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Bheemeshwari Day out at Jungle Lodges


1 Day

Bheemeshwari a tranquil abode, where the pleasant green mountains meet and greet the lofty clouds. Located in Mandya, Bheemeshwari is an ideal place not only for the nature lovers, but also for people on a holiday spree. Located 4 km away from Mutati forest range and engulfed with mountains, this holiday destination is also perfect for corporate team outings. While trekking on the hillsides and soaking yourself in the river, you will feel the enchanting charm of Bheemeshwari and its surroundings.

About the Resort :

Jungle Lodges Campsite is one of the best resorts in Bheemeshwari. With so many luxurious amenities, this holiday destination boasts of its varied list of fun and team building activities. Also, being one of the closest resorts to the Cauvery River, it has gained immense popularity for angling; it is often called a paradise for the great Mahseer angling. Open-air dining room, luxury cottages and scenic views of the surroundings are some of the offerings that Jungle Lodge has to offer.

Jungle Survival Theme:

Welcome to the jungle! Enter into a tribal world where technology is completely unheard of. In this exciting outdoor activity, it is the man verses the wild where you and your team have to face ordeals that come across in the forest. Bond as a group and use your creativity to come up with solutions to the various problems. The team that can tackle all the obstacles and survive will be heralded as the winning team.

In this activity, each group will be divided into different tribes.  You and your team will have to present some innovative ideas and choose your own tribal name, jingle and dance. All of this has to be unique to garner good points.

Get into the tribal zone with props of sticks and leaves. There are several adventurous tasks at hand. Provide for your tribe with the theme of collecting water. The catch is that you and your team will be given a basket with many holes and will have to use leaves to cover it up. Manage the whole thing in such a way that the water does not leak. Either that or you would have to collect water with a bamboo stick. Other activities include starting a fire using old techniques and hunting for food with a game of archery. You will also have to find shelter and build it with the materials that are provided. Engage in Scavenger Hunt where the utensils will be hidden across. You and your group will have to scout for them. Somewhere along the way, a lion is on the prowl and you have to undertake Jumaring (rope climbing activity). Also, one of your tribesmen is injured. The team has to make a stretcher with what is provided and will have to carry him back on top of it.

The team that manages to complete all of these activities successfully at the earliest will be titled the winner. 

Short Itinerary

By 10 am arrive at the resort and start your day of fun-filled activities

Take a lunch break around 1 pm

Post lunch resume the team activities by 2 pm

Around 4 pm depart from the resort


Bathe in the rapture of green undulating mountains
Take in the scenic delight of a a wild expedition 
Cauvery paradise for anglers
Indulge in a bit of trekking around the region

Some Facts:

Package Includes :

Welcome Drink, Lunch, Tea
Adventure Activities Cost & Props Charges
Forest Entry Fees
Outbound Facilitator Charges

Package Excludes :

Any meals taken during the travel
Personal Expenses
Tips of any Kind
Transportation of any kind
Personal beverages
Snacks of any kind
Anything not mentioned in Inclusions

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Veda Balan

9 months
1 Review

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This was one of the very good trips that I had with my family. A tough set of activities over the rope made the kids and adults entertained. The children enjoyed their own set of rope activities and had lots of fun doing it. They had more fun and motor skill development with these activities. More activities, like swimming, in the river would have made this trip even more memorable; as we anticipated some water games. However, looking forward for another trip to this with a stay.


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Upon arrival at the resort, we will assemble at the activity zone where the trip manager will brief the entire group about the activities. He will divide the group into smaller teams and will mark the advent of fun and adventure. Activities like Burma Loops, Parallel Walk and other fun games will keep the team engulfed with excitement and adventure.

A lunch break will help the teams to restock themselves with the energy and vigour for the remaining activities. Upon having lunch, we will relax for a while and get back to the activity zone.

Post lunch, activities like Zip Lining and Pool Kayaking will keep the spirits of fun and excitement alive. These activities are specially designed to encourage and team work and inspire the team members to participate in them as a team and not individuals!

The team members can relax around the resort and utilize the resort’s amenities. Post relaxation, a rejuvenating tea/coffee break accompanied with snacks will freshen up the members. Upon completion of this break, we will wind up the day and depart the resort; onward journey to Bangalore.