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  • 01Market Tour in Mumbai

    Market Tour in Mumbai

    About the activity: 

    • Join this 2 hours market tour and experience the everlasting charm of Mumbai. The tour begins from Regal Cinema at around 03:30 PM. Explore the market area that showcases an Archetypal-Gothic architecture. 
    • Serving the Mumbaikers since the British era, Crawford Market has now become one of the ideal fruit and vegetable markets in Mumbai.
    • Post this, visit the Mangaldas Market or the ‘Mecca’ for fashion designers, and witness how fashion statements from different corners of the world gets blended together.Also, get soaked into the delightful and exotic aroma of a 100 year old flower market known as the Flower Gallia.
    • Moving further, seek blessings from Goddess Mumbadevi with a visit to her temple and by the end of the tour, make it to Bombay Panjarpole, a home to several species of stray animals. With your arrival at Madhav Baug in Bhuleshwar, this lively walking trail comes to an end.

  • 02Village Tour in Mumbai

    Village Tour in Mumbai
    • h12 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Evelyn

    About the activity: 

    • Realize the stark contrast between Indian rural and urban lifestyle on this day-long journey. The tour takes you to a traditional Maharashtrian Village and an ‘Adivasi’ (tribal) village on the other side of the city. 
    • Witness the authentic country life at its best, take part in the daily life activities of the villagers and experience their lives like never before.
    • Upon arrival at the Gateway of India, board a ferry at around 08:00 AM from the harbor and cruise to one of the nearby villages on the West Coast of India. Observe and explore the life of the locals as you make your way into the village. 
    • Interact with the villagers, know more about their way of living and take part in their daily life activities like farming, ploughing, harvesting, brick making and fishing. Post all these activities, relish on an authentic and traditional village lunch, and an auto ride will take will take you to an ‘Adivasi’ or tribal settlement. 
    • Explore the life of the tribal people, know more about their cultures and traditions; you can also visit one of the village schools and spend time with the students. 
    • On the completion of these rustic visits, take the ferry ride back to Mumbai and conclude the tour with the stunning views of the grand Taj Hotel on the shoreline of the Arabian Sea
  • 03The Bandra Walk in Mumbai

    The Bandra Walk in Mumbai
    • h3 Hours
    • lMumbai
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Akash

    About the Activity:

    • Go on this 3-hour tour through bustling village lanes, encountering natives with a grand lineage, be taken by the historic sights, and superimpose the past on the present.
    • The walk begins at either 09.00 AM or around 03.00 PM at St Andrew's Church in Bandra, and discover the story of Bandra over a 3.5-kilometer stretch.
    • Stroll into the Chimbai Village at the heart of Bandra, before exploring the Portuguese-inspired modest homes at Ranwar Village.
    • At Mehboob Studios, catch a glimpse of Bandra's liberal cinema and art movement, even as St Stephen's Church and the Mount Mary Church offer a balmy embrace.
    • Your walk culminates with a visit to the popular heritage structure of the Bandra Fort.