Jump off the high skies and land on the sands of Dhule as you undertake this simple yet pleasing skydiving activity.
    • Here, you can hope to witness some of the most gorgeous and sweeping views of Dhule 
    • Reach speeds of over 200 kms from up to 10,000ft above Earth, and fly your own parachute before coming in for a soft landing.
    • All necessary equipment along with a professional instructor will be provided in the dive site.
    • The dive provides a 1 hour training sessions followed by a 30 seconds free falling experience and a 15 min para flight. 
  • 79Stay and Adventure at Beach Resort in Gorai

    Stay and Adventure at Beach Resort in Gorai
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN41 ratings
    About the Activity:
    • Located in the heart of Gorai, a famous Mumbai suburb beach known for its cleanliness, calm and peaceful atmosphere,surrounded by lush greens and loads of coconut trees.
    • This resort can be easily accessed from Gorai Greek, Dahisar western highway, Thane, uttan, Gorai Beach and many other places.
    • The resort offers many activities including swimming in a pool, beach volleyball, rain dance in a DJ floor and play. 
    • This resort offer you with ample space to enjoy your weekend or weekday getaway with your friends and families involving a wide variety of activities.
    • You can also stay in the property and enjoy the hospitality provided in the resort for refreshing experience.
    • Over night stay is for couples.
  • 80Adventurous Outing at Waterpark in Vasai

    Adventurous Outing at Waterpark in Vasai
    About the Activity:
    • Make your day more adventurous with this trip to the water park in Vasai and indulge in some of the fun filled activities.
    • Start this thrilling day with activities at 9.00 AM in the morning.
    • Feel the fun and thrill as you try the different water activities like mushroom umbrella and MPWS system.
    • Enjoy an rain dance and dance to the beat of the music in the DJ system.
    • This is the perfect outing that lets you enjoy few of the exciting slides like pendulum, two way slides, family slides, crazy cruise slides etc.
    • The best thing about this place is that you can enjoy different meals while enjoying different activities.
    • End this adventurous day at 6.00 PM with lots of memories.
  • 81Group Day Outing at a Resort near Mumbai

    Group Day Outing at a Resort near Mumbai
    About the Activity:
    • If you are looking for an amazing day out in Mumbai with your loved ones and away from the hustle and bustle of city, this tour is a perfect fit for you.
    • Spend a relaxing day amidst the beautiful scenery and indulge in various recreational activities. The resort has a library, swimming pool, hammocks, slides, swings, and mini gym to spend a rejuvenating day out. 
    • Start you day at the resort around 7.30 AM with a lip-smacking breakfast, followed by an array of activities like table tennis, badminton, basket ball, throw ball, etc which can be availed at the resort.
    • If you want to go for fishing and bird watching, the river is just 2 kms away from the resort. This river is home for various species of fish.
    • At around 1.30 PM savor your taste buds with deliciously prepared lunch. After which, relax for sometime or just indulge in some more recreational activities.
    • In the evening, have a refreshing tea with biscuits and finish your memorable day out at around 6.30 PM.
  • 82Overnight Stay at a Farm Resort near Mumbai

    Overnight Stay at a Farm Resort near Mumbai
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN35 ratings

    About the Activity:
    • If you are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city, this package is a perfect for you.
    • This farm resort is located in Kanchad Village, approximately less than 100 kms from Mumbai.
    • Spend a relaxing day amidst the beautiful scenery and indulge in various recreational activities. The resort has a library, swimming pool, hammocks, slides, swings, and mini gym to spend a rejuvenating day out. 
    • Reach the resort at around 9 AM and start you day in the resort with a lip-smacking breakfast, followed indulging in the activities like table tennis, badminton, basket ball, throw ball, swimming, etc. 
    • If you want to go for fishing and bird watching, the river is just 2 kms away from the resort. This river is home for various species of fish.
    • In the afternoon savor your taste buds with the deliciously prepared lunch. After which, relax or just engage in more recreational activities.
    • Have refreshing tea with biscuits and stroll around the resort in the beautiful open space.
    • Dinner will be at around 8 PM post which you can spend your time strolling around the resort before retiring for the night.
    • Next morning, depart for your home with amazing memories at around 9 AM.
  • 83Day Out at a Resort in Nalasopara near Mumbai

    Day Out at a Resort in Nalasopara near Mumbai
    About the Activity:
    • Embark on this amazing day out in a resort near Mumbai and spend a day filled with fun activities away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
    • After arriving at the resort, start your day with lip-smacking breakfast at around 9 AM.
    • Post which, indulge in an array of activities and games like cricket, football, volleyball, swimming, rain dance etc.
    • Savor your taste buds with delicious lunch at around 1 PM.
    • Spend rest of the day at leisure and stroll around the resort or marvel at the beautiful greenery surrounding the resort.
    • Have evening tea and refreshments at around 4 PM and conclude your amazing day out by departing from the resort at around 5 PM. 
  • 84Group Day Outing in Vangani near Mumbai

