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  • 01Harley Davidson Ride in Chennai

    Harley Davidson Ride in Chennai
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    • lChennai
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    About the Activity:

    The sound of a bikes engine gets you happy for sure, but what about the thundering roar of a spanking new Harley Davidson bike? Join riders for a fun and exciting Harley Davidson Ride in Chennai on your next day off! You can choose your duration of bike ride ranging from 5 hours, 10 hours to an entire day! While the whole world hurries by,  to take your time off to ride your dreams. Take a ride on some of the world’s most premium bikes, each one crafted with great passion by their makers. Such sheer pleasure will encompass you that you will leave happily for having lived for yourself. What you can also avail are unique motorcycle tours of the Indian sub-continent to experience the beauty, culture and camaraderie of the open road. Ride across majestic mountains, into deep valleys on to beautiful waterfalls and towards the seemingly endless horizon alongside roaring seas of this sub-continent’s coastlines. Your experience will wholly be of riding alongside some very awe-inspiring landscapes, making new friends, and of taking in the amazing variety within the Indian culture, and reconnecting with the camaraderie of some of the most disciplined bikers. You will have a full tank before taking your bike and you will need to refill the tank at the end of the journey. 

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