10 Ayurveda in Sri Lanka
It is time to find yourself amidst the usual hustle and bustle of the city, it is best to experience the Ayurveda in Sri Lanka. There is absolutely no other way than Ayurveda which not only heals your mind but your body too. You will get a chance to experience authentic Ayurveda amidst the scenic beauty of the soothing atmosphere. Find a perfect excuse to pamper yourself and be truly spoilt.

 The breath-taking view that encompasses these resorts make these place to be quite attractive for many travellers where they can spend some time to be all by yourself. Ulpotha is one such place which will let you witness the wonders which you would always wish not to leave. A perfect hide-away if you want a lovely rescue from the shackles of the city.

10 Ayurveda in Sri Lanka that you should visit:


Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort, Weligama

Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort, Weligama
Near the coastal village of Weligama, on the southernmost tip of Sri Lanka lies the wellness retreat Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort which aims at providing a fascinating balance of mind and body through ancient charismatic philosophy of Ayurveda, meditation and Yoga exercises.

Based on a area of 15 acres filled with dense luscious medicinal plants the resort provide peace and tranquility overlooking the secluded beaches of Weligama. The rooms in the resort have contemporary design with essentials and amenities that signifies sophistication and a class of its own.

Care gets a whole new name here with doctors, therapists and nutritionists and yoga instructors. The cuisine is carefully prepared consulting the doctor to fetch correct nutrition for the visitor.

Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort, Weligama

Highlights: Yoga and Taichi classes

Location: Weligama, 140km south of Colombo

Activities and Amenities: Ayurveda Cooking classes and elaborate reading room.

Price: 34699LKR to 53936LKR approx

Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort, Beruwala

Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort, Beruwala
One of the oldest retreats of Sri Lanka, Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort, Beruwala proves to be an ideal answer to rejuvenate and revivify the mind, body and soul with the holistic Ayurvedic experience. A magnificient resort overlooking the ocean this brings a whole new meaning to the holidaying experience close to nature.

There are 75 rooms all well crafted and designed with hand crafted wood and having a character of its own supported well by all necessary amenities and facilities. There are Ayurvedic health centres with full fledged staff providing Ayurvedic treatments Ayurvedic therapies after consulting Ayurvedic doctors. There is a sea water pool for relaxation and a restaurant which provides delicious and nutritious Ayurvedic food.

Highlights: Yoga and Meditation classes

Location: Beruwala, KT12070 Sri Lanka, about 87kms from Colombo

Activities and Amenities: Ayurveda Cooking classes, Tours, Excursions

Price Range: 24400 LKR to 51110 LKR approx.

Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort, Wadduwa

Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort, Wadduwa
Image Credit : Amila Tennakoon
In the backdrop of lush greenery and rippling blue waters of the Indian Ocean, Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort, Wadduwa aims at providing a general wellness retreat which focuses on revitalising the body and the soul through the traditional Ayurvedic therapies and treatments.

Providing a harmonious and peaceful holidaying experience the resort is an excellent option to restore health yet enjoy the lavishness and luxury of good living. The rooms are contemporarily designed with medicinal wood to provide the wellness of the same even indoors while relaxing.

The lush tropical and scenic extravaganza gets the best with deluxe Bunglows available here. The restaurant provides an array of food from Chinese to Continental, Indian to local with all fresh vegetables and sea food. There are exclusive Ayur centre with dedicated staff to conduct the therapies

Location: Wadduwa, 32km from Colombo

Activities and Amenities: Yoga and Meditation

Price Range: 12000LKR to 25700LKR approx

Ayurveda Paragon Resort

Ayurveda Paragon Resort
Famed being one of the best Ayurvedic health resort in Asia, Ayurveda Paragon Resort, since its inception in 1996 have been dedicatedly working towards providing natural treatment towards health and well being with the help of the doctrine of Ayurveda.

There are exclusive mind relaxing and soothing treatments, messages and treatments that are designed to bring in wellness, regain health and provide complete regeneration. All rooms are elegantly designed with earthy tones complimented with tropical colours.

Wish luscious greenery and cool sea breeze the rooms provide a true solace for every mind. The in house restaurant prepares Ayurvedic specialities which are good for health in every way.

Ayurveda Paragon Resort

Highlights: Cultural events at the hotel

Location: 1002 Matara Road, Talpe, Sri Lanka, around 135 km from Colombo

Activities and Amenities: Shopping around the hotel premises, exquisite products from clothing to jewellery.

Dalmanuta Gardens, Bentota

Dalmanuta Gardens, Bentota
An excellent Ayurvedic wellness resort which focuses on providing first class Ayurvedic treatment in relation to weight loss, detox purification, Pancha Karma and other curative treatments and massages. Based in Dharga town, close to Ventura beach at about 15 mins away from Aluthgama town, this resort remains encircled with lush vegetation of herbal medicinal plants.

The spacious bungalows are excellently designed with modern facilities and a private veranda and own private garden. There pool area decorated with palm and Jam trees. Overlooking the cascading Bentota River, the restaurant provides all kinds of cuisine from countries across the continents. And if the visitor is having Ayurvedic treatment then specific cuisine in consult with the Ayurvedic doctor will be provided to him.

