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  • 01Chocolate Workshop For Kids In Bangalore

    Chocolate Workshop For Kids In Bangalore

    About the Destination:

    Kids and chocolates, does anything more need to be said? While chocolates stand for happiness, festivity and merriment, kids just add an extra amount of delight to everything! And when the kids get to learn more about this sweet delicacies, their happiness knows no bounds.

    Being a kid, you might have always wondered, where and how these chocolates come from; or how they are made. The same also applies to your kids!

    Make your kids join this sweetening activity in Bangalore and let them step into a world, where they will get a chance to learn about the different varieties of chocolates, how to pick up the right one for them and lot more.

    About the Activity with Details:

    Being responsible parents, it is no ways a clever idea to impose anything on your kids! Responsibility is defined by the extent you can comply with what your kids want to do. And when it comes to chocolates, it’s not only the kids, but even the parents also go gaga. This 2 hours chocolate making workshop for kids in Bangalore will let your kids to discover the sweetening world of chocolates.

    Conducted in a reputed and well known chocolate boutique, the activity is filled with fun, excitement and plenty of options to learn about the sweet delicacies. From the moment, the children arrive in the boutique, they will be introduced with a variety of chocolates, get to know how they are prepared, processed and finally packed.

    Besides this, they will also get to learn a lot about how to differentiate between each variety, what makes the chocolates so yummy or which flavour to pick according to the taste and mood! By the end of this 2 hours chocolate making workshop, your kids will become a sort of master in guessing the right ingredients for different varieties and blends of chocolates.

    Meal Types: Chocolate, Milkshake

    Duration: 2 Hours

    Activities: Making of 2 Lollipops, 2 Truffles, 2 Chocolate Rocks

    Difficulty Level: Easy

  • 02Team Building Activity Through Cooking

    Team Building Activity Through Cooking

    About the activity:

    Embark on an interesting and exciting Team Building Activity through cooking! Sounds impossible? Wait until you see the teams battle the challenges out with their hidden culinary creativity.

    The teams can battle it out in the creative quotient challenge which has a bag of groceries with no set recipe to follow.  Learn how to manage deadlines better with the deadline management session where the teams will be given an hour to whip up a storm in the kitchen on team building activity through cooking.

    They can also learn presentation competence in a session where they have to engage with chefs and other consumers to explain the details of each course of the meal. They can also learn the basics of sales better with the Sales Capability session, where they have to understand the opposing team’s demands and prepare a meal accordingly.

    Meal Types:

    All the food prepared in the class can be consumed, typically a three course meal

  • 03Fun Couple Cooking at a Cooking Studio

    Fun Couple Cooking at a Cooking Studio

    Engage in an engrossing couple’s cooking session in Bangalore! Think you can do it everyday in the kitchen? Well, here you will have the company of an experienced chef who will guide you through interesting gourmet recipes.

    You can test your creativity in cooking with a creative quotient challenge which has a bag of groceries with no set recipe to follow. Have fun making up a yummy meal purely out of imagination and cook up a storm in the kitchen in this couple's cooking session in Bangalore.

    Learn presentation skills in a session where you will have to engage with chefs to explain the details of each course of the meal. 

  • 04Cooking with Friends at a Posh Cooking Studio

    Cooking with Friends at a Posh Cooking Studio
    Engage with your best buddies in an activity where you can bond as well as learn something new. Commence on a  cooking experience with friends where you will be taught and guided by a professional chef and a trainer. Battle out the cooking challenges, that will expose your hidden creativity and culinary skills.

     One of the most exciting activities is the one where you will have to concoct a whole new recipe, without any set instructions! Your ingredients will be randomly chosen out of a grocery bag and that is where your innovative abilities will come into play.

    You can also learn the intricate art of plating, garnishing and the power of presentation skills in a session where you will have to talk with chefs to explain the intricacies of each course of the meal. Take home an experience of exciting and fun-filled learning cooking experience with friends. 

  • 05Take Home Chef in Bangalore

    Take Home Chef in Bangalore
    • h3 Hours
    • lBangalore
    • NNNNN25 ratings

    About the Activity:

    • Redefine the idea of romance with a themed celebration consisting of cakes, bouquets, gifts and games for a whole week of pampering and celebrations. 
    • This 3 hours tour is the best fit for the ones who wants to spend some romantic time with their beloved at home.
    • Enjoy a 5 course scrumptious meals prepared by an experienced chef who will pamper your taste buds with his cooking skills and serve you on your personalized mats and menu cards.
    • Indulge in a 5 Star restaurant experience right at your home.

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