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  • 01Corporate Outing with Games in Karnala, Maharashtra

    Corporate Outing with Games in Karnala, Maharashtra
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    About The Activity:

    After a series of tiresome work schedules, the team members do need a break to relax and rejuvenate themselves. On such occasions, a corporate outing with games in Karnala in Maharashtra proves to a perfect way to allow the team members to step out of the boredom of their workstations and seek fun moments with others.

    On this corporate outing, team building and analytical games like acid river, roller coaster and caterpillar walk encourages the group members to deliver their best while performing as a team. Boosting up their spirit to unite with other members, these games also help them to identify their hidden talents and use them in the right direction. On a whole, this corporate outing promises a better understanding and develops mutual bonding among the team members.
    Note: Transportation at an additional cost of 10,000 from  Mumbai and Karnala.

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