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    All Terrain Vehicles or ATVs (also popularly known as Quad Biking) are mean machines that allow you to zip through any kind of terrain.

    Used mostly to race through mountainous terrains, these machines have the capacity and power to ensure a mind blowing ride even in the most rugged landscapes.

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    Quad biking or ATV ride in Bangalore is gradually becoming very popular. As the state of Karnataka is blessed with a diverse terrain and a lot of locations that offer mountainous and rocky terrains, quad biking in Bangalore has gained much popularity.

    Riding on quad bikes are sporty, enthralling and adventurous. Thrillophilia arranges quad biking as team building activities in many locations. The idea is to stick with each other even when racing through a tough terrain and competing with your opponent.

    Although it may not sound as difficult, but the exercise in itself is very challenging. Stick to your group, no matter what and win the race. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

    Quad biking appeals to both bikers and non bikers. The excitement of whizzing past bushes notwithstanding the rocks and boulders that stray into your path is beyond description.

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    Enthusiasm builds up as you struggle to catch up with your colleagues and reach the finishing line before your opponent does. Adrenaline levels spike up as you gain speed and overcome obstacles and race to the finishing point.

    ATV Ride

    So the next time you are holidaying with your friends or colleagues, do not miss a ATV ride. Quad biking serves as a great team building exercise as it instills enthusiasm, excitement and team spirit.

    Thrillophilia uses the best of machines for atv rides in bangalore. The machines are checked by experts before they are provided to guests for biking. Furthermore, every racing track is first examined carefully and tested by the experts at Thrillophilia.

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    The maintenance and quality of performance of the machines are carefully checked on a regular basis to ensure that you have a whale of time biking around the harsh landscape without jerks and knock ups.

    ATV bikes are fitted with humungous wheels that support the bike on a rough terrain. The four wheels are big and macho and provide for a fantastic grip even on the most unsteadying racing tracks.

    With a body that oozes machismo, these bikes stand for power, performance and reliability. Sturdy handles enable a comfortable riding position despite the unsettling response of the road and give you the power to forge ahead with confidence.

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    Brace yourself for a hair-raising experience through the wilderness on a quad bike. Feel your heart racing as you gain speed and take the road head on with an ATV Ride in Bangalore. Excitement, exhilaration and ecstasy are all understatements for the experience that an ATV provides.

    So strap on your gear and get ready to take on the road with an ATV in Bangalore!

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    Thrillophilia Experience with ATV Rides:

    With Thrillophilia’s ATV rides at different locations, conquer all types of terrains and make your mark on them. Be it the rugged, whirling, smooth or the most uneven terrains, catch the thrill of quad biking with our ATV rides in Bangalore. In addition to Bangalore, you can also enjoy these exhilarating rides in Coorg, Dandeli, Wayanad and many different locations with us.

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Atv ride in Bangalore

About the activity : Also called ‘All-Terrain Vehicle’ (ATV), a quad bike is a customized three/four wheeler vehicle that is driven on low pressure tires and are suitable for any kind of track. It is one sporting activity that has travelled its way right from USA to all other parts of the world. Unleash the thrill seeker in you with an amazing session of quad biking in Coorg! Arrive during the daytime and ride through a challenging 2kms muddy track in Kodagu district. Following your arrival, you will be briefed about the tips and tricks of the game. Post this session, get into the requ
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About the activity :If you love the rugged road and all the thrills and adventures that it offers you, then you need to head for an exciting quad biking experience in Bangalore with your friends on the next weekend and explore the rough mud and rocky roads that lie ahead of you! Revv up your engines and head for an exciting offbeat quad biking ride in Bangalore in one of the best outdoor motor sports arenas in the state of Karnataka. Experience what real outdoor sport feels like and yell in euphoria as you skim through the highs and lows of the challenging terrains in the best in clas
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About the Activity:Indulge in a fun ATV ride activity in Jalahalli, Bangalore.An ATV is a vehicle that travels on low-pressure tires, with a seat that is straddled by the operator, along with handlebars for steering control.Feel the rush of air as you drive on a defined track and zoom on the vehicle.You can take 2 laps, each lap being 0.75 km.
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