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  • 01Luxury Motorcycle Tour to Ladakh

    Luxury Motorcycle Tour to Ladakh
    • d14 Daysn13 Nights
    • lManali
    • NNNNN41 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 1297959
    • 1,69,420
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    About the Destination:

    Fixed Departure: 30th July 2016

    Welcome to Ladakh – The Land of High Passes. This is a destination is blessed with unique and interesting diversities that make travelling here seem much more than it is! Nestling the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges in its midst, Ladakh is one place where you will see lush, green fields at one glance and dry, arid deserts at another. Where your perspective is being coloured by the impeccable blue waters of the Pangong Tso Lake at one go, at another it is blinded by the harsh afternoon sun reflecting light off the snowy mountains.

    Adventure and travel enthusiasts alike, have crossed the threshold of this blissful destination, only to come away with the feeling of having witnessed Mother at her best!

    About the Departure with Details:

    Put on your riding gear and combat the toughest, highest and yet the most beautiful landscapes on a bike tour to Ladakh. Watch the beautiful vistas pass you by as you begin this epic journey at Manali. The rivers of the Himalayas keep you company throughout the way as you climb higher altitudes and combat some of the highest passes in the world. Since Ladakh is a land of extremes, you can see snow-capped mountains at the same time as, arid sand dunes; azure blue lakes flow alongside some of the highest mountain peaks and rough, rocky roads give way to smooth highways!

    If you want to know the meaning of ‘space’ ride on through Ladakh and its unlimited expanses, full of natural beauty!

    Meal Types: Veg

    Activities: Riding, Camping

    Total Distance: 150km per day (approx.)

    Highest Altitude: 18380 feet (Khardung La pass)

    Temperature Range: 3  – 35 Degrees

  • 02Tailor Made Ladakh 7 Day Tour

    Tailor Made Ladakh 7 Day Tour
    • d7 Daysn6 Nights
    • lLadakh
    • NNNNN50 ratings
    • Thrillophilia

    About the Destination:

    Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, nestled in the mid of Kashmir Valley is surrounded by wonderful lakes like Dal, Nagin and Anchar, whose sparkling waters reflecting the rays of the sun is a sight to behold. Its dynamic houseboats sailing on the scenic Dal Lake, Lake side views, magnificent sunsets, snow clad mountains, sprawling green Mughal Garden and authentic Kashmiri cuisine with some exciting activities like skiing, trekking, white water rafting, paragliding, camping and Kayaking are just some of the reasons that makes Srinagar a dream destination for the visitors all year round!

    On the other hand a picturesque hill station surrounded by snowy mountains and dense pinewoods with the rambling Beas River, “Manali” in Himachal Pradesh is famous for its astonishing beauty and the famous Ladakh bike trip. Besides the splendour of its natural vista, a lot of other interesting activities are in store in Manali like mountaineering, and skiing which offer an awe inspiring experience.

    Activities: Biking, Sightseeing, Camping

    Highest Altitude: 18,360 feet

    Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

  • 03Biking Tour from Leh to Manali

    Biking Tour from Leh to Manali
    • d9 Daysn8 Nights
    • lManali
    • NNNNN38 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 1297959

    About the Destination:

    Panoramas of astonishing mountain tops, wonderful glacier slopes and alluring sense of calm and peace make “Manali” an ideal destination for a holiday among the hills of Himachal Pradesh. Its amazing sites like Rohtang pass, Solang valley and abundant landscapes host number of adventure activities like biking, mountaineering; trekking and skiing that enchants visitors senses.

    On the other hand one of the most tranquil regions on the banks of river Indus, “Leh” is beautiful and mysterious. From soaring palaces on rocky Himalayan peaks to beautiful monasteries along with exhilarating activities like trekking, sightseeing, leisure tours or a biking expedition, this scenic highland always offer an extra amount of fun and excitement to all its visitors. Embark on this once in a lifetime chance, drop everything and just explore Leh!

