Half Moon Bay,Black Rock, Melbourne - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)
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About Half Moon Bay,Black Rock

This little hiding hole is a perfect spot when you're in a group looking to head to the beach where not many people are around. Normally, you will be able to find a quiet spot to enjoy with your friends and hang out, but recently more and more people have discovered this area of the beach where it may be a little more crowded. Either way, it has the sandiness you want, plus a few rock pools and also a beautiful looking cliff's edge to admire also. Maybe Half Moon Bay isn't as private as it used to be but it's still one of my favorite beach positions to hang out at. Looking for a nice beach within Melbourne is a little difficult, to say the least. Half Moon Bay, on the other hand, is a gorgeous little spot and a real surprise in comparison to other Melbourne beaches. Great for swimming, tanning, reading and picnicking this is the perfect spot for when you don't want to leave the city in search of some sand, sea and sunshine. Half Moon Bay had been setting for yachting since the 1890s, and a branch of the Brighton Yacht Club formed the Black Rock Yacht Club in 1919.

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