Highlights: Free boat service From Dalmanuta to beach

Location: Bentota Sri Lanka, 100km from Colombo

Activities and Amenities: Meditation classes, Beach tour

Price: 9300 LKR to 23235LKR approx

Heritance Ayurveda Maha Gedara Beruwela

Heritance Ayurveda Maha Gedara Beruwela
Located near the sun kissed beaches of Beruwala, Heritance Ayurveda Maha Gedara,is a speciality hotel dedicated in providing Ayurvedic wellness through a tranquil and harmonious environment. It aims to combat stress and provide rejuvenation and relaxation and experience the healing effects of traditional Ayurvedic treatment.

The rooms are divided into all categories but the basic adornment and facilities remains in line of providing a sophisticated and peaceful calmness within the room area. The hotel provides all kinds of amenities and facilities along with excellent scenic beauty that treats the eyes every time one sees outside.

The cuisine of the hotel includes all kinds of dishes across border and keeping the heath factor in mind they bring in healthy options without compromising the taste.

Heritance Ayurveda Maha Gedara Beruwela

Highlights: Professionally qualified therapists and doctors providing treatment

Location: Beruwala Sri Lanka, 86km from Colombo

Activities and Amenities: Excursions

Price: 52890LKR to 100880LKR approx

Nature Lanka Ayurveda Resort, Tangalle

Nature Lanka Ayurveda Resort, Tangalle
Located in midst of lush greenery for over 7 acres Nature Lanka Ayurveda Resort, gains easy access to Tangalle beach. The main focus of the resort is to provide its guest with best holidaying experience with proper relaxation and revitalization of the spirit.

The rooms of the resort are excellently designed with earth tones and well matched wooden furniture’s. The ambience of the rooms primarily focuses on gaining a soothing effect to the mind and bear peacefulness which provides a lot of relaxation to every visitor.

The beautiful scenario either from the room or the pool area is undoubtedly eye arresting and captivating. The cuisine is delicious with availability of both western dishes as well as traditional Ayurvedic meals.

Nature Lanka Ayurveda Resort, Tangalle

Highlights: Yoga and Meditation classes

Location: Tangalle Sri Lanka, 198km from Colombo

Activities and Amenities: Excursions, Beach tour

Price: 10595LKR to 24400LKR approx

Ayurveda Shunyata Villa

Ayurveda Shunyata Villa
Located in one of the pristine environments, the secluded beaches of Induruwa, Ayurvedic Shunyata Villa is an exclusive Resort approved by the Department of Ayurveda and the Sri Lankan Tourism Development Authority. The resort aims at providing the best Ayurvedic wellness in support of experienced and qualified Ayurvedic doctors and therapists.

The experience is often described as magical and sense of home for the visitors. The rooms are well decorated and have a theme of its own. They are not overly adorned but has the basic amenities to live well. The food of the resort is simply delicious with availability of a wide range of dishes from different cuisine style. There is availability of Ayurvedic dishes too for the ones who are prescribed.

Ayurveda Shunyata Villa

Highlights: Yoga classes

Location: South west coast, 65 km south of Colombo

Activities and Amenities: Beach tour and Swimming

Price: 19360LKR to 28970LKR approx

Plantation Villa - Ayurveda Retreat, Kalutara

Plantation Villa - Ayurveda Retreat, Kalutara
Encircled with dense plantation Plantation Villa- Ayurveda Retreat is a blissful experience that promises to sooth the traces of stress and help in achieving the personal health goal with the traditional treatment of Ayurveda. There are experienced practitioners of the doctrine and all help in providing relaxation of mind and soul.

The accommodation incidentally is a house of village chief which has been designed with modern amenities and facilities to suit the needs of the visitors. The food here is prepared keeping in mind the nutritional value and serving those which are rich in vitamins and minerals. A schedule of the daily activities are provided here and one has to follow the regime to attain complete wellness.

Plantation Villa - Ayurveda Retreat, Kalutara

Highlights: Wellness program for acute Illness

Location: Kalutara, Sri Lanka

Activities and Amenities: Knowledge on local culture, tree plantation

Price: 11905LKR to 24670LKR approx

Ulpotha Yoga Holidays

Ulpotha Yoga Holidays
Rightly stated as Paradise Village, Ulpotha offers beauty, harmony, tranquillity and luxurious simplicity which is unmatched with any places prevalent in Sri Lanka. In fact it posses to be nothing more than a pleasent folly where a person can enjoy some peaceful calm days healing the mind and providing solace to the body. On the 22 acre organic firm in the heart of Sri Lanka there are simple yet comfortable houses amidst dense greenery and beautiful flower arrangements.

There are exclusive yoga classes by eminent Yoga teachers from the world along with Ayurvedic healing therapies given by experienced professionals. The cuisine is undoubtedly fresh as ever it could be and prepared keeping in mind to retain the nutritious value of the same

Ulpotha Yoga Holidays

Highlights: Walk through nature and bird watching

Location: Close to Kandy, Sri Lanka

Activities and Amenities: 2 week Yoga course, Ayurvedic treatments

Price: 25655LKR to 35633LKR approx
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