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    Bedni Bugyal Trek

    Bedni Bugyal is situated at an altitude of 3354 m, and standing here, one can witness the spectacular sight of the snow clad Trisul and Nanda Ghunti. The lush green idyllic meadow overlooks the western valley and is adorned with colorful wild flowers of different types.

    There is a lake called Vaitarani near by and also a small temple. Ali-Bugyal is another verdant undulating meadow above the tree line, which is equally enchanting. However, Ali Bugyal is comparatively untouched and unspoiled due to the lack of water sources.

    While the heavenly green strip at Bedini is bounded by mountains on three sides, Ali Bugyal lies atop a hill and provides a panoramic view of the surrounding ranges and smaller meadows. The moderate level Bedni and Ali Bugyals trek provides you a verdant break. Wan is the starting point of this trek.

    How to Reach: From Delhi to Haridwar, and reaching Haridwar, one can drive to Mundoli via Devprayag, Rudraprayag and Karnprayag. Its 10 km drive from Mundoli to Wan.

    From Wan, the zig-zag trail covered with thick forests will lead you to Bedini Bugyal (11 km), and from Bedini trek to Ali Bugyal.

    Exact Location: Bedni and Ali Bugyals are located near Mundoli. District: Chamoli.

    Nearest Town: Mundoli

    Trek Length: 10 km

    Best Time to Visit: Mid June to October.

    Things to Carry

    • Walking stick
    • Hiking shoes
    • Light Woolen
    • Water, Juices, Snacks
    • Torch
    • Medical kit
    • Compass
    • Personal Clothing

    Other Information 

    Wan: The picturesque hamlet is surrounded by thick forests of rhododendron, and offers a panoramic view of snow-clad peaks. Wan is also the starting point of the Bedni and Ali Bugyals trek.

    Roop Kund: Roop Kund is an oval shaped lake situated at an altitude of 5029 m and 16,000 ft above the sea level. The beautiful lake is located near the base of two Himalayan peaks: Trisul (7120 m) and Nandghungti (6310 m). The lake is also called the Mystery Lake due to the remains of people and animals around it.

    Image Source: Myth_DrinkerPoonamparihar

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