    Group Day Outing in Vangani near Mumbai
    About the Activity:
    • Whether you are looking for a team outing or a day out away from the hustle and bustle of city, this tour is a perfect fit for you.
    • Start your day with lip-smacking breakfast, after reaching the location at around 9 AM.
    • Indulge in various activities like rain dance, mini train, fisheries etc. 
    • For all adventure enthusiasts, there are various activities you can indulge in like rappelling, rock climbing, river crossing, burma bridge etc. These activities cost additional charge.
    • In the afternoon enjoy a delicious lunch and stroll around sprawling area located amidst beautiful surroundings.
    • Enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea with evening snacks and conclude your amazing day out as you depart for the city.
  • 85Overnight Stay and Activities in Badlapur near Mumbai

    Overnight Stay and Activities in Badlapur near Mumbai
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN37 ratings
    About the Activity:
    • Looking for some relaxing time with your loved ones, this tour is a perfect fit for you.
    • Reach the resort in the morning at 10 AM and start your day with a delicious breakfast.
    • After that indulge in various activities like indoor and outdoor games, rain dance, swimming etc.
    • Savor your taste buds with a lip-smacking lunch in the afternoon.
    • Stroll around the resort, which is located amidst the beautiful scenery and greenery.
    • In the evening refresh yourself with the hi-tea and indulge in some games.
    • Enjoy a delicious buffet dinner in the night and prepare yourself for a good night sleep.
    • Following day, have a sip of hot tea and conclude your trip at around 9 AM and head back to the city. 
  • 86Fun Gaming in Mumbai

    Fun Gaming in Mumbai
    About the  Activity:
    • The moment you step into the facility, you will be zapped by the feet-thumping music, energy and sounds of games.
    • Engage in a fun filled experience multiple games and activities all under one roof with your family and friends.
    • The key attraction of the facility are the smaash cricket  for three overs and a five frame twilight bowling.
    • The facility also offers other games like finger coaster, fly max, vertigo, xd theatre, x2 motor racing simulator, cockpit 360 super keeper and many more.
    • The trampoline park are restricted to adults and the zip lining can be availed only on Saturdays and Sundays at 4 PM.
    • You can also engage yourself in many arcade games like star wars, king of hammer, sink the ship, fruit ninja, key master, super bike twin, super football and many more.
    • The gaming zone is opened through out the year.

  • 87Cycle Trail in Madh in Mumbai

    Cycle Trail in Madh in Mumbai
    • d1 Day
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN37 ratings
    • 550
    About the Activity:
    • Madh Island is that part of Mumbai that makes you feel like you’re far far away from the bustling city. Cycling on Madh road is exhilarating and the view of the sea, rejuvenating! 
    • At 6:00 AM start cycling from Versova after meeting your fellow team mates and guide outside Banana Leaf, to the other side of the city – a tiny ferry ride, and then riding up to Aksa Beach! 
    • Stop there for some time, enjoy a snack at the beach and head back to the jetty to take your cycles to Versova. 
    • On the way, you'll also cycle on Dana Pani Beach road! The experience lasts only a few hours, but you will certainly love the entire trip.

  • 88Parsi Snack Trail in Mumbai

    Parsi Snack Trail in Mumbai
    • h3 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN40 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • Indulge in Parsi snack trail in Mumbai for enjoying the delicious cuisines of Parsi which do not need any introduction.
    • Assemble in front of Bhatia Hospital, Grant Road at 10:45 AM and then you will be leaving to the world of scrumptious food at 11:00 AM sharp.
    • The tour leader will definitely take you to each place where you get chances to try the smallest piece of food even without missing the fun.
    • Stroll through the very ancient streets and make use of the chance to know the history, culture and tradition of Parsi in detail.
    • Come across some famous delightful food items which are not available in many Parsi restaurants.
    • Enjoy walking through a completely different culture that is enhanced by adding the various colors of traditional food stuff for three hours.
  • 89Curious City Challenge in Mumbai