    Activities: Biking

    Duration: 8N/9D

    Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

  • 04Adventurous Mountain Biking in Manali

    Adventurous Mountain Biking in Manali
    • h6 Hours
    • lManali
    • NNNNN34 ratings
    • Mr.Naushad Kaludi
      Mr.Naushad Kaludi

    About the Activity:

    • The rugged slopes around Manali offer excellent biking opportunities!
    • Depart at around 09.00 AM, and ride to Naggar Castle, Rhala Falls, and Rhumsu Village and other placid locations.
    • Explore the mountains in one of the most unique and sustainable ways to indulge in the place.
    • Return by around 4.00 PM after a rollicking day of mountain biking.
    Meal Details: Lunch at Jana Cafe
    Transportation Details: To & Fro Transport from Manali
    6 Hours
    Difficulty Level: Easy
  • 05Downhill Cycle Trek to Naggar

    Downhill Cycle Trek to Naggar
    • h7 Hours
    • lManali
    • NNNNN33 ratings
    • Bhupinder Thakur
      Bhupinder Thakur

    About the Activity:

    • Experience the thrill of trekking and cycling downhill from the lovely village of Naggar which is set on a hill near Kullu.
    • The tour starts from Manali in the morning.
    • Get a chance to see The Naggar castle, a stone and wood structure built by Raja Sidh Singh over 500 years ago, has been converted into a heritage hotel.
    • While cycling here, you can see the beds, library, settees, writing tables, toiletries and samovars of the famous museums in the area.
    • During this trek, you can follow the road from Manali on the right side of the River Beas and will cross plenty of tiny villages, rice fields and apple orchards.
    • While going to Naggar is nearly downhill, the 22 kms ride back in the afternoon can be a little challenging. So in case you are too tired there is also the possibility of taking a jeep for going back. In both cases you can enjoy the beautiful completely mountain scenery.
  • 06Mountain Biking in Nagar

    Mountain Biking in Nagar
    • h7 Hours
    • lManali
    • NNNNN38 ratings
    • Mrs. Disha Thakur
      Mrs. Disha Thakur
    About the Activity:
    • Indulge in this exciting mountain biking tour in Nagar and witness the amazing beauty of this region.
    • Begin your tour by cycling through the small villages and watch the local people busy in their day to day life.
    • Enjoy the mesmerizing view of the scenery as you pass though the scenic route.
    • Visit the famous Nagar castle and admire the stunning architecture of this castle.
    • Explore the nearby places and end your tour after 7 hours.
  • 07Motorcycle Ride from Leh to Manali

    Motorcycle Ride from Leh to Manali
    • d8 Daysn7 Nights
    • lManali
    • NNNNN28 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 1297959
    About the Activity:
    Fixed Departures: 18th June 2016, 16th July 2016, 13th August 2016
    • Use the opportunity to take a Royal Enfield ride to have a view of the most beautiful valleys in Leh and Manali and the trip will take eight days and seven nights.
    • After arriving in Leh, you can get familiarized with the climate and get to know about the places. On the second day have some practicing rides on the bullet and prepare for the long riding session.
    • From Leh ride to Pangong Tso lake, feel the beauty of the lake where you can relax for an overnight stay.
    • Ride for few kilometers along the Pangong lake, have a glance of the nature's possessions and come back to Thiksey, take rest and get prepared for the highway ride next day.
    • On your ride to Sarchu from Thiksey, you come to have halts at Taglang La, Lachlung La and Nakee La.
    • Enjoy the sight of Baralach La at 16500 feet altitude on your way to reach Keylong and on the last day you will reach Manali where your tour ends by the evening.
  • 08Bike Trip from Srinagar to Manali

    Bike Trip from Srinagar to Manali
    • d12 Daysn11 Nights
    • lManali
    • NNNNN27 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 2428726
    About the Activity:
    Fixed Departure Date - 4th August, 2016

    • Embark on the bike trip of a lifetime as you drive through majestic Himalayas.
    • Explore the beautiful terrains and mountains of the Himalayas as you drive from Srinagar to Manali.
    • This 12 day 11 night bike trip starts from Srinagar to Manali via Leh. 
    • The trip ends at New Delhi.
    • The trip covers iconic Kargil and Tiger Hill along with places such as Drass which is the second coldest inhabited place in the world.
    • Accommodation and meals (breakfast and dinner) are included.  

