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  • 01Waterfall Rappelling in Coorg

    Waterfall Rappelling in Coorg
    • lMadikeri
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    Lap up an action-packed experience of rappelling in the ambrosial land of Coorg. At Chelavara in Coorg, this experience is intensified as you rappel through waterfalls drizzling down the rocks.

    For the uninitiated, rappelling is also known as abseiling. It is the act of climbing down a rock surface with the help of ropes. You will be held by thick tight ropes as you are suspended from above and you make your way down the rocks. You are made to wear protective gear and are guided by qualified and professionally trained experts. With a descent of 140 ft to 150 ft at the cliff here at Chelavara, climbers descend by stepping on the footholds and cracks on the rocks.

    The duration of the activity lasts for around 2 hours, while the toughness level is rated as difficult. While the pulse races during the thrilling experience, the serene natural backdrop provides a calming influence for overwrought nerves.

  • 02Mountain Adventure in Madikeri, Coorg

    Mountain Adventure in Madikeri, Coorg
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    Coorg; or the ‘Coffee Capital’ of India, is located at the foothills of the Western Ghats and needs no introduction! This is one potential tourist hot-spot that has left all other tourist destinations far behind. Beautiful lush-green tea and coffee estates wrap the surrounding hills, hidden waterfalls and wide range of alpine flora and fauna are just to name a few.

    With beautiful days and nights, Coorg is a perfect escape from the monotonous humdrum's of the city life. It is because of the tropical climate, one can easily participate in various day and night activities. Mountain safari in Coorg is one adventure that lets you explore even the hidden natural beauty of this serene land.

    The surrounding thickets are home to some of the most beautiful and rare birds and animals. Delight in the hilly natural beauty of this heaven on earth. Be it the splendid coffee estates or the tranquil environs, everything here strives for a pleasant and a memorable experience!

    About the activity with details: 

    Get ready for a mountain Safari in Coorg! This enthralling journey will begin with your pick-up from Madikeri at around 09:00AM. Hereafter, you will be driven towards Jodupala; arriving there at around 09:45AM, relax for a while and begin with the exciting mountain safari by around 10:30AM.

    Mountain Jeep Safari in Coorg is conducted on specially designed 4x4 jeeps that are customized keeping in the mind the rugged terrains of a jungle. As the safari begins, witness the stunning landscapes, morning beauty of this tranquil land. Listen to distant waterfalls, as you are led inside the thickets.

    After an adventurous experience, at around 11:30Am, it is time to say bye-bye to your jeep for a short break as from now you will continue your trek on foot. Walk through narrow jungle pathways, climb timid peaks and fascinate with the hilly beauty. By 01:30PM hop back in your jeeps and continue the downward journey. Reach Madikeri at around 02:30PM, as your mountain jeep safari in Coorg ends here.

    Timings:  09:00AM – 02:30PM

    Activities :Trekking, Jeep Safari

    Difficulty Level: Moderate

    Duration of the activities: 5Hours(approx.)

  • 03Mountain Safari in Mandalpatti, Coorg

    Mountain Safari in Mandalpatti, Coorg
    • h5 Hours
    • lMadikeri
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    In the blushing green environs of Coorg are the Mandalpatti Hills that serves as a perfect treat for the sore eyes and tiresome souls! Located at a distance of 30km from Madikeri town and on the way to the Abbey Falls, this scenic destination is known for its myriad list of offerings and activities; mountain safari in Madalpati, Coorg, is one of the most captivating activities!

    This spot is genuinely a wonder of nature as guests throng to the spot for the early morning look of the sun ascending over the fog loaded crests of the Western Ghats. Moreover, the salubrious atmosphere of Mandalpatti is known for casting its spell on the visitors throughout the year.

    About the Activity with Details:

    Your exciting mountain safari in Mandalpatti, Coorg, will begin with your pick-up from Madikeri at around 09:00AM. A drive of around 45 minutes, and you will reach the starting point of your adventure in Mandalpatti, Coorg.

    After a quick briefing about the dos and don’ts of this enthralling journey, embark on this exciting ride at around 10:30AM and drive though the scenic locales. After around 1 hour of your drive, you will be reaching the last point of your mountain safari Coorg. Here onwards, take a short, yet engrossing trek to a nearby site and extend your adventure in Malpatti, Coorg.

    Trekking back to the vehicles by around 01:30 in the afternoon, take the return drive to Madikeri and mark the end of your exciting adventure in Mandalpatti, Coorg.

    Duration: 5 Hours (Approx.)

    Timings: 09:00AM to 02:30AM

    Activities: Mountain Safari, Trekking

    Difficulty Level: Moderate

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