    Curious City Challenge in Mumbai
    About the Activity:
    • Discover the little secrets in this unique treasure hunt with a bunch of people you don't know. Powai, a recent addition to the map of Mumbai is the venue where this curios city challenge happens.
    • The event starts with a briefing session and an introduction to the members participating in the event after you meet the organizers at TBD, Mumbai.
    • You will be groups split into teams of 4 to solve some really twisted clues and to get to the specific location for the fun task together.
    • This  2.5 hour team activity will involves making strategies and putting all the heads together to crack the clues.
    • This activity is also a door way to discover a different side of Mumbai like historic sites, interesting food places and hidden corners.
    • It's a high energy activity and is exciting as everyone gets a bit competitive and wants be the first to crack all clues and win! 
  • 90Overnight Camping at Bhatsa River near Mumbai

    Overnight Camping at Bhatsa River near Mumbai
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN36 ratings
    • 2,200
    About the Activity
    • Located on the banks of the river Bhatsa, this property looks over the beautiful river for you to enjoy and have a relaxing time.
    • This is a camping trip and is ideal for corporate retreats, family vacations or for a group of friends to relax and have a good time.
    • It is located close to Mumbai and Thane and is approximately at a 1 hour driving distance from either.
    • With a plethora of activities available such as archery, nature trails, fishing, bird watching and so on and so forth, this is an ideal tour to relax and have fun.
    • The check in time is 16:00 pm and check out timings is 10:00 am the next day.
  • 91Dharavi Slum Walking Tour

    Dharavi Slum Walking Tour
    About  the  Activity:
    • Take a 2.5 hour walking tour of the Dharavi slum on this unique exploration in Mumbai and find what is inside the biggest slum in India.
    • The walking tour starts from Cafe Coffee Day in Mahim at 09:00 AM and witness the streets lined with artisan workshops, bazaars and temples.
    • Follow a knowledgeable english speaking guide through Dharavi’s narrow alleyways, where you’re introduced to local residents and their culture.
    • Witness their small-scale industries like recycling materials, ceramics, embroidery, soap making and more all manufactured by innovative means.
    • Watch the artisans create pots from sun-dried clay, and see the women of Dharavi make popaddoms.
    • End your trip at 11:30 AM and then make your own way back from Mahim.
  • 92Stay at La Shimmer Resort in Thane

    Stay at La Shimmer Resort in Thane
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN24 ratings
    About the Activity: 
    • Set amidst the Dhavagi Hills, this resort is a sprawling property of natures best. With picturesque lawns and stunning views this is the perfect getaway. 
    • Check in at 11:00 AM into luxurious yet comfortable rooms, with carved out windows depicting beautiful sunsets and top notch facilities at your service. 
    • Also boasting a wonderful swimming pool where you can take a refreshing dip, enjoy this stay with your group. 
    • On the following day, check out at 10:30 AM after a hearty scrumptious breakfast and conclude your memorable stay. 
  • 93Camping Adventure in Palghar, Mumbai

    Camping Adventure in Palghar, Mumbai
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN40 ratings
    About the Activity:
    • Indulge in this amazing camping activity in Mumbai and refresh your senses, with camp stay and various activities along the beautiful beaches of Mumbai.
    • Reach the camp site and check in at around 4 PM in the evening, and get welcomed with a refreshing drink. 
    • After that indulge in various activities like camel ride or an ATV ride on Kelew Beach and move to Mahim Beach to enjoy beach football, volleyball or just relax along the beautiful beach. 
    • At around 7 PM reach your camps and relax. Read a book, play games with your friends or soak in the pleasure of doing nothing. 
    • At around 8 PM set up your own BBQ and enjoy some delicious BBQ dishes followed by dinner at around 9 PM around the camp fire.
    • The following morning, wake up around 7 AM and go for a cycle, bullock or tractor ride followed by a mouthwatering breakfast at 8 AM.
    • Check out from the camp at 10 AM and conclude the tour with lots of amazing memories. 
  • 94Monsoon Camping at Karnala Bird Sanctuary in Panvel

    Monsoon Camping at Karnala Bird Sanctuary in Panvel
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN31 ratings
    About the Activity:
    • Indulge in this amazing camping activity amidst the beautiful and dense jungle of Karnala Bird Sanctuary in Panvel.
    • Check in to the camp site at around 4.30 PM in the evening and enjoy a cup of tea along with some snacks to freshen yourself.
    • After that go for a small trek in the jungles of Karnala and explore the unknown amidst the same.
    • Head back to campsite at around 7.30 PM and enjoy a limited veg and non-veg buffet followed by a delicious lunch at around 8.30 PM.
    • Go for a good night sleep in the comfortable tents, equipped with all the modern amenities. 
    • Wake up in the morning and start your day with a hot cup of tea and go for bird-watching in the Karnala Bird Sanctuary.
    • After coming back, enjoy a lip-smacking hot breakfast and check out from the camp at around 11 AM with lots of memories. 

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