Jomolhari Mountain Festival, Thimphu City - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

Jomolhari Mountain Festival Tours & Activities

About Jomolhari Mountain Festival

Celebrated for two days, Jamolhari Mountain Festival is one of the most exquisite things that you will ever get to see. The magnificent theme and the amazing people define the soul of this festival which is celebrated at the heels of Mt. Jomolhari. This festival is pretty important for the local communities living around this area. There are a number of amazing shows but one in particular will surely overwhelm you.

It is called the snow leopard show. The show aims at making people aware of the declining numbers of snow leopards, which used to be a very common sight at one time. During the festival, you will see the locals clad in colourful traditional dresses. They do the traditional folk dance on the folk songs. The show is something you will never forget your entire life.


: At the base of the Jamohhar Mountain.

: Usually during the day

: Part of the package

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