  • 09Biking Tour from Srinagar to Manali

    Biking Tour from Srinagar to Manali
    • d13 Daysn12 Nights
    • lManali
    • NNNNN40 ratings
    • Himanshu
    About the Activity:
    Fixed Departures: 4th July 2016, 8th August 2016
    • Indulge in this exciting 13 days mountain biking tour in a Royal Enfield 500 cc in Manali and get a chance to ride through the stunning views of this region.
    • Arrive in Srinagar and register with a customary houseboat skimming on the delightful Dal Lake.Meet the rest of the group and get briefed before your ride.
    • Begin your ride through the easy terrains and endure that you are comfortable with the bike.Reach Sonmarg in the evening and enjoy the view of the snow capped mountains.
    • Enjoy a genuine test ride the Zoji La pass 11,575 feet while enjoying the view of the beautiful mountains of Sonmarg.
    • Ride through the slush and broken roads and then the historic road from  Drass to Kargil with its majestic vies of green valleys and rivers.
    • Marvel at the sight of the rock sculpture of the Maitreya Buddha at  Mulbek and then pass through the Namika La and Fotu La, before reaching Lamayuru. Head towards Leh for the night.
    • Explore the various places in Leh such as the local market, a monastery and the Shanti Stupa. 
    • Ride to the highest motorable pass Khardung La­ at a dizzy height of 18,380 feet and then descend into the Nubra valley while enjoying the unique landscapes.
    • Retrace your ride back and spend some time sightseeing or shopping in Leh.
    • Ride through the majestic grassland and meadows to the Changthang Plateau and pass the long and steep trails to the third motoable pass Chang­ La pass at 17,586 feet.
    • Marvel at the sight of the Pangong Tso lake 135 km and spend the night by the bank of the lake. Ride back through Chang La pass and to the Manali-­Leh highway.
    • Pass through the three altitude passes Taglang La and Gata loops a series of 21 switchbacks down the valley.
    • Enjoy riding through the landscapes from barren lands to slight green plantation and reach Keylong for the night.
    • Next ride along the amazing views of the Chandra and Bagha rivers and enjoy the scenic view of the Rohtang pass.Descent from the pass and ride to Manali.
    • Depart from Manali after an adventurous ride.

  • 10Bike Tour from Manali to Spiti

    Bike Tour from Manali to Spiti
    • d12 Daysn11 Nights
    • lManali
    • NNNNN32 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 2428726
    About the Activity
    • Embark on an adventurous bike tour from Manali to Spiti and get ready for the ride of  your life through the mountains and valleys of Himachal Pradesh. 
    • Your trip begind from Delhi. Get ready for a bus ride from Delhi to Manali.
    • You are provided Volvo bus tickets from Delhi to Manali and back to Delhi.
    • From exploring the Spiti Valley to the Kee Monastery and the beautiful lake of Chandra Taal, the trip is an adventure that will leave you astonished at the beauty of the Himalayas.
    • This 12 day bike trip covers place such as Chandra Taal, Kaza, Pin Valley, Tabo, naka, Kalpa, Sangla and Shoja.
  • 11Bike Trip from Srinagar to Manali Via Leh

    Bike Trip from Srinagar to Manali Via Leh
    • d14 Daysn13 Nights
    • lManali
    • NNNNN37 ratings
    • Bhaskar Kumar
      Bhaskar Kumar
    About the activity
    • This summer, go on an exciting journey through the Himalayas that explore the mountains and the place where our army strives day in and out.
    • The 14 day bike trip starts from Delhi.
    • The trip covers Pathankot, Srinagar, Kargil, Leh, Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso Lake, Debring, Darcha and Manali.
    • You will have a chance to explore mountains, lakes, valleys and cultures that are incredible at the very least.
    • Its an adventure of a lifetime as you cover steep passages and roads through some tough terrains while exploring mountains, valleys and civilizations tucked away in a beautiful harmony. 
    • The trip ends in Delhi.
    • Accommodation and meals (breakfast and dinner) are included.

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