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Dhampus Trek, Dhampus

  • A classic trek in Nepal, Dhampus Trek covers scenic beauty and gives you the opportunity to a land that’s inhabited with such wide diversity of people. The spectacular scenery in the background, the stunning Mt. Mchhapuchare range makes the small trek quite rewarding experience.


    Highlights:The Dhampus Trek follows short stretch of woods, perfect for those who would like to discover nature. The mountain view point is completed with the views of ethnic Gurung Village. The trip, which begins for Kathmandu usually follows a hike to Sarankot hilltop and then panoramic views of Annapurna range.

    Location: Dhampus Village.

    Things to keep in mind
    :While the trek is short and easy, it is recommended that travelers carry their water bottles, come with right kind of equipment and gear. Don’t forget to carry sunglasses as well as winter clothing with lots of sunscreen as trekking can lead to sunburns.




Enjoy panoramic, spectacular views of the valley with the Landruk Trek. The trek usually starts from Ghandruk Village or the River Camp, depending on the option of the tour that’s chosen. This particular trek offers some incredible nature views that will leave an indelible imprint on the heart.

Highlights:When the fog is lifted in the region, you will experience a nature rendezvous that you wouldn’t have imagined before. The small clearing, nestled with the forests and incredible mountains is a must have. The Landruk village itself has farming terraces that will instantly capture your heart.

: Ghandruk Village.

Things to keep in mind
:This is a moderate trek that can be undertaken by beginners and trek lovers alike. Just ensure that you don’t carry items that cannot be disposed easily or could harm the environment. Don’t forget to carry sunglasses and sunscreen along with water bottles.

Dhampus Peak

Dhampas Peak lies northeast of Dhaulagiri and is not only easy to climb but at te same time will allow you to spectacle some beautiful scenery along your way. The climb commences from Tukuche and makes you see some of the mesmerizing picturesque views.

: You can have the best scenic view in the trek route through the Kaligandaki valley.

Best months to visit
: March, April, May and September along with October and November too.

: $1390.

Difficulty Level
: Easy, it is not hard to complete the trek and it is also pretty easy on the logistics part. But you should have an experience for walking on the snow.


Trekking is quite an adventure, especially in the mountains and hills of Nepal. One such trek is the trek to Pothana, where you can enjoy glimpse of the luxurious white clad mountains and experience the sky so close to your head.

Highlights:The jungles near Pothana offer such a unique trekking experience. The place is a habitat for wonderful wild animals, birds and butterflies. It is a paradise for trek lovers. What’s more is that the place has a diverse range of population and their enthusiasm to meet and greet people will warm your heart.

Location: Pokhara city.

Things to keep in mind
:Foreigners should get permission from relevant government authorities for this trek. However, if you are travelling with a tour group, you wouldn’t need such permissions. Make sure that you carry trekking poles, binoculars, wash towels and eco-friendly water bottles. Don’t forget to have a sanitizer with you.

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